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I have been giving a lot of thought to NASA planning to send a group of people to Alpha Centaury on a 40 year trip to colonize a habitable planet they THINK MIGHT exist there and the idea is so incredibly stupid in so many different ways that thinking about it hurts my brain. Before I can discuss that, I have to explain some other things God has taught me over the last half century starting with just how unreliable the lefty media are.

By 1990 I came to the conclusion that, if you believe just 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed. The next realization has hurt my brain ever since and that was that better than 90% of the people on this planet get better than 90% of they believe or "know" from the media and/or Hollywood. This crap has been told for so long that it is now considered fact by most people so they won't even question it anymore, "Why, it was on TV" or "Everyone knows it" so "it must be true".

Decades ago I came to the conclusion that, if "everyone knows something" or they learned it from TV or Hollywood, it must be wrong. "Why, everyone can't be wrong."

Oh yes they can and history proves that to be true. Much of what most people believed just a few hundred years ago has been proved wrong, therefore, most people believing something does not prove it is right, all that proves is that most people believe it.

That is the magnitude of this problem we are dealing with and it isn't just the middle and lower classes for which this is a problem, the current evidence is that the upper class trash have also been brainwashed to believe some really stupid crap. Listen, just look at the really stupid stuff the upper class trash believe, say, and do and they all got the right degrees from the right universities, which should tell you that it don't take any intelligence to get those degrees from those universities and those professors at those universities are teaching really stupid stuff.

Come on, with them being "intellectually superior" and having gotten "the right degrees from the right universities" and all of their great sounding stupid plans are failing? Just how stupid and brainwashed to be stupid are they? They can't even make their wonderful EU and global commie dictatorship succeed? And people are blindly following these idiots?

My farts are smarter than those people.

Let me give you a few of the better examples of just how misinformed we, as a people really are on a global basis and much of this misinforming has been intentional and then you will see just how big of a mess the lefty pagans have created.

The movie "Brave Heart" is a great example. They told us that it was "historically accurate" and, to this day, most people believe it was historically accurate. "Hey, they said so, so it must be true." They told us that Brave Heart was an impoverished animal skin wearing tribal chief who lived in an earthen hut, walked everywhere he went, and lead a collective of animal skin wearing tribes into battle.


After the movie, I researched the truth and that movie could not have been much more historically inaccurate than it was. The only things they got historically accurate in that movie were that Brave Heart really did exist and that the Scottish King, William the Bruce, did lead his army to victory in that final battle, though not the way they showed. EVERYTHING else in that movie was garbage.

Brave Heart was a knight, he lived in a castle, he wore armor and rode a horse into battle, he led a trained, uniformed army which included many other armored Scottish knights. He was a Scottish noble man of the upper class and was what they called a gentleman. He weren't no barbarian!

Does that sound anything like the movie?

Not even remotely, baby! But, if you tell most people that, they just make lame excuses for continuing to believe the movie and not you. They are believing lies because they want to believe lies and no amount of science or evidence will change that.

BTW, this is fulfilling end time prophesy because the Bible told us that, in the end times, people will believe a lie because they want to believe the lie.

Or, hey, what about that prestigious TV station, PBS, which I am convinced stands for Propaganda and Bull S**t, which is where most people get their science, history, and other such misinformation from. Many people in this nation have Ph.D.s in PBS and what PBS teaches is all they know so they have Ph.D.s in propaganda and bull s**t. Think about that.

If you study enough science and history in college, you will quickly learn to tell when the academe are intentionally deceiving or misleading you and they do it ALL OF THE TIME, often with nothing more than how they intentionally word things because they KNOW that most people won't catch the meaning of their words. It is called implied lies, baby.

Also, I have learned that many and possibly most of today's Ph.D.s are what we used to call "academic whores" who have no credibility and prostitute their Ph.D.s by telling any lie for enough money. I have told you that I have heard college professors tell their students that the first time they see a new client, the first thing they always ask the new client is, "Do you want us to prove the truth or what you want people to believe?"

"Oh, they wouldn't lie for money, would they?" And you want to trust and believe those whores who lie for money? WHY?

Today, you can't blindly believe any Ph.D. and you have to question everything they teach you until they EARN your trust but that is another story I will get back to in a little bit called public education.

One of my favorite "documentaries" on PBS is bogus research done by a group of "scientists" in England who spent some time "studying" people's free roaming pet cats in a small village. In one of their moments of intentional deception, they tell you that they found that the house cats daily eat the "equivalent" of 5 or 6 mice or 5 or 6 birds a day.

This was intentionally deceptive in at least two ways. First, they knew most people won't pay attention to the word equivalent and will just walk away believing that free roaming cats only eat 5 or 6 mice or birds daily and nothing else. Second, they knew that, when most people think of birds, they will think of birds significantly larger than mice such as robins, blue birds, and mocking birds but the birds they were actually referring to had to be the same size as mice like sparrows and finches or those birds would not be the equivalent food supply of mice.

They intentionally were deceptive in this way because they knew that, if and only if people believed the implied lies, could they convince those people that free roaming cats devastate ecosystems and their "documentary" was done to convince you that free roaming cats devastate ecosystems, which, because they lied to convince you about that, it should be obvious that cats devastating ecosystems is a lie or they wouldn't have implied the lies when they could have taught the truth to teach the same thing.

What did they really mean by equivalent?

What they really meant is that, if you take a balance scale and put 5 or 6 mice or 5 or 6 SMALL birds like sparrows and finches on one side and put WHAT CATS REALLY EAT on the other side of the balance scale, the scale will balance so that they will be the equivalent or same amounts of food but they knew that wouldn't be what most people would walk away believing.

What do free roaming feral house cats really eat?

We have known for decades that better than 70% of what free roaming feral cats really eat are bugs like cockroaches, flies, spiders, grasshoppers, and moths.

Gee, what is 70% of 5 or 6?

70% of 5 or 6 is 3.5 and 4.2 respectively so that, just with that, a house cat can't eat more than one or two wittle mousies or birdies per day instead of the 5 or 6 they knew you would believe because of their implied lies. And, if a house cat eats a larger bird like a blue bird, robin, or mocking bird that they knew most people would think of, that is one third to half their food for the day so they will eat even fewer other animals and probably just bugs.

And I have watched crap like this from PBS, Hollywood, and on TV for more than half a century with huge numbers of people just blindly believing the crap, which is why we have so many lefties. Yep, that is where the lefties get most of what they believe. I see this bogus science all of the time in articles about health, especially about diet and exercise. It is no wonder that so many of our people are so unhealthy with them being intentionally fed so much crap about how to be healthy just for the all mighty buck.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Get the picture yet?

Almost all of those lefties got most of what they believe from the very deceptive lefty TV, Hollywood, newspapers, and magazines. Many of them REALLY BELIEVE the bull crap they keep talking about because they DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ELSE. ALL THEY KNOW are the lies put out by the lefty media.

Do you now better understand why I believe that PBS stands for Propaganda and Bull S**t?

Reagan was right when he said, "It isn't that the left is ignorant, it is just that most of what they believe is wrong."

And where did they learn that stupid crap?

Mostly from the lefty media, teachers, and their parents, most of whom also believe the crap.

The left has been telling their lies so long that, to them, their lies have become fact and ANY TIME you prove what they believe to be wrong, they just make a lame excuse for believing "their truths", which is just a nice way of saying the lies they want to believe, ignore what you taught, and keep on believing and teaching the crap.

Now do you better understand why I get so frustrated that I want my own Christian planet away from this never ending lefty insanity?

Trump has been making some progress but the left has made such a huge mess of EVERYTHING that all Trump has done so far is scratch the paint a few times. With so many people so completely brainwashed with so much bull crap, Trump has only turned over a few pebbles and all it will take to turn some of those pebbles back over will be for some really great sounding new bull crap from the left to come along. If they can stop Trump's tweeting and regain control of the conversation, everything Trump has done will be quickly reversed.

Why do you think the Stock Market is suddenly crashing after the economic successes Trump has made have been so heavily touted and made so obvious?

I told you more than a decade ago that the stock market is illegally rigged and controlled by the lefty upper class trash so they can cause it to crash and boom any time they want. I taught you about their "ceilings" and "floors" they use to crash and recover the stock market any time they want and it should be blatantly obvious that the lefty upper class trash has thrown out a really big ceiling to crash the stock market to make it look like Trump is failing and many people are falling for it.

Any more, I get so terribly tired and frustrated from just reading the news because it is always the same insane lefty circus with the same insane lefty clowns and monkeys playing the same insane lefty games again and again and again and again...forever. I have gotten to where I just want to herd all of the lefties onto another planet, call it an asylum, and tell everyone to stay away from it. Send them all to Mars, baby!!!

Lord, please save us from the infinite insanity of the left!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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