Military Math

I have been thinking about this and it is time to do some military math and you know I like math. Math is how you figure stuff out, baby.

The questions you have to answer are, "What is the current global military situation for the US military and what must Trump do to survive?"

First, the military situation starting with a little recent military history.

After Reagan won the Cold War, which globalist Bush I is being given credit for, Bush I began tearing down the US military. Then the lefty commie traitor Billy Boy tore that military down to a less than one front military, which is what Bush II inherited to fight a five front war with.

Yeah, that will work well.

Then the idiot globalist, Bush II, (all globalists are idiots) listened to some other idiots in the Pentagon who convinced Bush II that he could win a war against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and North Korea with just a two front military by fighting them one at a time because dem was are be super geniuses who gots dem the right degree from the right university.

How did that workout?

Surprise, surprise, they ran out of troops with their two front military in their second front in Iraq and never got around to invading Syria, Iran, or North Korea. Wow, that worked well. We are talking one of the worst military failures in at least modern history. The idiot globalist, Bush II, failed big time because he didn't use history and common sense.


Then, while keeping troops tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan, the lefty commie traitor Obama systematically tore our military down to where it was once again a less than one front military that could barely meet troop rotations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then he pulled his troops out of Iraq and created ISIS to remove Assad from power and, when ISIS got out of control, he had to commit what was left of US troops to Iraq and Syria to contain ISIS, while ISIS continued to try to remove Assad.

This means we could not have fought a one front war against someone like China. Everyone should know this because the US military told us this while Obama was still president. Trump inherited a less than one front capable US military that was tied down on three fronts, which meant they couldn't win on any of them, which is why our generals were telling us that we couldn't win those fights. Of course they couldn't, they didn't have the military might to win those fights.

Which meant what?

That, if China or anyone else had attacked the US or our allies, we could not have stopped them and, hey, China, North Korea, Iran, and everyone else were all watching and knew what it meant. If you want to defeat and destroy the one nation maintaining even a semblance of sanity in the world and keeping any of the bad guys at bay, you know, the US, you attack now but they had to ramp up for war first or they would end up in a slug fest the US could still have won. Time and money became critical.

Today, it takes years and billions of dollars to ramp a GOOD military up for war; a pathetic military, like what Trump inherited will take longer and cost a lot more, and they know this. Our enemies ain't stupid, people; power mad and greedy, but not stupid.

So they all started ramping up for war but North Korea is broke and China's economy was dying because of it being run by a bunch of stupid commies and they didn't have the money to ramp up fast enough. As a matter of fact, China had to start cutting back its military so, to keep ramping up for war, they shifted from spend on a numbers game to spending on a technology game to use advanced technology to replace numbers but that costs a lot of money.

That was the mess Trump inherited just two years ago and would have still existed by at least April or May of 2017 because Trump would have had to spend at least that much time planning to rebuild the US military before he could begin rebuilding the US military.

Over the last few years, I have pointed out that Trump used some really innovative methods like not retiring weapons systems while updating them for much less money, transferring funds to more efficient uses, doing away with military waste, and building new weapons systems, to increase the rate of rebuilding the US military, which is still going to take at least a few more years, while he began attacking Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean economies to slow down their ramping up for war because it takes a lot of money for a nation to ramp up for modern warfare, AND Trump was making new and/or better alliances with nations like India, Japan, Australia, and even Vietnam to decrease the troops we would have to commit to any front to fight that war.

Add to this that our wonderful corrupt socialist allies in Europe and Canada have been neglecting their militaries by stuffing most of their military money in their greedy little pockets so we can't depend on them for much, if any, help. For example, almost all of Germany's military pretty much sucks. They have six subs, none of which can leave the harbor, and most of their fighter planes can't fight. Britain is probably the best military of the bunch but might make up a one front military, maybe.

Remember that I told you that the two most intelligent leaders in the world are Putin and Trump?

Trump was burning both ends of this candle trying to beat our enemies to the middle, where we could win a war with all of them at the same time.

Note that all of these setbacks for China, North Korea, and Iran are naturally going to cause them to become frustrated and desperate because it is setting back their evil plans and be more willing to do desperate things like start the war sooner than they want before they can suffer any more setbacks. Frustration will accelerate an enemies plans.

You have to understand that the best thing is to prevent a war but causing it to happen sooner, when you know it will happen anyway, is better than letting happen later when the enemy is stronger. The trouble and challenge is that Trump has to get the US stronger faster than the enemies can get stronger and that is Trump's strategy.

The trouble is also that Trump has only been able to rebuild the US military for, at best, 1.5 years and I doubt he has more than a two to three front military and he knows that he will need at least a 6 to 7 front military if those enemies open up fronts at the same time.

You have to understand that their strategy is to spread our troops so thin with so many fronts that we can't win. China alone could easily open up at least 3 to 4 fronts, you know, like India, South China Sea, Senkaku Islands, and Taiwan, with Iran being able to open up fronts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Yemen, and other places with North Korea being able to open a really big front in Korea that could require several fronts worth of troops to win.

A really good example here is Iran and China now working with Erdogan (Turkey) to open a front against Israel at the same time to spread US troops even thinner, you know, like they are doing right now. Hey, what better time for Erdogan and his Muslim pals to invade and destroy Israel than when the US has its limited troops tied down fighting other nations and won't be able to help Israel. Think about that one.

Then China just had an attempted military coup which forced her to eliminate 5 of only 18 army groups while trying to ramp up for war. (Yeah, it really was a military coup, wasn't it?) That was a massive setback, which will cause China to very quickly become even more desperate and could cause her and the others to be willing to start their war with the US sooner before they can suffer more setbacks.

So, if you are Trump, what do you do?

You have to prioritize your fronts so you don't waste troops and money on unnecessary fronts and can commit your limited troops to the most important fronts. That is a must.

This required that Trump go in and hammer the crap out of the enemies in Afghanistan and Syria with air power, which Trump has been doing, to where they are just a nuisance so you can pull your troops and money out of those fronts to deal with more important fronts, you know, like China, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea.

Trump pulling his troops out of Afghanistan and Syria right now, both at the same time, along with everything else that I see going on, you know, like Erdogan meeting with Iran to invade Israel, tells me that Trump probably has intel that China and company are about to start their war against us soon so Trump has to free up the troops in Afghanistan and Syria right now.

Trump has to be extremely innovative to win this war and Mattis resigning tells me that Mattis is probably too old school and can't think outside of his old school box enough to win this so Trump is looking to replace him with someone who can. The military leaders stuck in their boxes have to go and be replaced by innovative free thinkers who also use common sense. They can't be someone who thinks up great sounding stupid ideas. We do not need great sounding stupid ideas. We need real solutions that will work.

Keep an eye on this and keep praying, we really need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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