I decided to help some of you young people out in developing a potential job with NASA's moon base.

First, it isn't going to be a base on the moon, it will be an orbital relay station and the reason for not putting it on the moon is so they will not have to overcome the moon's gravity every time they leave the station, which will cost them more fuel and cause more problems.

Second, I got this from the NASA site here:

"For months, the agency has been studying an orbital outpost concept in the vicinity of the Moon with U.S. industry and the International Space Station partners. As part of the fiscal year 2019 budget proposal, NASA is planning to build the Gateway in the 2020s.

The platform will consist of at least a power and propulsion element and habitation, logistics and airlock capabilities. While specific technical and mission capabilities as well as partnership opportunities are under consideration, NASA plans to launch elements of the Gateway on the agency's Space Launch System or commercial rockets for assembly in space."

This should tell you that they are still in the early planning stages, which means you have time to either go to college to get a degree in engineering, math, or science or to go to a vocational school such as welding and gain some experience and then apply to NASA and get NASA training to be an astro-nut. It is probably going to be about 5 to 10 years before they start putting any junk in space for the station.

But I also got this from NASA here:

"As the next major step to return astronauts to the Moon under Space Policy Directive-1, NASA announced plans on Dec. 13 to work with American companies to design and develop new reusable systems for astronauts to land on the lunar surface. The agency is planning to test new human-class landers on the Moon beginning in 2024, with the goal of sending crew to the surface in 2028."


"To enable human expansion across the solar system, NASA is working with private companies and international partners to develop the Gateway, an outpost for crewed missions to the Moon that also supports scientific discovery and opportunities for a lunar economy. The agency is involving college students and faculty with the adventure of human space exploration through the 2019 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition. RASC-AL is seeking proposals from the university community in four categories related to the Gateway and supporting capabilities that will establish a long-term human presence in deep space near the Moon and on the lunar surface.

Participants in the competition are asked to employ original engineering and analysis in creative proposals in one of these areas:

" Gateway Uncrewed Utilization & Operations
" Gateway-Based Human Lunar Surface Access
" Gateway Logistics as a Science Platform
" Gateway-Based Cislunar Tug"

This should tell you that you probably won't have to get a job with NASA to be an astro-nut and that you could get to visit the moon and its space stations working for a commercial company. This will increase the potential opportunities for you young space brats.

Does this mean they will have to call the next generation being born now something like the space brat or astro-nut generation?

Hmmmm, maybe I could get a job as a cantankerous old tug driver? That would be fun. :-) Captain Carl, the tug driver?


"NASA has announced a call for Lunar Surface Instrument and Technology Payloads that will fly to the Moon on commercial lunar landers as early as next year or 2020. The agency is working with U.S. industry and international partners to expand human exploration from the Moon to Mars. It all starts with robotic missions on the lunar surface, as well as a Gateway for astronauts in space orbiting the Moon."


"NASA released a draft solicitation through a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) June 21, 2018, for proposals for partnership for the first element of the Gateway. NASA is seeking a high-power, 50-kW solar electric propulsion (SEP) spacecraft to maintain the Gateway's position as well as move it between lunar orbits as needed. It will also provide power to the rest of the Gateway, controls and communications."

This should tell you that they are planning to do some separate additional moon exploration missions, which will increase the potential number of fun and exciting jobs for NASA.

Now, what types of jobs will they have on this orbital station?

I submitted a question to NASA asking what jobs they will take applications for and what the requirements will be so I can post that list here to help those of you who would be interested in applying for such jobs.

Most likely, the most critical will be science, engineering, and math degrees along with maintenance, especially welding, electronics, refueling, and then certain services such as loading supplies, fixing meals, and who knows what else. There will also be jobs concerning transportation to and from the space station.

"NASA will lead the development of the Gateway, a permanent spaceship orbiting the Moon, to serve as a home base for human and robotic missions to the surface of the Moon and ultimately, Mars. The first orbiting lunar laboratory will be a temporary home and office for astronauts for up to three months at a time, with cargo deliveries likely scheduled when crew are not present."

Keep an eye out on this site for additional information.

For fun, I think they should build a base station right at the Lunar north pole where it will 1) always be in direct radio communication with Earth and in sight of Earth and 2) always have sunlight for energy and warmth. They could much more easily run surface missions out of such a surface base plus every kid on the planet will buy a telescope so they can actually see the base station and dream about becoming an astro-nut. (Hint, buy stocks in telescope companies.)

Hmmm, maybe the telescope companies should help finance these space stations to increase telescope sales?

Yeah, I think I want to build a Lunar penthouse on the Lunar north pole so I can look down on all of the crazy upper class trash and their lefty minions, you know, the lefty peasants, while riding my mountain bike around the Lunar surface. That would be fun.

Hmmm, maybe I can build the first Lunar farm?

Let's see, I would need chickens for eggs, meat, and fertilizer, tons of garden soil, a few billion gallons of water, lots of seed, a milk cow, cattle, pigs, sheep, ducks, guineas, turkeys, and horses, a biologically sound fish pond with lots of plants for both land and water, lots of bugs and micro organisms to fertilize the plants and break poop down into plant food, a workshop with every imaginable tool (you can't just run down to the store and buy stuff, you know, so you will have to make everything), solar cells with lots and lots of backups, a huge mobile mirror to reflect sunlight down to your crops, water recycling plant, solar heated jacuzzi, and who knows what else. Eat your Earthling hearts out, baby, we Lunies have all of the fun. :-) (You smiled, didn't you?)

Oh yeah, can't forget the feral house cats to keep my rodent population from getting out of hand, which you will need to have a good balanced bio system.

Hmmm, designing this could be fun. Yeah, it wouldn't be as simple as Hollywood makes it look.

Let's see, honey bees, butterflies, earthworms, fish, mosquitoes; they eat my butt alive..., grass for grazing, water melons, fruit trees, pond liners to put under my raised garden beds to prevent the water from seeping into the Lunar soil and out of my gotta think of everything, baby.

Hey, maybe I could start a business selling Lunar produce to stupid fad oriented Earthlings, you know, like lefties?

"Get your Lunar fruit, vegies, and eggs here!!!"

Or maybe sell food to the Space Station for less than that Earth junk?

Hey, if I build a post office, I could name my "community" Lunar City, it would be the capitol city of the Moon, and I could be the mayor...and governor...and president. Hey, I could be somebody on the moon...probably the only body.

Opportunity, baby, opportunity! You gotta be the capitalist because idiot socialists don't go to the moon except as stupid tourists.

Keep an eye out on this site for a list from NASA for potential jobs and companies you might want to work for to become an astro-nut.

"To the moon, Alice, to the moon!!!" (The old farts understand. :-))

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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