Nano Technology

In the news, over the last few days, they have been reporting on something very interesting. They have been talking about the government funding accelerated research at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, NM for what is called nano technology. It is the scientific research into working at the atomic level to create molecules and use those molecules to create new technologies such as new materials and micro machines.

Micro machines are tiny man-made machines so small that the moving parts are all molecules or very tiny molecular structures. We have been developing this technology and creating increasingly complex micro machines for decades.

This is particularly significant when one realizes that all living cells are based on the same molecular technology in that all of their moving and functioning parts are molecules or very tiny molecular structures like cilia. Both technologies are based entirely on organization and structure of molecules with the chemical function of molecules being the engines driving the motions and functions. These tiny engines derive their energy from other molecules and the cell's or machine's molecules reactions to those other molecules.

The biggest difference being that we have not as yet created a micro machine as complex and structured as the simplest living cell, that our micro machines have not been able to obtain their energy from their environment, and our micro machines can't reproduce, yet. But this research will definitely get us there.

For decades, we have been developing the technology to design and build a living cell from nothing but atoms. I told you about this work in the first pages on this site but did not mention nano technology. Remember that I told you that, for anything to be scientifically feasible, all you have to do is be able to describe the function and give it a scientifically descriptive name. I told you that the description for creation is to take atoms from our environment, put them together to make the molecules you need, put those molecules together to make the biological structure you want, and set the appropriate molecules in motion. I also called this molecular construction of a living organism but the Bible and Torah call this creation. It looks like modern science will call it using nano technology to build micro machines or cells. But maybe they will make me feel good by also calling it molecular construction of a living organism. :-)

When you realize that this is exactly what they are doing to create their micro machines and that the micro machines and cells function in the same way at the molecular level, then you also should realize that, by scientific definition, a cell is really just a very large, extremely complex, and well structured micro machine. This understanding is very crucial for what will soon happen.

From what I am seeing at this time, we are very close to having the technology to create our first living cell and may even have it now. The funding and acceleration of this scientific research will definitely develop and build this level of micro technology. I expect to see scientists create the first living cell in the near future.

My beliefs are supported by statements from some of the scientists in obtaining these funds. They have stated two very significant things in relation to their studies in micro technology and what they are developing. They stated that this technology will (1) develop technology which will benefit our health and (2) that this research and its developments will be the single greatest achievement in the history of man dwarfing man walking on the moon or traveling to Mars.

After reading my site, this should sound familiar. First, I told you about what I call molecular regeneration where we will someday repair the body and cure all illnesses and injuries at the atomic and molecular level because all illnesses and injuries are really molecular damage at the cellular level. Basically, I said, that it is a matter of having the wrong molecules in the wrong place and healing will simply be a matter of putting all the right molecules in the right place.

The second thing I told you is that science considers that creating that first living cell will be the greatest achievement in the history of man and will dwarf anything done in space such as walking on the moon.

With nano technology, we will someday be able to cure all illnesses and injuries at the molecular level. As a matter of fact, this may be the only way we will ever be able to cure illnesses caused by viruses and this technology will make it possible for us to destroy all viruses. This technology has the potential for us to make biological warfare obsolete.

Not only will this technology make it possible for us to cure man of all ailments but it will also make it possible for us to repair any damage caused by all illnesses and injuries including cancer. If we can build cells, then we can repair cells and build cells to replace damaged or destroyed cells. Eventually, we will be able to develop this technology to the point to where we can create the cells or micro machines to completely replace lost or damaged limbs and organs. Organ donors will become become mid evil technology. We will develop this technology to the point to where we will even be able to reverse the damage caused by aging and make ourselves semi immortal. We will even be able to repair our bodies to the extent that we will be able to "raise the dead" as long as the bodies are reasonably intact.

If all this is beginning to sound familiar, go back and reread your Bible. As I told you before, we can now provide at least potential scientific definitions and names for all the miracles described in the Bible making them scientifically feasible.

This, in conjunction with us creating the first living cell will be a major step for creation science. First, everything told to us by the being, God, in the Bible will become scientifically feasible because, if we humans can do it, why isn't it possible that another being, God, already did it?

This question will soon have to be answered by all evolutionists forcing them to admit that creation science can no longer be considered a religion and must be considered a science. This will force every one to objectively consider the feasibility and probability of the being, God, having created everything exactly as He said He did. This will mean we must also recognize that He may also really exist and the possibility of His existence will also cease to be a religion and be required to be scientifically considered.

Science is about to come face-to-face with the being, God.

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