Neanderthal Preachers

I have told you that I monitor what the lefty pagans are saying so I know the lies they are teaching so I know what I have to deal with in my writings and the truths I need to tell on this site.

The reason why I hung onto evolution for more than 30 years before even considering creation was because of the ignorance based Neanderthal science Christian preachers were all teaching. The evolutionists regularly used that Neanderthal science being taught by Christian preachers to make creationists look so stupid that we were intimidated into not even considering looking into the scientific possibilities of creation, which only left us Christians to believe in evolution that had been caused by an intelligence that was vastly superior to us humans, which is what better than 90% of evolutionists believe. After all, God can cause evolution the same as He can cause creation.

We knew that, if it had been found out that we had even considered looking into the scientific possibility of creation, our scientific colleagues would have ridiculed us to death and we would have been relegated into the level of science with the Flat Earth Society.

It would really embarrass and humiliate me to be sitting in church when the preacher would start teaching Neanderthal creation science and I would almost constantly be thankful that none of my fellow scientists could see me sitting there listening to that Neanderthal science bull crap. I would regularly look around the church to make sure other scientists were not watching me and think I was believing that bull crap.

I ABSOLUTELY ABHORED listening to scientifically ignorant preachers teaching the Neanderthal creation science they were taught in seminary school by other scientifically ignorant people. Listening to that crap is an insult to my intelligence and infuriates me.

Don't teach what you don't know! If you have not studied books and sites like my site, "Answers in Genesis", and Kent Hovend, don't repeat or teach the Neanderthal creation science that I just found out is still being taught in at least some churches, a quarter of a century after real creation science has been made available to everyone, especially via the Internet.

If that is all you know, SHUT.UP! Because evolutionists use the ignorance based Neanderthal creation science to make ALL creationists look stupid, intimidating others into not even considering what we say because they don't want to look stupid.

When I read about a 3 day creation science seminar being held at a church in 1994 and felt God wanted me to attend that seminar, I agreed under the condition that the very FIRST time a scientifically ignorant preacher got up and started preaching their ignorance based Neanderthal creation "science", I was out of there. Baby, we are talking me just getting up and storming out just as soon as he/she started teaching their Neanderthal creation science. Gone, outta here, and not coming back, baby!

To my amazement and JOY not one preacher taught Neanderthal creation science one time during the entire 3 days. Every lesson was taught by research scientists with Ph.D.s and I LOVED every second of it.

IT.WAS.REAL.SCIENCE! I bought a number of their books, quickly devoured them, and, after several weeks of considering the scientific evidence in relation what I knew were the flaws in evolution, I converted from evolution to creation based ENTIRELY on the scientific evidence, the way it should be for any scientist.

I recently watched a video by an arrogant evolutionist that really ticked me off. He was using a few video clips of a few people repeating the Neanderthal creation science only preachers and their followers believe to make ALL creationists look really stupid and to discourage others from even considering looking into creation science. Yep, they are still playing that intimidation game because scientifically ignorant preachers are making it possible for them to play that intimidation game and because the evolutionists fail against true creation science.

Listen, we have so totally disproved and obliterated evolution that, if every Neanderthal creation scientist would just SHUT UP, we could finish off and put evolution to rest in just one or two generations. Evolution has been so devastated by science that the ONLY THING keeping evolution alive today is evolutionists using people who keep repeating Neanderthal creation science ideas to make ALL creationists look stupid to intimidate others into not even considering looking into true creation science.

If ALL Neanderthal creation scientists would just SHUT UP for just one generation, all of those better than 90% of evolutionists who believe that a superior intelligence was required to CAUSE evolution to happen would look into true creation science, learn the obvious truth, and evolution would be relegated to the same dust bin as the Flat Earth Society. No intelligent, sane, rational person would ever even consider believing in evolution again, none, not one.

Listen, evolutionists dumped Darwinian evolution in 1984 for that ridiculous Punctuational Equilibria BECAUSE science had completely devastated Darwinian evolution. That is the ONLY reason they even considered the totally ridiculous Punctuational Equilibria, which had formerly been a joke among evolutionists.

If it had not been for the intimidation game evolutionists were very effectively using Neanderthal creation science to keep most scientists from even considering true creation science, evolution would have gone down the toilet in 1984. That would have been the end of it because creation sounded better than that idiot Punctuational Equilibria.

The ONLY reason evolution is being believed and taught today by anyone with an IQ greater than 10 is because the religious fanatics in evolution are using Neanderthal creation science to make true creation science look even more ridiculous and preposterous than the current evolutionary fairy tale.

That totally ridiculous Punctuational Equilibria was dumped by evolutionists in the late 1990s because science had destroyed it, which opened the door for creation science but the fanatical evolutionists were still using Christians repeating Neanderthal creation science to make all creation science look stupid so the evolutionists adopted another bastard child that was so preposterous that it only last a year or two before it was dumped for the current bastard child of Catastrophism, which is only one step away from true creation science.

We are slowing getting there in spite of so many Christians still believing and repeating Neanderthal creation science. I have seen it reported every year that every year increasing numbers of scientists are turning to true creation science and dumping evolution that would have otherwise been dumped at least 34 years ago and would have probably been dumped much, much sooner than that, if it were not for Neanderthal creation science. Eyes are opening even in science.

One generation is all we need to finally put that ugly bastard baby to rest forever BUT we need for the people who keep teaching Neanderthal creation science to SHUT UP!

So, if you are teaching Neanderthal creation science to future preachers in Christian colleges, SHUT UP and learn true creation science. If you are a preacher who only knows Neanderthal creation science, SHUT UP and learn true creation science. If you are a Christian who only knows Neanderthal creation science because your preacher only knows Neanderthal creation science, SHUT UP and learn true creation science.


Because you are the ONLY reason why evolution is still being believed by anyone with an IQ of more than 10 and who isn't an evolutionary pagan religious fanatic.

Let me give you a few examples of how well science has utterly destroyed evolution.

I have never heard of Kent Hovind losing a debate with an evolutionist.

I have never heard of any of the scientists at "Answers in Genesis" losing a debate with an evolutionist.

Right after I started this site, a man who owned and ran a creation science discussion group found my site and invited me to join his creation discussion group to help them by contributing to the discussion and I thought, "Why not?" I joined the group, which had hundreds of members and had been pretty heavily infiltrated by easily more than 100 evolutionists.

Within two weeks of me joining the site and discussions, at least 70% to 80% of the evolutionist fled the site in holy fear, dozens of Ph.D.s replaced them, with some working for organizations like NASA, and we did holy battle on a huge scale. They would post very elaborate essays supporting evolution and "disproving" creation and I would utterly destroy every one of them. I never lost one debate with one Ph.D. over a period of months of daily debating, not one.

After a few weeks of spending as much as 8 to 10 hours a day destroying their arguments, I noticed that they had started reposting prior post, pointed it, and refuse to spend time disputing the same essays again and again. I had already completely destroyed them once and referred them to the archives for those reposts.

Several creationists from the site, a few of whom also belonged to a major evolutionists "discussion site", told me that the evolutionists had run out of arguments so they started posting articles from evolutionists sites like "Creation Debunked" (of which I ended up destroying every article on that site) to just tie up my time. Then the creationists, who also belonged to the evolutionist discussion group, sent copies of discussions from that group where the evolutionists had decided to abandon the creation science discussion group because me destroying their arguments was teaching the other creationists how to destroy their arguments by me teaching everyone what the evolutionists don't want you to know and the creation science site went completely dead within a few years because the evolutionists had black listed the site and refused to go there to cause trouble and spread their lies because I was there.

I have also read that evolutionist increasingly discourage other evolutionists from debating creationists with comments like we are being "tricky" and "deceptive", you know, we are actually telling the truth. This is because true creation scientists almost always win debates with evolutionists, proving that evolution is a lie and creation is true. The only time creationists lose to evolutionists today is because their strategies and tactics suck and not because their science is bad.

Listen, if you learn just what I teach in my two essays, "Scientific Bible Study 2" and "Magic Space Dust", stick to the strategy of them having to solve those two problems before they can discuss ANYTHING ELSE because nothing else of their pagan fairy tale means anything, if they can't solve those two problems, you will automatically win every debate against the evolutionists because they can't solve those two problems, even after more than 200 years of trying to solve those two problems and then no evolutionist will want to debate you, none, zero.

You just don't knowingly walk into a closet with a 500 pound gorilla. It ain't going to end well, baby.

That is just how bad true creation science has destroyed evolution and how fast true creation scientists can put that bastard evolution child to bed, IF the Neanderthal creationists would just SHUT UP!

It is time for Christian preachers to come into the 21st Century and learn true science and you would be amazed at just how bad we have totally devastated evolution WITHOUT any Neanderthal creation science. We don't need bad science to beat their bad science.

On this site, I have proved CONCLUSIVELY, again and again, that evolution is a pagan fairy tale that simply cannot happen and evolution is scientifically impossible, preposterous, ridiculous, and absurd, especially in some of my recent essays, "Scientific Bible Study 2" and "Magic Space Dust", both in January 2018.

It infuriates me that a quarter of a century after good creation science became available to Christians, some preachers are still being taught and are still teaching Neanderthal creation science, which the fanatical evolutionists are using to intimidate and discourage those 90% of evolutionists from looking into true creation science, making it possible for evolution to survive when it should have been relegated to the garbage dump more than a third of a century ago.

Do your homework or SHUT UP and let the rest of us put that evil lie and pagan fairy tale of evolution to rest where it belongs so we can spread the Gospel to more scientists, college professors, teachers, media, and others. If you are a Neanderthal creationist repeating all of that bad science, you are the ONLY reason why anyone except the fanatical religious pagan evolutionists believe in evolution at all.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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