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I just saw that Sarah Palin has decided to start a new political party because the liberal commie's have taken over control of both major parties. Some one has finally figured it out and gotten it right. The only real solution for when the commie infiltrators (poser conservatives) have taken control of both major political parties is to start a new party just for real conservatives; no posers aloud.

Rush Limbaugh has it wrong. He thinks that she shouldn't start a new party because third parties always lose. What he doesn't realize is that, with the liberals in control of all three existing political parties and 40+ percent of the voters being conservative with only 20 percent of the voters being liberals, there is only one political party in the US broken up into three different parties, the Commiecrats, the Commiepublicans, and the Commiegreens. There is No political party for conservative or moderate Americans, only for commie's who make up less than 20% of the voters. Do the math.

It is my opinion that a new political party for the other 80% of Americans will quickly draw at least 50 to 60 percent of the voters. But this new party will take time to build which is where Newt Gengrich has it wrong. Newt believes they should wait until after the 2010 elections to begin a new party for conservatives but it will take more than just two years to build a conservative party that will win in 2012. Sarah Palin obviously knows they must start building the new party now which is why she quit the job of Governor of Alaska. Smart move.

Sarah also is smart enough to know that, the way to quickly build a new party for just conservatives is to campaign for conservatives regardless of which party they are in. She knows that this will send a clear message to the conservative voters that her new party will cross party lines because policy and values are more important than party. The conservative voters will like that very much and it draw them and the conservative politicians she campaigns for into the new party causing it to grow quickly. Most conservative voters have shown they won't show up to vote for a liberal no matter which party they are in and will show up to vote for a conservative no matter which party they are in because most conservatives care more about policy and ethics than about party. But she also is smart enough to know this will still take more than two years to build in order to be ready to win the 2012 presidential election.

The result of Sarah starting a new party now is that it will leave the commie's (20% of the voters) voting for three parties and the conservatives and most moderates (40% to 80% of the voters) voting for one party. If the commie's and conservatives split the moderate votes in half, the commie's will get 40% of the votes for three parties and the conservatives will get 60% of the votes for one party. I like those numbers.

This could easily mean that Sarah Palin is the smartest politician in the nation, which, based on what we have seen of late, wouldn't take very much. If she can succeed in getting this new party up and running by 2010 with nothing but conservatives on board, I will vote for the party. Who do we have to vote for in the Commiepublican Party? McCain, Romney, Guliani? Those are all liberal poser conservatives. Why vote for a poser conservative when you can vote for a real conservative?

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