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I just read that an Israeli intellectual journalist said, "Yes to dialog" meaning continuing to talk to Muslims while Muslims continue killing Israelis. Ah yes, the insane love of intellectual futility.

After more than 2/3 of a century of dialog and the problem continues to get worse, don't you think it just might be time to quit talking and start fighting? Don't you think that in 2/3 of a century of dialog that, maybe, just maybe, you have said everything that can be said about the problem and the Muslims still want to kill you?

For people to continue to believe that dialog is the answer when the problem keeps getting worse after 2/3 of a century of dialog, is arrogance because it is the intellectuals believing they are so much more brilliant than everyone else that all they have to do is speak and the Muslims will magically see the light. Listen, the Muslims have been listening to the intellectual light for 2/3 of a century and they are still killing you. It is time to quit talking and start fighting and the arrogant intellectuals need to shut up because they have had 2/3 of a century to solve the problem with their brilliant dialog and the problem has only gotten worse.

Just how stupid are liberal intellectuals?

Oh yes, infinitely stupid because their stupidity is never ending. Listen, stupid intellectuals should never run anything, especially their mouths.

BTW, the intellectual Jews need to stop worshiping the false pagan god they made up, Hashem, and start worshiping the one true God, Yahweh/Jesus.


Remember that I have been telling you that I can't think of anyone at the upper level for whom I want to vote?

Trey Gowdy is considered by most conservatives to be very conservative and someone they trust.

Except thaaaaat Trey Gowdy just endorsed Marco Rubio, who is at least as liberal as Hilarious and is a super RINO, which makes Trey Gowdy what?

It makes Trey Gowdy a liberal RINO traitor in bed with the rest of them.

Just how many more of them have to prove they are all liberal commie traitor criminals in the same bed before the people of this nation get it?

They are all political whores who have sold you out for the upper class trash. Satan owns all of their worthless, vile souls and all any of them care about is themselves. None of these criminals care one tiny bit about any of you.

BTW, how is that false Greek Pagan god, democracy, doing? Are you still worshiping at that failed alter? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


Spike Lee says that Americans don't care about Chicago gun violence. He is referring to blacks killing blacks.

Dear Spike, have you noticed yet that your glorious criminal traitor black leaders don't care about blacks killing blacks either? What have Jesse James Jackson or Al Capone Sharpton done to stop blacks killing blacks?

They have been too busy raising hell about whites killing blacks in spite of the fact that better than 99% of black murders are committed by blacks.

Gee, do you think that, maybe, just maybe, the black leaders are just as corrupt, vile, and self centered as the white leaders? Do you think the black leaders have sold their souls to the same Satan the white leaders have sold their souls to?

I don't think it is a black-white problem, it is a sin problem, those who love their sins have control of all of us, and they don't care about any of us, regardless of color.


Has the Church of England sold its soul to the devil or what?

They have definite chosen which side of God's line they want to stand on and are quickly moving there. Instead of taking a stand for God and the Bible, they are taking a stand for "minorities", you know, like homosexuals, Muslims, transgenders, and others.

Taking a stand for Christians?

Oh heck no, the Church of England sees Christians as being the evil ones.

Did I not tell you that entire churches would choose Satan's side of God's line?

Well, they clearly are.

Note that all of these insane liberals who blaspheme Jesus to promote their liberal Satanic agenda will answer to Jesus for their blasphemies. Their sins will find them out.

Right Wing

The right wing is quickly growing in the following European countries because of failing socialism and Muslim immigration: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Greece.

Eyes are opening and people are choosing. BTW, this also means the upper class trash plans are failing and that the EU is just about finished. Man plans, God laughs.


I hope you have realized by now that this liberal male transgender thingy is the real war on women. These men claiming to be women because of a little plastic surgery, fake boobs, and "they say so" is a gross insult to women. Just because they make themselves look like women doesn't mean they are women any more than an octopus making itself look like coral makes the octopus become coral, it is still an octopus.

When was the last time one of these transgenders had PMS, a period, gave birth to a baby, or nursed a baby? And they think they are women?

Women need to fight back and speak out against these freaks.

End Times Research Ministry

There is an online Christian service, the "End Times Research Ministry", which is monitoring online prophets to see whether they are true or false prophets. The video I was watching was about a person who said the Rapture and beginning of the Tribulation would be on 11/11/15, which of course didn't happen.

The first step in determining whether a prophet is false is to check whether their prophecies contradict Biblical prophecy. They cannot be a true prophet of God if their prophecies contradict Biblical prophecy. That is why I have taught you to pay attention to every detail of prophesies because every detail must conform with every detail of Biblical prophecy.

For example, there are prophets who are saying that this war in Damascus is fulfilling the prophecy about God destroying Damascus but, if you pay attention to the details, you will see that this war cannot possibly be the fulfillment of that prophecy.

A very common ploy of today's false prophets is to take current events and try to make it look like those events are fulfilling prophesies those events cannot possibly fulfill such as some red algae causing a small part of some water to turn red fulfilling the Tribulation prophesies of God turning the seas and then all water to blood. The details of the Tribulation prophecies and the current events prove those claims to be false.

Another thing I have been seeing is that it is quite popular for false prophets to claim Obama is the Antichrist. Yes, Obama is very evil, yes Obama is AN antichrist but not THE antichrist, yes, Obama is a child of Satan but he is not THE antichrist. When Obama causes the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the false prophets will convince many that it is the Battle of Armageddon but it will not be and the details prove this to be true.

Second, when Obama fails to cause the Battle of Armageddon, Obama is killed in that battle, and Jesus doesn't return, you will know these people are false prophets, though many people will simply stop believing in the Bible and join some form of paganism.

Get it straight, Obama may be very evil but he isn't the Antichrist, he is another false antichrist, just like Hitler, and Obama will also fail and will disappoint many.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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