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I just saw a headline that the continent is "declaring war on cats" and they plan to kill off 2 million of them. I am not sure which continent they were referring to, the US or Europe. When I read that I remembered exactly what all of their teaching you to hate house cats is all about. If the upper class trash can get you to hate house cats and accept the upper class trash depopulating house cats, the rodent population will explode and it will make it much easier for the upper class to cause pandemics to depopulate humans.

Remember that the only time in history when the global human population declined was the Black Plague, which was caused by people hating and killing house cats because they had been taught to believe house cats have demons which caused the rodent population to explode and then the disease, bubonic plague got into the rodent population, depopulating the planet by at least 25%. That terrible pandemic was ended when they passed laws forbidding people from killing house cats which caused the house cat population to increase which caused the rodent population to decrease and the plague to go away.

Also remember that the upper class trash want to depopulate the planet of humans.

Do you get the picture yet? Gee, there aren't enough rodents for their diseases to spread fast enough to enough people to kill better than 90% of you off, so, hey, let's kill off the house cats?

This is just the next step in killing you off with deadly diseases carried by rodents to achieve their beloved Agenda 21.

Gee, you might want to rethink hating house cats? Now you know why the upper class trash have brainwashed so many to hate house cats? Gee, you think that maybe they have been lying to you about house cats to get you to hate house cats so they can kill you off?

Did you know that rats carry at least 75 known diseases which adversely effect or kill humans?

That doesn't include the diseases carried by other rodents like mice and voles, which house cats also eat. You are either going to have the free roaming house cats or what the house cats eat and the diseases those things carry roaming around your towns and homes. Your choice, choose wisely.


The primary and most important job for a government is to protect good people from bad people but the bad people have taken over our governments so we no longer get that protection and our governments are now protecting the bad people from being punished for their crimes. The good people have had enough and are starting to revolt but too many of them permitted their governments to disarm them so they don't have the tools with which to stage a revolt.

This is going to get really bad before it can get better because you can bet the bad people running our governments won't give up without a fight and, in most countries, they have all of the guns.

The only way to clean up government and keep it clean is to establish ALL government corruption as an act of treason punishable by death. This is not extreme when you consider that all major nations and empires have been brought down from within by government corruption and, therefore, government corruption is the greatest threat to national security for every nation, which justifies the act of treason and punishment by death.

BTW, the Pentagon has stood up to and stopped Obama's attempt to close Guantanamo. The US military is standing up to him more.

Warning: It looks like the criminal traitors in the US government are starting a last ditch effort to steal your guns so they can set up their liberal commie traitor dictatorship in 2016. Things are moving very quickly for 2016, it looks like they are getting in a hurry. If Obama and his black Muslim friends are going to set up their Muslim caliphate in the US, they must make their move this year and the sooner the better...for them.


A series of losses since Putin started attacking them has set ISIS back to the point that the Iraqi PM is stating Iraq will be free of ISIS by the end of 2016. ISIS is quickly losing ground to Iraq and Syria.

This shows just how much Obama has been preventing the US military from fighting against ISIS and has been protecting ISIS.

Putin has only been in the fight months, not even one year, the US had been "fighting" ISIS with their hands tied by Obama for 1.5 years and ISIS was still gaining ground, and now ISIS is on the run? Do you still believe the lie that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim traitor? Do you finally see that Obama has been intentionally helping the Muslim terrorists for seven years?

I told you more than a year ago that, since ISIS had gotten big enough to start fighting conventionally, it would have been easy for the US military to destroy that ISIS army but only if the US military was permitted to really go after ISIS. And note that Putin has almost completely defeated ISIS with his air force and with very few boots on the ground showing the power of modern air power.

You still need the ground troops for special missions, clean up, and to secure the area but most of the fighting and killing can be done from the air and Putin is proving that. I told you that a long time ago and Putin is proving me right.

ISIS seems to have a "brigade" of women who go around enforcing Sharia Law, especially on other women, by killing the women who break the law.

Yep, we shouldn't be afraid of Muslim windows and children. (/sarc)

I hope you realize that this recent effort by the UN to divide Syria into three parts with ISIS being in governmental control of about 1/3 of Syria was Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood pals trying to protect ISIS from Putin by setting ISIS up as a sovereign nation so it would be illegal for Putin to attack ISIS.

And you think Obama isn't a Muslim terrorist and the caliph of ISIS?

The UN agreed that ISIS should get the northeastern part of Syria as a sovereign nation, Assad would get the northwestern part, and the FSA would get the southern part. The UN was already moving the busses to remove ISIS fighters from Damascus when someone used a drone to kill the FSA leader stopping the process and Putin took advantage of this to take a large number of areas from ISIS and the FSA.

It looks like Putin outsmarted Obama again.

BTW, while Caliph Obama has been in office, in spite of both being defeated by the US military even with the military's hands severely tied behind their backs, both the Taliban and Al Quaeda have come back strong.

Who would have thought that having a Muslim president would have caused that to happen?


Did you notice the black US flag used by the Satanists in their government sponsored ritual on the steps of the capitol building?

That flag was symbolic of destroying Christianity and America, especially Christian America. It was pure hate and evil and should tell you who the Satanists really are and what their plans are. It was a huge slap in the face to every soldier who has served this nation.


BTW, they just arrested some Muslims for planning a terrorist attack for New Year's night celebrations, you know, like I warned you about the holidays.

I have been thinking that the most likely time for terrorists to stage attacks will be New Year's eve because there will be huge crowds for such attacks in which many can be killed. Obviously the terrorists agree with this. Be very careful.

The Purge

Rahm Emanuel is under a lot of pressure from Al Capone Sharpton and the black Muslims to resign as mayor of Chicago. Don't be surprised to see him replaced by a Muslim, especially black Muslim. The purge goes on and the liberals are in big trouble.

One of Rahm's aides was recently attacked by blacks at a vigil for the black who was shot by the cop.


I have told you I don't like Trump but he is turning into the great RINO hunter. He is going after all of the liberal RINOs in the GOP. He just started in on Christie for supporting Obama. If nothing else, he is cleaning house on RINOs.

He is also going after Linen II and Hilarious.


Russia is quickly ramping up their military. Their navy is building quite rapidly adding a variety of subs, aircraft carriers, and surface missile ships.

They are paying for this by selling weapons to other nations and using that to also develop a list of allies against the US and Europe such as Algeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Israel, China, Syria, Libya, and India but they are also busy recruiting European allies like Britain and France, possibly also Germany. The US is losing allies while Russia is gaining them.

The only reason the US is still a super power is because of our electronics warfare and nukes. When we lose that edge, things will get very nasty and Russia is working to take that edge away from us as quickly as possible. But, of course, you can thank our idiot liberal commie traitors for that.


The conservatives are planning a primary to get rid of RINO, Paul Ryan. People are fighting back against the traitors but the traitors have a significant head start.

Trump and Fiorina say that, since Billy Boy Clintstone is going to start campaigning for Hilarious, Billy Boy and his adulteries are fair game with RINO, Rand Paul, defending Hilarious saying, "yes, Billy Boy does screw around on Hilarious but that isn't her fault" in spite of the fact that Billy Boy openly screws around on her and she is still married to him.

That doesn't show bad judgment and/or morals on her part?

Why are so many liberals and liberal publications suddenly turning on Hilarious? Could it be that she and Billy Boy stepped on too many toes with their deal making since he was president? Maybe they have been extorting, black mailing, and bullying too many liberals to get what they want?

Keep an eye on this.

Warning: Evil George Soros is now backing Hilarious.

This is too funny. I got this headline at Breitbart: "Put Up or Shut Up: Group Looks to Remove Anti-Gun Governor McAuliffe's Protective Detail". They should require that every person who has bodyguards and is trying to take guns from everyone else, give up their bodyguards. This should be law.

Another GOP presidential candidate, Pataki, is calling it quits.


I am sick and tired of liberals, who hate God, the Bible, Christians, and Jesus, dragging Jesus out to promote their political agenda. I have never, ever, ever heard one liberal say one thing about Jesus that was scripturally accurate, not one time.

For example, they keep comparing the Muslim immigrants to Jesus, even though the immigrants are an invasion force. Jesus didn't invade anything. None of these liberals have even the slightest clue what Jesus was really like. They all believe Jesus was some brain dead, idiot liberal socialist pacifist who said it is alright to break all of God's Laws.

The truth is that Jesus was a craftsman (carpenter) who took over his father's carpentry business when Joseph died so he was a business man or capitalist who paid taxes, told us a number of times to arm ourselves (buy swords), and told us to do what the Pharisees tell us, which is to obey the Law, you know, a conservative. Gee, that doesn't sound anything like what the liberals tell you.


They are learning in Britain that the immigration is pushing wages down, you know, like I told you would happen. Gee, who would have figured that increasing the supply of employees in relation to demand would decrease the price for that labor?

Oh yeah, I did. The same thing will happen everywhere they are bringing in immigrants.

Gee, could that be why the corrupt upper class trash business owners are working so hard to cause this mass immigration to happen in their countries, you know, so they can increase their profits by decreasing the price for labor at your expense?

Yep. When your wages start decreasing because of this immigration thing, just remember the criminals who caused it to happen.

France already had "no-go" zones in Muslim neighborhoods in which no one other than Muslims could enter, you know, Muslim feudal states. Now Germany is admitting they are losing control of Muslim neighborhoods which are becoming no-go zones, you know, feudal states. And, from these Muslim feudal states, the Muslims are already waging war against the rest of Europe, just like I told you they would, meaning Europe has already returned to the feudal system and feudal warfare, you know, just like I told you it would.

Oh yeah, and did you know that migrant crime in Europe has increased 47% this year? Gee, who would have figured?

And this will be coming to the US soon because of the liberals and Muslims in both parties. You can thank a liberal for this crisis.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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