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75% of Americans know their government is corrupt and 72% of Israelis know their government is corrupt. Good old democracy hard at work. Eyes are opening.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy working out?

It isn't the type of government that counts, it is who is running your government that counts.

Smoke and Mirrors

I get so fed up with even "conservative" journalists talking about strong job growth is when the opposite is clearly true. I looked for, but couldn't find the number of people losing their jobs last month, but you can make a reasonable guess with just the little information they gave you.

They say that Obama created 292,000 jobs in December buuuuuut the fake government unemployment rate remained the same at 5% in spite of the fact you know that at least a few hundred thousand people dropped out of the job market.

What should that tell you?

First, many of these were temporary Christmas season jobs that have already ended and shouldn't be counted with the regular jobs. That alone should have you asking, "What job growth?" and "Why are the conservative journalists not telling you this?"

Second, if 292,000 people were hired and the fake government unemployment remained the same, basic math should tell you that at least that many people had to lose their jobs so "what job growth?"

Third, if only 100,000 people dropped out of the job market, further decreasing unemployment, and the unemployment remained the same then at least 400,000 people had to lose their jobs during December so there couldn't have been any real job growth and you just got smoke pounded up your butt.

In other words, in spite of the lies you are being told, the economy is still rapidly declining and we are still in a super depression or black hole economy. Our economy is dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet.

Anymore, "news reporting" is all smoke and mirrors (read lies.) You have to think to see through their lies.


They are still successfully playing their conspiracy theorist card where they bully, terrorize, and intimidate people with their lefty dirty word, "conspiracy theorists", which they use to portray people as being nuts or tin hatters. "Why, if you believe the upper class trash liberals are conspiring against you, you are a whacko conspiracy theorist tin hatter."

First, all of these liberal commie traitors' heroes conspired to take over their nations, you know, like Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and others.

If their heroes conspired to take over their nations, then why would the commies see conspiracy as a bad thing and why would they not see it as a means to achieve their evil goals? Maybe they just don't want people talking about the upper class trash evil conspiracy?

Second, they have all conspired to do everything they have already done to you. They conspire to steal more from you with taxes, they conspire to lie to you, they conspire to oppress you and censor you, they conspire to take your land from you, they conspire to destroy your education and dumb down your children, and they have conspired to do everything they have done to you.

What, you think all of those extremely complex laws they have written, programs they have forced on you, and them all telling the same lies is just a great big bunch of accidents and coincidences and not conspiracies?

"Why it all just accidentally happened as the greatest coincidences in the history of the world."

Anyone stupid enough to believe that deserves to be a slave because that is one really huge bridge to buy. If you don't believe that the lefties have conspired to do all of that and more and it all just accidentally happened, you are an idiot and so stupid no one can insult your intelligence.

Being a conspiracy theorist does not mean you are a nut. What it really means is that you quit drinking the Kool-Aid, are paying attention and have the guts to say the truth.

Am I a conspiracy theorist?

Oh, heck yeah, I am not stupid enough to not be one, especially when it is so blatantly obvious that they are all working together to do all of these things to us, you know, conspiring against us. There have been no accidents or coincidences in all of this complex mess except for their flaws in their plans. All of this has been planned out by the upper class trash working together to screw us. That is a conspiracy.

Don't you believe they are working to set up a dictatorship and take your nation away from you?

They have already conspired to take all of the money you will ever earn with their national debt, of which the real national debt is now estimated at over 200 trillion dollars they stuffed in their pockets "by accident". You will never earn that much money in the rest of your lives...combined.

They have already taken most of your freedoms and rights away from you and are working together or conspiring to take the rest away from you.

You think they are not working together or conspiring to take your nation away from you?

They have already successfully conspired to steal better than one third of the nation's land and two thirds of the western half of the nation in the name of conservation. They are right now working together or conspiring to take more land starting with stealing land from farmers and ranchers. At the rate they are going now, it won't be much longer and they will own all of the land in the nation or virtually the entire nation. (Did you figure out the Libertarian trap yet, you know, where only those who own land can vote? Is that a sucker punch or what? They take all of your land away from you and then say that only those who own land can vote. If you are still a Libertarian, you are an idiot.)

They have finally reached the point to where they can't take much more without causing a revolution until they take your guns away from you, which is why they are so determined to work together or conspire to take your guns away from you.

And you think there is no conspiracy or that they are not working together to take what is left of your nation from you?

If you do, you are an idiot (A.K.A. liberal). But you know and I know that too many of the people in this nation will continue to drink the liberal Kool-Aid until they wake up one day and Obama is the Pharaoh of this nation, imposing Sharia Law on us. We have too many dumbed down and brainwashed people in this nation for democracy to ever work again.

BTW, don't you find it interesting that the Power Ball Lottery has not been won and the prize has gone to $1.3 billion right now, with everything that is going bad for the left? Gee, you don't think they would rig the lottery as smoke and mirrors to distract people, do you?

Are you ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


A Philadelphia cop was shot by a Muslim gunman who confessed and said it was for Islam. But you know the lefties will tell you it had nothing to do with Islam and was because the poor little victim, you know, the shooter, needed a job or it was workplace violence or some other stupid lame excuse. Oops, the idiot liberal mayor already did.

Of course they won't give out his name yet.

BTW, an Islamaphobe is a person who knows what is really going on.

Mean while, in Houston, TX, Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, who entered the US in 2009, was arrested on terrorist charges and aiding ISIS but you know it had nothing to do with Islam. It was premeditated workplace violence, you know, like in California.

Then in California, 23 year-old Aws Mohammed Younis, is a refugee from Syria who came to America in 2012 was also arrested for terrorist charges...uh...workplace violence but "you don't need no guns to protect yourselves from these terrorists".

BTW, the media are lying and calling these two "Iraqi refugees" to cover for Obama bringing in Syrian refugees, when, in fact, they came from Syria.

Now we have RINO, Lindsey Graham, covering for ISIS and the Syrian refugees in the Philadelphia shooting of a cop. Yet the police across the US are on alert for "more ISIS attacks against cops" following that shooting.

Gee, why do you think that shooting would have cops across the US on alert for more attacks by ISIS, if it wasn't an ISIS attack?

Yeah, it had nothing to do with ISIS, Syria, and Islam, it was probably just workplace violence or the terrorist just needed a job so he could cause workplace violence. (/sarc)

Mean while, the House Homeland Security Secretary is saying that the cop shooter got his orders from ISIS in Syria. Oops!

Gee, Graham wouldn't be a RINO traitor, would he?

It turns out that the New Years' sex attacks by Muslims also took place in Sweden and other European countries but were also covered up by their governments and lying liberal media.

Don't you just love your lying liberal media selling you out like that? And you think they are not traitors?

BTW, I hope you realize that Muslims see our Welfare programs as the Muslim tax they charge to non Muslims and they feel you owe it to them.


Finland is condemning Finnish "extremist anti-migrant street patrols", you know, people who have organized street patrols to protect themselves because their corrupt government won't protect them.

The upper class trash don't get it. The revolution has already started because the people are organizing to protect themselves from the corruption and insanity of the upper class trash.

It isn't if but when are the people going to overthrow their corrupt governments and start executing the upper class trash?

These citizens groups are organizing all over Europe and it is quickly growing. The people are angry and, when the first revolution against the upper class trash turns into a shooting war, it will domino all over Europe quickly.

It looks like Germany might be the first nation for the shooting war to begin.

An important question is, when the fighting and revolution starts, where will the police and military stand, on the side of the people or the corrupt leaders?

The Cologne police chief was just relieved of duty for failing to stop the violent protests soon enough and delaying reports about it.

Does this mean the police are starting to side with the people against their tyrants?

It is beginning to look like the US revolution might start in Oregon. People from other militias have joined the protest and takeover of the empty government building and tensions are rising.


How bad of traitors are our media? used to be one of the better conservative sites. I have been seeing increasing numbers of liberal journalists posting there. Fareed Zakaria is a Muslim writer who does pro Muslim propaganda called news articles and was exposed for calling for the jihad rape of white women on his blog and he is still posting on

As an example, I got this over at by a staff writer: "Chanting "Merkel out" and waving placards with slogans like "Rapefugees not welcome", xenophobic German PEGIDA protesters vented their fury Saturday against migrants after mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve."

"Xenophobic"? Newsmax, a "conservative site" is calling people who were just viciously attacked and raped a liberal dirty word like xenophobic? Just how liberal, low, and rotten can Newsmax get?

It has gotten to where there is less and less at worth reading and, if it gets much more liberal, I simply won't go there anymore.

The problem is that someone will start up a really great conservative news site, the liberals on Wall Street will talk them into going public for lots of money (God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil"), the mega wealthy liberals will buy up controlling interest in the site, and the liberals will gradually turn the site liberal with nothing but liberal lies, propaganda, and misinformation.

If we could just get some true conservatives who don't get greedy and sell everyone and everything out for the promised "good life", we could have some dependable media for the long term. Unfortunately, the conservatives who start these sites tend to be college graduates with dreams of getting rich and living the good life and are not willing to make the sacrifices required to keep telling the truth. Their love of money keeps blinding them to the reality that they will lose all of that wealth after the liberals set up their beloved commie dictatorship so the idiots are even selling themselves out.

Note, this site is not for sale. Truth and honesty before profits.


Here is something to keep an eye on. I am getting a feeling that all of this talk about indicting Hilarious may be some bureaucrats fishing for a big bribe from the Clintstone criminal organization. If she bribes the right people enough money, this will all go away and you better bet she knows it. But then, again, this may be Obama throwing Hilarious under the bus.

The lefties are also raising a bigger stink about Hilarious' health. They are even mentioning "potential medical threats" to her health, like a pulmonary thrombosis (a blockage of capillaries in the lungs by a blood clot which causes a blood vessel to rupture and the lungs to fill with blood). BTW, this stink about her health is because her doctor either violated patient confidentiality and can go to jail and be sued or got orders from Hilarious to release her medical information.

Hmmm, interesting timing, anyone?

Gee, what a coincidence they are worried about her health when she might be facing legal charges. Me thinks Hilarious is trying to stay out of prison because she is being thrown under the bus.

Gee, you don't think Hilarious ordered the release of the medical info so she can fake a thrombosis or stroke and get out of being tried for her crimes, do you?

Hmmm, maybe she is no longer a useful idiot and just became a plain old idiot?

The movie, "13 Hours", about Benghazi, is coming out at a very interesting time, you know, just before the Commiecrat primary election. This won't help Hilarious. Here comes duh bus.

Gee, are there enough coincidences in this soap opera? And people don't believe in conspiracies?

If the Clintstones are going to retire Hilarious and run Princess Chelsea, they will have to make their move very soon.

BTW, Obama is refusing to support any of the Commiecrat candidates.

Now super RINO, Jebberwocky, is reported to be rising in some polls. I guess he paid them enough money.

Mean while, Jebberwocky is crying that he doesn't want "his" party high jacked.

You mean the party he high jacked from the American people?

This thing about Obama deporting illegal immigrants over the holidays is just more smoke and mirrors. Note that he stated clearly that he is seeking Central American immigrants and not Muslims. If any Muslims get deported, they will be the few terrorists who get caught before they commit their acts of terror or Muslims who are not active terrorists. Obama is just purging out the liberal voters and keeping as many Muslim terrorist as he can.

BTW, the liberal activists are supposedly getting upset about this. I am keeping an eye on this.

Do they realize they are being stabbed in the back by the Muslims or do they only see liberal voters being shipped out?

Our political system isn't broke, it is devastated beyond repair. We have to start over completely fresh or we will be right back where we are right now within a few years. God is about to give us stupid humans a second chance and I suggest we not blow this.


When you get a liberal traitor commie activist telling you that they only register your guns and no one wants to take them, just remember that they are already taking registered guns in Commiefornia without cause and just because they can.


There has been another major explosion in China. China is still trying to cover up these events, telling me that this is almost certainly terrorism and a Muslim civil war. Keep an eye on this.


Iran denied firing missiles near US ships including USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier. So the US Navy released a video showing Iran doing just that. Iran is pretty clearly testing to see whether they think they can do serious damage to the carrier and not pull back a nub. Keep an eye on this.

Muslim Traitors

So, why are the liberals selling you out and protecting the Muslims? Are they so stupid they can't see how the Muslims are treating non Muslims?

Remember years ago when the Muslim global population dropped from 1.6 billion in 2001 to 1.2 billion, then six months later was back up to 1.6 billion and it was reported that almost all of those new Muslims were converts? Remember that I told you that the only way that many people, 400 million, could have converted to Islam in that short of a period of time was if all of the liberals in the West converted to Islam during that six months?

That would mean that all of our liberal leaders are closet Muslims so they can infiltrate their Muslim pals into our countries without you realizing you are being betrayed by your Muslim leaders and then, when your nation is taken over by Islam, they will tell the rest of you to convert of die.

You want proof?

Your glorious leaders are covering up for Muslim terrorist attacks against you, you know, aiding your enemy...and their pals, increasing numbers of terrorist attacks are being carried out by Western converts, and increasing numbers of those converts staging those terrorist attacks have not changed their names to Muslim names because they are closet Muslims.

Gee, do the actions of your traitor leaders suddenly make sense?

Also remember that liberals are very simple minded and they believe that, if they convert to Islam or just say they are a Muslim, the true Muslims will just happily share power with spite of the fact that Muslims don't share power with each other?

Remember that better than 90% of the Muslims killed every year are killed by other Muslims, most because they won't share power with each other? Remember that the Muslim global population is already back down to 1.5 billion?

Question: Are our liberal Muslim converts Sunni or Shiite or maybe some different sect of Islam like Alawites or Farsi?

That matters because the Sunni and Shiite Muslims have been waging war against each other for 1,400 years without stopping. Most of the Muslims being brought into Europe by our glorious traitor leaders and into the rest of the West are Sunni (mostly ISIS) but many are Shiites and they are already fighting each other in our countries.

Remember me telling you about the Muslims already fighting each other in our countries?

So, what kind of Muslims are the idiot liberal converts, Sunni or Shiite...or nothing Muslims? Also, remember the non Muslim prisoners ISIS takes and many of those prisoners convert to Islam thinking it will keep them from being killed, you know, just like the idiot liberals are thinking, but they end up being murdered anyway? Don't you think those Muslims will treat the Western "nothing or no sect" Muslims the same way? Do you remember that the Muslims ask people questions from the Koran and, if those people can't correctly answer those questions about the Koran, the Muslims kill those people? How many of these stupid liberal convert closet Muslims do you think have even read the Koran, much less memorized it all? None? Remember that true Muslims regularly kill Muslims who are homosexuals, feminists, and other liberals and what do you think the true Muslims will do to the Western liberal Muslims who are all of those? And all of these Muslims who have been fighting and killing each other for 1,400 years, do you really think they will share power with the new Western nothing Muslims? Remember that the first thing Muslims do everywhere else in the world when they take over a city or nation is to round up the leaders and kill them off, even other Muslims? Do you really think these true Muslims will not round up and kill our closet Western nothing Muslim traitor leaders?

Now do you believe me when I tell you that the stupid people are running this world?

It should be obvious by now that leaders like Merkel, Cameron, and most other Western leaders are closet Muslims betraying their people by infiltrating Muslims to take over their nations and their actions prove it. That is right, most of your nations are no longer Christian nations because they have been taken over and are being run by closet Muslim convert traitors.

Is it finally starting to make sense yet?

Of course, this means that, when you regain control of your nations, with a soon coming war, and realize you will have to run off or kill all of the Muslims in your countries, you will have to kill all of your closet Muslim leaders who have betrayed you and history teaches you will probably do so quite eagerly, you know, by hanging them, shooting them, cutting their heads off, and burning them at the stake, similar to what ISIS is doing to people like you, especially after ISIS starts doing those things to you, your families, and your neighbors.

Gee, could all of this be why our Christian ancestors did these things to pagans hundreds of years ago, you know, because they got tired of their pagans murdering, raping, and robbing them the way you are getting tired of our pagans murdering, raping, and robbing you?

Our true Christian ancestors didn't any more kill people just for the fun of it than you would now. They had very serious reasons for killing the people they killed just like you have now.

Ready for a Christian theocracy to protect you and your families yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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