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The reason why I have been doing so many News essays is because things have accelerated significantly and there are so many things happening at once. Things are getting really bad really fast.

Protest Quitting

For decades, I have watched the geniuses running our nations make the same stupid mistake in spite of the fact it has never worked, not once. They refuse to learn from history and continue to do it because of ignorant arrogance and pride.

What they do is they will be in the minority in the government, get tired of fighting to prevent the bad guys in the majority from turning their government into a dictatorship and arrogantly decide out of pride to protest by quitting the government. Their attitude is always, "we will show you, we will just quit and go home."

What they are really saying is, "We will learn you, we will quit, giving you 100% control", which is exactly what the bad guys want. It always ends the same way, EVERY TIME. The bad guys always seize control of the government, turn the nation into a dictatorship, round up all of those politicians who quit, and either kill them or throw them in prison, which they deserve.

That strategy has never ended good for the leaders who quit or the people, NOT ONCE, and yet these brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities and think they should be running your lives just keep right on doing it, which is one of the reasons I keep telling you that the stupidest people are running the planet.

What should they do?

Stand and fight to the last man while praying their butts off for God to take care of it. If you are going to die, die fighting and not sniveling in your home, being proud and arrogant like a fool.

Quitting and giving the bad guys complete control of anything is the worst protest you could do but the upper class idiots keep right on doing it. It wasn't that long ago that some idiots said that our commanders in the military "should quit in protest".

"Yeah, that would learn Obama to mess with us, we will just give him complete control of the military with no resistance."

Fortunately for us, the true leaders in the Pentagon knew better and refused to quit giving Obama 100% control of the Pentagon. Commendably, they stayed and they have continued to fight.

Any time you see anyone saying that "good leaders should learn the bad guys by quitting in protest and giving the bad guys 100% control", you are listening to a traitor or fool or both. It is the absolute worst thing you can do and history proves it, yet, it is amazing at how many "geniuses", especially journalists, keep saying we should quit fighting back in protest.

Heck no, "learn them" the right way, keep fighting tooth and nail for what is right. Just giving up has never succeeded for anything, not once. No one, not one person, has ever succeeded at a job by quitting.

How can you possibly succeed by quitting?

FIGHT and, if necessary, drag their butts to the grave with you. Be a scrapper, with the street attitude that, "if I don't win, nobody wins" and that, "if I lose, I will get my pound of flesh". Don't be a coward, cowards quit. Fight for what is right, tooth and nail.


I just saw the best description of liberals I have ever seen or heard and it is one of those things where you wish you had thought of it. A headline at Arutz Sheva called them the "hallucinatory far-left", which is a perfect description of liberals. Their ideas, dreams, and goals are wild, irrational, drug induced hallucinations, at best. They are completely out of touch with reality.

BTW, Friday's 2015 Gallup survey found that 24 percent of Americans describe themselves as liberal. While 38 percent of Americans call themselves conservative, unfortunately, many of those are social liberals who consider themselves conservatives because they are capitalists.

Mean while, the liberals are trying to take complete control of your lives by getting everyone to buy self driving cars so they can control, remotely, everywhere you drive.

Why not, they have taken everything else from you? Freedom, what freedom?

Polls, true or not, are showing that the majority of Americans want the next president to establish tighter gun control laws, you know, like in Chicago or worse, where the guns crimes are highest.

Gee, do you think that most of the people have been brainwashed enough for a democracy to not be able to function anymore? Ready for that Christian theocracy yet?

Most of the American people keep proving me right in that the only good government we can possibly have to protect the people is now a Christian theocracy and not a democracy. From this point on, any form of democracy will quickly turn into a dictatorship because most people are too stupid to vote right.

Hilarious shows her colors even more by saying she won't discount reports of white terrorists and police violence. In other words, she is planning to wage war against conservatives and cops. You can throw in the military on that too because she also hates them.

BTW, was built to promote Hilarious but is endorsing Linen II. Here cums duh bus.


Iran seized two US Navy boats with 10 sailors. Iran said the boats had drifted into Iranian waters because of broken navigational systems and the Navy said they drifted into Iranian waters because of mechanical problems. Nothing like both of them being on the same page with a little inconsistency telling us it is a lie.

What, the same systems broke on both boats at the same time? One of the two boats couldn't help the other not "float" into Iranian waters by towing it?

Most likely, the Iranians overwhelmed and captured the two boats in international waters and the Navy lied to get the people back as quickly as possible but, to show it was a lie, they told a different lie than Iran told. Iran said it was an electronic problem and the Navy said it was a mechanical problem showing that Iran was lying, which is why you have to pay attention to the details.

I want to know why the US Navy didn't protect and take better care of those sailors.

Did the Navy betray those sailors on Obama's orders? Did Obama order the Navy to order the sailors to stand down and surrender? Is this another betrayal like at Benghazi, only no one died this time?

We will find out when one of them gets back and leaves the service to tell the truth. It will come out.

The entire incident makes the US look weak and only encourages Iran and other nations to attack our troops, putting our troops at even greater risk. I pray for our troops.

I understand that Pakistan has stated that, if Iran attacks Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, a nuclear power, will wipe Iran off the map.

Now do you understand why Iran is building a nuclear arsenal and not just one bomb?

Iran isn't stupid, crazy, but not stupid, they know that, if they start a nuclear war, they better be able to finish it and they won't be just fighting Saudi Arabia or Israel. Any talk about Iran building just one bomb is either ignorance or a lie. Iran is building a nuclear arsenal for very obvious strategic reasons.


ISIS is getting just a wee bit desperate because they are starting to burn Jihadists alive who lose battles and survive. They are using terror to get their troops to fight harder to win and are depleting their troops for us while turning their troops against themselves. I hope you realize this is an act of extreme desperation which will only make things worse for ISIS. This is good for us.

This desperation is being caused by Syria finally being able to go on the offensive against the terrorists because of Russia and NOT because of the US, thanks to Obama. It will be interesting to see how much better this offensive does after China gets her troops in the fighting.

The US military has been complaining that Obama is holding back their efforts to fight ISIS with his insanely ridiculous ROE. In his SOTU, Obama blamed this on Congress. Obama never takes credit for any of his treason, he always blames someone else when his great sounding ideas hurt the US and help Muslims.

God's Line

The United Methodist Church is blacklisting five Israeli banks showing they are choosing Satan's side of God's line.

Mean while, Cardinal Wuerl, archbishop of Washington D.C., is taking the side of the Syrian Muslim refugees, you know, on Satan's side of the line.

"Hey, let's bring those Muslim refugees in here. So what if they are committing crimes and attacking people everywhere else, the US is so wonderful we can do it."

Bishop Earl Walker Jackson Sr., a black preacher, who has chosen God's side of the line, has called for all Christians to leave the Commiecrat Party. Eyes are opening and the church is choosing up sides.

North Korea

It has become obvious and accepted that North Korea did detonate a nuke and it was probably an H bomb. That is very serious and puts North Korea in a completely new league, militarily.


The Muslims have learned that the European governments won't stand up for and protect their people so, as should be expected, Muslims attacking and raping women is spreading across Europe. Muslim gangs are now openly attacking Europeans in all countries in broad day light, we are talking open feudal warfare. This will continue until either the governments start doing their job of protecting the people, the militaries step in, stage coups, arrest the leaders, and start protecting the people, or the people revolt and start protecting themselves, but, first, they will have to stop being cowards.

Gee, I wonder if those people are missing the guns they let their leaders talk them out of?

I got this at Breitbart by Oliver Lane:

"A group of football hooligans attacked businesses in Leipzig, east Germany on Monday night, attacking businesses in a known left-wing area of the city.

The attacks by football hooligans who appear to be increasingly attaching themselves to the otherwise peaceful PEGIDA movement have made headlines across Europe. The hooligan rampage took place at the same time as the Leipzig branch of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) celebrated their first anniversary peacefully in another part of the city.

'Hundreds' of anti mass-migration individuals affiliated with the 'HOGESA' football hooligan movement ran amok in the Connewitz district of Leipzig, smashing Kebab shops, setting cars on fire, and scrapping with police. There were 211 arrests and police reported 57 offences had been committed, reports"

Note that Lane, probably a liberal traitor, portrayed these people fighting back as "hooligans" and not rebels fighting back to protect themselves and their families by attacking the liberal side of town, where Oliver probably loves to go. Also notice that the police arrested these rebels but won't arrest the Muslim terrorists attacking good people instead of liberal shops. Common sense should tell you this will only anger the conservatives more and escalate the rebellion.

There is something that has to be dealt with right here and right now. History teaches that, when you have exhausted all peaceful means to stop the actions of a bad government, you have to resort to violence to get the job done. The left have made it very clear they refuse to stop their evil actions and the only thing which will stop them is violence. Sooner or later, the good people will have to resort to violence to stop the bad guys running our governments. It isn't if but when and the liberals have made that very clear.

The rebellion is already taking place, just like I told you it would. The conservatives just attacked the traitor liberals and they burned a bus of liberal traitors that was coming to fight the conservatives.

Now, whose side will the police be on, the good people fighting back or the liberal traitors destroying their nations?

At the same time of the riot, PEGIDA staged a peaceful protest which the upper class trash traitors are obviously ignoring. If the upper class trash continues to ignore the peaceful protests, increasing numbers of Germans will join the riots, which is why they are having riots right now, many have already given up on a peaceful solution. Germany is at war with itself because of their corrupt traitor leaders.

This is hilarious. Thursday, German local officials sent a bus containing 51 Syrian refugees to Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin.

Only 51?

Send her thousands, send them to her home, and let her take care of them; she wants them so bad, give them to her.

Did she not send more than one million to your homes? Hey, why don't the people send thousands of Muslim immigrants to each of the homes for all of the upper class trash who are bringing the Muslim immigrants into their nation for those upper class trash to take care of? Wouldn't that be fair?

A retired German judge has compared Merkel to Hitler because of her behavior and forcing evil things on others. He said that what she has done is unconstitutional in Germany, you know, like what Hitler did was unconstitutional.

Mean while, back in Finland, a group of young men formed an anti-immigrant militia group for protection against the Muslim attacks they are calling the "Soldiers of Odin", after the Viking god. From a PR perspective, this is an excellent name and will probably help cause the group to grow and spread quickly, even into other European nations, like Germany. Their logo is particularly attractive for most non Christian men. Of course, Soldiers of Odin groups in other nations will replace the Finish flag in the logo with their own flags. This group rightfully has the corrupt government and the police worried. Don't be surprised to see a number of European rebellions started by this group as it spreads through Europe. Keep an eye on this group, the revolution has started and is growing quickly, you know, like I told you would happen.

In Belgium, a person or group calling itself the "Christian State" is sending letters to Muslim mosques threatening to kill all Muslims. The anger builds and the revolution grows with groups forming. This is going to get very, very bad and you can thank the upper class trash and their liberal puppets.


I got this at American Thinker by Rick Moran:

"In his State of the Union address, the president bragged about how well the economy is doing, saying, 'The United States of America, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world.'

Oh, really?

A study by the National Association of Counties has found that of the 3,069 counties in the US, 93% still have not recovered from the Great Recession. Only 214 counties have seen their economies return to pre-recession levels."

Now that everyone is believing the liberal government lie that 292,000 jobs were create when it was really only 11,000 jobs were created, you know, like I already told you, they finally started talking about the unemployment rate "surprisingly" increasing to 284,000 last month.

Gee, do you think that is why they fudged the new jobs up to 292,000 instead of the real number of 11,000, you know, to get the fake number for jobs created up over the number of jobs lost DURING Christmas season hiring so it wouldn't be so obvious you are in a super depression?

So, how is that economic recovery thingy going? Still believe we are not in a super depression?

US Military

When Obama mocked the US military for saying ISIS is getting stronger and the US military is getting weaker (that is who his SOTU comments were aimed at) and added that the US military is the strongest in the world and it is not even close, NONE, not one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff even so much as applauded as an open rebellion against Obama. Obama hates and fights the military and the military hates and does its best to defend itself and this nation against Obama and his Muslim friends within the law.

And you think the US military will support Obama in a revolution and not support you?

BTW, part of the reason for that statement about the US military being so much stronger than anyone else and that it is not even close was so Obama could justify tearing down the US military even more.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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