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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, a small country in western Africa, just had a Muslim terrorist attack against one of their top tourist hotels. 28 tourists were reported killed with another 126 hostages freed by the police. All four Muslim terrorists, two of them Obama's harmless Muslim women, were killed in the attack.

Remember that I told you that Muslim women would see the California terrorist attack as a romantic jihad and there would be an increase in Muslim women committing terrorist attacks?

It is happening right now, and, oh yeah, it won't be long until widows with children will start taking their kids on such attacks as little remotely controlled suicide bombers to kill even more people. This means the cops and military better get ready to start killing children to save people's lives.

This is quickly getting worse and will get much worse before it gets better and the lefties are still trying to take your guns away so you will be helpless before their Muslim terrorists pals, just like the Europeans are.


Trudeau and his lefty pals are saying "their Syrian Immigrants won't rape".

Oh really, they are buying a different brand of Muslims who don't rape? Maybe Trudeau is buying custom made or designer Muslim immigrants who don't rape?

This statement is either pure arrogance and ignorance or a lie.

And, after their Syrian immigrants do rape, what will Trudeau do, cover it up like everyone else is while the Canadian people pay the price and he hides in his nice upper class trash mansion with armed guards?

Einstein said that to do the same thing again and again and expect different results is insanity. OK, we know Trudeau is nuts. I have been telling you for years that the lefties are crazy and they are proving it. They will get the same results they are getting in Europe and will end up with Canadian gangs fighting Muslim gangs to protect themselves from the Muslims because their Canadian government has betrayed them.

At least they have plenty of trees in Canada to decorate with their liberal upper class trash traitors when the fecal matter hits the fan.


Paul Ryan pushed through a spending bill that funds visas for 300,000 Muslim immigrants over the next 12 months.

In Britain, A veteran of the Dutch Army, Jitse Akse, 47, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, because he killed ISIS terrorists when fighting with the Kurdish YPG forces in Syria.

And you think the corrupt upper class trash running things are not closet Muslims, traitors, and all sleeping in the same bed?

Princess Chelsea

Mama and papa have sent Princess Chelsea out on the political circuit to "save mama's butt" but really to get her accepted by the public and she is bombing. She doesn't have the charisma Billy Boy had and seems to have lost because he is also pretty much bombing on the campaign trail.

Maybe they should take their mega millions home, you know, back to Dubai, learn to be frugal, and retire to the good life buuuut you know that power mad and greedy people can never do that because they can never be satiated and will always want more power and wealth. Their own lusts for power and money have doomed them to eventual failure.


Mean while, the corrupt liberal leaders in the GOP are working on a number of ways to get a liberal RINO elected as the GOP candidate for president by rigging the primary election and they have plenty of ways to get past the voters and force liberals on the voters.

Ultra liberal RINO, Christie, has admitted there will be no due process in his plan to confiscate guns. They'll just take them.

And people want to vote for this liberal jerk? Are you still worshiping at the Greek pagan alter of democracy with voters that stupid?

What is Trump doing?

All Trump is doing is what the Commiecrat Party will do to the same GOP candidates and he is beating the GOP candidates because they all have too many skeletons in their closets and the liberals know where the dead bodies are all at. Think about that.

BTW, Trump has selected ultra liberal Republican, Scot Brown, to be his vice president.

Why not a conservative? Because Trump isn't a conservative?

What should all of this tell you?

The liberals know what is right and wrong well enough they can easily pretend to be conservative and are, therefore, lying with malicious intent. Basically, they are evil.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Minimum Wage

Wal Mart caved to pressure on the minimum wage thingy. This year they will be closing 264 stores and laying off more than 10,000 employees because of the losses.

Well, hey, they got a pay increase before they lost their jobs.

The market should determine minimum wage, not the government geniuses.

Peace Makers

Jesus said, "Blessed be the peace makers" and the pacifists have been teaching they are the peace makers so long, two thousand years, that it has become accepted as fact. But, if you study history, you realize that is absolutely wrong, Jesus was NOT talking about pacifists because pacifists don't make peace, they make war and Jesus knew this.

The true peace makers are the people who 1) stand up to the bad guys and keep the peace by preventing war and causing or make peace and 2) fight the bad guys who are waging war to bring about or make peace.

History teaches that EVERY TIME there has been peace, it was caused by the cops and soldiers and not by the pacifists. There is not one time in history when the pacifists have caused peace by not standing up to and stopping the bad guys and they always cause war by not standing up to the bad guys and discouraging or stopping them and Jesus knew this.

Therefore, the true peace makers Jesus was blessing are the cops, soldiers, and others who stand up to the bad guys to cause or make peace and the true war makers are the pacifists who don't discourage or stop the bad guys and, therefore, encourage the bad guys to make war.

For example, the British pacifist, Chamberlain, thought he was being a peace maker by being a pacifist to Hitler before WWII but his pacifist actions only encouraged Hitler to continue his aggressive actions causing the war and, following the war, Nazi documents proved this to be true with Hitler actually writing that, if Chamberlain had stood up to Hitler, Hitler would have backed down and not caused the war. On the other hand, Churchill was the true peace maker by stopping Hitler and causing peace.

Another example is today. The pacifists are not stopping the bad guys from taking over our governments and making war against the people. It will take strong men and women using violence to take back our nations and make peace. Once again, the pacifists have failed to make peace and have only made war and it is up to those willing to use violence to make peace by stopping the bad guys making the wars.

History proves that bad guys only respect power, force, violence, and those who are willing to use them to stop the bad guys. The bad guys have no respect for pacifists and see them only as cowards, which encourages the bad guys.

When Jesus said, "Blessed be the peace makers", He was blessing the people who prevent and stop wars by standing up to the bad guys and not the pacifists who cause wars by not standing up to the bad guys. History proves that pacifists or cowards are a curse on this planet, not a blessing.

We have been lied to by the pacifists, who wrongly claimed a blessing that is clearly not theirs, for several thousand years, until we believed the lie was true and Satan has used that lie to cause hundreds of millions of deaths during that two thousand years.

Pacifists may have good intentions but Chamberlain and others have proved that good intentions are not enough to stop bad guys from waging war.

So, blessed be the peace makers, you know, our cops and soldiers and cursed are the war makers, you know, those cowardly pacifists and the bad guys.

Bruce Jenner

Let me explain something about Brucey Boy. In the homosexual community it is very common for the queens, the men who act the feminist part, to dress up and act like women to seduce the men who play the part of the dominant male. These queens will do exactly what Brucey Boy has done, using plastic surgery to make themselves look like women with things like breast implants but, just like Brucey Boy, they keep their penis because they are homosexuals.

Some time ago, these men started calling themselves transexuals to throw off and confuse heterosexuals who are not familiar with the homosexual culture. Remember that I got to spend more than five years studying the homosexual culture in California because of my ex-wife, who is a lesbian, without having to so much as hold one hand or kiss one homosexual.

Now the media are coming out with a "big surprise" that Brucey Boy is "ready to start dating men". Get it straight, Brucey Boy is nothing but a homosexual queen who has gone under the knife to make himself look like a woman while he still functions like a man. The men he will be dating will all be dominant homosexual males.

I was not surprised that he is going to start dating other homosexuals, you know, like he has not been having sex with them already.

He still has a Y chromosome, he is still a man, of sorts, and is still Bruce Jenner, the homosexual queen, A.K.A. transy. That is all a transy is, a homosexual queen and the media are using Brucey Boy to 1) get you to accept homosexuality as normal and to distract you from more important stories, you know, smoke and mirrors.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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