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You can't make this stuff up. What a screwed up world we live in and the upper class trash just keep making it worse. I left you with Obama ditching King Abdullah because Kingy Boy's plans were all failing and Obama didn't want to keep his wagon hitched to a falling star. This type of betrayal is normal in Islam. If the going gets tough, just change sides to be on the winning side. This goes on all of the time in Islam.

This betrayal has left Saudi Arabia in a really bad spot. They now don't have a major power as their ally against the Shiite Muslims, Russia, and China, especially after recently threatening Putin over Syria. Oops. Saudi Arabia can't exactly expect Russia to greet Saudi Arabia into the Russian alliance with open arms.

So what is Saudi Arabia going to do? You know that $15 billion weapons contract between Russia and Egypt, Russia's new ally thanks to Obama? Saudi Arabia is paying for a big chunk of it to get in good graces with Russia for protection. It is what you would call groveling with hat in hand and check book wide open. This also places Saudi Arabian Suni Muslims in an inferior position to the Iranian Shiite Muslims. We will see how that works out.

Before even contacting Iran, Obama removed a number of the embargoes against Iran and has started drawing down on the US Navy force near Syria by moving the USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier and a missile destroyer out of the Mediterranean Sea while Putin is still building up the Russian fleet. Obama even stopped proving the terrorists fighting Assad with weapons so that many of the terrorists are now using home made weapons like using sling shots to launch pipe bombs at tanks, which doesn't even slow the tanks down. All of this was done to get on the good side of Iran. You know, like Iran is going to shift their alliance from dependable Russia to traitor Obama. To make matters even worse and also showing how desperate Obama is for a Muslim power base, in the recent negotiations, John Kerry was giving Iran the farm so bad that France walked out of the negotiations and put a stop to the negotiations. This leaves Obama without a Muslim power base, well, except for the US black Muslims, you know, just like in my dream.

I wouldn't be surprised to see both Libya and Tunisia turn to Russia for protection. Why wouldn't they? No one can depend on the US with Obama in charge. You will see other countries turning to Russia and China for protection because no one can trust Obama. This mess has really put Putin in the driver's seat with Obama standing on the shoulder of the road trying to hitch a ride.

One thing this is doing is uniting all of the Muslim countries, both Shiite and Suni, under Russia, you know, just like in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Not only that but they all have one goal in common, the destruction of Israel. This is also leaving Obama out in the cold when it comes to fulfilling Muslim end time prophesy for the Mahdi by conquering Israel, standing on the Temple Mount, and giving the order for all Muslims to kill the rest of the non Muslims. Unless Obama can figure out a way to get his CSF in this coming war against Israel, that arrogant, narcissistic demagogue with a Napoleonic complex just screwed himself out of the opportunity to rule the world. We will have to see how Obama worms his way back into that mess.

All of this really leaves Israel in a mess because she no longer has a major ally she can depend on with everyone wanting her dead and with Iran building nukes to lob at Israel. The only entity Israel can depend on now is God and she will soon be forced to turn to God to save her butt, you know, just like the Bible says.

Mean while, back at the ranch or in the states, everything Obama touches turns to turds. CBS, NBC, and CNN are all attacking Obama right and left. Did you know that the Arab Muslims Obama just betrayed own substantial stocks in all of the liberal media? Increasing numbers of liberals are turning against Obama including Hollyweird and the Commiecrat Party. Even the military Joint Chiefs of Staff smell the blood and are taking advantage of the timing to rebel against the cut backs currently planned for the military by Obama.

Obama isn't just painted in a corner, his corner is quickly down sizing to teeny tiny with one of his aids having already stated that Obama is in a bunker mentality. Even his good friend, Louis Farrakhan, turned against Obama and left to make buds with Iran, who quickly accepted Farrakhan. Obama is going to have to do some heavy dealing to get the support of the black Muslims back. Obama has ticked off everyone, even France is standing up to Obama.

It isn't just Obama because almost all of the bad guys' plans are also failing. Obama and King Abdullah's plans just got flushed, the upper class white cracker commie traitors' plans are spiralling down the toilet, all of Europe is in a real mess, and even China is starting to have serious financial problems with the US financial problems getting worse by the day. Don't you just love the brilliant planning of the intellectually superior upper class trash? I wish they would all crawl off in a corner some where and find something shiny to play with.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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