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Hilarious has been losing support because of her increasingly obvious criminal activity and it looking like she might be going to prison. It seems that this increasing lack of support is also hitting her financially. I guess bribing everyone to stay out of prison is eating up all of her coins. She sent out an e-mail telling everyone she is hurting financially and needs donations.

What about the hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes she has been getting via her "charity"? Did she spend all of that bribing others to keep her out of prison?

Hilarious had a coughing fit that lasted more than one minute while giving a speech before the Jewish Federation. It is interesting that this just happened during this speech and we have not seen anything like it before.

Is she getting ready to fake an illness so she can become immune to prosecution, you know, not fit to stand trial?

The FBI says they are ready to recommend prosecution to the attorney general and, if the attorney general doesn't take actions, they plan to go public with their findings.

God was right, there are good people in the government, they just are not in control yet.

I think ultra liberal commie, Bloomberg, is thinking about running because he smells Hilarious' blood in the water. If she gets arrested, he will be in the running.

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is really coming out of the closet as an ultra liberal commie traitor now. First he was begging Cruz to accept Marxists because "they renew us" and now he is saying Linen II is more honest than Trump.

Beck really seems to like those liberal commies, doesn't he?

I am still trying to figure out why he endorsed Cruz and it looks like it was to try and stop Trump while working to sabotage Cruz.

But then again, liberal professional liar...uh...spin doctor, Carville is also endorsing Cruz. Two liberals endorsing Cruz proves they are still all in the same bed. Ah yes, the upper class trash crime syndicate...uh...whores...uh...politicians.

I still can't find anyone I want to vote for.

How is that Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy working out?


Remember that I told you our judicial system is so corrupt it has become part of the tyranny?

A grand jury just acquitted Planned Parenthood for its crimes and has indicted the whistle blowers who made the video exposing the crimes of Planned Parenthood.

The very reason for prosecuting people who make videos exposing corruption is to punish and discourage those who make the videos to protect the corrupt people.


The German anti-immigration group, PEGIDA, is planning massive protests across all of Europe. The revolution continues to grow and internationalize. The important thing is they are organizing internationally throughout Europe. This will bring down the EU. When the EU blows, it is going to blow big.

BTW, the upper class trash in Europe is discussing doing away with the Schengen zone for two years. This is just kicking the can two years down the road in vain hopes of saving the EU because none of the upper class trash is intelligent enough to solve the problems they have created.

But, hold it, do those upper class trash people in power plan to still be in power two years from now?

Of course they do.

And they think they will be able to solve a problem two years from now they are too stupid to solve now? How do you think that is going to work out?

The idiots will just try to kick the can further down the road. The real problem is that their crisis they created is already boiling over and can't wait two years for them to kick the can further down the road. They have to fix this mess now or it will blow up in their faces.

Plus, in order to fix the problem, they have to admit it was their brilliant sounding stupid ideas which caused the problem which will cause everyone to realize that their brilliant sounding ideas are stupid and the people will stop supporting those stupid brilliant sounding ideas. This will destroy those idiots and put them out of power. The only thing the idiots can do is kick the can down the road until it blows up in their faces.

I hope you realize that some of the geniuses who caused this are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Soros, among many others. I guess they are not as smart as they purport themselves as being because their stupid ideas are crashing terribly right now.

Why Not

I have been thinking about a normal Christian response to some of the things I have been teaching, especially about us colonizing other planets and I feel a need to address this.

The normal response by a lot of Christians, not all, would be to say, "But those things could not possibly be true because they were not talked about in the Bible."

My response is this, did the Bible tell us about electricity, cars, planes, submarines, spaceships, satellites, missiles, the Internet, computers, and many other things we have right now?

Not specifically but it does generally.

There are two things the Bible told us which conforms to us colonizing planets and I know about this because, when I was a child growing up, I used to hear Christians saying that we couldn't go to the moon because the Bible didn't say we would. But we did and then God showed me that He did tell us in general terms that we would do such things in the end times.

First, God told us that, in the end times, knowledge would increase.

Do we not have these things or have done these things because our knowledge has increased?

Of course, the very reason we have accomplished all of this and much more is because God caused our knowledge to increase, just like He said He would.

What would have happened if God has sent his prophets to tell the people just 250 years ago, forget about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago, about things in the future like cars, planes, submarines, spaceships, and such?

They would have thought the prophet was crazy, someone would have yelled "Witchcraft", and they would have burned him at the stake. End of prophesy.

And God knew better, He is no fool. So God gave us general information about the end times concerning what we would do. Remember that the scriptures tell us that there are secrets of God, you know, things which God has not told us about and He still has secrets today. We are just learning about a few of those secrets today.

Second, God told us that, in the end times, we would travel to and fro.

Most of our modern preachers have realized that traveling around by cars, planes, trains, and other modern methods of travel is definitely going to and fro, especially when considered in relation to the very limited means of travel at the time the scriptures were written, you know, walking, riding an animal, riding in some kind of cart or wagon like a chariot, or rowing or sailing a boat. Just driving a car at 50 mph would have been considered going to and fro just a few hundred years ago.

What about traveling to the moon and back, would that not be considered going to and fro?

Definitely and really big time and we have done that a number of times. The scriptures didn't tell us specifically that we would do it but they also did not tell us we would not do it.

What about traveling to and from other stars and another galaxy, wouldn't that be considered going to and fro?

See, God told us about it, we just didn't understand.

And the fun thing is that you are about to become a bunch of space aliens traveling to other planets to colonize those planets and you thought someone or something else would be the space aliens, earthling?

The Mess

Now we need to look at the mess the intellectually superior upper class trash have made of things.

First, by now, it should be obvious that their brilliant sounding ideas they have forced on us are failing miserably, all of them. It is a huge mess that is hurting and killing many. It is my opinion that everyone of these jerks responsible for creating this mess should be held responsible for their actions and pay for the damages they have caused with all of their wealth. I feel that everyone of them, regardless of fame or wealth, should be executed for their crimes against humanity. What they have done is horrid and unconscionable crimes against mankind.

Then we have to address the mess and it is much worse than I have seen anyone realize.

If you study the history of technological development, you should realize that it was NOT just the upper class who did all of the innovations and improvements which have caused us to become so knowledgeable and advanced. They did some of it but much of it was done by educated middle and lower class people. For example, George Washington Carver was one of our greatest innovators and he came from poverty, you know, the lower class.

Contrary to what the upper class trash want you to believe, it was not just a few upper class minds that got us to where we are but many educated minds from the lower, middle, and upper classes working together. What we have today is the result of many educated minds thinking and inventing together.

When you keep this in mind and then realize that the upper class trash has effectively dumbed down the middle and lower classes, especially for the last few generations, so they will be easier to control because of the upper class trash greed and lust for power, you should realize that we are within just one or two generations of not having enough minds with enough knowledge to maintain the technology we have, much less continue to develop better.

If we don't do something to change this, our entire high tech culture is on the verge of collapse and better than 90% of the people on the planet will die with the rest returning to the hunter/gather stage.

This is why I believe and have taught that it should be a crime to teach ANYTHING which is known to not be true. Dumbing down and brainwashing people holds back and limits society. The primary reason why third world countries don't progress the way the US did is because their people are oppressed and not permitted to think for themselves.

Knowledge is a tool that you use to create, build, and achieve things. The more knowledge or tools you have, the more you can create, build, and achieve. If you are given bad tools that don't work, you can't create, build, or achieve anything. You might was well try to build a house with nothing but a rock in your tool box. What you teach does matter and affects our future.

The crime our educators have committed against the people by lying to them is an abomination and all educators responsible for dumbing down and brainwashing the people should go to prison or worse. They have intentionally destroyed people's lives and should be held accountable for their actions.

This should especially be true for teaching Marxism under any name or anything like Libertarianism. They were both developed by the European upper class trash academe to be extremely destructive control systems.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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