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I know that we have all been brainwashed to worship at the alter of the false Greek pagan god, democracy, but know that our last government will be a monarchy run by God and it will be the greatest government in history. So much for false Greek pagan gods.

Compassion or Suckers

Are we being compassionate or suckers when we send our people's money to nations whose leaders are oppressing them to keep them from prospering so we will send them money, most of which will end up in the corrupt leaders' pockets?

I say we are being played for suckers and fools and every country on this planet knows that, if they mismanage their governments and cause a "need", we will foolishly send them money they can stuff in their pockets.

Why would corrupt people not oppress their people?

Have we not been playing the suckers long enough because the idiots running our nation can't resist some opportunistic tyrant playing on their sympathy strings?

There is a really huge difference between sending aid to a country which just suffered something like a natural catastrophe and sending money to an oppressed country run by tyrants so the tyrants can stuff that money in their pockets.

If we send aid to the oppressed nation, knowing the tyrants will just stuff a bunch of that money in their own pockets, that will strengthen the tyrants, making it more difficult for the people to free themselves. I fail to see how that is being compassionate and it should be obvious that we have been sold foolishly supporting tyrants as being compassionate.

If we stop sending money to countries oppressed by tyrants, let the people get angry enough to revolt, and then provide assistance to the revolutionaries, that will get rid of the tyrant and free the people so they can prosper. That is true compassion.

Therefore, it is only logical that we should not send any money or aid to countries mismanaged by tyrants and only aid countries who have had a natural disaster and only the aid required to help relieve the problems caused by the natural disaster and no more.

We need to stop being fools and suckers in the name of compassion to only strengthen tyrannical rule over their people. If leaders mismanage their nation, causing problems, that is not our fault and it will serve no good to aid their leaders in their mischief. Let the people see how bad their leaders are mismanaging their nation so the people will get rid of those bad leaders.


Apparently, what the FBI is looking into is how the classified information got onto Hilarious' server. They are currently investigating three of Hilarious' staff members, who sent most of the e-mails for Hilarious, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jake Sullivan.

It looks like Hilarious is trying to make it appear it wasn't her, which means she is throwing these staff members under the bus, you know, let them take the fall.

Will one of the staff members go belly up on her to save their own butts?

BTW, her campaign is floundering.

The Iowa Commiecrat caucus was decided by six coin tosses, of which Hilarious won all six.

First, what do you expect when the same dead people voted for both of them, a landslide?

Second, you know it was Hilarious' people who "tossed" the coins.

They keep talking about the FBI indicting Hilarious.

When? 2100? 2500? 3000?

Talk, talk, talk, when do we get to see some action?

When I see her in an orange jump suit with Fed jewelry, I will believe it. Until then, it is all just talk, you know, smoke and mirrors to placate the minions. But you know she will just buy out some corrupt judge to get off or dump it all off on someone else.

I hope you realize that all of these really incredibly huge speaking fees being paid to Hilarious are just laundering large sums of money to Hilarious that would otherwise be illegal to give her, especially from government funded entities like universities, where they are laundering your tax dollars through the universities into her bank account. It is just a great big money laundering racket dreamed up by the liberal commie traitors.

Our Republic has become one giant liberal racket to fool the people while setting up their liberal commie traitor dictatorship. The Republic is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet and the liberals are trying to finish it off without being taken down for their crimes.


The great Christian, Obama, has not been going to church but is now going to a Mosque. Wow, that sounds very Christian to me. (/sarc)

If it walks like a Muslim, talks like a Muslim, and acts like a Muslim, it ain't no Christian!

Obama should be asking for a commission on US gun sales because he is selling more guns to Americans than everyone else combined. Right now, gun sales are through the roof because of Obama and his gun grabbing tyrannical liberal commie traitor friends and Muslim terrorist pals.

Obama said that criticism of Muslims has no place in our country.

What about criticism of Christians?

Oh, that is alright, Christians are not working to destroy our nation and Obama clearly wants to destroy our nation. Obama sure is stumping hard for Islam and working to distract everyone from its atrocities. He definitely is not bothered by the barbaric actions of Muslims, telling you that Obama is definitely a hard core devout Muslim terrorist. And, at the same time and by the most incredible coincidence, Obama orders our border security to be cut in half, you know, so Obama's Muslim terrorist armies will be able to cross the borders into the US with minimal resistance.

You don't think Obama is making preparations for his political coup, do you?

You liberals, especially homosexuals, better be afraid, very afraid because Obama met with a Muslim cleric who preaches killing homosexuals and Obama has not come out against this cleric's teachings.

It is very possible and even probable that Obama is making this mosque visit and "stumping for Islam" to setup things for his coup, you know, networking with the Muslims who want to bring down the US.

"Oh no," you say, "all Obama wants is for you non Muslims to be tolerant of Muslims attacking, raping, robbing, and murdering you."

Just in case you have not been watching the calendar, Obama doesn't have much time left to stage his coup.


Trump was forced to land his 757 in Nashville, TN because of engine trouble.

It may just be me and more than 50 years of watching the upper class trash murder people but my first thought was, "Did the upper class trash just try to take Trump out because he is stepping on toes?"

Keep an eye on this. If he turns up dead, it almost certainly wasn't an accident. Whether you like him or not, he is making waves and that always gets people killed.

Here is food for thought: We know that Trump paid off Hillary with big donations.

For what, so Trump can be president?

I seriously doubt it.

What if Trump is running to get a huge following from conservatives because he knows what they want and what to say to get that following, then he throws the primary so he can justify going third party to draw those votes away from the GOP candidate and get Hilarious elected by default? Remember that Trump met with Billy Boy just before he started this campaign?

Notice that Trump didn't spend much money or effort for the campaign in Iowa? Didn't he want to win?

Keep an eye on this. It is about the only thing that makes sense right now.

Rush Limbaugh

I am about to incur the wrath of many conservatives but this is just too blatant. Rush Limbaugh is now throwing in behind Rubio, who is very clearly an ultra liberal super RINO.

Does this mean Rush has crawled in bed with the rest of the upper class trash? Was he there all along and just waiting for the right moment to come out of the closet? Why would he support someone who is so ultra liberal?

Megyn Kelly

"Ms Conservative", Megyn Kelly had on air hots for ultra liberal hit man, Michael Moore, and now expressed the hots for ultra liberal Rubio.

How could a true conservative be attracted to either one of those? Why do we now see conservatives in the media jumping ship to join the liberal side? Were they just posers all along and are now showing their true colors? What is going on?

Glenn Beck

He just recently laid off a bunch of people from his business while purchasing luxury items for his own use. That is pretty typical of business owners sacking their businesses just before they close shop and declare bankruptcy. They lay off a bunch of people to increase the amount of money they can spend on themselves just before closing shop. He will probably "run the business" for a few more months to make it all look legitimate and legal before closing the doors.

If I were one of his employees, I would be putting my resume on the street looking for work.


Santorum just endorsed Rubio and is dropping out of the campaign. ANYONE who endorses Rubio is part of the problem because Rubio is clearly part of the corruption.

Have you noticed that the Commiecrats are endorsing Rubio and Jebberwocky?

That should be a HUGE red flag.

Which is why I am now questioning Rush Limbaugh endorsing Rubio.

Did Rush just change boats to save his own butt?

Now do you understand why I can't find anyone I want to vote for?

Therefore, I cast my vote for Jesus. He shall be my leader.

Jebberwocky praised Obama's treasonous speech at the mosque. I told you he is just a white Obama. Santorum and Rand Paul have called it quits with both endorsing ultra liberal Rubio.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslims will purge the liberals?

Germany stopped a Muslim plan to attack a swinger's club, you know, a very liberal pagan organization.

You think God is not going to use the Muslims to get rid of the liberals because Christians won't?

The Muslims are already attacking homosexuals everywhere.

BTW, there was a very large explosion in a Swedish public school after two men in dark clothes were seen leaving the building. You can bet they will attack our public schools here. They found that the two terrorists in California had plans to attack at least one school after they hit the hospital but never got there.


Obama is now DEMANDING that Russia stop bombing Syria to protect their ally from an illegal overthrow by Obama and his terrorist groups.

It sounds like Obama is getting just a wee bit desperate because his terrorists are getting their butts kicked causing Obama's plans to fail.


Calais just banned a PEGIDA march. Their leaders don't want pressure to stop the attacks by the Muslims. Guess whose side they are on.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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