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Liberal RINO Christie is endorsing Trump.

Need I say more?

They are all in the same bed.

Ultra liberal super RINO, Lindsay Graham, said that, "No Senator would convict Cruz's killer." I am certain that is a death threat for Cruz to resign. This is exactly why I decided I don't want to be president, they would kill me in the first two weeks because I would try to fix stuff, which would put them out of business and in jail.

A further note on Christie endorsing Trump: I told you 1) that the whores are all in the same bed and 2) that the White House and Congress have become the national brothel.

I don't see anyone I want to vote for and it has become so blatantly obvious that both political parties are owned and controlled by the upper class trash and the elections are rigged. I have realized that, if all of the top 10,000 corrupt politicians in the US were to suddenly die, the upper class trash would still have a list of plenty more corrupt slime to run for president. The system is terminally broken.

But, hey, you get to vote, sucker!!!

Our only hope is God.

BTW, recently a released prisoner from GITMO returned to terrorism and Kerry said, "he isn't supposed to do that."

Really? What did Kerry expect a hardened terrorist to do, become a nun?

You do know that Kerry's daughter is married to an Iranian Shiite Muslim and he knows very well what is going on with Islam, right?

Kerry is a pro-Muslim traitor pretending to be ignorant.

They are saying that Bernie Sanders violated campaign finance laws, which all liberals do on a regular basis.

I hope you realize this is the upper class trash trying to get rid of Bernie because he us upsetting the liberal apple cart by getting so much more of the votes than Hilarious that the liberal upper class trash is being forced to openly rig the campaign to get Hilarious elected. Suddenly, more than half of the liberals are getting their own corruption turned against them which they have been using against conservatives for decades with the conservatives warning the liberals that, it is fine when you are the one doing it to others but when others turn that corruption against you, it won't be so nice.

Well, the liberal chickens are coming home to roost and it is about to cause a revolution among the liberals, they are turning on each other by the millions, so the upper class trash is going to use the law and courts to get rid of Bernie to avoid the revolution.

How do you liberals like your corruption now?

BTW, it should now be obvious that you liberals are not special and the upper class trash will purge you when they get their dictatorship set up, you know, just like we have been telling you they will.


You want to know what Obama's Syrian truce is really all about?

Obama is using it to stop Putin from bombing his terrorists...uh...rebels trying to illegally depose Assad so Obama can rearm and train up more terrorists...uh...rebels to replace the ones Putin has already killed. It seems Putin was killing them and destroying their weapons faster than Obama could replace either of them. So Obama talked Putin into a truce so Obama could train up and send in enough terrorists...uh...rebels to rebuild the terrorist...uh...rebel forces and so Obama could rearm the terrorists...uh...rebels, probably with stinger missiles they could use against Russia's planes.

Who knows, maybe Obama has secretly trained up some terrorist...uh...rebel fighter pilots and is going to set them up with F-16?

That might explain why Obama recently and illegally took over and rebuilt an air base in eastern Syria, you know, where ISIS rules. That would also help explain Obama providing ISIS with flight simulators to train pilots in Libya. Keep an eye on this.

The commies repeatedly played this little trick on us in Vietnam and Johnston and McNamara fell for it again and again. It will be interesting to see how Putin handles this, especially since he should recognize it at least as much as I did.

Oh, Putin really blasted Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels just before the truce started so Obama is going to have just a wee bit more rebuilding to do now. Putin partly did this because Obama made a big push just before the truce started to move more terrorists...uh...rebels and munitions into Syria.

What do you want to bet Putin watches where Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels move to and where they put their new weapons and munitions so he can quickly take them out when the truce is over?

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, the way the North Vietnamese played this little game was they would get a truce, train up new troops and get new weapons and munitions from Russia and China, move all of their troops to new locations, and then pull a surprise attack like they did with the Tet Offensive. They did this FIVE times during Nam against Johnston and McNamara (yeah, they were the smart ones, they had the right degrees from the right universities). It is an old commie trick.

Watch for Obama to do the same thing to Russia or at least try to in an effort to quickly overrun Assad and Putin with a surprise attack.

Common Sense

One of my site readers quoted my question in my last essay, "If they are going to replace all of the workers who are doing the jobs they are supposedly bringing the illegals in to take over those jobs with robots, why are they bringing in the illegals?" and then asked, "Don't you know you are not supposed to ask common sense questions like that?"

Then I realized that liberals consider common sense as a disease or sickness because common sense defies their logic and disproves their great sounding stupid ideas. Liberals, including Liberalterians, won't listen to common sense because they are drunk on the liberal Kool-Aid and WANT to believe their great sounding stupid ideas. That is why I have given up arguing with hard core liberals, they have destroyed any desire to use common sense and think for themselves.

BTW, let me share a little more common sense with you, which will anger liberals and Liberalterians. Being a Marxist doesn't make you a liberal, it makes you a Marxist. Being a capitalist doesn't make you a conservative, it makes you a capitalist. Being a social liberal makes you a liberal regardless of what else you believe and being a social conservative makes you a conservative regardless of what else you believe.

If you are a social liberal and a Marxist, you are a liberal Marxist. If you are a social liberal and a capitalist, you are a liberal capitalist or Liberaltarian. If you are a social conservative and a capitalist, you are a conservative capitalist. If you are a social conservative, you have too much common sense to believe in Marxism and can't be a Marxist, you can only be a capitalist. If you are a Liberalterian, you have just enough common sense to believe in capitalism but not enough common sense to be a conservative.

Yes, they have lied to you about being liberal and conservative. The truth is that a liberal is a liberal, a conservative is a conservative, a Marxist is a Marxist, and a capitalist is a capitalist. Don't let the upper class trash mix these tags up to confuse you.

You get it?

It is a slight of hand or more smoke and mirrors they pulled on us to confuse us but some have enough common sense to figure out the truth. Liberals (progressives) and Liberaltarians are both liberals. When you understand that, then you can see through the smoke and mirrors and you understand just how bad our problem really is because many of the people calling themselves conservatives really are not conservatives but are drunk on the liberal Kool-Aid and only believe they are conservatives. They are actually liberal capitalists, who only have a little common sense, you know, just enough to be capitalists but not enough to be conservatives.

When you understand that, then you also understand that there are actually three basic groups in the US; liberal Marxists, liberal capitalists or Liberaltarians, and conservatives, who by nature will be capitalists because they have common sense. Only liberals are stupid enough to be Marxists.

This also helps you see and understand the intelligence pecking order, especially for common sense. At the very bottom of intelligence or the stupidest people are liberal Marxists, then come the liberal capitalists or Liberaltarians, and, at the top, are the conservatives, who have enough common sense to also be capitalists.

Yes, all liberals are loony toons, some more so than others. The liberal capitalists or Liberaltarians are just loony toons while the liberal Marxists or progressives are full blown whacko maximus.

This shows just how dire our situation is because the vast majority of people in the US, especially voters, are liberals with the minority being conservatives. We're screwed.


The mystery grows. Bill Gates jumped ship and is now backing Apple in not permitting the FBI to get information from an IPhone that was given to the FBI by the owner to get that information and now a former CIA chief is also backing Apple?

This just got very suspicious.

Let's see, Apple AND the former CIA chief are covering up intel they don't want the FBI to get off of an IPhone the owner gave to the government to get that intel? What are Apple and the former CIA chief doing that is illegal and has to do with terrorism? Remember that Apple originally said they would help the FBI and then changed their mind? Did the CIA let Apple know that there was incriminating evidence on that IPhone concerning both of them causing Apple to change their mind?

If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it isn't a duck.

Things are getting very interesting here. As we get more dots, we get more picture and this picture is not the Mona Lisa.

Think about this; if you gave your IPhone to the FBI to get intel off of it that was put on it by another person and Apple refused to help the FBI get that intel with the lame excuse they were protecting your privacy, would that really be Apple protecting your privacy or really bad customer support service? Wouldn't it make you wonder what Apple put on your IPhone they don't want the FBI and you to know about? Has Apple put spy software on all IPhones to gather information on you and they don't want the FBI and you to know about it?


In spite of the terrible things we are seeing in the economy, you know, that we are in an extreme depression, Warren Buffett said that the economy is not as bad as the presidential contenders are saying it is.

My first thought: What snake oil is he pedaling?

I trust Buffett about as far as I could throw Christie up hill in a head wind. Buffett is one of the rascals causing this mess so he can get richer at your expense.

Remember that I have been telling you we are in a super depression or black hole economy and I have been using REAL unemployment to prove it AND my estimates have been very conservative?

I decided to show you just how bad our economy really is, especially after Buffett said it really isn't all that bad.

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, the maximum unemployment during the worst times was only 25% and I have showed you that it is really at least 35% to 40% today, far worse than the Great Depression.

Also during the Great Depression, there were millions of people, mostly men, standing in bread and soup lines to get bread and soup to take home for their families to eat. You can see film footage of those bread and soup lines taken during the Great Depression. I also told you that the lying liberal socialists used socialism to hide those bread and soup lines in your grocery lines by giving those unemployed people food stamps so you can't tell how bad the economy really is and they can even lie to you about the economy being recovering when it really isn't.

How many people were standing in those bread and soup lines during the Great Depression?

25% of the people were unemployed and had to stand in those bread and soup lines to get food for their families to eat. (Actually, it was something less than 25% of the people were standing in those bread and soup lines because some of the unemployed were living with and being fed by their extended families so they didn't have to stand in the bread and soup lines but you will see that the 25% will be a conservative answer, as usual.)

How many people in the US are standing in those hidden bread and soup lines today?

Better than 50% of the people in the US are using food stamps or EBT cards to get food so that means that better than 50% of the people are standing in our hidden bread and soup lines, better than twice as many as during the Great Depression (It is actually significantly more than twice as many because of my conservative analysis). That should also tell you that better than 50% of the people are actually unemployed (the under employed were counted as unemployed during the Great Depression) and can't buy food, which means the real unemployment is actually better than 50% or better than 10 times what our lying liberal government is currently telling you.

So, the depression we are currently in is better than twice as bad as the Great Depression and is a super depression or black hole economy, just like I have been telling you. This is absolutely the worst economy in the history of the US and one of the worst economies in modern history. This economy is almost as bad as the German depression in the 1920s and bringing in large numbers of illegals will cause our economy to quickly become at least that bad or worse. That is how bad our economy really is.

You still want to believe the liberal smoke and mirrors of only 5% being unemployed and the economy being recovering or are you going to believe the obvious truth?

The truth or the liberal Kool-Aid, your choice.


I hope you have realized that large numbers of people who have converted to Islam didn't take Arabic names so they could remain closet Muslims and deceive people into thinking they are not Muslims. This means there are millions, probably tens of millions of Muslims in this country who have Western names and could go Jihad at any time.

Keep an eye on ANYONE and EVERYONE who defends Islam or supports it in anyway regardless of their name. It is turning out that some of these mass killers are closet Muslims with Western names.


Remember that I have been telling you that the courts are just about as corrupt as the rest of the government?

A federal judge just ruled that filming police is against US law.

Is that tyranny or what?

Our courts have returned to the same British common law tyranny that the founding fathers rebelled against and wrote the first Amendment to prevent.

That is why the founding fathers instituted Biblical Law instead of common law and why the upper class trash changed us from Biblical Law back to common law as fast as they could and have taught you to hate Biblical Law.

Under Biblical Law, the courts must be fair and pursue justice, while, under common law, it is all about the letter of the law or wording of the law and justice is blind. Common law is much easier to corrupt and use against the people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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