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Chinese Slaves

I have been thinking about our glorious liberal Commiecrats selling immigrants and Americans to China as slaves as I stated in my last essay, the Democrats returning to the slave business after more than 150 years, and remembered that China has built a number of very large cities in which absolutely no one is living. No one could figure out why China built these monstrous cities.

Then I realized that those are probably slave cities where China will house the tens of millions of slaves they buy from the US and Europe, you know, the immigrants and European and American people, and the businesses the slaves will work in as slave labor along with the Chinese people who will be running those businesses and slave cities.

There are just too many coincidences for this to be anything other than what it looks like, you know, the greedy, power mad upper class trash reviving the slave industry to increase their wealth at everyone else's expense, like they have always done throughout history. This all looks just too well planned out and they have clearly been working towards building this slavery industry for at least a decade because they began building those slave cities more than a decade ago.

GOP Capitulation

Remember that I told you the GOP would cave to Obama for the Supreme Court appointment?

The first lame excuse for caving was just posed by Flakes. He said, "I would rather have a less liberal nominee like Merrick Garland than one Hillary would pick."

I told you the GOP would cave to Obama and all they need is a good sounding excuse. Expect them to test the waters with several more lame excuses before they decide to use one or more excuses to cave.

Mean while, 7 members of the GOP are meeting with Obama planning their cave in.

BTW, Garland is anti-second amendment and a conservationist. He is ultra liberal and they are trying to make him out as a moderate to moderate-liberal.

Kasich showed his true RINO colors by saying he would consider nominating Garland for Obama.

It is like I have told you, same bed, different whores.

Judge Jeanie is saying that the GOP establishment is in bed with the Commiecrats.

Gee, who would have figured?

Eyes are opening.


I told you everyone is jack slapping Obama. British officials just told Obama to butt out of their EU referendum coming up soon. Oh yeah, he has really earned the respect of the other world leaders.

An article by a staff writer over at said, "The Obama administration set a record for the number of times its federal employees told disappointed citizens, journalists and others that despite searching they couldn't find a single page requested under the Freedom of Information Act, according to a new Associated Press analysis of government data.

In more than one in six cases, or 129,825 times, government searchers said they came up empty-handed last year. Such cases contributed to an alarming measurement: People who asked for records under the law received censored files or nothing in 77 percent of requests, also a record."

So, how is that transparency president thingy doing, about as clear as mud?

The liberals have infiltrated and taken over every aspect of the government, including the courts, to the extent that they are now above the law. The liberals can do as they please while pretending to abide by the law.

Listen, if you are going to be ruled by a dictatorship where voting is a meaningless lie, at least make it a Christian theocracy where the leaders must also live by the law and they can't go around changing the law to please themselves. God wrote His Law to protect the people from the upper class trash, which is why the upper class trash hate God's Law.

When God first started up His church and theocracy 3,600 years ago, the Hebrew upper class trash rebelled against God and His Law several times and God killed them, in one instance, God killed their leader and more than 250 princes, which I described in my e-novel, "Yahweh". When you kill the upper class trash, it tends to stop their criminal behavior just a wee bit.

Are you beginning to understand why the liberal traitors changed our law from the Biblical Law this nation was founded on back to the common law our founding fathers rebelled against?

BTW, a number of corrupt GOP RINOs are going to travel with Obama on his trip to Cuba because, to them, money means more than people and doing what is right.


Remember that I have been telling you that black Muslims will turn on and purge white liberals?

At Harvard, blacks are now arguing that all whites, including liberals, should kill themselves because of white privilege. This is just an excuse for them to murder or purge you whites, including liberals. This includes all white upper class trash, which caused this mess and it proves what I have been saying about the black Muslims staging a coup and purging the liberals from the top down. This is beginning to confirm what my dreams have been showing me.


The Syrian Kurds, backed by Putin, you know, just like I told you Putin would back the Kurds, have declared their Syrian area to be a Kurdish state. Trying to cut in on Putin's game, Obama is attempting to develop a relationship with the Kurds to provide them with weapons and supplies, you know, after almost completely ignoring and neglecting the Kurds while they have been fighting Obama's ISIS.

You know that, as long as Obama is president, that relationship will be no more helpful than Obama has been to the Kurds until now. We will see whether the Kurds are stupid enough to give up their support from Putin to getting terrible support from Obama again.

This state the Kurds are setting up is not yet a new nation and is currently being billed as a Kurdish state within Syria.

Mean while, Turkey's Erdogan is literally threatening to do to the Kurds what his predecessors did to the Armenians, which was to butcher them. Basically, Erdogan is openly threatening genocide against the Kurds and no one is protesting.

What happened to all of that liberal humanitarianism? What, you mean the liberals are only pretending to care about other people?

Mean while, the Syrian forces are preparing to retake Palmyra with Russia making up to 25 flights per day to bomb ISIS.

What should this tell you?

That one reason why Russia is pulling out some of its forces is because Putin has done enough damage and made enough deals he doesn't need as many forces but is staying in the fight against ISIS on a smaller scale.


This is just too good and you have to respect Putin. Putin made a big show about pulling out his troops, especially his planes...while quietly bringing in many more of his best attack helicopters. Obama's ISIS took the bait, came out of hiding, and is getting clobbered by Putin's choppers.

Talk about a military sucker punch!!!

Militarily, Putin is dancing the Russian traditional dance around Obama like Obama is a child. It has been said and is absolutely true that Putin is playing chess while Obama is struggling at checkers.

More Good News

Liberal activists are turning on each other because of opposing views about different things. This is what happens when your agenda depends on lies, it will always eventually cause conflicts.

The migrants in Europe continue to fight each other about as much as they terrorize the Europeans. This is what will cause their occupied areas to become feudal states with one group, such as Afghans fighting Syrians and Sunnis fighting Shiites as well as fighting the Europeans, you know, like I told you would happen.

As the corrupt upper class trash lose control of such things as the GOP, they are beginning to panic and you can expect to see them turning on each other while blaming each other for their failed plans.

A Saudi diplomat said that the Saudis see Putin, not Obama as key to Syria's survival.

Yeah, good old, insignificant Pharaoh Obama getting less significant by the day and has really earned everyone's respect.

Switzerland is moving to ban the burka nationwide.

Bill Richardson, you know, the brilliant liberal twit who made the deal with North Korea which caused this current nuke mess, wants to take Dennis Rodman to North Korea to free the idiot American who traveled to North Korea knowing they imprison Americans. Maybe we will get fortunate enough that North Korea will keep Richardson and Rodman.

The US

Remember that I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

It isn't because I want that to be true, because I love my nation. I tell you that because it is what I see and others are beginning to see it and write about it too.

Writer Selwyn Duke said, "Even if the next president is an anomalous good result, he won't even be a pause that refreshes, but will at best slow down the runaway train racing toward the precipice."

I hate to be the one to tell him but the train is already over the edge of the precipice, it just hasn't hit bottom yet. The liberal commie traitors have made such a huge mess of this nation that there is no saving it. The only thing we can do is scrap the nation and start fresh with a new nation.

Almost $19 trillion in debt? A legal mess of laws that is mind boggling? A massive corrupt government run by criminals? And you are going to fix all of that and much more before it fails again and again and again?

Think about it.

BTW, I already told you that the feudal war in Europe is already in the US and getting worse. They are holding four illegal immigrants for a gang rape in Massachusetts.

Shades of Europe?

BTW, a Soros board member is the chair for the company running the elections for the Utah caucus with Soros backing Hilarious with huge donations.

Gee, you don't think that just maybe that might be a conflict of interest, do you? You still think the voting isn't rigged and the fix isn't in for Hilarious? You still think the Republic of the US is alive and well and we are not living in an oligarchy or dictatorship?

But, hey, you get to vote, sucker!!! Nothing like a little placebo voting to appease the stupid masses!

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Legal Pot

I have reported about crime increasing in Seattle and Denver after they legalized pot. Now crime is exploding in Anchorage after Alaska legalized pot.

Gee, could this be a trend? How many more states will be stupid enough to legalize pot?


I have been having trouble getting to the Breitbart site with both Fire Fox and Explorer the last few days and am wondering why. I finally got there with Explorer to not be able to get to a story about Muslim gangs leaving a severed head on the streets in Amsterdam. If that story is true, you can bet there will be vicious backlash against the Muslims.

The war is definitely on and the Muslims are killing people.

The only question at this time is when will the Europeans declare all out war against the Muslims?

The trouble is that, with the upper class trash protecting the Muslims and permitting the Muslims to kill Europeans, the people will probably have to first stage a revolution to depose and kill the upper class trash before they can go to war against the Muslims to protect themselves.

I also couldn't get to a story about Mark Zuckerberg meeting with China's Propaganda Chief or liar in chief and then couldn't get back to the Breitbart home page with either browser.

My first question about that story was, why would Zuckerberg be meeting with China's top liar, so he can sell out Americans by coordinating lies with China?

Sounds most probable.

That has to be all of the news I can comment on from Breitbart until I can get there.

Today, Monday, I finally got through to Breitbart on Explorer (not on Fire Fox) and am limiting it to reading headlines until I have read all of the headlines and then I will try to go to specific articles...and then I just lost the page and can't get back to it.

No, someone wouldn't be blocking me, would they?

At least I got most of the headlines read this time. We better get used to this because it will only get worse.


God is using Islam to destroy the stupidity we call liberalism in every way. One way He is doing it is by destroying the insanity of feminism, you know, the liberal feminist hating males. They have been brainwashed to believe that women can do anything as well as men and better and Islam is proving them wrong the hard way with increasing numbers of liberal feminist waking up or paying the price.

The Muslim attacks against liberal women is disproving feminists great sounding stupid ideas of absolute physical and mental equality, especially the rapes. More and more women are realizing they are not strong enough to fight off Muslim men and are turning to men for protection from Muslims, you know, the way women used to do with Christian men. They are also finding out that whipped liberal men who cry don't make very good protection and they need the old fashioned tough males of the past.

Let me give you a clue, if you are a man and cry when being attacked by other men, especially if you get a booboo, you will get your butt whipped and your woman raped. Liberals are beginning to learn why men were not allowed to cry as boys; you can't fight well while crying and you have to be tough enough to fight well to protect your wife and children. A man can't be standing there whining and crying because he got an owie. He has to be focused on giving the owies to the bad guys which requires him to ignore his own owies and keep fighting. The only hope women now have are the tough guys who don't cry, you know, the men that male hating liberal feminists hate.

God is RIGHT NOW in the process of destroying everything liberal and returning us to tried and true Biblical Christianity and He is using the brutality and reality of Islam to achieve this.

I have said it before and I will say it again; learn to fight street to survive or die.

The College of Pediatricians is calling transgender ideology child abuse. Eyes are opening.


Still think the EU isn't dying?

53% of the French recently voted to hold a referendum like the British referendum for leaving the EU on June 23.

What should that tell you? That 53% of the French want to leave the EU?

Probably or they wouldn't want a referendum to vote for leaving the EU.

So, as of now, most British want to leave the EU and will be voting on it this June 23, most Germans want to leave the EU, and most French want to leave the EU AND, if any one of those nations leave, they will all leave.

Something I have noticed about this immigration thing and even with economics is that the German government has been bullying the other nations into doing what they want the other nations to do.

Has the German government been using the EU to subtly take over Europe without fighting a war?

It sure looks like it. As the old saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you can't conquer Europe with guns, bombs, and bullets, do it with something like the EU. I think you would call this a political/economic sucker punch.

Are other countries realizing this and wanting out?

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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