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It is like I have been telling you, the RINOs in the GOP are just liberals who have seized control of the GOP. These traitors are becoming more obvious in their actions, especially by openly waging war against true conservatives but you also see this in their political actions such as paling around with and endorsing liberals in the Democratic Party and supporting laws like Obamacare. You see this more and more in the news. These criminals are all playing on the same team. It isn't the Commiecrats verses the Republicans, it is the liberal pagan trash against all of us including all of the other rich people.

BTW, everyone I know who has left the GOP and become an independent is a conservative who was driven out of the GOP by the liberals taking over. This number is quickly growing which is why I said it is a good time to start a new conservative party. These people are tired of being forced to vote for liberals parading as moderates.

Mean while, that RINO, Mike Huckabee, you know, the genius who turned the violent criminal loose who later killed cops in Washington State and said he would turn the same criminal loose again (read he didn't learn anything from his killer mistake), said we should stop calling him and his friends RINOs. I agree, I think we should start calling them infiltrated liberal traitors and start prosecuting them.

I am convinced that there is no way we will get a true conservative as a presidential candidate for the next election. For the next election, it is tempting to start writing in the names of the generals and admirals Obama has been firing. They are probably the best presidential candidates we are going to get. Boy, won't that tick off Obama? Can you see Obama turning over the reigns to some guy he fired? Oops!

The liberals (including liberal Republicans) screwing our vets financially is just a sign of things to come. All the rest of you people working for government agencies better know that it is the military today and you tomorrow. Just because they are not screwing you now does not mean they are not planning to screw you.

Speaking of liberal preferred sexual behavior, remember that affirmative action thing where the liberal upper class trash have been buying votes from idiots for free stuff stolen from hard working Americans? It seems that the Washington State Department of Transportation (a liberal run state) has decided that all of those liberal white women who have been voting for them should no longer be allowed special favors under affirmative action. In other words, it is you liberal white women's turn to get screwed, you know, like they are now screwing white males, all conservatives, Christians, blacks, Latinos, and anyone else they can screw. They don't need you traitors any more.

I have been telling you for some time now that, just because you are a liberal commie traitor selling out all of your family, friends, and neighbors for free stuff or unfair advantages, does not mean the upper class trash will not get around to screwing you too. As a matter of fact, I have shown repeatedly that you being a traitor makes you a big fat target for quick termination once the power mad upper class trash has the power they want.

Speaking of which, I am already seeing more articles talking about "incompetent blacks", you know, just like I told you would happen.

Interestingly, the majority of the people in Egypt are so fed up with corrupt politicians that they just voted for a new charter which provides an option for a military run government. I guess the people are figuring that a military dictatorship is better than a corrupt civilian dictatorship under the guise of a democracy. You have to stop and think about that a minute to realize that the majority of the people in a country have given up on the false pagan god, democracy, and are willing to trade in a failed democracy for a military dictatorship. That is just a wee bit fed up.

That should be a huge wake up call for politicians world wide but you can bet the response from the corrupt politicians will be to cute back their militaries even more. Remember that power mad, greedy people can never be satiated and they will definitely not voluntarily give up any of the power they have. The only way the insane upper class trash will give up any power will be the split second before the bullets exit the back of their skulls.

In another rebellious action against the corrupt upper class trash, "vigilantes" (read Mexican citizen militias) in Mexico are fighting the drug lords to protect themselves and their families, you know, like their corrupt government is supposed to do. These militias have relieved and disarmed the local police and are ignoring orders from their federal government to stop protecting themselves from the federal government's crime partners. Interestingly, the Mexican military is staying out of this fight and I don't blame them, the fact that the militias are not taking cartel bosses prisoners might help keep the military out. It seems the militia orders are SOS, shoot on sight. It is important to note that these Mexican militias are growing quite rapidly. The people are tired of their failed democracies and are standing up against the corrupt upper class trash.

Globally, people are getting really fed up with the corrupt upper class trash and their brain dead liberal puppets and partners in crime. They are standing up in mass and fighting back. This movement seems to be quickly spreading around the world. The good people of this planet are waging war back against the evil, liberal pagan trash, who started the war against the good people.

A few hours after I posted my last essay, "I Told You So 84", I read that the CIA had just released formerly classified intel proving that Obama knew within 15 minutes of the time the attack began in Benghazi that it was a terrorist attack by Al Quaeda. Gee, wow, another coincidental release of intel proving Obama has been lying about another major issue!! Yeah, right. Obama has spent five years turning everyone into his enemies and now all of those enemies smell the blood and are on the attack. This just gets more interesting by the day.

With even more bad news for Obama, a new add by Commiecrats trying to get re-elected to Congress is bashing Obamacare. Oops! A top military leader in Britain has referred to Obama as a "chronically incapable" leader and said Obama's military strategy is "crazy".

Mean while, Kingy boy Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, in spite of getting his butt handed to him in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Egypt, is expanding his war against Iran into Iraq. I guess he thinks that spreading the misery, his money, and his terrorist troops even thinner into more countries will cause him to do better? Does he think that, if you start enough wars, you are bound to win one?

In one of the increasing number of acts where I see Christians fighting back against the liberal persecutions of Christians, the Christians have formed Trail Life USA to get their kids out of Boy Scouts and into a true Christian outdoors program. Amazingly, showing the combined strength of Christians in this country, they have already set up more than 500 troops in 44 states. That is impressive.

Some one has been telling me that we Christians are going to be driven back underground by the liberal pagans, you know, the way we were driven underground by pagans 2,000 years ago. It looks like these Christians, today, are going to fight back and not go back underground easily. There are also just a wee bit more Christians today than 2,000 years ago, you know, like about 2 billion of us. When this mess gets bad enough, just how many of these Christians will be willing to trade in their failed pagan democracy for a Christian theocracy? I can just see future headlines, "Christian Backlash II". Did the pagans pick a fight with the wrong people....again?

Recently, I read where the new Pope is going to make a bunch of new cardinals but didn't pay much attention to it. Today we found out why he is making a bunch of new cardinals, he is firing a bunch of old cardinals. Keep an eye on it. It will be interesting to see whether the Catholic Church changes for the better or worse, but it is definitely going to change.

Wow, that is a lot of interesting news and things are obviously developing quickly. It is obvious that you need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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