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Speaking of purging, remember that I have been telling you that Obama and his Muslims will purge the liberals?

I just heard from a reliable source in the military that Obama is currently purging a lot of officers at every level and also combat veterans. He isn't just purging top officers, those are just the ones you are hearing about via our liberal media. He is purging everyone he can who is loyal to the US Constitution.

And, if you think he and his Muslim pals won't also purge you idiot liberals, you better think again. Obama is showing very well that he will purge.

Fighting Back

Christians are fighting back at an increasing rate, especially at the state level. Tennessee just passed a bill making the Bible their official state book.

Speaking of fighting back, the US Army told lawmakers the Army needs another 220,000 soldiers to meet their needs in fighting the enemy. That is an increase in current troop strength of almost 50%.

Gee, I guess Obama cutting our military back isn't working out so well?


I warned you Jews years ago that you better beat it back to Israel as quickly as possible because of what is coming your way. I just read that a female teacher in Malmo, Sweden was fired because she is Jewish.

Here we go again and the stupid people among the Jews just sit there waiting to be herded into more death camps instead of fleeing to Israel. If you Jews don't get out while the getting is good, you deserve what is coming your way. I will not feel sorry for you this time. The smart Jews will read the writing on the wall and get out quickly.

The crazy socialists have taken over control of the west again and are going to do the same things they did before. Surprise, surprise!!!


The thing that amazes me the most about liberals is that they help the upper class trash lie to you and then believe the lies those upper class trash liars are telling them because those lies sound so great. That requires a special kind of stupid and such people are idiots.

And it isn't just the middle and lower class believing great sounding lies from known liars but also many upper class people who also believe those lies from known liars. This proves what I have telling you for years about there being absolutely no correlation between wealth and intelligence. There are plenty of stupid people in all three classes and most of them vote.

How is that democracy thingy working out? Not so well? Gee, I wonder why?

The true colors of the liberals get clearer and clearer by the day. It is now going from checking your white privilege to checking your Christian privilege. This makes it even more obvious that the lefty pagan war is really about destroying Christianity.


Concerning what Hilarious said about unborn children not having constitutional rights, the Bill of Rights says that all men are CREATED equal, not born equal. Therefore, your constitutional rights begin at the point of creation or conception and not at birth.

This means that the unborn do have constitutional rights, which includes the right to life.

Billy Boy is attacking and waging war with Black Lives Matter, you know, Obama's black Muslim thugs. He is trying to diminish Obama's power by diminishing the power of Black Lives Matter.

Then he also put down Obama's foreign policies saying that, "things are coming apart around the world now."

Gee, you don't think this is part of a power struggle between the Clintstones and Obama, do you?

I told you there would be a purging by the inner core of the upper class trash to eliminate any and all opposition to those who end up in power and, guess what, they will also purge you too.

Billy Boy is also being interrupted by opposition at his speeches. This power struggle is going both ways.

BTW, have you noticed that our government has become the best government money can buy? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


I want to point out that, if Palin had said she encouraged a group of white men to rape rapper Azealia Banks, she would already be in prison for encouraging people to commit a crime and sued but Azealia did that to Palin and is walking free.

I guess they call that white privilege?


They are now saying that Trump will fall short of the 1,237 delegates need to be selected as the GOP presidential candidate in the first round by about 50 to 100 delegates.

Is this the reason the GOP keeps running so many people for president during the primaries, you know, so they can spread the delegates around to where no one can achieve enough delegates to automatically be elected so they can go to second round and appoint whomever they want instead of who you voted for? Nah, our elections aren't rigged, are they?


Remember that I told you Putin is sitting back waiting for Ukraine's dying economy to fold?

Ukraine is currently having 45% inflation per year and their government is turning over with great divisions. When the people are tired of the corrupt Western backed government, Putin will offer them protection by Russia and many people will accept it.


Increasing numbers of conflicts are taking place between pro and anti-immigration groups with increasing violence. This is quickly turning into open warfare.

Remember that I told you that there would develop a huge black market of illegal weapons because of this immigration crisis?

It appears there are already millions of illegal weapons now in Europe.

Gee, who would have figured?

Crony Capitalism

Some people think that Obamacare was the start of crony capitalism where the rich upper class trash hire corrupt attorneys to write laws forcing you to buy stuff or services and then bribe the corrupt political whores to pass those laws forcing you to buy their stuff or services.

No, no, no, this evil corruption crap goes back a long ways. The way it works is the corrupt upper class trash start a crusade to get liberals behind their legislation before anyone even knows that legislation has already been written by corrupt attorneys and then the stupid liberals vote for the corrupt whores who will vote for that legislation to be "written" and passed and then our corrupt whores pass the laws forcing you to buy the upper class trash stuff or services.

Car insurance was one of the first and best known such legislations passed this way to force everyone to buy car insurance and they sold you on the song and dance that it was for everyone's benefit but it is even worse than that.

For example, city codes and ordinances have been passed against anyone storing junk on their property to force the poor and other ingenious people to get rid of their junk. Why, that junk is an eye sore and it keeps down the value of other people's property and even hurts tourism.


Oh, your poor wittle eyes, we need to call the eye surgeon because you had to wook at an eye sore, you poor baby.

And, did you know it is illegal to force another person to work on their property to increase the value of your property?

It is called slavery, is unconstitutional and a federal felony to force someone else to work to increase your wealth. That is right, the state forcing someone else to work to increase other people's wealth is state imposed slavery and they have been getting away with this for decades.

Yeah, and you just know that tourists go cruising around every city's poor side of town while visiting, right? Hurt tourism?

Give me a break. But we bought into all of those great sounding lame excuses to force other people, especially poor to get rid of their "junk".

The real reason why these codes and ordinances have been passed and you have been brainwashed to be appalled at seeing an eye sore?

Because poor and ingenious people use that "old junk" as building materials for when something breaks or wears out. It seems that the poor can't afford to just run right down and buy some new thing every time something breaks or wears out so they innovate with their "junk". By forcing them to get rid of their building materials you call junk, you are now forcing them to run down and buy something new when they can't afford it because hardware stores bribed our political whores to pass those codes and laws after starting a crusade against those "junk piles" to protect your poor wittle eyes from seeing those eye sores.

You should see the other codes our cities and states are forcing on you because the hardware stores and certain large contractors have bribed our political whores to pass codes and ordinances forcing you to buy their junk or services, when much of it just isn't needed. This corruption has been going on for decades under the name of protecting you, you know, that little commie fairy tale about the upper class trash taking care of you.

Yeah, they are taking care of you but not the way you think.

Another example is here in New Mexico where the big rich car dealerships have been bribing our political whores to pass laws for them. A number of years ago, they passed a law stating that, if an older car is damaged in an accident, the persons responsible and their insurance company don't have to pay you more than $50 in damages, regardless of the damage done to the vehicle.

Now let's see if we can figure out who bribed our political whores to pass that law.

You don't think it was written and the bribes were given by insurance companies and new car dealerships do you? I mean, after all, it virtually forces you to get rid of an older car and buy a new car from whom?

Oh yeah, the new car dealerships AND it also decreases competition from used car dealerships by putting them out of business. But, hey, the new car dealerships have taken this even further by bribing our political whores to pass laws permitting our glorious government to confiscate older cars deemed (by the government) to be unsafe or contributing to global warming and forcing that person to buy a new piece of junk that will wear out sooner so you will be forced to buy another newer piece of junk, all in the name of community safety and global warming.

Get the picture yet?

Every time you see a crusade by the left to "protect you", you better hide your wallet while you figure out who just bribed our political whores to pass a new law forcing you to buy their products or services you really don't need.

Get a clue, free market capitalism disappeared decades ago when larger businesses began buying up smaller businesses to get rid of competition and this was going on almost 100 years ago. Just look at all of the car companies Ford and GM bought up to get rid of competition so they could sell you low quality junk for high prices and ALL of the major corporations have been doing this for more than a century.

No, this is not free market capitalism but is crony capitalism at its worst and Obamacare and the green energy scam are just a sign of how bad it has gotten. These upper class trash criminals own your political whores, cities, states, and nation....and you because those political whores sold you to the upper class trash, lock, stock, and barrel and you are just now beginning to figure it out.


Pope Francis, you know, the liberal pagan commie pope, is calling for everyone to accept homosexuals.

Let me see if I get this straight.

The Pope is calling for you to accept what God called an abomination in the Bible and he is God's man?

It is the old liberal Christian, you know, the children of Satan, thingy about "it is just a little sin". "Why, it is OK to sin because Jesus paid for all of our sins." (/sarc)

When do you think the people are finally going to realize that the Pope and Catholic Church do not represent God and the Bible?

Now you understand why God is sending "negative" prophets like me?

Let me explain.

It is the job of preachers to lead God's flock and teach them to do right so they continue following God's Laws. When those preachers fail, you know, like the Pope, Catholic Church, greedy pagans playing preachers, false prophets and healers, God sends His prophets to clean up the mess, kill the wolves, and gather what is left of God's flock back to God and the remaining good preachers. We are God's version of special operations, like Green Berets, Navy SEALs, and Delta Force, sent in to do the dirty work, cleaning up bad preachers' messes.

There are still some good preachers out there but most churches, especially really big ones, have been infiltrated by Satan's liberal preachers leading the sheep to death and destruction by the wolves. It always falls to us prophets to do the dirty work and teach you what is going on and will happen because of your sins, you know, all of those negative thingies, so you will turn back to God and believe me, we always have to fight Baal's priests at every turn, usually with stupidity like them teaching you warm fuzzies while putting us down for being so negative to open your eyes to their evil doctrine.

So my "negative" message to you people, Christians and pagans alike, is get your heads out of your butts before you suffocate in your own liberal crap and get back to God and God's Laws before it is too late. BECAUSE OF YOUR SINS, you know, following Satan's warm fuzzy doctrines and those naughty little things, called sins, you just love so much, your nation is right now being destroyed by the liberals and Muslims, it has gone too far to stop, you will soon have to fight a very bloody war in your own streets, and then build a new Christian theocracy from scratch.

That is my job, which I fought God for 2 to 3 years trying to get Him to give it to someone else, you know, like you, because I definitely didn't want that job, you know, like Moses, Jonah, Elijah, and others, but, because He insisted, I will do my best to do the job right, so get your sinful butts back to God and quit listening to Baal's priests!!!

Now, if I can just find the US version of Mt Carmel, I can take care of Baal's priests. Where did I put my map?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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