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I get so fed up with all of this grossly ignorant liberal intellectualism. Teach a fool or stupid person some big words and they just sound so bril-lee-yunt. No, they sound like intellectual fools.

I just read a headline that said, "Peace starts with facing the harsh reality of hate."

Oh, doesn't that just sound so bril-lee-yunt!?

No, idiot, peace starts with understanding the motives, values, ethics, and goals of the aggressor and, until you intellectuals do your homework and understand that, there is absolutely no potential for peace. If you want to find out what is required to have peace with Islam, you MUST read the Koran and study Islam. Until you geen-knee-uses do that, you don't have a clue what you are talking about, so shut up and permit the knowledgeable people to solve the problem that none of you all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, liberal commie traitor upper class trash x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities could possibly solve with your intellectualism in a thousand years. Every solution you intellectuals suggest, fails and makes things worse.

Until you intellectuals learn what you are talking about, SHUT UP! But then that would mean that none of you intellectuals, especially the ones who got the right degrees from the right universities would ever say anything.


That would solve more problems than everything else combined!

I am sick of their ignorant liberal philosophies.

BTW, philosophy is another one of those failed false Greek pagan gods you are being taught to worship instead of the one true God. Our problems are being caused by liberal philosophies. Karl Marx was a philosopher, not an economist and his philosophies have caused the slaughter of more 100 million people in the last century.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, philosophy, working out?

Muslim Women

Remember that I told you that, following the San Bernardino terrorist attack, women would starting doing terrorist attacks with their husbands and boyfriends because "it would just be so romantic"?

I just read this from an article titled "Terror couple foiled in northern Jerusalem" By Ari Yashar over at Arutz Sheva:

"A stabbing attempt took place on Wednesday at the Kalandiya checkpoint in northern Jerusalem.

Two Arab terrorists, one male and one female, launched the attack before being shot dead."

It is happening RIGHT NOW, just like I told you it would happen. You will see more and more women and couple terrorist attacks because the Muslim women will see them as being "just so romantic" and a way out of their horrible lives here on earth.

How is that for female touchy feebly emotionalism? Maybe using a little logic and common sense for decision making would help?

Muslim Terrorists

Obama's home nation, Kenya, is building a 435 mile long wall along its northeastern border with Somalia to slow the flow of Muslim terrorists from the Somali Muslim terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Next thing you know, Kenya won't let Obama back in his own country. Darn!!!

Mean while, tensions are increasing in the EU over borders with Austria stationing troops on it's border with Italy and planning to build a 370 meter wall to keep Muslim terrorists out of Austria.

And then the French Parliament has voted to lift the sanctions against Russia.

You know Pharaoh Obama isn't going to like that.

Gee, could it be that Pharaoh Obama's plans have a few flaws in them?

Man plans, God laughs.

And the US embassy is warning US citizens in Sweden to stay away from crowds because of the Muslim terrorists in Sweden, you know, those wonderful immigrants.

Wow, those liberal immigration and multiculturalism thingies are working out really well, aren't they?

Man plans, God laughs.

Have you noticed that all of the upper class trash plans keep failing?

But they keep trying because they are obsessive, compulsive loony toons. That is why you have to kill them to stop this crap.


Things have gotten so bad in Venezuela that the people are openly looting to get food. THEY ARE STARVING IN MASS BECAUSE OF THEIR SOCIALISM!!! People are stealing from other people to survive.

What civilization?

Their nation is imploding because Marxism has failed again and this is already here in America causing tens of millions to lose their jobs every year. It is only a matter of time and the same things will be going on in the US and Europe because of our Marxism.

Gee, how is that Marxism thingy working out?

Glen Beck

Remember that I told you that Glen Beck jumped in on the Cruz campaign to restart Glen Beck's business?

He just laid off 40 more people because his business is failing because people can't trust what he says. His bril-lee-yunt plan didn't work and he is going out of business, which will remove one more source of misinformation off of the Internet. When I first found out about his site, I didn't have to watch too many of his videos to realize it is all crap.

Civil War/Reader Tip

One of my readers pointed out that, with the fighting in Seattle, my prediction of us fighting each other in the streets in the cities is coming true. He is very right, the fighting has escalated to the point of physical contact and combat between the good people and the liberal commie traitors. Today it is fists and soon it will be guns.

The fight is on and we are at war with our liberal commie traitors. They are waging war against you and have been for decades. Wake up America, you are at war! You know, like Europe.

Get it straight, the American Revolution did not start with gunfire. Just like all wars, it was started with the abuse of power by the upper class trash. The gunfire was just when the colonists took up arms to defend themselves against those abuses.

WWI was not started because a man shot and killed a member of the corrupt upper class trash royalty. History teaches that Europe was on the verge of war anyway because of the corruption, wickedness, and insanity of the upper class trash and the killing of royalty was just a good sounding lame excuse to invade and conquer another nation. If that royalty had not been killed by a commoner, the upper class trash would have found another lame excuse to start that war.

ALL wars have been caused by the upper class trash abusing power. It is just that they always come up with some great sounding lame excuse to make them look righteous. But, of course, the upper class trash don't want you to know that so they do their best to cover it up.

The Euro-American upper class trash have been abusing their power to wage war against the American people since before WWII. It has just finally reached a point to where the good people are taking a stand and fighting in the streets against the brainwashed thugs of the bad guys, you know, the corrupt upper class trash. Blows are being traded and soon shots will be fired in anger, probably first by the thugs, A.K.A. liberals.

BTW, Obama's time is getting very short. He has less than nine months before he has to give up power, if he doesn't seize power soon. You know Obama is too arrogant, narcissistic, and evil to give up power peacefully, as are also his Muslim pals. He has to make his move soon, very soon.

This item about the civil war is the first I have written in a few days. I have not been inspired to write anything for about three days and wrote very little before that. I prefer to publish when I have the equivalent of about four to eight Word Document pages, unless it is something pretty critical, and I had only written about two pages before this.

It is like I am waiting for something to happen. Most of what is going on now are the things I have already warned you about and could easily be more "I Told You So" essays, but I think a pretty good size shoe or boot is about to hit the floor. We will soon see.

Reader Tip

One of my readers informed me that Savage said that Obama is going to sabotage the economy on the way out.

My reply to my reader was:

"You mean like Obama isn't already destroying the economy the way I have been teaching Obama is doing?

Savage missed the boat on that one. Obama has been sabotaging the economy for more than 7 years.

How do you best control people?

You dumb them down, brainwash them, and impoverish them by destroying the economy. That is what Obama has been doing for more than 7 years.

Heard of Common Core?

That is the dumbing down and brainwashing part. The super depression Obama has plunged us into is the impoverishing part.

Where has Savage been for the last seven years? He still has not figured that out yet?

I have been telling you that Obama has been sabotaging the economy for seven years already.

What is left to sabotage? What economy?

Savage is seven years too late and trillions of dollars short."

More than half of the workforce in the US is unemployed and they are bringing in illegal aliens to put the rest out of work and we still have an economy to destroy?

And you wonder why God sent me to teach you things?

It is because the genius x-spurts with the right degrees from the right universities you depend on for the truth are so clueless their information won't help. That is why God sends prophets or teachers, the best you have access to don't get it themselves. You need someone to open your eyes so God picks a person, gives that person information via insight, dreams, and visions, and has that person teach you those things.

That is my job for very obvious reasons. The pagan x-spurts you depend on for information are not listening to God and have gotten so far behind the learning curve, they are more than a decade behind on what is going on.

Get it straight, Obama AND company (not just Obama) HAVE ALREADY destroyed our nation, our economy, our finances, quite a bit of our military, our government, and everything else. This nation is DEAD, the West is DEAD, they just have not finished kicking yet, but they are DEAD because the liberal commie traitors have killed them. They are mortally wounded and bleeding out quickly but still kicking. Our nations WILL bleed out on our streets with your blood and are doing so RIGHT NOW.

The fighting in the streets for power and freedom has already started and is quickly accelerating. The fight is on, the wars are going on, the killing is going on, and your genius x-spurts don't even know it yet? Just how stupid are these x-spurts?

The signs are there because I keep showing you those signs but the geniuses either don't want to admit what those signs are saying or can't read them so God sent me to read those signs to you.

Now can you understand why I fought God for 2 to 3 years to give this job to someone else, you know, like you?

I DON'T WANT THIS JOB, but I do it because God wants me to do it. I would NEVER volunteer for this job. What I asked God for was something very different but God gave me a job to do so I do my best at that job.

Teaching you all of the horrible treachery and treason of the liberals is not a pleasant job. If I let it get to me, it can be very depressing, which is why I occasionally take some time off along with a lot of daily prayer and reminding myself that God is in control. Man plans, God laughs. I pray daily for God to give me His peace and He does so I can continue by using His greater strength instead of my more limited strength.

I have to first see the ugliness in this world before I can warn you about it. I cannot hide from it or pretend it does not exist like liberals do. My job requires that I recognize it, acknowledge it, confront it, deal with it, and then teach it to you so you can deal with it.

Be not deceived, their sins will find them out and they will pay for their crimes. I know because God told me so and they are so screwed.

Next time, set up a Christian theocracy and keep it Biblically oriented to prevent this from happening again. God gave us His Laws to protect us from these animals, not to oppress us but to oppress the criminals, which is why the pagans or criminals hate God's Laws. They HATE being oppressed in preying on you, which is why they feel God's Laws are oppressive.

These pagans are so evil they have driven themselves insane, whacko, bonkers mad, and loony toons, and they see themselves as normal and want to force their evil and insanity on you. God's Laws were written to protect you from their evil and insanity.

It is important that you KNOW that the fecal matter is already hitting the fan and is increasing in flow daily so you can deal with it. All hell is breaking loose all around us because the liberals have opened the gates of hell on you. Deal with it or it will deal with you because you cannot fight back against something you don't know is attacking you.

Remember that I told you years ago that the upper class trash put Obama in office so the upper class trash could blame the "stupid black man" for all of the problems the upper class trash have been causing for decades and are still causing to divert your attention to him away from them and turn you against all blacks? Have you noticed that most people are blaming Obama for everything the upper class trash is causing to go wrong? It is working, isn't it?

Do you realize that more than half of this essay was written because of reader tips? Gee, maybe that is why God gives me good readers who send me tips?

I thank those readers for the tips and pray they helped some of you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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