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This morning I woke to the realization I had omitted the best proof of all concerning end time prophets and the fact that we are not to add to or take away from the Bible.

In the Book of Revelation, God said He will send two witnesses and 144,000 virgin Jewish males as prophets but Revelation also says we are not supposed to add to or take away from the Bible.

According to the flawed logic of the false teachers, this should mean those prophets can't come because their teachings and deeds cannot be added to the Bible. Clearly the false teachers' teachings are wrong because the two witnesses and 144,000 virgin Jewish males will definitely come and will be prophets of God.

Therefore, the only conclusion is what I told you yesterday, we are not to add the teachings and deeds about today's prophets, the two witnesses, and the 144,000 virgin Jewish males to the Bible BUT they are clearly God's prophets.

A couple of decades ago, God showed me that there will be a second book, which will NOT replace the Bible but will provide at least much greater detail about the soon coming Tribulation and Armageddon. This second book may also provide more information about the millennial reign of Jesus, the war at the end of that reign, the judgment, and eternity...may also. God showed me that this book will be on the market and the best seller by mid tribulation.

I repeat that this book is not to replace the Bible but will be a supplement or volume two. The Bible will still be the definitive book written by God.

The main point here is that the logic of these false teachers about there being no prophets in the end times because we are not to add to or take away from the Bible is very clearly wrong.


Remember that I told you that the increasing number of unemployed people being hidden by government smoke and mirrors is artificially increasing the demand for cash, inflating the value of the dollar, and suppressing inflation?

I just found out another thing that is artificially keeping inflation down and is a really huge threat. Our "recovering" economy is so rotten that businesses are stockpiling or hoarding cash to such an extreme that they are increasing the demand for cash and suppressing inflation. That they know of, not including what is being hidden in off shore accounts, the businesses have so far stocked up on cash to the point of 1.7 trillion dollars.

If this bubble ever bursts, we won't have a dollar or economy, especially with as much money as the Fed has and still is printing.

Catholic Church

The Pope is celebrating mass Muslim migration to Europe.

Gee, you don't think he is still working on converting the church to Islam and betray his followers, do you?

Then a Catholic group said they should not separate Christian and Muslim immigrants regardless of violence.

Now, why does the Catholic Church want the Muslims to kill off the Christians?

Have you noticed that there are traitors or moles within our nations helping the Muslims invade our countries?

This is getting very obvious. More and more, the closet Muslims are exposing themselves. It won't be long now until they all come out of their closets and then you will know you were sold out by traitors.


Obama is now releasing tens of thousands of criminals at a time and the number of releases is rapidly increasing. He just released 70,000 in one shot.

Remember that, before he was elected, he said he would empty our prisons?

He is doing it right now.

Power Mad Whackos

I have a question for all of the power mad whackos on this planet working to seize control of the planet and murder billions of people.

Where are all of the power mad whackos who went before you?

Think about that; just think about it.

They are all either kicked out of power or dead. None of them are in power, not one. Because man plans, God laughs and you're next. None of you will survive your own insanity, not one of you. You will all go the same way that every one of them went before you; every one of you, all of you.

And you think you are brilliant? Just how stupid are you? Been inbreeding too long, have we?

You can't win, you will eventually lose it all, absolutely everything, including your lives. You are the ultimate losers because you gained everything and still lost it all at the end. How pathetic.


Because you are so selfish and love your sins so much that you see a position of power as an opportunity to enslave, steal from, suppress, and control the people. You are too evil to see the responsibility of the job God gave you and will pay the ultimate price for not doing that job.

Being ruler of the world is not your turn to sack the world but an extreme responsibility to manage the world for the better of the world and everyone in it. A real ruler will manage the planet and not sack it.

You whackos are not rulers, you are cheap bandits, thieves, and murderers parading as rulers. You are so corrupt, vile, and evil that you couldn't manage an outhouse. You are pathetic little losers on your way to quickly becoming the next extinct whackos. Soon you shall burn in Hell with Pharaoh.

Bad Courts

This is huge and is much bigger than most people realize.

Remember that I told you that the courts have become corrupt and are also betraying you?

The US Supreme Court just threw out a conviction of a black man (against the protests of the only black on the Supreme Court) because his jury was all white.

Guess where this one is going; this is so easy to predict. If a black man must have blacks on his jury, then a Muslim must have Muslims on their jury.

You have to understand that, in order to get a guilty conviction; the jury must agree 100%. One Juror ruling innocent is a hung jury and the criminal walks.

Under Islam and Sharia Law, it is not a crime for a Muslim to do anything they want to a non Muslim, including murder them. Therefore, a devout Muslim on another Muslim's jury will always rule as the Muslim being innocent of any crime because, in their minds, a Muslim can't commit a crime against a non Muslim.

With this, no matter what a Muslim does to you, they will always walk unless you kill them.

You just got handed Sharia Law by the US Supreme Court, whether you like it or not and things are about to get really, really bad, unimaginably bad. We now are only one court case away from living under Sharia Law and the Muslims being able to do anything they want to you including murder, rape, rob, and beat you with impunity. All Islamic hell is about to break loose on non Muslims and you have not seen anything like what is about to happen to you, especially Christians.

Your only hope is God and you better pray long, pray hard, and pray often.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, working for you? Not so well? Is your life about to become a living hell, especially if you don't convert to Islam? And you think the poser Christians won't convert to Islam to save their satanic butts? Isn't common law wonderful, where the courts can write whatever law they feel like?

Even common law will be destroyed by Islam and Sharia Law.

Ready for a Christian theocracy and Biblical Law where the courts can't write law and must enforce God's Law as it is written to protect you?

Eyes will definitely open very wide very soon and then we will have an American inquisition to get all of the liberal commie traitors and Muslims out of America so we can get our freedoms back and prevent another coup, you know, just like I told you the Spanish Inquisition was all about. Only this time, they will either leave the country or die because Muslims are permitted to fake converting to Christianity so you can't let them stay just because they "convert to Christianity".

I have been telling you that things will get much worse and they just did. Believe me, by the time this is over, you will be so angry you will mercilessly purge liberal commie traitor pagans and Muslims. If the Muslims don't kill the upper class trash and all of their puppets, you will.

Food For Thought

If all of the liberal commie traitor activists are paid to stage their riots and fight against you, then they are mercenary soldiers fighting against and trying to control you. This is an undeclared war being waged by the left and Islam against you.

Also, insect feces is destroying the Taj Mahal. In other words, God is bringing down the most famous Muslim mosque in the world.

Man plans, God laughs.

With Clinton being one of the two candidates for president, gun sales are increasing even more than under Obama.

Remember that I told you that Venezuela is on the verge of a military coup?

US officials are concerned that a military coup is about to take over Venezuela. If it is successful, watch for others to follow in other countries. That is what the left is afraid of, they might be next.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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