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The first time God punished Israel, He used the ruthless, heathen, pagan, barbaric Assyrians, the second time God punished Israel, He used the ruthless, heathen, pagan, barbaric Babylonians, the third time God punished Israel, He used the ruthless, heathen, pagan, barbaric Romans, and now God is using the ruthless, heathen, pagan, barbaric Muslims to punish Israel and the Christians.

Do you see the pattern there? And you think God is not punishing us for our sins?


You need to know that Muslims prefer to stage their terrorist attacks during Ramadan, which is from June 3, 2016 to July 3, 2016. So you need to be on the alert for increased terrorist attacks during this time. Concealed carry if you can.

Remember that I have been telling you that God is going to use the Muslims to purge our heavily infiltrated liberal commie traitors so we can rebuild with a Christian theocracy?

God is also using the Muslims to purge other pagan things.

Remember all of those pagan cities and temples, which worshipped those false pagan gods, which required human and especially child sacrifices God destroyed and buried hundreds to thousands of years ago, we dug up, revived their pagan religions and have started building temples to those brutal, murdering, false pagan gods like Baal and Molech?

God destroyed and buried those ancient pagan civilizations for a very good reason, you know, to end their barbaric, murdering pagan cults.

God is using the Muslims to finish destroying those pagan temples and return them and their pagan gods to the dust God buried them under hundreds to thousands of years ago.

You still think God is not using the Muslims to purge our liberal pagans and what they are doing to us the way God used the brutal pagan Assyrians to destroy the pagan culture of the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel and used the brutal pagan Babylonians to destroy the pagan culture of Southern Israel and then used the Brutal pagan Romans to finish off the pagan culture of Southern Israel after Jesus died?

Why would God use pagans to clean up our pagan messes?

Because pagans are brutal, ruthless, and will more completely clean up our messes by just plain killing all of the bad guys, especially the rich upper class trash, who cause these messes.

Yesterday the pagan Assyrians, pagan Babylonians, and pagan Romans were God's sword to punish and destroy God's people when they turned their backs on God and His Law. Today the Muslims are God's sword to punish and destroy our nations because we turned out backs on God and His Law because, once again, we have ticked off God with our paganism. Just in case you have not studied prophesy, God isn't going to take much more of our pagan crap.

Get the picture yet?

Think about it.


God has never, ever, ever sent one prophet who had it all wrong to deal with religious leaders who had it all right. Every time God has sent prophets, it was to deal with religious leaders who had it all wrong. Prophets in action do not mean that all of the religious leaders are wrong, just most of them and it is a warning of bad things to come, if you don't get right with God.

You are being warned right now and you better listen, repent, and get back to being right with God soon.

Los Angeles

Remember that I told you about a dream I had years ago (Dream 9 on August 2013) about Los Angeles, California being mostly destroyed?

If you revue that dream, it should be obvious that the destruction will be so massive that even the federal government won't be able to rebuild that area. There will be so much damage to every part of that area, especially the infrastructure, that it could easily cost trillions of dollars to rebuild it. The insurance companies insuring that area will all fail and all of the governments combined won't be able to finance its rebuilding. Most of pagan LA is about to go the way of the rest of the pagan cities God destroyed because of their evil paganism, you know, dust, rubble, and buried.

Basically, all of the king's horses and all of the king's men won't be able to put LA back together again.

Third Temple

The cowardly Israeli idiots are talking about building the third Temple right next to the Dome of the Rock Muslim mosque, you know, the old New Age pagan compromise thingy.

Now, if you have read the Bible and believe it, how do you think God will feel about having to share the Temple Mount with a false pagan god?

I wouldn't want to be those idiots. This will be interesting.

But then the thought occurred to me that at least some of these people are planning on building the Third Temple right next to the Muslim mosques because they know God will destroy those mosques, they are not being allowed to destroy themselves. I absolutely would not put it past orthodox Jews to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount to cause God to destroy the Muslim mosques Himself.

Read about what God did to the Philistine pagan god when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant and placed it next to their pagan god in their temple. The short story is the Philistines returned the Ark to the Jews.

Keep an eye on this. This will be very interesting.


Remember that I told you there would be a lot of pathetic transgender men wining in women's sports who couldn't win in men's sports?

A young male just won all state championships in Women's high school track and field.

Hey, if you can't win against men, pretend to be a woman and go beat women, then you can be really proud. Today, there is nothing wrong with being a really pathetic, opportunistic, loser male. Liberals still recognize cheaters as champions.

Thanks to the liberal pagans, we have become a people of no integrity. It started with using drugs to win and people not taking a stand against the cheaters. Then it became accepted to win by cheating anyway possible and now men are getting rich and boasting about stealing wins from women by pretending to be women.

How pathetic can we get?

Also note that people are getting upset about such things being forced on us by the liberals. Even some liberals are questioning men running in women's events because they are transgender. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

Let me give you a little hint; the liberals are using the transgender thing to destroy women's sports and then will use Title 9 to destroy men's sports.

Most women will be turned away from sports by the transgender men stealing from the women and then the liberals will be able to destroy men's sports because Title 9 says that there must be as many women involved in school sports as men or they must defund men's school sports until there are as few men athletes as women athletes. With no or very few women participating in sports because they won't be able to compete against men pretending to be women, then the liberals will be able to defund men's school sports, effectively shutting down men's sports in schools.

That is why Title 9 was passed in the first place, to shut down men's sports because there were not as many women competing in school sports but the school sports departments beat that by recruiting large numbers of women for women's sports. By chasing those women off with the transgender thingy, the liberals can then use Title 9 to shut down men's school sports the way it was intended to work.


You know all of those single Muslim male immigrants going to the EU?

I just read the Europeans are finding military weapons and munitions being shipped to those immigrants in furniture boxes. Gee, what strange furniture, you know, AK-47s, PKMs, and RPGs.

You think the Muslims are not waging war against the Europeans on Europe's streets and not planning to escalate that war to a shooting war like in the Middle East?

Support for the EU is dropping quickly all across Europe and not just in Britain because of the immigrants and their criminal behavior. Eyes are opening and the EU dies more every day. This is being recognized by everyone to the point that everyone is reporting the liberal commie traitor upper class trash are in a panic.

Note that, after the fall of the EU, Europe will degenerate very quickly and much further into feudal warfare. This is going to get really bad really fast, the Muslims know it, and the Muslims are preparing for it by arming themselves in an attempt for a hostile takeover of Europe. You can thank your liberal families and friends for this.

OK, this is actually getting funny. 50% more people in France than in Britain want power returned to the French Parliament from the EU.

Is France next? Can you understand why the power mad Euro-American upper class trash are in a panic?

The polls are showing that an anti-EU sentiment is "sweeping across the European continent."

Gee, who would have figured?

It is beginning to look like all of Europe is going to leave the European Union, you know, like I told you they will.

Man plans, God laughs.

I hope you realize that, when the EU implodes, the Euro-based end time prophets are going to have to find a new song to sing because the EU won't be able to become the one world government. This could shut down a lot of their sites and send people packing to the few sites which were not selling the EU based end time prophesies.

George Soros

Remember that I have been telling you that the EU is failing and will fail and that China's economy is in big trouble?

The terrible, corrupt criminal, George Soros, is making trades betting that both will soon fail. He sees the writing on the wall and is trying to make money on it.

BTW, remember that George Soros is funding the immigration that is destroying the EU, which begs to ask, was this his plan all along, you know, destroy the EU so he could make money from its demise?

I wouldn't put that past him.


I just saw another video of packs of liberal pagan barbarians hunting conservatives and brutally beating them. The cowardly animals love to gang up on individuals and prefer to attack people from behind. Typical cowardly bullies.

Where are the cops, bikers and vets?

They know the liberal pagans will do this at Trump rallies and they don't show up to protect the people from the barbarians?

Why is law enforcement not arresting the criminals who are paying these thugs to beat people up?

The war and invasion of our land has already started. They are already literally fighting in the streets.

When are our warriors going to show up to fight back? Didn't we vets swear to protect this nation from both internal and external threats? Is it not time to take down the corrupt government which is causing these attacks against Americans?

As I was watching, I was wanting to be there to help the good people fight back but, with my illness, all I can do is write about these things and warn you. Then I realized that God is permitting the liberals and their criminal pals to get away with this to open eyes about how horrible the liberals really are and force you people to stand up and fight for yourselves.

BTW, Canada's liberal Supreme Court has made bestiality or sex with animals legal.

This has me wondering just how bad will Canada's punishment by God be? How many pieces will she be broken up into?

Mean while, in the liberal upper class trash penthouse rubber room, Hillary is considering Fauxcahontas (EW) as her vice presidential running mate and the vice part will probably stand for criminal behavior. And you know the liberals will be stupid and corrupt enough to vote for them. The ugly truth gets more obvious about the criminal liberals every day.

Just when you begin to believe the liberal pagans can't get any nuttier, they do.

Sanity? What's that?

The liberals are evil to the max.


Today, all within less than 20 minutes, I saw a number of proofs we are being lied to about how house cats devastate ecosystems. Right in the middle of my property and the house cat clan, I saw one of my cats with a dead mouse he had just caught on my land and then I walked about 100 feet to the edge of my property, looked across the road into the desert to see a large black tail Jack rabbit sitting just on the other side of the road and in plain sight, not even afraid of my cats, and immediately saw two Gamble's quail running right by the road. That is after this clan has been hunting my property and the surrounding area for more than two years.

I am pretty sure I have told you about the road runner (bird) which comes on my property almost every morning to hunt the same prey the cats hunt and that he wouldn't keep coming back if he were not catching prey on a regular basis, which is normal predator behavior.

Oh yeah, my cats have wiped out this ecosystem...NOT!

Nah, the liberals wouldn't be lying to us about this too, would they?

Yep, you can't believe anything liberals say.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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