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There is a huge red flag I have been watching and NONE of the media are saying anything about it. That red flag is that someone is moving hundreds of thousands of tons of weapons and munitions into the terrorist areas and the only one who seems to be trying to stop that huge flow of weapons to any of the terrorists is Putin.

For example, the primary route for ISIS receiving weapons and munitions is from Turkey.

What, can't Turkey control the flow of weapons across her own borders or through her own country? They seem to be able to prevent most citizens from getting weapons but can't stop thousands of truck loads of weapons move freely through Turkey to terrorists?

Does this mean that Turkey is a main sponsor if ISIS?

Yep, they are using ISIS to fight the Kurds...and take whatever oil they can steal from Iraq and Syria.

"But," you ask, "What about the very rare and occasional bombing of 'ISIS' targets by Turkey?"

First, who says they are even ISIS, Turkey?

For all we know they are the Kurds, as a matter of fact, almost all of the military actions by Turkey is against the Kurds.

Second, when you look at the big picture of Turkey helping ISIS verses an occasional bombing, the bombing is just smoke and mirrors to cover up for the fact that Turkey is providing most of the resources for ISIS AND that the other NATO countries, like the US, are using Turkey to supply ISIS with weapons, munitions, money, and whatever ISIS needs to keep stealing oil from Iraq and Syria.

The truth is that you are not being told the truth and must dig to find it.

If we cut off those supplies, these terrorist organizations will dry up over night and the nations providing those resources should be considered combatants and be held responsible for the war crimes being committed by their proxy armies, the terrorists.

Easy Prediction

You watch, as increasing numbers of liberals, especially homosexuals, get killed by Muslim terrorists, increasing numbers of anti-gun liberals, especially homosexuals, will arm themselves and start concealed carry.

Normal human behavior says this will happen.

And note that it isn't just the homosexuals who have been sold out to the Muslims by the liberal commie traitor upper class trash. Feminists, Latinos, blacks, and all other liberal groupings have been sold out by the upper class trash. It is like I have told you, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

The question is, when will enough of these liberal groups realize they have been sold out by their glorious liberal commie traitor upper class trash natural elite leaders?


A liberal German judge just ruled that a Muslim child marriage in Germany is legal. This one move by some idiot liberal judge just legalized pedophilia in Germany...and also legalized a part of Sharia Law

The bad judges must go along with bad politicians. They are a big part of the problem.

Mean while, the Kurds and Turks are waging war against each other on the streets of Germany with the German police having to fight to break up their fights. Right now they are just using fists and whatever weapons they can find on the spot like rocks, bricks, and clubs. Soon, it will be guns and knives.

Oops, what is that? Oh the Muslims already used knives in at least one fight? Gee, who would have figured?

The German police are not taking any crap in these fights. They fight back very aggressively.

Did I tell you that the EU and Europe are dead and just have not finished kicking yet?

Interesting published a survey about stay-at-home moms that showed, "The research found that 10 percent of moms are 'extremely happy,' 46 percent are 'very happy,' while 34 percent are 'somewhat happy,' making it the most satisfying profession of any kind. Just 8 percent of the moms surveyed said they were 'slightly happy,' while just 2 percent said they were 'not happy at all.'"

You mean all of the liberal commie x-spurts, who got he right degrees from the right universities, and male hating liberal feminists are wrong, most women actually feel more fulfilled by staying at home raising kids than by "having a career"? Have the liberal x-spurts ever been right about anything? What do they teach in those right degrees from the right universities, garbage?

It really looks like it, doesn't it?


Sweden is now openly saying that, if Britain quits the EU, it will be the end of the EU, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Basically, Britain and Germany have been carrying the EU with Germany using that to extort other nations into a form of political submission, you know, conquer them without using guns, tanks, and planes.


BTW, everything I have seen or red about humming birds said that they are purely vegan, living on just the pollen of flowers. I never saw anything to the contrary and never thought to question it...until this morning. I stood and watched a humming bird working down a wire fence line attacking and eating spiders on their webs. It turns out that, once again and to no surprise from me, PBS, Disney, and the other liberal media and conservationist groups lied to us or were just plain wrong. Those cute, warm, fuzzy wittle birdies are vicious predators and he made fast work of those spiders. It was VERY interesting to watch.

Well, so much for all of that liberal propaganda they call documentaries.

I am definitely going to keep an eye on humming birds around spider webs from now on. This is very interesting.

Other Pagans

Other forms of paganism are also waging war against Christians. I guess they see the Muslims getting away with murdering Christians and have started doing it themselves. In India, Hindus are increasingly attacking Christians, trying to force Christians to convert to Hinduism, torturing the Christians, and even murdering the Christians.

This persecution of Christians is quickly spreading globally and getting worse.

Are you beginning to understand why Christians supressed the pagan religions for so long, you know, after hundreds of years of being persecuted by the pagans?

As all pagans increasingly feel safe enough to show their true colors, eyes are opening to the ugly truth and reality of the pagans.

Mind Boggling

When I look at anything from nature, especially as it grows, I can visualize the organism in my mind in every aspect at every stage of growth. I see its skeleton, muscles, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, and other systems and structures in my mind and all of their functions. I can visualize everything from conception to adult death at the anatomical, cellular, molecular, and atomic levels. The incredible complexity and organization is just amazing.

When I do this, I find it absolutely mind boggling that two tiny cells can combine, form one extremely complex cell (all cells have more than one trillion molecules in them with everyone of the molecules having to be in the right place AND right position at the right time for the cell to function properly), that cell immediately starts dividing into a mass of cells and then, most miraculously, different cells within specific parts of that mass automatically begin forming different parts of that organism causing it to grow and develop through a variety of stages to become a mature adult AND each beginning cell is programmed to become one and only one organism. That cell simply cannot become any other organism because of its genetic programming. Genetically, a human is a human from conception to death.

And that is for only one organism like a cat, dog, bird, plant, or whatever. For example, for me, it is absolutely amazing to just watch a kitten or plant grow up as I visualize the changes at all levels for that growth. In my mind I can visualize the structure and function of that organism changing.

When I also consider the complexity of the ecosystems formed by these extremely complex organisms, it is even more mind boggling. If you can even just begin to visualize the extreme complexities of life on this planet, it is insanity, ignorance, and/or complete dishonesty to even begin to think that all of this accidentally happened by miraculous coincidences, you know, evolved. There had to be an absolutely brilliant creator being we call God. There is just no other possibility.

When considering such things, I always come to the same thought, "How indescribably incredible is this being, God, that He dreamed up, designed, and created even just one of these organisms, much less all of them?" It is absolutely mind boggling and causes me to praise God.

I always find this incredibly humbling because, even with my intelligence and knowledge, I couldn't even begin to dream up, plan, and/or create just one such organism. The God of the Bible is beyond the ability of any or all of mankind to comprehend the totality of His existence. For us to try would be more futile than for an earthworm to try to comprehend the totality of our existence.

Truly, God is an incredible and magnificent being. He amazes me with just the slightest thought about Him and the incredible works He has done. Our very existence is a massive credit to His incredible brilliance and abilities. He and only He is or can be God.

When I see humans believing they are gods, there is only one description for them, arrogant, ignorant fools.

Let's see them create just one simple living organism out of inert matter, just one little kitten, and then we will talk about it with the understanding that they only created one small organism and not the entire cosmos with a planet full of billions of organisms.

If you really want to impress me, create your own cosmos.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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