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Israel just got its first stealth fighter, the F-35. I think we are about to find out how it works against Russia's SAM systems in the probably not too distant future. Keep an eye on this.

Plus you know Israel will reverse engineer the plane to develop their own stealth technology.

Mean while, the US Marines are forced to repair planes from the Boneyard because the F-35 software problems have not been fixed yet.

I guess the Israelis just wanted the stealth technology to reverse engineer because the planes don't work?

Plus there is a movement among the religious parties in Israel to form one religious political party to increase their strength within the government and the potential for gaining control of the government from the liberal pagans.

This is a very interesting development which could lead to the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount. Keep an eye on this.


Now France is talking about a referendum to leave the EU and is encouraging other nations to also have a referendum.

Even the globalists are saying that "the EU is going the way of the Soviet Union". There is an accelerating rebellion against the EU building thoughout Europe.

More and more people are seeing the writing on the wall that the EU and the upper class trash beloved global dictatorship are failing along with their fake or forced tribulation the power mad upper class trash Luciferians set up to conquer and rule the world in man's latest arrogant and vain attempt at global domination, which is failing as all others have in the past.

Get it straight, this is God's planet, not man's.

The EU is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet but the liberal commie traitor globalists are refusing to quit beating their dead unicorn to get up and run.

Man plans, God laughs.


I have been warning you that the Western courts have become at least as much of a problem as the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, puppet masters, and other liberals because most of our courts have become infiltrated and taken over by the liberals with the right degrees from the right universities so that there is no longer a balance of power.

Wednesday evening, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked participated in a Ramadan evening meal in northern Israel, where she was a speaker and blessed the participants in Arabic. You know, the stupid liberal, "Looky at me, I am one of yall." The idiot just sold out her nation and people to be politically correct thinking SHE will bring peace between the Muslims and Israelis because she said sumptin' in Arabic at a Muslim event.

She is another liberal clueless wonder who got the right degree from the right university and believed the liberal bull crap she was taught by her liberal college professors without question.

This treasonous behavior is increasing in our courts throughout the West with more and more liberal commie traitor judges who got the right degrees at the right universities selling out their nations and people. The idiots don't realize that, when the Muslims take over, the judges will be removed from their benches and become just like the rest of us because, under Sharia Law, no non Muslim can have any authority or power over any Muslim. All of our judges will be replaced with Muslim clerics.

BTW, this is one of the reasons why the Muslims are working to replace our law enforcement, military, and intelligence people with the Islamic CNSF. Those are all positions of authority and no non Muslims can have authority over any Muslims under Sharia Law.


This is just too funny. Obama said that Trump is no great success as a businessman.

When has Obama ever managed a business and how could he know what a successful businessman is?


Mean while, Obama claims he is limiting air strikes on ISIS to protect the environment.

Really? Letting ISIS continue to wage war destroying just about everything in sight is protecting the environment? Are you sure our traitor in chief is not just protecting ISIS?

BTW, Obama keeps saying he is supporting homosexuals while he keeps bringing in more Muslim terrorists to kill more homosexuals with those Muslims openly calling for the killing of more homosexuals.

And most homosexuals don't get it?

Such is the wisdom of the world; totally clueless.

US Election

Increasing numbers of the corrupt Commiepublican politicians are saying the GOP delegates should get to vote for whomever they want instead of who their voters voted for.

In other words, your votes don't count because they have corrupted the system. But, hey, you got to vote, sucker!!! So what if your votes don't count.

And you still think the US is a republic and not a dictatorship being run by the corrupt upper class trash?

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


Remember that I have been telling you that when the number of people left with jobs gets low enough, the number of people losing jobs will rapidly decrease?

Well it is happening right now and they are trying to make it look like the number of jobless claims falling is because the economy is booming when it is really because most people don't have jobs to lose. Remember that better than half of our workforce is out of work and can't lose jobs they don't have.

The Poor

I just saw a headline that said that two young punks threw rocks at a homeless man while he was trying to find shelter. This is particularly despicable, especially when you realize that quite a few of these homeless people are US veterans who need help and you can bet that the punks were spoiled middle to upper class brats who never had to work a day in their lives or know what true hunger is.

Over the years, I have noticed a particular propensity for some middle and upper class trash to persecute the poor. The poor are easy marks to steal from partly because the poor can't afford good attorneys and few good quality attorneys will defend the poor. The attorneys the poor have access to through Welfare are worthless and barely passed the Bar in their state, after numerous tries, and they are not allowed to litigate. The corrupt middle and upper class trash know this and prey on the poor.

Jesus told us not to persecute the poor, sick, and lame (handicapped) because they are special to Him. By getting away from Christianity, we turn to Satan's one law of "do as you will" and the poor, sick and handicapped become fair and easy prey.

God let me know that He is about to do unto you as you have done unto others. If you prey on the sick, the poor, and the handicapped, God is going to make you sick, poor, and/or handicapped so you can see what it was like being persecuted by slime like you. The Muslims will plunge many of you into poverty, cripple many of you, and cause many more to become ill with the diseases they are bringing to our countries.

And you still think we are not being punished as a nation?

Over the next three to five years, I would not want to be those punks who threw the rocks at the homeless man trying to find shelter. The fecal matter is already hitting the fan and God is very angry at us because of such terrible behavior towards others. The shoe will soon be on the other foot for such slime and their parents who didn't teach them better.

Feels Good

The liberal pagan commies have a little rule they just love to pieces which says, "If it feels good, do it."

Have you ever really thought about what feels good to perverted liberals and their criminal friends?

I know, let's think about what feels good to jerks because the liberal rule says that, if it feels good to a jerk, it is OK for that jerk to do it.

To a pedophile, raping children feels good, which is why liberals are working to legalize child rape.

To a liberal pervert, raping animals feels good, which is why liberals are trying to legalize bestiality.

To a liberal, raping any man or woman feels good, which is why liberals are trying to legalize rape.

Have you ever been in a really bad fist fight where you were beating away on each other and you feel your fists sinking into the other person's flesh. I can tell you from experience that you get a massive adrenaline rush which feels very good. So, if a liberal enjoys beating on other people, it is OK for them to do it.

If a liberal enjoys abusing power or control over other people, then it is OK from them to abuse power over other people.

If a liberal enjoys stealing from others, as they all do, then it is OK for them to steal. (Now do you understand their Marxism better?)

If you enjoy the rush, the feeling of power, and other sensations that come with killing someone, then to a liberal, it is OK to do it, after all, with a liberal, if it feels good, do it.

Now, if you look back at all of those and the other wicked things liberals do because it feels good, then you should realize something very important, which is that the liberal "If it feels good, do it" really is nothing more than a rewording of Satan's one law of "do as you will" because the liberals are just doing as they will because it feels good.

Gee, you mean that liberalism really is Satanic?

Yep, that is why all of the Satanic cult members are liberals. They both live by the same law, just with different wording, because it feels good. Liberalism is Satan worship.

Fooled you, didn't they?

That is why it is impossible to be a liberal Christian; you can't be a Satanic Christian. You are either Satanic or you are a Christian, you can't be both. If you are a liberal, you are not a Christian and, if you are a true Christian, you can't be a liberal. If you are a liberal, you can be a poser Christian, just like Obama, but you can't be a true Christian because they are exact opposites. It is those liberal poser Christians God is purging out of our churches because they have really screwed the churches up.

Get the picture yet?


Here is a nice trend that should have you concerned. Terrorists in Israel have been increasingly using cars as weapons to ram people and kill them, you know, just run down a group of people.

Now, think about this. Our liberal commie traitor upper class trash natural elites are bringing in increasing numbers of Muslim terrorists as illegal aliens and giving them driver's licenses. Then all the Muslim terrorists have to do is get a piece of junk car paid for by the local mosque and they can plow into all of you they want, killing many of you on your own streets wherever you are.

And you can bet they won't stop to ask whether you are liberal commie traitors or conservative Christians before they murder you. They will just plow right into you wherever they decide, "Hey, I want to murder these people."

And, you know, liberals are so stupid they keep voting for these murdering liberal commie traitor upper class trash tyrants who got the right degrees from the right universities?

See, I told you the liberals are having a global stupid contest.


Not liberals, their heads would split open and who knows what would fall out. Liberals are the only people on the planet who would fail a brain scan.

BTW, the Muslims have already turned Paris into a war zone like I told you they would. The Muslims are openly attacking people with no repercussions. The Muslim gangs freely roam the streets hunting non Muslims, even liberals.

How much longer will the French people take it? Is it already too late for France?

Europe as we have known it is dead.


The people won the vote in Britain to leave the EU, which is going to fail whether Britain leaves it or not.

Now the upper class trash are waging war on Britain's economy to punish the people and scare people from other nations like France and Germany into not leaving the EU. The upper class trash devalued the pound causing the British economy to "drop below France's economy and become the sixth largest economy in the world". Standard and Poor said they will probably drop Britain's rating from its current triple A rating and the London stock market dropped by 6%. You know that the power mad upper class trash globalists are very angry at Britain for setting back their plans for global conquest.

But, hey, the Continental market also dropped today ranging from France's economy dropping by 7.5% to Italy and Spain dropping by 11%, actually caused by Britain leaving the EU.

Yep, they are really punishing Britain, aren't they?

So, now that Britain is no longer in the EU to help Germany prop up the EU, who will leave next, Germany or France?

Germany can't prop up the EU by herself so that, if she stays in the EU, the EU will only take Germany down with her. You know France knows that and doesn't want to get flushed down the toilet with the rest because she is already talking about leaving the EU, along with the Dutch. Besides, this also means that Europe is now being dominated by Germany and the other countries won't want that either.

Others are now saying the EU is finished and other countries will leave soon, especially France and the Netherlands. Some are even saying this is the end of the New World Order fantasy utopia and you know the US liberal upper class trash just went into morning.

What is that? Did you say you hear crickets chirping?

Me too. You know the corrupt, power mad upper class trash can hear those crickets too.

A funny thing is that George Soros took a big hit on this because he was one of the big movers behind the EU and their beloved globalism. Most Brits are seeing the Brexit as being them defeating evil Soros.

This is also a big slap in Obama's face, after he went to England to get the people to vote for staying in the EU.

Unfortunately, they have not defeated the evil globalists.

What did I tell you about power mad and greedy people?

They are obsessive, compulsive and can never be satiated. Power mad and greedy people will always want more so they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again, just like I told you. As a matter of fact, the evil globalists have already started having secret meetings to reorganize and keep trying to force their global dictatorship on us. To them, this is just a setback.

What? Did you think such evil people would just quit, go home, and be good little kiddies?

History and, now, current events teach us that the only way to defeat the greedy, power mad upper class trash is to kill them but you Westerners have been brainwashed by them and their puppets to believe that would be barbaric, uncivilized, inhumane, and such and you are above that so all you will do is what they brainwashed you to do, which is give them a slap on the wrist and turn them loose to continue their evil. As long as these evil people live, this isn't over.

That is why God is going to use the Muslims to purge the evil upper class trash. The Muslims have not been brainwashed to believe they are too civilized and wonderful to execute these evil people to prevent the evil people from continuing their evil and will get the job done.

Soon, the false Euro profits, who prophesy for money, will have to dream up a new fairy tale for their end times prophesies or some really lame excuses as to why their fairy tales are still true. They will try to beat that dead horse until it turns to dust.

Get it straight, the EU will not be the one world government of the Tribulation and the Catholic Church will not be the one world church. Both are failing right now, you know, just like I told you they would fail.

I just saw a video by a Euro prophet claiming that the end time prophesies say the one world government will break up, which the prophesies don't say. He was kinda, sorta twisting scripture a wee bit. The end time prophesies say the one world government will remain united under one leader, the Antichrist, until the Battle of Armageddon, when Jesus will return and destroy it. These false prophets refuse to quit beating their dead horse. They stand to lose too much money if they admit their story is wrong and change to the truth.

There is nowhere in the Bible where it says the Tribulation one world government will be the revived Roman Empire. That is something the Church of Rome added to get people to falsely believe those prophesies are based on Europe and the Catholic Church, instead of Israel and the Middle East, when they clearly are not.

When asked about these prophesies, Jesus said, there is one government now (the Roman Empire), one yet to come (Islam) and it (Islam, not Rome) will be revived later. The Euro prophets ignore the fact that Jesus said there was one yet to come (after the Roman Empire) and twisted it to look like the one which will be revived will be the one which existed when Jesus was teaching, which was the Roman Empire.

The one which was yet to come (after the Roman Empire) and will be revived is Islam and not the Roman Empire. These people are still believing the now obvious lies of the Church of Rome.

BTW, there is already talk about another Scottish independence referendum to separate Scotland from England.

I told you that, when one of these referendums succeeded, others would quickly follow and the EU will be quickly finished.

Once Scotland is independent of England, there will only be England, Wales, and Northern Ireland left as "Britain" and for how long?

I told you that our nations forced Israel to divide so God is going to divide our nations because God will do unto us as we have done unto Israel. This is only beginning.

BTW, Cameron is now out of power and the Brits will have to have another election for Parliament.

Question: With the upper class trash plans failing, will Obama stab them in the back the way he did Saudi Arabia when their plans failed?

Probably. Obama said that, when push comes to shove, he will choose Islam over Marxism and, with the Euro-American upper class trash losing this fight for their glorious globalism and Obama's immigration being set back by the US Supreme Court, push just came to shove. With globalism almost completely dead, Obama's only hope to rule the world lies with Islam, not the liberal commie traitors.

Man plans, God laughs.

Orlando Shooter

One of the fairy tales the liberals, especially Obama and his Muslims pals, were telling about the Orlando shooter to prove it wasn't about Islam, was that the shooter was a frustrated homosexual.

The FBI just released a report that they have found no evidence that he had any homosexual lovers. Oops!

Gee, you mean it was really about a Muslim obeying his faith to kill homosexuals?

BTW, they still have not released the name of the German theater shooter and are saying he was nuts. It sounds just a wee bit like they are covering up something, you know, like they know the guy was a Muslim. Keep an eye on this.

"No, no, it couldn't be because he was a Muslim was because he was nuts, yeah, that's the ticket, he was nuts."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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