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If the FBI director, Comey, has a case against Hillary and doesn't submit that case for prosecution, is he complicit in all of her crimes?

Yes, because he is covering up for her crimes. Under Biblical Law, she and he would both already be in jail because no one is above the law in Biblical Law.

Do you better understand why the liberal commie traitor pagans hate God, the Bible, Biblical Law, Jews, and Christians and have taught you to hate them and have also taught you to hate and fear a Christian theocracy?

Under Biblical Law, the upper class trash would have all been executed years ago and we wouldn't even be close to having the problems we have today.

BTW, did you know that Fauxahontas claiming she is Cherokee on a job application is fraud and a felony and, if the job was even partially federally funded, it is a federal felony? Why has she not been prosecuted, especially since she openly admitted she committed the crimes? Why are the Cherokee Indians not bringing charges against her for fraud and litigating for damages?

Lizzy should be wearing orange and be broke.

Now the State Department, who helped Hillary against the FBI investigation, says they are going to have their own investigation into Hillary's e-mails.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Um, excuse me. Lost it there for a minute.

Do you really think they will investigate something they were complicit in and helped cover up? Now, just what do you expect the out come of their investigation to be? Do you think she will be cleared to help her win the presidency?

Smoke and mirrors, baby, it is all smoke and mirrors.


It is being reported that there are increasing numbers of signs being posted saying, "Death to Islam".

Eyes are opening, people are starting to take a stand, and the war is escalating.


In Dallas, TX, the Black Lives Matters organization, you know, black Muslims, staged a protest, during which 14 people were shot by snipers (the police are looking for multiple snipers), including two civilians, 7 cops wounded, and five cops killed.

Later the cops cornered one of the shooters who claimed to be the only shooter (probably to throw the cops off from hunting down his accomplices) and claimed that all he wanted to do was kill white people, especially white cops, then he claimed no association with any group. Of course, at first, they did not release his name or his race, telling us they are covering up something, probably that he is a black Muslim.

Then I found out that his FB site had his name, Micah Xavier Johnson, and had some pictures of him. He is a black man, he was shown wearing Muslim clothes while posing with a black Muslim "black power" salute, he was also a member of the Army Reserves, and in one of the pictures, he is wearing Muslim prayer beads with a pendant.

So, let me get this straight. Black Lives Matter tells blacks to kill white cops, they stage a riot, and a black Muslim man who hates whites kills a bunch of white cops and the shooter is not associated with Black Lives Matter?

Yeah, right. Sorry, but I am just not buying any more bridges. I bought enough bridges when I was young.

What does this look like?

It looks like Black Lives Matter, a black Muslim organization run by the violent black Muslim organization, the New Black Panthers, is staging riots to get cops in tight groups so they can use snipers to kill large numbers of the cops in ambushes. This is all out warfare on whites, especially white law enforcement and military (read Fort Hood.)

The Texas Lt. Governor said that the protesters who fled during the shooting were hypocrites.

No, get a clue, Gov, they were the knowing bait used to get a lot of cops in one place for the snipers and left when their job was done so the snipers could have clear shots at the cops.

Get this straight, there is a shooting war going on RIGHT NOW; shots have been fired and people have died, and the war is being staged by liberals and Muslims against whites, especially white law enforcement and military. This is very clearly an attempt at a hostile takeover of the US by the left and Muslims while trying to portray the conservatives, Christians, law enforcement, and military as the bad guys so the people won't realize who the real bad guys are and what those bad guys are doing. We are talking that the left and Muslims are RIGHT NOW in the process of the violent over throw of the US.

This is NOT something that WILL take place but IS something that is going on RIGHT NOW! This nation is at war with its liberals and Muslims, most people don't realize it, and the left doesn't want you to know it until it is too late for you to do anything about it, but eyes are opening more every day. The truth will be made known and the truth will set us free.

What ALL police agencies need to do from now on is provide military style over cover with snipers every time there will be something like a protest to draw a lot of cops in one area to protect the cops on the street from enemy snipers.


Remember that it was stated that the director of DHS, Jeb Johnson, is a Muslim, when he was appointed by Obama. Don't ever forget that, our national security is in the hands of our enemy, the Muslims, while they are waging war against us. That would have been like the head of the FBI being a Nazi during WWII.

Jeb stated that the Dallas shooter (like there was only one when the cops are looking for others) had no terrorist connections.


Math time!!!

The shooter was clearly a black Muslim and attacked in conjunction with the Black Lives Matters protests, with the Black Lives Matters organization being a black Muslim organization being run by the very violent and aggressive black Muslim New Black Panthers (ah, the webs man weaves to hide his wickedness) and has openly called for the murder of white cops (murdering cops and all whites is a pacifist thingy) and the top religious leader of all black Muslims in the US is Luis Farrakhan, who has preached the violent overthrow of the US and murder of all whites for more than 50 years and has connections at the highest levels in all Muslim countries, including the Muslim Brotherhood, you know, the father of all terrorist organizations, and the shooter has no terrorist connections?

Only a Muslim could tell you something like that with a straight face.

Listen, if you are a Muslim, you have connections with terrorists.

Oh, BTW, it was just confirmed that the Dallas shooter was a New Black Panther member, you know, the group that runs the Black Lives Matters and their protests. Gee, what a coincidence...but no ties with terrorists.

If I were a cop, I would be afraid, very afraid.

A police organization said that Obama is Neville Chamberlain on the war on cops by the black Muslims.

No, Obama is Benedict Arnold. Obama is the problem and is the one waging war against the cops.

Mean while, the lefties are saying it us white folks' fault that black Muslims are waging war against us and the cops. You know, it couldn't be their fault they and their black Muslim terrorists are killing us, it is our fault.

BTW, don't you think it is just a wee bit of a conflict of interest that Muslims are in control of key government agencies like the DHS and the CIA for defending ourselves in this war being waged against us by Muslims?

That is like the Nazis having infiltrated our government at the highest levels during WWII.

How do you think that would have worked out?

You think our nation has not been taken over by the Muslims? You think we are not screwed?

Sharia Law

Several of my readers have sent me links recently. One sent me a link to the video about "Stars in a Jar", which I forgot to thank him for and apologize for not thanking him. I don't print the names of my helpful readers because I want them to feel free to continue helping me.

Another one sent me a link, I appreciate very much, to a story I just read and is pretty much about something I recently warned you about. The story was about Muslims driving into and disrupting nice, quiet, middle class neighborhoods. One woman was accosted several times by groups of Muslim men telling her they want to move into her home, you know, just like I told you they will do after Obama imposes Shiria Law on the US. They asked her if she knew about Sharia Law, said they could kidnap and rape her any time they wanted and other things I have warned you about.

Please note that the Muslims groups did not ask her whether she is a liberal or conservative. Under Sharia Law, they will steal her home, kidnap her, rape her, and kill her whether or not she is a liberal.

This is already starting to happen and Obama has not even seized control of the US and set up his Muslim dictatorship under Shiria Law.

Wake up, Western World, we are being waged war against by Muslims and liberal commie traitors. The war is already going on RIGHT NOW! This war is being fought on our streets and we are being killed RIGHT NOW! We are at war! This is NO game, there is no reset button, this is reality and the present.

Please note that we are currently being forced to live with this war without being able to defend ourselves because we as a nation forced the people of Israel to live with the Muslims waging war against them without being permitted to defend themselves against the Muslims. God is doing unto us as we did unto Israel.

Because the liberals caused this mess, they will pay the highest price while we will have to pay some because we didn't try to stop the liberals.


The liberals keep putting out confusing information about the "soon coming WWIII".

Get it straight, World War III is already here but the enemy isn't who the liberals make it look like they will be. WWIII is the Muslims and liberals working together and fighting the rest of us to conquer us. This war has been going on for decades and is just suddenly accelerating very quickly.

We are, right now, in WWIII and we are losing to the left and the Muslims because we are not standing up and fighting back. The left is trying to force us to surrender without a fight and that is exactly what all of the "gun control" is about. They are trying to disarm us so we CAN'T fight back and must surrender.

Starting yesterday and after the shootings in Dallas, the Black Lives Matters riots...uh...I mean protests have suddenly and miraculously spread across the nation just like it was planned to happen. Gee, what a coincidence.

Mean while, Officers were shot in ambushes in Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia on Friday.

You don't think this was all planned out in conjunction with the shootings before the shootings happened, do you?

It sure looks like it. This is clearly open warfare and remember that Obama is trying to discredit and get rid of all law enforcement so he can justify replacing them with his CNSF.

Don't think so?

Clinton just called for a federal nationalized police force, you know, with all cops under her future control.

WWIII just got ratcheted up another notch or two. This thing is escalating very quickly in a manner which says it was all well planned in advance. The fight is on and you better get with it by organizing and then taking action with the cops and military to protect them so they can help you protect you. It is time to pick sides.

With these military actions by the liberals and black Muslims being waged across the US, the cops are suddenly going to need a lot more cops to protect themselves during these military actions. Don't be surprised to see more cop snipings by the left and Muslims.

Before this war, the left and the Muslims have caused, is over, there are going to be many more dead people, millions. You can thank your liberal commie traitor families, friends, neighbors, the media, politicians, educators, and many others for the horrors you are about to experience. Believe me, you will have no mercy when it comes time to hold them accountable for their actions in causing this mess.

It could not be much clearer that the left and the Muslims are waging war against this nation and its people.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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