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They just raised the Russian flag over the Crimean parliament with Putin rushing 150,000 military troops to the border of Ukraine and Obama busy drawing red lines in the shifting sands with Michelle's lip stick while Queen Michelle is busy living the good life wondering why her lip stick has sand in it.

This all shows that the intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites didn't learn a thing from history. History teaches that, when a controlling nation, such as Rome or the US, falls from power creating a power vacuum, all hell breaks loose with every person in power anywhere doing a power grab. And these intellectually superior upper class trash didn't know that, when they destroyed the US military so they could seize control of the US and set up their global dictatorship, every person in power would make a grab for power? What, these geniuses just thought that all of their power mad friends would behave themselves? Just how stupid are these nuts?

The US is militarily so weak that it couldn't send a force into tiny Syria against "super powerful Assad" and you think Putin is concerned with the US military stopping him from taking back the Ukraine or at least the Crimea? Putin can taste the blood in the water, he is moving in for the kill, the Euro-American upper class trash can't stop him and you know Putin knows it.

All that has to happen now is for China to make a move on Taiwan or Japan and the US will be relegated to useless in the ally category. If Putin goes into Ukraine, China would be extra stupid not to make a move in her area, such as against Taiwan or Japan. This is getting very interesting.

Remember the typically lame excuses the Pentagon is using to justify the "new" military and the cut backs such as we will not be involved in a major land battle again so we don't need a standing land army and only need a special ops army? Oops! Maybe they should have asked Putin about that before they decided to gut our land forces? By the time we could possibly build a land army to fight against Russia, Putin would be in and have taken complete control of Ukraine before we could even begin sending troops, along with invading at least one or two other countries, you know, the way Hitler did before we could build an army to stop him. Don't you think that returning our army to where it was before WWII is a really bad idea? Putin seems to like it.

Oh yeah, and our geniuses are planning to get rid of that heavily armored and proven A-10 tank buster? Oops! Another genius idea gone wrong. You can bet Putin is drooling over not having to worry about the famous Wart Hog taking out any of his tanks. Then what about them planning to decommission one of our ONLY 11 nuke aircraft carriers? Don't you think they might want to at least consider the rapidly growing Chinese navy before deciding that? Oh yeah, and what about cutting back on our nukes while Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, and others are building theirs. Is cutting our military right now a major strategic fail or what, you know, just like I told you?

Oh yeah, when the upper class trash plans fail, you know, the way King Abdullah's plans failed, do you think Obama will continue to be their bud or dump and run like he did with Abdullah? yeah, me too.

BTW, all of these bad guys' plans failing is God saving our butts. You need to thank God for their plans failing.


It looks like the Brits have stopped a party time by Muslims in Lego Land. Are the Brits finally standing up to the Muslims and fighting back? It is beginning to look like it. Keep an eye on this.


Whenever you see the word eugenicists, always think liberal white crackers, as in Commiecrats, especially the upper class trash. I told you that they were only pretending to be on the side of black people while working to sucker punch black people into murdering themselves off. Today, the upper class trash white crackers are rejoicing....again, because it was just made known that 72% of aborted Mississippi babies are black and this is in a state in which whites out number blacks by two to one.

Have the liberals sucker punched black liberals into murdering themselves off or what? But, hey, they have also sucker punched Latinos, other non whites, and even liberal whites into murdering themselves off with things like abortion, the fad of not having children, drugs, gang killings, and other liberal agenda things. And remember that the white crackers hired Uncle Tom black religious leaders to help the liberal white crackers persuade the blacks into murdering themselves off, you know, like Jackson and Sharpton.

Then we have Spike Lee dissing NYC for so many whites moving into formerly black neighborhoods. With the black population in NYC declining, why wouldn't they? Get a clue, with the blacks killing themselves off, there is now more available housing in those black neighborhoods for whites. Maybe Spike should be dissing the blacks for destroying their families, killing each other with their gangs, and killing their babies off making more housing available for whites. Hey, Bill Cosby is dissing the blacks for doing that. Spike, go talk to Bill and get a clue. Keep an eye on this.

Eric Holder

Did you see where Holder got carted off to the hospital for shortness of breath? I don't care how rich and powerful you are, you still have to answer to God. God just might be about to get rid of the bum for us.

Now, Lord, about Soros.


Have you noticed that Obamacare is obviously not providing care for people who have cancer? Did you know that, if you smoke the same amount of pot as tobacco, there is a 40% better chance of getting cancer from pot than tobacco? Did you notice that increasing numbers of dopers in states where they have legalized pot are smoking cigars instead of roaches, just like they did in Southeast Asia during Nam, which means they are smoking much more pot than tobacco? Gee, was Obamacare designed to kill off those stupid liberals so the upper class trash wouldn't have to kill them off later? You know that the upper class trash liberals knew that pot causes cancer even worse than tobacco and they designed Obamacare so it won't cover cancer? Everyone will get that one except the stupid liberals.


Utah has ISSUED AR-15s to police officers guarding those schools and California is turning their criminals loose and taking guns away from their people? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen in California. I can just see the soaring crime and mortality rates now. How long do you think it will take those stupid Commiefornians to learn that they need guns to protect themselves from bad guys and that most cops are not bad guys? Did I tell you that God is letting the pagan liberals get what they want to show everyone what the truth is? Commiefornia is going to be the nation's most painful lesson and example. Keep an eye on Commiefornia.


How about the Fed cutting off the life line support for the EU, which has been keeping the failed EU socialist state afloat? When the Fed cuts that life line of money to the EU, the EU will blow completely apart with a number of the nations dividing up into smaller nations. There will be civil wars everywhere with the people rising up against the corrupt rich people and also turning on the Muslims in mass. Just like I told you, the EU is about to become history and all of the Euro prophesies are going to be proven wrong. Europe has little to do with end time Bible prophesies, it is all about the Middle East.

So, why are the US upper class trash cutting off the life line required to keep the failed EU socialist state afloat?

Because the US liberal commie traitors feel they have a strong enough hold on power in the US they don't need to hold up all of those failed socialist and communists states as examples to sell their Marxism any more and they want to stick that money in their own pockets instead of in the EU rich guys' pockets. When the EU falls, it means that all of these little commie countries in or near the Americas will also fail because the EU has been laundering money from the US to those failed commie countries. You will quickly see the fall of Cuba, Venezuela, and other such countries in our area.

Remember that there is no loyalty among criminals. Our criminals only kept those criminal states afloat as long as our criminals needed those criminal states as an "example" of how successful Marxism is. Now that our criminals don't need those examples any more, our criminals are going to dump those examples and you will see open civil wars in those commie countries with their leaders being killed off and those leaders deserve what they are about to get. It is like I have told you, our upper class trash is going to screw everyone and they are right now in the process of doing just that.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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