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Things are getting worse by the day in the Muslim war against Europe. Two terrorists invaded a Normandy church and murdered the priest before being shot to death.

The German police have been so completely overwhelmed by the Muslim terrorists that the government is considering deploying their army to protect the streets for the first time since WWII. France and Belgium's police have also been overwhelmed with France already having their military on their streets.

And the upper class trash still can't figure out they are at war...or are they lying?

Hold it, Holland has stated that ISIS has declared war on them but they still don't get it that it is really all of Islam which has declared war on them.

Mean while, Erdogan continues to extort the EU by threatening the EU to give Turkey what he wants or he will send more migrants (read terrorists.)

In Corsica, a group of armed men have issued a statement that, if ISIS strikes, they will strike back. The Europeans are taking up arms, organizing, and fighting back because their governments won't protect them.

Polish experts are saying that Europe is at the end of its existence and Western Europe is practically dead, you know, just hasn't finished kicking yet.

Gee, who would have guessed?

In Germany on Friday, July 30, 2016, thousands of people gathered in cities across Germany to demand the resignation of Merkel. The people have had enough of the upper class trash.

Europe is becoming concerned about thousands of children the Muslim terrorist organizations have trained up and brainwashed to be terrorists and are migrating into Europe, you know, those "sweet, innocent Muslim children" of Obama's we are supposed to just let into our countries. These children will make perfect suicide bombers and will grow up to be mass killers.

Even if we rescue these children today, most of the children will not be deprogrammed but will eventually become terrorists, even though it may be a few decades before they strike or, at the very least, they will train up their children to become terrorists.

Many want to believe these children can be "rescued" and "saved" but they are too brainwashed to hate and murder. I doubt any of them can be saved though you can bet there will be plenty of shrinks who will claim that, for enough money from the government, they can do it, you know, opportunists, even though most psychology experts admit such children really can't be "saved" from such strong brainwashing.

You have to understand how the brain functions. Think of your brain as a computer in which, every day you are creating new ROM. For everything you see, hear, think, feel, smell, or do, your brain causes many small branches to form from one brain cell to another where little nodules are formed on the surface of the other brain cell. These nodules are your read only memory of everything you experienced or thought and you will use to help you make decisions for the rest of your life, even though you may not realize you are using them.

The most important years for developing this ROM are the first four years of your life and each year after that will only be a little less important but more important than subsequent years because the decisions and memories for subsequent years will be based on the ROM for the previous years. Even without brainwashing, the morals, values, and ethics kids learn in the first four years of their lives will be very significant in determining most of what they will decide to do for life.

With the brainwashing, there is little, if any hope for rehabilitating such children to be normal, productive people. This is because brainwashing is very repetitive to cause the branches and nodules to become so strong, that few people will ever be able to override that ROM.

Can individuals make decisions to ignore that ROM and change their lives and thinking?

Yes, but it is extremely difficult and very unlikely, especially if peer pressure is against them changing their behavior. God is the only person who can make such changes in a person and their behavior take place very quickly and effectively.

Do you understand better why God told the Hebrews to kill all of the Canaanite men, women, and children in Canaan?

All of the adults, both men and women, had been strongly programmed by their own actions and decisions to be barbaric pagans who murdered their children and others as sacrifices to their false pagan gods. History teaches that, if you don't kill such people, they will just go underground and continue their pagan religions, including human sacrifices. It is those pagan religions which went underground to Christianity and have seized control of the West from Christianity causing this horrible mess.

But even the children had developed enough pagan "ROM" in their minds that they would later want to return to their paganism and resume murdering people as human sacrifices when grown.

You see, in paganism, the children are taught it is a "wonderful privilege" to be selected for human sacrifice to their false pagan gods and, in the pre-sacrifice preparations, the children would get a lot of attention, which all children long for. A sibling seeing their brothers and sisters getting a lot of attention, getting special sacrificial clothes, getting to have a party thrown for them by their family with them being the center of a lot of attention (during which time the children are usually drugged so they won't cry out in pain during the sacrifice), and everyone praising them for having the "wonderful privilege" of being selected for sacrifice would only naturally want to have all of that fun, attention, a really great party, and everything else which came with being selected for a human sacrifice. That is just basic child human nature.

Such a child will naturally grow up frustrated, wishing they could have had all of that attention and fun and, when they become a parent, they will want their child to enjoy something they wanted very much but didn't get to enjoy. Almost all frustrated adults live vicariously through their children and such parents will want to bring back their childhood false pagan gods so their children can "enjoy" the things they wanted and it will start all over again.

God wasn't being cruel when He told the Hebrews to kill all of the Canaanite men, women, and children. God was trying to eradicate the false pagan religions so the Hebrews wouldn't be seduced into those religions and start murdering their own children. The Canaanite children were already lost because of the ROM they had already developed because of experiences and teachings and God knew it. God was trying to save the Hebrew children by eradicating the pagan religions but the Hebrews didn't do as they were instructed, were seduced into those religions, ended up brutally sacrificing their children to the same false pagan gods, and had to be driven from the land by God to clean up the mess the Hebrews had created.

You think our pagans won't sacrifice your children to their false pagan gods? Then why have we tolerated those same pagans brutally butchering more than 50 million unborn children to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex and become a cursed nation which must be destroyed?


Remember those tens of thousands of people Erdogan fired from schools and universities? Did you know he is replacing them with Muslims and turning those schools into Muslim Madrasas to brainwash Turkish children into becoming terrorists?

Soon they will be pumping out brainwashed Muslim terrorists by the tens of thousands and sending them as immigrants to the West.

Mean while, the US Director of Intelligence said that Erdogan's purge is taking out everyone who has been providing the US with information on ISIS actions.

Of course Erdogan is, he is making a fortune buying and selling the oil ISIS is stealing from Iraq and Syria. Therefore, it is only logical that Erdogan would kill everyone providing the US with intel so the US can stop ISIS from stealing that oil and selling it to Erdogan. Erdogan practically is ISIS any more.

Turkish police have surrounded and cut off Incirlik air force base where the US has planes and 65 nuke warheads stored with rumors that another Turkish coup is in the making. Keep an eye on this.


I just read that more than one third of the people in the US are social conservatives. The rest of the people are the problem and that should tell you just how bad the problem is. Two thirds are social liberals and causing this mess.

BTW, the next time the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, liberal upper class trash natural elite x-spurts who got the right degrees at the right universities start talking about the "recovering" or booming economy, just remember that the home ownership rate just fell to its lowest since 1965. That is right, a greater percentage of the people owned homes in 1966 than own homes now.

Gee, wow, that liberal socialism sure is working making people have to rent homes instead of owning them.

Doesn't that just make you want to run right out and hug Hillary Marx Clinton? How much worse will she make this mess?

I don't have to wonder about that because I know that by the time she is through, the state will own everything and you will pay the state rent on everything you use like your cars and homes and, if you aren't a good, obedient little commie, they will stop renting your homes and cars to you and rent them to someone who will be good, obedient little commies. That is how bad Hillary will make it so she can control everyone.

She will have absolute control over you and everything in your life and you want to vote for her? Why, because you are stupid?

Well, enough people are stupid enough and the game is rigged enough that Queen Hillary is now the Commiecrat presidential candidate. We could easily end up having a ruler who is crazier and more corrupt than King George III was. But there is still rebellion within the Commiecrat camp. This will be interesting.

It is definitely opening some eyes when some of the liberal commie traitors got a taste of their own corruption and vote rigging turned against them. It was OK when they were doing it to others but, when others do it to them, it isn't so swell.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

So, how do you liberal commie traitors like others doing unto you as you have done unto others? Not so much fun, is it?

Today's corrupt upper class trash are our corrupt, vile Etruscans, whom we need to remove from power to be free so we can build a new nation to replace the once great republic the upper class trash have destroyed.

If you still think it is possible for democracy to work again, just remember this; Obama, the worst president in US history, has an approval rating of 54% and Hillary is not only not in jail or on a gallows for her blatant crimes but could win the presidency BECAUSE most of the people in the US have been dumbed down and brainwashed so that they think bad is good and good is bad.

Do you really think that a democracy of any form can work with so many brainwashed stupid people?

Common sense should tell you that democracy CANNOT work with so many brainwashed stupid people who are so easily controlled by the media. It just simply isn't possible for them to make intelligent decisions and a democracy requires that the majority of the voters make intelligent decisions.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?


Now the liberal commie traitors have a Muslim man whose son was "killed by jihad" going around saying that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam in spite of the fact that Muslims have been murdering Muslims in jihad for 1,400 years. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who are stupid enough to believe this.


I have been wondering about Putin being an Orthodox Christian and its implications. Today, I got some information on that. Putin just passed a law against witnessing outside of churches in any form and any location.

This is most likely a combination of protectionism by the Orthodox Church to limit other religious organizations from converting Orthodox Christians to their religions and to stop Muslims from converting people to Islam and turning them into terrorists.

Remember that the Orthodox Church was part of the Church of Rome until the Roman Empire split causing the Church of Rome to divide into the Catholic Church in the West and Orthodox Church in the east. This means both churches are mostly pagan with a touch of Christianity.

Remember that I told you that, when Russia invades Ukraine, Russia would most likely take over the port of Odessa, Ukraine and use that to take control of Transnitria, on the west side of Ukraine?

Russian forces in Transnitria are staging war games with the Transnitria forces while Russia is building up its forces in the east of Ukraine.

Gee, what a coincidence. Keep an eye on the Russian Black Sea Fleet Putin will use to seize Odessa, the largest remaining port in Ukraine.


A US woman was murdered and four others injured in a knife attack on London streets that is almost certainly a terrorist attack and you can tell by the behavior of the officials. The officials have become so incredibly predictable when a terrorist attack takes place.

First, they refuse to give the attacker's name even though they clearly know the name. Second, they state it isn't a terrorist attack and that the person is probably having mental problems. Third, they tell us he is from Norway but then admit he is of "Somali origin".

Just remember that the new mayor of London is a devout Muslim and you know he has given orders to cover up Muslim terrorist attacks as something else.

Unfortunately, there are enough stupid and brainwashed idiots who will believe this crap without thinking for themselves.

Ah, yes, pagan democracy hard at work deceiving everyone.

BTW, many of the people are mocking the mental health excuse by the officials. Eyes are opening and people are fighting back. Fewer and fewer people are blindly buying the upper class trash lies, especially with their own lives on the line.

BTW, Britain has some of the strictest gun control laws, which did nothing to prevent this attack. If anything, no one being allowed to carry a gun made the attack easier.

Minneapolis Airport

This is an easy prediction.

It has just been reported that devout Muslim, Jeh Johnson, the head of Home Land Security and appointed by Caliph Obama, ordered Customs and Border Protection to give Somali Muslims a two hour guided tour of the internal workings for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on December 18, 2014 and February 18, 2015, including the internal workings and "specific practices" for the airport.

Gee, I wonder why these Muslims asked for this guided tour?

OK, these Muslims have had about 1.5 years to plan an attack on the airport with extensive knowledge about its structure and functions, which should be classified information.

When do you think there will be a massive terrorist attack on that airport by those Muslims?

My guess is soon.

Have you been betrayed or what?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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