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Erdogan has stated that he wants to rebuild the Turkish based Ottoman Empire with him as the leader. The Ottoman Empire was Muslim and Erdogan is Muslim and has an extreme Napoleonic complex (he has aspirations to be a great dictator or ruler.)

Everything he does will be to promote himself towards achieving his goal and this makes him a threat to Obama, who also wants to be the next great Muslim ruler. Please note that Obama keeps killing terrorist leaders and undermining other Muslim leaders because they pose a threat to Obama becoming the next global Muslim leader. That is one of the reasons why Obama staged coups in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, stabbed the Saudi royal family in the back, and probably tried to remove Erdogan with a coup.

Basically, Obama and these others are all power mad Muslim whackos so Obama sees them as threats to his aspiration so he kills them. Obama is a typical ruthless, power mad tyrant making his bid for the ultimate power, to control the entire planet.

Erdogan maybe be allied with Putin right now or, at least he has Putin thinking so, but such power mad whackos can't be trusted by anyone, especially Muslim power mad whackos. Ultimately, Erdogan wants to seize control of the entire former Ottoman Empire, starting with Syria and Israel, and then try to conquer the world, you know, the same thing Obama, the upper class trash, the rest of the Muslim leaders, and China want to do. They are all a bunch of power mad whackos.

My question to such nuts is, "after you conquer the planet, then what?"

History teaches that their next move will be to kill everyone who helped them get into power and they THINK is not 100% loyal to them and may pose a threat to their rule. In other words, they will purge everything that moves and they don't absolutely need, which is always at least 90% of the people who helped them get into power.

Then I ask, "Then what?"

History teaches that, after they have absolute power and have purged everyone their paranoid little minds fear MIGHT try to overthrow them, they will set themselves up in ultimate luxury and pomp and declare themselves to be gods while regularly purging most of the people around them.

"Then what?"

History teaches that other power mad whackos will eventually kill them and start fighting for control causing everything to disintegrate and we will start all over again...unless God intervenes and sets up a very powerful nation to prevent such crap, you know, a very powerful Christian or Biblical theocracy.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet or do you want these evil people to drag your butt through hell a few times first?

Pagans are nuts, they are crazy. If you ever take a good look at things like witchcraft, you realize that all paganism is about power, greed, and control of other people. This draws evil, power mad, greedy people to paganism.

In true Biblical Christianity, increased power and wealth mean increased responsibility because "to whom much is given, much is required and to whom little is given, little is required." In true Christianity, if you rule the world, you are responsible for properly managing the world, while, in paganism, if you rule the world, you get to sack and enslave the world.

BTW, as I continue to watch the Turkish invasion of Syria, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the continued attacks have been focused on the US backed Kurds and not on ISIS. Both incursions took place right next to and turned against the Kurdish borders between the two Kurdish areas. That is too much of a coincidence.

It seems that the invasion by Turkey was entirely to prevent the Kurd forces in the east from linking up with the Kurd forces in the west to form an independent Kurdish state by permitting Turkey to seize the last remaining land separating the two Kurdish forces and taking back some of the land the Kurds had taken from ISIS. This move was supported by Obama and Putin because neither Turkey nor Syria want the Kurds to setup an independent state between Syria and Turkey.

Obama has told the Kurds to "stand down" while Turkey is taking hard won land from the Kurds and forcing them back to the East of the Euphrates River. Obama has also stopped supplying the Kurds with weapons and munitions.

In other words, both the US and Russia stabbed the Kurds in the back.

But, hey, what do you expect from Obama? Who has he not stabbed in the back so far?


Everywhere I turn I am reading that scientists have found ANOTHER habitable planet like earth in another star system light years away.

Hold it, aren't these the same scientists who thought Pluto, in our own solar system, was half its real size until they flew a drone space ship by it? How could they possibly know whether a planet in another star system, light years away, is habitable or earth like or even know it really exists?

It is all smoke and mirrors to make you believe in space aliens so you will believe the evolution thingy because they can't prove evolution scientifically, and to get you to not believe in God and creation and, therefore, not believe in the Bible. It is amazing how many people are falling for this.

Hey, if you won't accept the Bible, they can more easily seduce you into their beloved paganism and use it to control you.

Best Quotes

Guiliani had the best quote I have heard in a long time: "The only enthusiastic crowd Hillary could draw would be a grand jury."

That is just too true and funny.

Also, Breitbart has called evil George Soros the "Dark Lord". Very true.


Just in case you have not figured it out yet, the Clintons are already selling the presidency and the US before she is even elected. To the Clintons, everyone and everything is for sale.


Do you want to know why most of the big Hollywood people are Commiecrats?

Because they are all mega wealthy, worth tens to hundreds of millions and even billions, and the Commiecrats give the upper class trash, you know, the mega wealthy people in Hollywood, big tax breaks and tax shelters while pretending to be for the little guys.


It is beginning to look like Obama and company have set it up for the UN to take over the Internet in the near future.

It looks like it is time for a group of free thinkers to set up Internet 2 or i2 as an alternative to the Internet to maintain and promote the freedom of speech. The sooner our geniuses get to work on this, the easier it will be for people to organize and make the move. They need to set up i2 so it cannot be linked in any way with i1 so the upper class trash cannot claim that i2 is really just an extension of i1. In other words, the two internets need to be incompatible in some way while still being compatible with html coding.


Iran has deployed the Russian made S-300 SAM system around their Fordow nuclear facilities to protect it from an air attack. You know, the Iranians gotta protect those little nukies they are building.

You have to understand that the S-300 and S-400 SAM systems are very difficult to attack because you have to defeat a number of layers at once. The Ruskies have learned a lot from the US blowing up so many of the Ruskie SAM systems and they learned very well.

First, they have a long range radar truck for picking up targets at about 300+ miles (400 miles for the S-400) which can be used for rough targeting for the missiles in the advent the short range targeting radar truck is taken out.

This feeds info to a control truck and the short range targeting radar truck, the latter of which is effective at about 200 to 250 miles for targeting the missiles. With this radar, the missiles can accurately hit any target out to that range.

Then they have the control truck which gets info from the two radar trucks and feeds it to the missile trucks for firing and controlling the missiles and the info retained by this truck can be used for rough "shotgun" targeting of the missiles in groups of missiles with vicinity detonation devices, which cause the missiles to explode within so many feet of the target, at incoming targets threatening the SAM. The shrapnel from these missiles can take out targets up to more than 100 feet away from the missiles when they detonate.

There are normally a minimum of three to six mobile missile trucks per SAM sight with four missiles per truck. If the target is particularly important, they could easily put a dozen missile trucks in one sight and they park all of these trucks far enough away from each other so that one truck being taken out won't cause any of the other trucks to also be taken out. They have done this so that one part of the system being taken out won't take out any other critical part of the system and the system can still reasonably function and remain deadly.

At the minimum, you have to take out all 3 of these radar and control trucks at the same time for each SAM sight AND THEN the missile trucks can still be remotely linked via satellite to other control and radar trucks at other reasonably close sights to become part of that other SAM sight to still shoot down aircraft and missiles within the missile trucks' fighting area.

Add to this that such sights are also normally protected by an Sa-22 SAM system, which is a very mobile, tracked, radar controlled combination of the old Vietnam SAM-6 and triple A battery, for near protection from planes and missiles. Each one of these independent units has at least 6 short range missiles and a quad Anti Aircraft Artillery (I think 40 mm) for anything which gets within 25 miles of the S-300 or S-400 SAM system.

This means that you have to destroy ALL of these trucks within a range of at least 300 to 400 miles of your target or flight path for the attack planes and bombers before your attack planes and bombers can safely attack the target.

This requires an extremely complex attack system of electronic warfare to jam and confuse all of the radars and communications for all of the trucks (precise multiple frequency jamming) while firing long range missiles targeting each of the trucks followed by close in clean up to make sure you got everything before your attack and bomber aircraft can begin their missions on their targets or fly through that area to reach their targets.

And that is just to take out the ground threats and doesn't include things like dealing with fighter planes and missile ships, which would be the next phase of the attack before the attack and bomber aircraft could access their targets.

It will now be just a wee bit complex just to make it possible for the attack and bomber aircraft to access their targets.

And what is really interesting is that is just a small taste of the complexity of fighting a modern air war against sophisticated enemies like Russia, China, and their close allies. An all out war with one of those powers would be at least 30 to 50 times more complex than that on a daily basis.


You Christians better get your act together fast because you are under attack and being waged war against by the Western pagans, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and other cults globally. Christianity is being destroyed in the West by pagans, atheists, and Muslims and the rest of the religions are smelling the blood and going on the attack against Christians.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ are being arrested, persecuted, enslaved, and murdered everywhere. They need your help and you will soon need their help. You better all get it together quickly or pay the price.

Just sitting on your butts waiting for the rapture has not worked out and is coming back to haunt you. Christians are being killed and the fight is on everywhere because we got complacent and let our guard down. It is time to armor up and join the fight in a global crusade against all pagan cults, including atheism, to save as many Christians as possible.

Before God will move to save our butts, we must first get off of our butts, stage a revival, get right with God, and pray for His mercy and for God to save us from ourselves. If you are not yet, you will soon be fighting for your lives against these enemies waging war against Christianity.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet to protect you and your families?

BTW, most of you will be better off with half the pay you are currently making and a Christian theocracy because you will have more disposable income.

For example, most of you are paying at least 70% to 80% of your income in taxes, such as income taxes, sales taxes, land taxes, and other taxes, to support our bloated government. If you are making $100,000 per year, you are spending $70,000 to $80,000 per year on taxes with only $20,000 to $30,000 per year disposable income. If you are making only $50,000 per year and paying only the Biblical 10% flat tax and no other taxes, you are paying $5,000 per year in taxes with $45,000 per year in disposable income.

Ready for that Christian theocracy yet to increase your wealth instead of the wealth of the pagan run government?


Everyone keeps talking about how the US is more than 18 trillion dollars in debt.

Who are we indebted too?

The corrupt wealthy people, especially the banks, and other nations who have loaned the US government the money.

A long time ago, the upper class trash bribed our leaders to start borrowing money for the government from the upper class trash so the upper class trash could make a lot of easy money from the interest on those loans. It started as a racket to make the upper class trash more wealthy more quickly and has remained a racket since. The ONLY reason for the government borrowing money is so the corrupt upper class trash can steal more money more quickly from the people. Everything else they tell you is just smoke and mirrors.

Therefore, for the most part, we are in debt to the corrupt upper class trash and we should take their wealth they have stolen from us and use it to pay our debt.

When we start our new nation, we need to forbid the borrowing of money by the government to help prevent this corruption happening again. If we properly manage our government and its revenues, there is no reason for the government to borrow money.

This would require our government maintaining a treasury with reserves for emergencies like war and that the different and limited government agencies be limited and responsible.

Black Muslims

Something interesting is happening in the black Muslim community. The leader of the New Black Panthers, Quanell X, is agreeing openly with Trump about the Commiecrats just using blacks for their votes.

This is another sign that the black Muslims are already turning on the liberal commie traitors, just like I told you they would.


The Jewish Sanhedrin has elected its high priest or Kohen Gadol, which means their first offerings could be in as little as a week. These offerings would have to be on make shift alters the way they were before the First Temple was built.

This is their first Kohen Gadol or high priest in almost 2,000 years.

This is just moving closer to building the next Temple on the Temple Mount. Keep an eye on this.

There was another article I found interesting which was titled, "What if the Temple didn't look like we expect?"

Years ago, I had a dream in which the Antichrist was descending the front steps of the Temple with four others, with all of them wearing white robes with different colored designs at the waist. The entrance to the Temple was Greek or Roman and not Hebrew. I have wondered about this for a few decades and figured this might mean the Antichrist added or changed the front of the Temple to be Greek or Roman after he took it over at the Mid Tribulation point.

Don't be surprised if the new Temple has a Greek or Roman front instead of Hebrew because it may just get built that way at the start.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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