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Remember that I told you that Obama may have poisoned Hillary so he could make a grab for four more years as president by cancelling this coming election?

Michelle was at a campaign for Hillary and the idiot liberal crowd began chanting, "Four more years, four more years..."

Gee, what a coincidence that Hillary's supporters would chant for Obama to have four more years.

The liberals are stupid enough to support Obama's power grab and even a coup. Obama may end up getting four more years to finish his evil agenda. You better bet Obama knows this and is working to stage his coup as soon as possible.

At the same time, the liberal media are turning on Hillary and trying to throw her under the bus. I keep telling you there is a massive power play going on right now between two camps, the Clintons and Obama. This is dog-eat-dog and will end up with at least the leaders of one side dead.

BTW, it has reached a point to where most liberals and most conservatives are not going to change, they have made up their minds and chosen between good and evil. It is only a relatively small group in the middle which might change and will soon choose between good and evil with many of those choosing because of what takes place during and following Obama's coup. We are almost there.

Obama said, "I'll be insulted if blacks don't vote for Hillary."

He should be insulted because he sold out blacks for rich white people like George Soros.

Obama just had the coalition forces stage an attack on Syrian forces, which is an act of war. I am waiting to see what Putin's response will be. You know Obama is testing the waters and thinks Putin won't strike back.

Could this escalate into a direct conflict between the US and Russia?

Obama just cast the first stone for war with Russia.

Obama bombing the Syrian Army during the truce is Obama showing he is using truces as tactical weapons against Russia and Syria, Obama can't be trusted, and Obama is on the side of ISIS, killing the Syrian Army to protect ISIS. In doing so, Obama broke international law and the entire planet saw it.

I hope you realize that the real reason Obama wanted the truce to "provide humanitarian aid to the civilians", you know, food and supplies, was actually a front to provide food and supplies to Obama's terrorists because Russia and Syria had completely cut off the terrorists' supply lines.

As their plans fail and they get more desperate, the Euro-American upper class are increasingly showing their true colors just like God told me they would and eyes are opening to the truth. People are increasingly making informed choices between good and evil. They are choosing whether to stand on God's side of the line or Satan's side of the line.


Concerning replacing Hillary as the DNC presidential candidate, I got this at American Thinker by Thomas Lifson:

"The first thing to keep in mind is that the last thing the Democratic Party is, is democratic in its procedures. In the event of a withdrawal, they won't be asking their voters who should head the ticket, it will be the Clinton cronies on the DNC who will meet behind closed doors to choose a successor. And it will not be Bernie Sanders, who shows dangerous signs of actually believing his rhetoric. (In fairness, a number of DNC members may have noticed that it took Bernie only a few weeks to cash in and buy his third house, a getaway manse on an island in Vermont costing more than his reported net worth, demonstrating his pliability.)

Inevitably, should Hillary be forced to withdraw, she will want to name her successor, and one must assume that would be Kaine. That leaves the Obama faction of the party shut out."

Only it won't be Kaine, it will be Chelsea, you know, keep it in the family with Billy Boy second in command as head of her cabinet like Valerie is today with Obama. Billy Boy isn't going to give up his last chance for power to Kaine.

Oops, they just banned ear pieces for debates. I guess they can't use Hillary's double for the debate unless they coach her very well. But then again, maybe she is more intelligent than the real Hillary.

BTW, remember that I told you that the upper class trash plans to purge almost all of the people who help them get into power?

Hillary is already stealing from her smaller donors.

Gee, why would she do that? Because she thinks she will soon be in permanent power and won't need them any more?

I keep telling you that the upper class trash and Muslims feel that they almost have their dictatorship set up and they are showing it. It is time that everyone figures out that the upper class trash and Muslims have betrayed and screwed us with the worst of intentions.

Truly, God is our only hope.

Power Struggle

I keep telling you this is a massive power struggle between the Clinton and Obama factions. This is the power struggle I told you would happen when the upper class trash felt they had enough control over the nation to fight it out for absolute control. Whoever is in the White House when the upper class trash make their final move, will be the supreme dictator and his faction will rule the US as a dictatorship while the other faction will be purged or killed off.

If you think they don't have near absolute control of this nation, just look at the fact that they do as they please, they are above the law, they are turning their Muslim and liberal thugs loose on us at will with fighting and killing already going in the streets, and we can't do a thing about it because they control Congress, the presidency, the courts, the media, our schools, our bureaucracies, and everything else. The only thing they have left to do is take the guns away from the people to prevent an armed revolution and destroy the military and law enforcement enough they can safely replace them with their CNSF thugs.

That is it and the job is almost finished. The upper class trash has destroyed America, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. There is no Republic of the United States left. That is why they are now making their moves to decide which faction will rule. Both factions believe they no longer need the other faction and are fighting so they can do the killing instead of being killed.

Muslim Terrorists

Remember that I have been telling you that since the liberals prevented us from winning this war against terrorists overseas, the war will now come here at home?

We have gone from having terrorist attacks on an almost daily basis to having multiple terrorist attacks (3) in one day in multiple states (3). You can thank your liberal commie traitor families, friends, media, and others for this and it WILL get worse. Soon there will be dozens of terrorist attacks a day.

You still think the lefties, who keep defending Islam, and the Muslims are not waging war against us? What will it take to convince you they are?

BTW, there was one terrorist attack by a Muslim using a knife in a mall and he would ask if someone was Muslim before he attacked them but he didn't ask whether they were liberal or conservative.

Gee, who would have figured? Gee, you think that just maybe the Muslims are waging war against the liberals too and the liberals are just too stupid to figure it out, you know, just like I told you would happen?

One terrorist attack was staged in relation to an outdoor sporting event, a run. These are types of sporting events liberals enjoy and will be killed doing until the Muslims stop all of our outdoor sports and possibly also stop our stadium sports.

You want change?

The liberals and Muslims are bringing you change.

I told you that you will see the same things happening here that have been happening in other countries for years and they are now happening here. Now, thanks to the liberals and Muslims, there are no safe places in the US. You better get used to people being murdered and maimed in the US by Muslims, especially with bombs.


Interestingly, did you notice that the Ukraine rebels are using a modification of the Confederacy "stars and bars" or "rebel" flag?

Instead of stars in the bars, they are using a crest at the center. There is also a slight color difference but it still is surprisingly similar.

Recreational Drugs

For decades I have read research reports on recreational drugs, especially pot. I have been exposed to dopers throughout much of my life, especially in Udorn, Thailand where the US Air Force had a mostly hands off policy in dealing with dopers so I had to live and work with them. I have a pretty good idea of what drugs do to people, I have seen drugs destroy people's health, and I have seen them destroy their lives. There is nothing good about recreational drugs.

When I listen to dopers, the irrational lies come out about how the drugs are not harmful and actually are good for you in spite of the millions of obvious human examples to the contrary or that the drugs only harm the doper and no one else BECAUSE they love their sins and want to believe the lies so they can feel safe in their sins. Just gotta get that buzz, baby.

When these stupid people find out you are a Christian, they love to "quote scripture" from a Bible they have never read and normally hate and rail against to prove we are "supposed to use drugs". Actually, they misquote scripture and take it out of context but, hey, it sounds good to them and other ignorant and stupid people so it works.

Their favorite scripture to "prove" we are supposed to use drugs is when God told Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden before their fall to eat the herbs of the earth.

There is a little problem with this. After the fall and exile from the Garden of Eden, God changed the DNA of everything on earth and gave use a few clues to that effect when He said that he caused some plants to grow thorns and thistles. You can only cause plants or animals to grow differently by changing their DNA.

So, if the doper reasoning and miss use of the Bible is true, they have just a wee bit of a problem.

Did you know that better than 90% of the plants on this planet are 100% toxic to humans?

That's right, you can't eat any part of better than 90% of the plants on this planet or they will either make you sick or kill you.

A really great example is the extremely beautiful Lantana Camera, which is one of the most lethal plants in the world for humans. If you eat ANY part of a Lantana Camera, you will be dead within 3 to 4 days and there is no treatment or cure for it. All they can do for you is put you in a hospital to run up a really high bill and watch you die.

Of the less than 10% of the plants on this planet we can eat some part of them, for most, we can only eat one part.

A really great example is the potato. The only part of the potato plant we can eat without getting sick or dying is the potato. We cannot eat any other part of that plant.

There are very few plants on this planet for which we can eat two or more parts of the plant such as the dandelion, for which we can eat every part of the plant. To be able to eat the entire plant is very rare.

Gee, what happened to the lying liberal Biblical misquote about us being supposed to eat all of the plants of the world?

The truth is that we can't eat most of the plants in the world or they will either make us sick or kill us and that includes all recreational drugs because they all cause damage to our bodies. Every one of those drug induced highs are caused by the drugs indiscriminately destroying cells, especially brain cells, and you can only destroy so many of the right cells and you will die. If you destroy even fewer of the right cells, you get really bad health until you do die.

But you can't tell the dopers that because they don't want to hear it. They refuse to listen to anything but their little doper lies.

The really bad things about dopers include, but are not limited to,

1) they encourage and pressure other people to use the drugs and ruin their health and lives so that drugs are a communicable disease,

2) their eventual bad health often causes them to become incapacitated so they can't take care of themselves and then they insist that you spend your tax dollars to pay for them having so much fun taking drugs,

3) when they become dysfunctional in society, they turn to crime to pay for their drugs, regardless of whether the drugs are legal or not, because they can't earn the money to pay for the drugs,

4) they open the door for the upper class trash to use drugs to control them and use them to destroy society and our government,

5) they make themselves susceptible to being seduced into paganism, which heavily uses drugs to seduce and control people,

6) they open the door for organized crime to take over, increase crime, and destroy our countries the way they have in the West, and

7) research has shown that the drugs damage their DNA in their reproductive cells causing permanent damage in the DNA of their offspring causing mental and physical health problems for their offspring, decreasing their offsprings' potentials in life.

Recreational drugs are not a victimless crime or even just the dopers hurting themselves and no one else. We all pay in one way or another for their drug abuse. And then we are supposed to feel sorry for them after they have destroyed their lives and caused problems for us.

And you want to legalize dope?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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