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Government Corruption

In one of my last few essays, I told you about how the upper class trash use just one special trust fund to avoid paying taxes and quickly increase their wealth but that was just a glimpse of their corruption, a tip of the iceberg.

Now let's look at the big picture.

Think about this: The upper class trash control better than 95% of the wealth in the world and generate better than 95% of the revenues but they pay taxes on almost none of those revenues or profits, on less than 1% of their annual revenues.

You, the people, control less than 5% of the wealth and generate less than 5% of the revenues or profits but pay at least 50% of your income in taxes such as income, sales, land, and other taxes.

But, it is better than that because the upper class trash loan the taxes to the government that they should be paying to the government, and charge the government, A.K.A. the tax payers, interest on the taxes they should be paying but are loaning to the government. You, the tax payers are paying the upper class trash interest to borrow money the upper class trash should be giving the government in taxes.

In other words, the upper class trash are using stolen money to steal more money from you. All that money we owe the upper class trash in government loans is stolen money they owe us because they corrupted the system to steal that money from us before they loaned it to us.

Does that sound intelligent to you?

That is all because of pagan common law, which can easily be corrupted.

Now, let's look at what would happen under Biblical Law. Let's do some math because you know how much I love math.

With the people paying 50% taxes on just 5% of the revenues in the US, the government is getting revenues equal to less than 2.5% of the total revenues earned by all classes combined. This is why the government keeps printing more money to steal, they can't steal enough from you.

Under Biblical Law, EVERYONE would pay 10% taxes on ALL of their income with NO OTHER TAXES, which would decrease taxes for the lower and middle classes by at least 80% to a total of only .5% of the national revenues instead of 2.5% and increase the taxes on the rich so that the government revenues would equal 10% of annual revenues or quadruple the current government income in taxes.

When you realize that our national debt is increasing by 1/3 of our annual tax income, you should also realize that quadrupling that income would make it possible for us to stop incurring debt, pay off our debt, rebuild our military to handle any war, and build a huge treasury that could easily handle any emergency like wars.

Add to that, if we were to decrease the size and cost of our government by at least 90%, which we can easily do, then our government cost would drop to less than 10% of what it currently is.

Our current annual budget is less than 5 trillion dollars with our annual tax revenues being more than 3 trillion dollars and our debt is increasing by more than 1 trillion dollars per year. If we decrease the cost of our government by 90%, our annual government overhead will be less than half a trillion dollars so that, with the current tax revenues, we could easily run our government, stop incurring debt, start paying off that debt, and rebuild our military within just a few decades.

But, if we converted to Biblical Law and quadrupled our tax revenues to more than 12 trillion dollars per year, we could pay off all of our debt, rebuild our military, rebuild our infrastructure, and build a huge treasury for emergencies within 5 years with you, the people, especially the poor, paying 80% less in taxes.

Within just a few years, we would have the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history with the greatest infrastructure in history, the most massive treasury ever, and the richest people in history with even the poor increasing their disposable income by at least 80% so that even the poor could do things like send their children to at least good private Christian schools.

Do you see how corrupt pagan common law is? Do you see how corrupt our system is? Do you see the difference between pagan common law and Biblical Law? Do you see why the corrupt upper class trash hate Biblical Law and have taught you to hate it?

Have you had enough of this corrupt pagan theocracy and are you ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Did you know that, under Biblical Law, Marxism is illegal?

"Thou shalt not covet". Marxism is based on coveting what other people have and is illegal under Biblical Law.

Thou shalt not steal. Marxism functions by abusing the power of government to steal what other people have and is illegal under Biblical Law.

Under Biblical Law, Marxism is illegal, crony capitalism is also illegal and only free market capitalism is legal.

Under pagan common law, you can't own anything because you have to pay taxes or commie rent on everything, like your land, and, if you don't pay the commie rent, they will take it away from you.

Under Biblical Law they can't charge you those taxes or commie rent so that, if you buy something you own it.

Under common law, they can take your land from you via immanent domain, code violations, and other reasons but, under Biblical Law, they can't take your land away from you for any reason other than you using your land to commit a crime.

Pagan common law protects your government from you while permitting your government to control and steal from you.

Biblical Law protects you from a corrupt government.

Do you see why I have told you that we humans could not possibly have ever written Biblical Law, not even today?

We humans are too greedy, power mad, and corrupt to have ever written Biblical Law, especially the upper class trash, therefore, the very existence of Biblical Law proves there must be a more intelligent being than us humans who gave that law to man to protect man from each other and corrupt governments. This means that Biblical Law proves that God is real, He lives, He exists, AND that God cares about us and loves us.

Don't you just love doing the math with me?

It really opens your eyes.


I just found this article at Arutz Sheva by Yoel Domb:

"ISIS bans pet cats in Islamic state"

"The new law has been implemented in the region of Mosul, the biggest city occupied by ISIS, where ISIS forces were directed to search resident's houses for cats and kittens. Residents were warned not to violate the law or oppose the soldiers searching for cats."

This is very interesting because Muhammad loved cats and considered them a blessing. Many Muslims have had cats and been affectionate with them for 1,400 years.

Suddenly, they have to kill their cats?

It will be interesting to see how the Muslims respond to this because this new law contradicts Muhammad and the Koran.

Also, if they kill off all of the free roaming cats, there will be an explosion in rodent and bug populations followed by disease pandemics that could easily cripple or even wipe out ISIS.

Keep an eye on this.


Obama just set a record approval rating of 55%. That is with Obama clearly being the worst president in history.

If this is true, we really are screwed because this shows just how dumbed down and brainwashed the American people have become. It proves what I have been saying that a democracy can never work again because there are just too many stupid people.

How can so many clearly stupid people vote intelligently?

Believe me, a democracy will never work again.

BTW, Obama threatened Russia with a possible no-fly zone for Russia and Syria so now, with their large number of recently deployed SAM systems, Russia is has created a no-fly zone for the US and its allies where the US and its allies can't fly without the permission of Russia. The Russians said that, if any coalition aircraft threaten Syrian or Russian troops, the Russian SAMs will shoot the aircraft down.

Putin just reversed the tables on Obama so that now Obama is posturing for war with Russia but, so far, that is just talk.

The following is very important.

I have been sitting here watching Obama working on plans that I knew would fall through because God said otherwise and those plans just fell through, you know, like God told me they would.

You see, what Obama was working on was getting the US under the control of the UN and then him getting elected or appointed to be the leader of the UN, which would make Obama dictator over the US and Hillary his vassal president, answering to Obama...again. There has been talk for several years now about Obama being appointed the head of the UN after he leaves the US presidency.

Why do you think Obama has been out campaigning for Hillary?

He wants her to answer to him as her dictator. He wants to take away the sparkle of her victory by having power and control over her, which will cause Obama to win the current power struggle between Obama and the Clintons.

That is why Obama turned control of the Internet over to the UN and is trying to impose the UN gun control laws on the US. I found out about these plans years ago but never talked about them because God told me something else was going to happen. I don't worry about men's plans that contradict God's plans.

Obama's plans just fell through because the UN just picked its new leader, Antonio Guterres of Portugal.

Oops, now, if Obama gives up control of the US, he will be at the mercy of whomever gets elected US president and he will probably end up dead, especially if Hillary wins.

Is your corner getting a wee bit small, Obama?

Man plans, God laughs.


You can bet that, with Putin having built up a very large and powerful aircraft defense system of mostly advanced SAMs, the US has moved in one or more Wild Weasel units to take out those defenses.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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