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Space Aliens


Over at Communist News Network they are saying, "The Star Nearest Our Sun May Host a Habitable Planet".

You have to understand that star is four light years away. At the speed of light, it would take four years to get there or from there to here. They would have started receiving our first man made electromagnetic signals more than 100 years ago and our first TV signals about 70 years ago. Therefore, that star would be the most obvious place for the lefties to "find space aliens".

Buuuuuuuut, this looks just a wee bit fishy. They couldn't even accurately tell the size of Pluto in our own solar system until we flew one of our robot spaceships by it, have been magically finding habitable planets in star systems hundreds of light years away and couldn't find this planet until now, plus remember they are saying "may be a habitable planet", and they make this announcement just when they are accelerating all of this other space alien crap.

Gee, what a coincidence.

I was wondering when they were going to get around to "finding a habitable planet" in that solar system. They were probably saving it for last so more people would believe it.

You just know we are going to get the space alien treatment about how we should submit to their dictatorial and tyrannical rule for a one world government or dictatorship because they are so intellectually superior to us and they will just take such wonderful care of us, you know, like they and their evil ancestors have taken care of us for the last 5,000 years of slavery and oppression and the stupid people (A.K.A. liberals) will buy it.

This, of course, was followed by a story about John Podesta, Hillary's consultant, and space aliens.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Anthony Weiner

How long do you think it will be before Anthony Weiner turns up dead from an accident or suicide with half a dozen bullet holes in the back of his head?

Do you know who Anthony Weiner reminds me of?

An evil Ja Ja Binks.

Now he has put Huma at risk and she could easily turn up dead soon.

It turns out that the e-mails on Weiner's computer are bringing down a lot of very powerful people and showing the very ugly truth about the upper class trash. It turns out that both Weiner and Huma have gone belly up to save their own butts and are ratting out everyone at the top.

This is clearly showing why Comey didn't bring charges against Hillary for her crimes. The investigation and trial would have brought down everyone including him, Lynch, and Obama plus no telling how many of the puppet masters and for really terrible crimes.

This shows the brilliance of God in that the FBI wouldn't bring charges against Hillary to stop her so God had the NYPD investigate Weiner for his obvious sex crimes, which opened up the entire can of worms. It turns out that the worst e-mails incriminating Hillary and everyone else were on Weiner's computer.

Now the NYPD is telling the FBI that either the FBI will bring charges or the NYPD will go public and bring what charges it can. This is forcing Comey's hand buuuut, in spite of what the NYPD said, Comeny once again says he can't find anything to prosecute Hillary for.

Get the boy some glasses. Talk about blatantly covering your own butt!!!

Did you really expect Comey to bring charges this time and incriminate himself?

Will the NYPD make it all public like they said they would?

God is making the ugly truth known just like He told me He would and people are choosing or making an informed choice for good or evil.

From what I have been reading, this is exposing all types of sex crimes, especially against children, child trafficking, Satan rituals (remember that I told you the upper class trash are Luciferians), human sacrifices, and just about everything evil you could imagine and more.

Food For thought

Muhammad had more than four wives and hundreds of sex slaves in his harem, yet, when he died, he didn't have one male heir, not one. Because of this, his son-in-law claimed he was the rightful male heir, was refused that claim by the rest of Muhammad's family, fled to Persia, started the Shiite Muslim faith and died in battle. That fight has been going on for 1,400 years.

An uncle of Muhammad's took over leadership of Sunni Islam because Muhammad, with all those women he was screwing, didn't have any male heirs and only had one son-in-law.

Why? Was he infertile? Did he pick up some STD from screwing so many women that caused him to become infertile? Was it because of the hash he smoked?

BTW, we have known for more than half a century that having sex more often tends to weaken the sperm, decrease the number of sperm, and decrease their ability to make it to and combine with the female egg. It is suggested that, if a male is having trouble reproducing, he limit his sex to strengthen and increase the number of his sperm.

It is reported by Islam what Muhammad was such a nymphomaniac that he spent most of his time screwing his women, when he wasn't busy murdering and robbing. That alone could account for him not having any male heirs and very few female children.


Remember that I told you that most of Hillary's supporters will not change from voting for her no matter what crimes she commits?

A poll showed that 63% of the voters said that the current investigation makes no difference to them, you know, it is probably just a conservative conspiracy that she committed all of those crimes. They have made their choices between good and evil and will never turn from evil no matter what.

Only 7% of her voters said it would make any difference at all. These are the people God is going after. The others are lost forever.

Well, the liberals are going full bore with their usual dirty tricks. They can't save Hillary because everyone now knows the truth, she is a terrible criminal. Therefore, they have turned to their favorite dirty trick, character assassination of Trump. Suddenly the liberal trolls are posting really terrible false accusations about Trump to make him look even worse than Hillary. It is so blatantly obvious but there are plenty of stupid people who will believe it.

Assange is telling you what I told you, that the election is so corrupted that Hillary will win regardless of how many votes either gets. Assange has said that they (the upper class trash) won't let Trump be elected. That is how corrupt our government has become, God is our only hope.

If Trump significantly wins the popular vote and Hillary is still appointed president, there will probably be a civil war.

It seems that, since the Weiner investigation has put Huma in hot water, she has disappeared from the campaign trail and just returned to the campaign trail. This is very serious because Huma has been at Hillary's side in everything for years and she could easily put Hillary and her pals in prison more so than anyone else.

Expect the FBI to really go after her and they did. It is now being reported that Huma gave the FBI information proving Obama knew about Hillary's illegal server all along making Obama complicit. It is the old divide and conquer thingy, you turn the criminals against each other to save their own butts.

But, hey, Comey won't bring charges. He is part of the problem.

God is our only hope.

Don't be surprised if Huma ends up dead in the not too distant future.

Assange made it known that all of Obama's staff, almost all of the State Department upper level staff, and many other upper level staff in different government agencies have been illegally using private servers to cover their criminal activities.

If Comey, Obama, and Lynch permit a proper investigation of this mess, it will bring down all of the upper class trash and their government puppets. That is why Comey refused to prosecuted and, to appease the rebelling members of the FBI, Comey is only permitting a partial investigation. Comey and Lynch are still running interference for the upper class trash and themselves.

They are all criminals who belong swinging in the same trees and kicking in the same breeze.


Three more Russian submarines have joined Putin's carrier force heading for Syria. That brings it up to four subs total at this point.

These subs are cruise missile capable, which will mean they can launch attacks against the terrorists on land.

Gee, I wonder what Putin is planning to do with this fleet when it gets to Syria?

Not really. I have a pretty good idea what Putin is going to do. He will really tick off Obama by finishing off Obama's terrorist armies.

BTW, you do remember that China has sided with Assad in this illegal attempt by the Euro-American upper class trash to topple the Syrian government? Guess who else has sided with Syria?

India. That is huge because the two most populous nations on the planet have sided with Assad against the Euro-American upper class trash, both of whom have signed mutual defense treaties with Russia. If you fight one, you must fight all.

Egypt has also sent officers to Syria to work with the Ruskies and the Ruskies are doing military maneuvers with Egypt in Egypt.

Gee, with Obama, we just keep losing more and more allies. What a great president we have...not.

Putin is sending another missile ship, the Admiral Grigorovich, from Crimea to join the growing fleet off of the Syrian coast instead of sending ships back to Crimea. That tells me that Putin is planning to clean up the mess in Syria before he cleans up the mess in Ukraine and isn't too worried about the offensive building against him in Ukraine.

Also, I have found out that Erdogan is planning on taking a large section of land in Northern Syria just south of the Turkish border in order to remain in contact with ISIS so he can keep sending in weapons, reinforcements, and other supplies to ISIS while stealing more oil from Syria.

It seems that part of Putin's plan is to drive Turkey back out of Syria before NATO can intervene. His apparent strategy is to suppress Turkey's air force, which he can easily do with the land and sea forces he is building in the area, and then drive Erdogan's ground forces back across the Turkish border. Putin wants to get this done and finish off Obama's terrorists before NATO can react and save Turkey, which explains Putin's current military buildup in Syria.

I think things are going to get very interesting in Syria very soon. Putin is getting ready to do his own "shock and awe".

BTW, the fleet Putin currently has off the coast of Syria has 10 surface missile ships and at least one or two missile subs. Putin is currently sending in 4 more surface missile ships, 4 more missile subs, and his aircraft carrier for a combined fleet of just about 20 warships and that is just what we know about because he may have more subs moving into the area.

You add to that all of the planes, SAMs, missiles and artillery, armor, troops, and other forces Putin has in Syria and Egypt, that Putin's missile ships in both the Black Sea and Caspian Sea are within missile range of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, there are significant allied forces in Syria from Iran and Hezbollah, Iran can hit the US coalition forces in Iraq from Iran, Iran can turn the Iraqi forces against the US coalition, that the US coalition has limited forces in that area, and that Putin has mutual defense treaties with China and India, and Obama wants to pick a fight with that?


Below is a slightly older picture of Hillary wearing a $12,000 outfit from just before she collapsed. I got this over at, I didn't see a photographer ID. This is an absolutely perfect picture showing exactly what I have been telling you.

Look at the size of her hips, they are huge and extend out well past her outer shoulder pads because she stores most of her fat on her hips, butt, and legs. It is a genetic thing. You can also tell by the outer angle of her pant legs that her legs are also fat. Look at the tent she wears for a top and notice the slits in the bottom sides to help hide her fat butt and hips.

That is the real Hillary.

Now compare this picture to the pictures of Hillary in the three debates and you will not see those large hips and butt because Hillary's double is 30 to 40 pounds lighter, especially in the hips, butt, and legs. The double's tops didn't have slits in the bottom sides to hide her fat butt and hips and those tops fit her nicely.

Below is a fairly good picture of Hillary's double in the third debate I got over at Hollywood Life, again, no photographer credits.

Gee, where did those fat hips, butt, and legs go? Hey, where are the side slits in her top to hide her fat hips and butt? Gee, what magic, don't you wish you knew her diet?

She lost a good 30 pounds from the waist down in just 90 minutes.

I have not seen a picture of the true Hillary which was taken since her collapse. All I have seen is her double and pre collapse pictures of her.

BTW, I just saw another picture of Hillary shaking hands with Trump and she is clearly 30 to 40 pounds lighter and no one is noticing?


I have been following this oil pipeline war. It is sickening to watch the liberals work it.

This thing was taken to court and it was proved in a court of law that NONE of the protesters' claims are true. All of the claims they are telling everyone to stop the pipeline are false but the liberals just keep making them and making them and making them and more and more people are starting to believe the lies are true and falling for the con.

The liberals really know how to convince most people to believe blatantly obvious lies. They are such masters at the con and, for some reason, the liberals are pulling out all stops to stop this pipeline. One of their mega wealthy puppet masters must be going to lose a lot of money if this pipeline goes through. They are very clearly getting desperate and increasingly aggressive. It has reached a point of almost being all out war.

One good thing is that it is telling me who the liberal activists and trolls are. The liberal trolls and activists are the people posting the lies again and again on the Internet.

South China Sea

Malaysia, one of the nations claiming part of the South China Sea in opposition to China, has just jumped ship on the US and become buds with China. Malaysia also just ordered four new Chinese warships worth $34 billion.

It was only recently that the Philippines, another claimant for part of the South China Sea, made buds with China. That only leaves three more claimants to oppose China; Taiwan, Vietnam, and Brunei.

Note that these two countries just happen to have recently been taken over by new leaders who are friendly with China.

You don't think that, just maybe, China is meddling with their local politics to help people get elected who will give into China, do you? Kind of looks like it, doesn't it?

Mean while, under Obama, the US just keeps losing allies by the bucket full.

Gee, don't you wish Obama would be our president for four more years so he can lose us even more allies? You don't think that Obama gutting our military while China, Russia, and others are building their militaries could have anything to do with it, do you? Maybe they are reading the writing on the wall?

Don't worry, Hillary will certainly chase off the rest of our allies.


I can't even stand reading the news anymore because things have gotten so bad and so many people still have their heads up their butts.

I know I have to keep reading the news because it is my job but would you people out there please pull your heads out of your butts and deal with what is going on?

The upper class trash and their puppets are all criminals and belong in front of the same firing squad.

The insanity is just mind boggling. It is just so blatantly obvious and yet there are those who keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


Just how much more obvious does their wickedness have to get before you acknowledge that they are pure evil?

They are devil worshipers (and we have at least one video proving it), they are selling children, they are raping children, they are murdering children, they are cold blooded evil monsters, and many people will still vote for them? Why, because those people voting for them are just as evil as the leaders?

I want my own planet away from all of these deranged pagans.

Lord, please save us, especially the children, from these evil pagans. We deserve this punishment, the children don't.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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