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The heavy bombardment of Obama's Syrian based terrorists by Russian forces has begun. You know this will be devastating and make Obama very unhappy because it is destroying Obama's plans.

This probably won't take too long.

Man plans, God laughs.

One of the reasons that Putin quit bombing Aleppo for one month was because Kerry said that Putin not bombing Aleppo "could" cause the terrorists to stop fighting. Kerry's idiot idea completely failed because the terrorists killing civilians just got worse.

Putin proved the liars wrong so he is now free to do it his way.

Previously unannounced, Putin has based large strategic bombers somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea and is using them to regularly bombard Obama's terrorists...uh...rebels. Putin is really pounding the terrorists and Assad has returned to quickly taking ground.

Also, Turkey is trying to advance on Al Bab to prevent the Kurds in the East and West from uniting and the US backed Kurds are now attacking the Turkish forces to prevent them from reaching Al Bab in northern Syria. Keep an eye on this mess.


It is beginning to look like Trump is the real thing and is good for America. He has placed a five year ban on lobbying by members of his administration after they leave government service. This is a good move and should have been done a long time ago and I would have preferred 10 years or longer. But this is a good sign.

Now, is Ford not only going to keep its car factory in the US instead of sending it to Mexico, but Apple is going to return to making IPhones in the US.

Trump has achieved more good for this nation in two weeks just by being elected and not even in office than Obama did in eight years as president.

But he has already changed his tune on immigration. Keep an eye on him.

Keep praying.

Food For Thought

Is Obama's current trip around Europe him seeing which European leaders, you know, European globalists, who are all in a panic because of Trump being elected, will support Obama declaring martial law? Is he getting his ducks in a row?

I can't see any other reason for this European trip and Obama only having two months left in office. He says he is saying goodbye.


Why else would the European leaders want to talk to Obama instead of to Trump?

It would be a waste of their time and they are very busy people. This trip doesn't make sense.

Is Obama lining up his ducks to make a grab for US power and Obama coordinate with those leaders in setting up their beloved global dictatorship in one slick move?

With Obama's trip, Soros' rioting, and the upper class trash just having been given a major setback, something is going on here.

A desperate grab for global power before things get worse?


The people encouraging the riots should face charges for subversion and other crimes. No one should be allowed to encourage rioting.


I just saw some pictures of Hillary giving a speech a week after the election and she looked like she just got out of the hospital. She looked really bad and like she was near death. She was very pale and her face was puffy like she has been severely ill.

Gee, you don't think they have been hiding her in a bed somewhere, do you?

I guess they won't need the double anymore now that Hillary is washed up?

US Navy

Interestingly, the US Navy has just dropped a couple of codes for areas like the coasts of Russia and China. The codes were meant as no-go zones and stated that anything that went into those areas wouldn't come back out intact, both ships and planes.

Remember that Obama wasn't attending his daily military briefings, often for more than a month at a time, and, when he did, he would only stay for 5 to 10 minutes before excusing himself to attend to more important business like a golf course?

Now that he is leaving office and Trump will soon be Commander-in-Chief, they are dropping those codes and saying those threats can be countered and, if necessary, will be dealt with. This is after Obama also severely devastated the US military capabilities for 8 years.

So, now with the military weaker than it was, the military no longer feels they cannot win a fight in these areas?

Gee, do you think that just maybe they created those codes to prevent Obama from starting a shooting war with nations like Russia and China because they knew Obama would lose those shooting wars?

They sure are not worried about losing those wars under Trump, are they?

That says a lot about Obama and it isn't good.

For years, I have been seeing YouTube videos with arm chair experts discussing who has the stronger military, the US, Russia, or China and not one of them has been even close to right.

Listen, both Russia and China have one each "aircraft carrier" which can't carry more than 40 aircraft each. The US has almost a dozen carriers which can carry from 80 to more than 100 aircraft. The US has a number of small chopper carriers which are as large as the Russian and Chinese aircraft carriers. Russia and China each have about 2,500 military aircraft and the US has more than 5,000 military aircraft on active duty with another 5,000+ in the Bone Yard, which can be called back into active service ready for combat within months and fully capable of dealing with the best aircraft in the world, especially if equipped with the latest US electronics warfare equipment. Russia has about 2,000 nukes, China has about 300 nukes, and the US has about 2,000 nukes but Russia's and China's guidance systems will deliver their nukes within about 10 to 20 miles of their targets and ours will deliver our munitions within feet of our targets.

Plus I personally know of secret weapons systems I know the Ruskies and Chicom don't have which will blow them out of the water and I know we have even better today. We have weapons systems you wouldn't believe. Buck Rogers only WISHED he had it so good.

With the right leader, I am not worried about Russia and China, I used to maintain the writing on the wall and know what it says. I am worried about our upper class trash traitors and their idiot minions, they are the ones destroying our nation from within.

What bothers me still is that Obama still has two months in which he can easily finish off this nation.

On January 21, 2017, if our nation is still in one peace, I will breathe a sigh of relief, for God will have answered our prayers and saved our butts.

Keep praying, we still need it.

At least we now have Hillary and Billy Boy out of the way and need to take out Soros and his traitor pals and one concern here is that they will try to kill trump the same way they did JFK to regain control of the government.

Let me show you how powerful just the US Navy is in relation to the other navies which have "carriers".

The US Navy has 11 combat ready super carriers and one that has finished construction but is currently undergoing combat readiness testing that all dwarf any other carriers in the world. They normally carry at least 48 fighter aircraft, 4 ECM birds, 4 AWACs, 2 transport, 2 small cargo craft, and 6 choppers or 60 aircraft but are capable of carrying from 80 to 100 aircraft.

The US Navy also has at least 9 chopper carriers for amphibious support for Marines. These normally carry 10 Osprey and 4 choppers to transport Marines for assaults, 3 small choppers, 4 attack choppers, and 6 Harrier jets but can carry up to 24 Harriers. Soon they will trade the Harriers for F-35B VSTOL fighters.

Russia has one ramp/catapult carrier which can carry up to 40 aircraft total.

China has one ramp only carrier which can carry up to 40 aircraft total that they don't even know how to use.

Britain stupidly decommissioned its only carrier and won't have one until 2020 and a second one in 2022 which will be ramp carriers which will normally carry 12 F-35s and 4 choppers but can carry up to 36 F-35s.

France has the only nuclear powered carrier other than the US with a catapult and carries 14 fighter planes, 12 attack jets, 2 AWACs, and 4 choppers.

India has two ramp carriers, of which the really old one carries 9 Harriers and 15 choppers and the newer one carriers 36 Migs and 12 choppers.

Japan has 3 chopper carriers for anti-submarine, attack, and troop transport along with Osprey for troop transport, no jets.

Australia has two troop carriers which have only choppers for troop transport and attack, no jets.

Italy has two ramp carriers with 12 choppers and 10 Harriers but will soon swap the Harriers for 15 F-35Bs.

South Korea has one chopper only carrier and is building two more, no jets.

Brazil has a very old WWII and troubled carrier that can't go to sea for more than three months at a time, carries A-4s, obsolete fighter planes, 4 small cargo planes and 20 choppers.

Spain has an amphibious ramp carrier that carries 30 choppers OR 12 Harriers, not both.

Thailand has one ramp carrier which is currently only carrying 4 choppers because they don't have the money to fly their Harriers and it only leaves port for one day each month for financial reasons.

There are only 5 and soon 7 small carriers in the world outside of the US Navy that can carry up to 40 aircraft for a maximum total of 280 aircraft total plus 6 and soon 8 chopper carriers, not all of whom can also carry jets.

The US Navy has 12 super carriers which currently carry 576 fighter planes and can carry half again as many plus 9 chopper carriers which also carry another 216 jets for a total of 792 jets. The US Navy currently carries 2 to 3 times more jets than all of the other carriers combined carry in total aircraft. Except for France, the US has the only nuclear carriers in the world so that all of the other carriers have to be refueled on a regular basis to get anywhere.

With the right leader, I am not worried about a confrontation with Russia and/or China. My concern is having the wrong people running our government who can do far more damage to our nation than all of our enemies combined and keep in mind that this is AFTER Obama and his liberal commie traitor pals spent 8 years tearing down our military.

Rebuild that military to where it should be and use it right with the right leader and we should have peace and no piracy.

A good example of a potential mess is that the current strategic position Obama has our troops in Iraq and Syria while starting trouble with Putin is a very bad situation that could turn into a US route or worse.

It isn't just how good your military is but also how good and well intentioned your leaders are.

Keep praying, we need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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