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Here is an interesting observation.

Did you notice that right after Hillary lost the election, suddenly she looked like crap and gained weight but then later she started looking better and lost weight? Did you also notice that, since she lost weight and started looking better, we have not heard anything about her having health problems, especially coughing, in spite of the fact she has been speaking publically?

Is the real Hillary back in bed and the double is now the only one you see?

Keep an eye on this.

Here is some food for thought. If Hillary and her kind are not executed for their crimes, they will just continue their crimes, you know, like child trafficking and child rape.

Save the children.

Well, the lefties just keep trying one con after another to steal the election because they are power mad. They refuse to give up on stealing power.

Are you convinced yet that I am right in that the ONLY THING which will stop their insane lust for power and efforts to steal that power is death?

Just stick around a few more weeks or months and they will still be trying to steal the power because they are obsessive, compulsive evil power mad whackos. As long as they are alive they will NEVER stop trying to steal more power and they prove me right every day. When you get tired of them constantly trying to steal more power, you will believe me.

Draining the Swamp

Let's get real, Trump can't "drain the swamp" because he would have to pass legislation that would have to be voted on by the very people the legislation will get rid of. These power mad, greedy whackos will NOT vote themselves out of office. Only you, the voters, can do that and too many voters won't.

Yeah, I know, it sounds good but reality says it will never happen because too many voters are the problem and keep voting for these jerks. Even if we did get rid of these jerks, those voters would just vote in another jerk to replace the first jerks.

With that said, Trump can drain part of the swamp by replacing corrupt bureaucratic leaders who will replace corrupt lower level bureaucratic leaders and work their way down to corrupt employees and that will take time to achieve. That is what Trump seems to be trying to do now.


Sheriff Arpaio just submitted some evidence about Obama's birth certificate being a forgery to the FBI just before Trump taking office because the DOJ controlled by Obama will not prosecute but Trump's DOJ will prosecute.

One of my readers sent me a link to a video about part of the evidence the FBI will be investigating under Trump and I thank Mark for that.

If it turns out that Obama is not a US citizen, he and everyone who helped him get into office will be facing charges for a large number of crimes, including but not limited to, treason, spying, subversion, sabotage, and probably murder for the many people Obama has illegally abused the power of the US government to murder in places like Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Syria, just to name a few. They could easily end up with life sentences and some crimes may be capital, requiring the death penalty for at least some of the people involved.

Obama has committed a huge number of crimes and gotten away with them because he put partners in crime in charge of the DOJ but that will soon end and he and those partners seem to already be under investigation for probable prosecution under Trump.

You know that Obama knows this and is very concerned about it so keep an eye on it.


Remember that I told you that Israel is really a socialist dictatorship and you can't pee without a government permit?

The all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, highly educated, grossly overpaid, natural elite, upper class trash x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities micro manage EVERYTHING and know nothing about anything.

Hundreds of farmers protested in Jerusalem claiming the government is killing agriculture in Israel.

Gee, who would have figured that those spoiled college brats who have never worked a day in their lives would screw up everything they try to micro managed based on the superior fairy tales their liberal college professors told them?

Recently, they caught smugglers with...wait for it...9,000 eggs, that is right, chicken eggs being smuggled into Jerusalem.

Listen, you know that, when the criminals start smuggling food, the government is running everything and screwing it all up. Another great victory for socialism.


A new study in Australia has linked vitamin D deficiency in pregnant mothers to autism. Vitamin D, you know, that stuff your skin makes when sunlight hits it.

Gee, I wonder why there has been an increase in autism since the 1980s when the idiot liberal media began scaring people into not getting any sunlight because they made it sound like getting ANY sunlight automatically causes cancer?

For years I have been telling people to not listen to the media and health nuts about getting any sunlight because I knew you need regular doses of sunlight to get enough vitamin D for your body to properly process fats for use in cells, especially nerve and brain cells, you know, that fatty grey matter thingy called your brain.

But no, they let the idiot liberal media terrify them into not getting ANY sunlight and we have, by the strangest coincidence, been seeing a rapidly increasing number of babies being born with autism, which the health nuts have blamed on more than half a dozen things which turned out to all be false claims.

The important thing about sunlight is to get regular doses but don't get seriously sun burned, which will cause skin cancer. And putting billion proof sun screen on to prevent any sunlight from getting to your skin doesn't help any. Sunlight is very important for your health, just not too much, you know, like everything else. A reasonable amount of sunlight to maintain a decent, not too dark, tan is good for you.

Gee, you think that, if maybe pregnant mothers start getting enough vitamin D by getting enough sunlight the autism epidemic just might go away?

Keep an eye on this.


This helps explain a lot about liberal God haters, you know, how ignorant they are of the God they hate.

A woman stole the baby Jesus from a nativity scene in Bethlehem, Israel and left a note saying, "Child has a broken right foot which has been neglected. Parents Joseph and Mary Christ got a warning."

Joseph and Mary Christ?

This shows how ignorant and stupid God hating atheists and pagans are. Christ is not part of Jesus' name. Christ is Greek for messiah or savior, is a title and not Jesus' surname. At the time of Jesus, people did not have surnames and were known by a name and some other description such as the son of, his vocation, where they were from, or something else.

For example, a Jew named Tom Ben Denoon means, Tom, the son of Denoon because, in Hebrew ben means son of. In Norse, Leaf Erickson, means Leaf the son of Erick. If Leaf had a son named Ted, they would have called him Ted Leafson, Ted, the son of Leaf. In Germanic and English, George Smith means George the black smith, which most people at that time just called a smith. This was all to indentify a specific person because no one had surnames to help identify them.

That is how we eventually evolved surnames but at the time of Jesus, there were no surnames. Jesus was referred to in the Bible as "Jesus of Nazareth" because He had NO surname and would have also been known in Nazareth as Jesus Ben Joseph or Jesus, the son of Joseph, meaning he had no surname and Christ was definitely NOT his surname. Jesus' parents were NOT known as Joseph and Mary Christ, absolutely NOT!

As a matter of fact, Jesus is the Greek name for the Hebrew name Yeshuah, his real Hebrew name everyone in Israel would have known him by. He would have been known and called Yeshuah of Nazareth or Yeshuah ben Joseph (son of Joseph) pending whether he was in Nazareth or not. Later, when He became known as the Messiah or our savior, he would have been called Yeshuah Hamashiach, which translates into Greek as Jesus Christ (in Latin and Spanish it is Jesus de Christo or Jesus the Christ), which translates into English as God with man, our savior.

Jesus had NO surname, Christ is not His surname, and Jesus Christ means Jesus is our savior. Because so many people are ignorant about this, especially pagans, I try to refer to Him as Jesus THE Christ (like in Spanish) to help people realize that Christ is NOT His surname.


I think I figured out what Putin is doing. Once again, he is moving to clear out an area with the promise to "humanely remove the terrorists to the Idlib area" (to appease the Western upper class trash by giving their terrorists another chance to fight Assad) while removing the civilians from the Idlib area so, when he has all of the little pockets of terrorists cleaned out in Western Syria and deposited into Idlib with the civilians in that area removed, he can just bomb the crap out of the terrorists in the Idlib area without anyone accusing Putin of being inhumane by bombing civilians.

Once again, Putin is working to sucker punch the West by turning their own devious games against them.

After Putin has the little pockets of terrorists cleaned out in Western Syria and bombs the crap out of them in Idlib, he will turn to taking back the rest of Syria from ISIS, though he is already taking back ground lost near Palmyra. Putin is systematically destroying the terrorists, all of them.

This next move will also secure the Syrian capital of Damascus.


Do you understand why the attorneys and CPAs have written such complex tax laws?

The reason for the current tax mess is to increase the demand for the services of the tax attorneys and CPAs so they can increase the fees they charge to "save you money on taxes", which they cost you by making the tax laws so complex.

The solution?

The Biblical 10% flat tax with no deductions that even a 12 year old can do the taxes with. If you permit any deductions, the deductions will just grow until it is once again a mess. If you permit other taxes, the taxes will just grow until it is once again a mess.

All of those corrupt and greedy attorneys and CPAs will have to find new jobs because they won't be needed any more with a Biblical 10% flat tax and no other taxes, saving this nation billions of dollars per year in attorney's and CPA's fees.

Gee, you think that just maybe God had it right?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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