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Fort Lauderdale

The Fort Lauderdale airport shooter, Esteban Santiago, was regularly downloading and watching ISIS videos beginning in 2007 and there was a picture of him in one of his e-mails wearing a Muslim Keffiyeh or head scarf around his neck while holding up one finger like ISIS terrorists often do in pictures.

He spent one year in Iraq from 2010 to 2011 with the National Guard.

Esteban was already under the influence of the ISIS propaganda videos before he went to Iraq and probably made contact with and was further influenced by Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

The fact this young man is a Latino proves that Islam is not a race but a religion.

I am waiting to find out which Muslim mosques he was visiting here in the US before his attack.

What, the airport shooting was a terrorist attack?

Almost certainly. He had the gun in baggage he had checked on the plane, had a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale, as soon as he got the bag, he took it to a restroom, loaded the weapon, returned to the area, started shooting, then, after he had expended the ammunition in the weapon, lay down to wait for the cops to arrest him so he wouldn't be shot. He later admitted that he had planned the attack partly based on the Fort Lauderdale airport being a gun free zone and even stated that he had previously considered staging his attack at the JFK airport in New York.

Those don't sound like the actions of a person who did this because of an altercation on the plane but the well planned out actions of a Muslim terrorist. This had clearly been thought out. He was calm, collected, had a plan, and stuck with the plan just like his military training taught him to do.

This is why we shouldn't allow Muslims or Muslim converts in the US military to get that kind of training to use against us in terrorist attacks.

The FBI is now saying that Santiago specifically flew to gun-free Fort Lauderdale Airport to stage the attack. This was clearly a premeditated attack by a closet member of ISIS who intentionally chose to stage the attack in a gun-free zone. It turns out that Santiago's Muslim alias is Aashiq Hammad. He is a Sunni Muslim convert.

Gee, who would have thought?

This is particularly despicable because the liberal media are trying to make all US military and vets look like psychopaths to cover up another Muslim terrorist attack.


A recent poll shows that almost half of German women feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. That is a lot of lost votes for Merkel. But, hey, don't worry, you know she has the election rigged and, if she loses, she will blame it on Russian hacking.

I got this over at Breitbart by Jack Montgomery:

"German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said it is 'no longer unthinkable' for the EU to break apart in light of the Brexit referendum, migrant crisis, and ongoing troubles in the Eurozone."

Gee, who would have thought that the EU might break apart simply because it goes against Bible prophesy?

Because of Trump being elected, Hungary is talking about purging all Soros funded NGOs (non profit political organizations) to get rid of Soros' control of their government. They said that, because of Trump being elected as president of the US, they feel there is now a global opportunity to get rid of all Soros and New World Order political groups.

I got this at Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"Marine Le Pen has overtaken centre-right candidate Francois Fillon to be the frontrunner in France's presidential election, according to the latest poll by Ifop-Fiducial."

This is particularly important because Le Pen is running primarily on France leaving the EU and her gain is in spite of the fact the French media have been ignoring her to provide more exposure to any and all of her competitors. At this time, France leaving the EU will be at least as devastating to the EU as Britain leaving and, with Britain already gone, probably more devastating for the globalist plans.

God is really devastating the New World Order globalist plans. Get it straight, mans plans to set up the one world government and religion based out of Europe, WILL NOT HAPPEN. It does not fit with Bible prophesy. I have explained again and again why it will be Islam which will set up the one world government and church DURING the Tribulation and not before, which means the Muslim current plans are also going to fail because they don't fit with Bible prophesy.

Man plans, God laughs.

Global Warming

This shows just how persistent the left is with their insanity.

The weather has been proving their global warming wrong so what do they do?

They call all of this colder and colder weather a...wait for warming PAUSE. That is right. Instead of admitting it was a lie to start with, they just gave a name to the weather which is proving it is a lie to make it look like it is not a lie. What twisted minds liberals have.

Evil People

Remember that I have been telling you that you can't just defeat evil people but you have to kill them because history teaches that, when defeated, evil people will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again and again and again?

What did George Soros do after his puppet, Hillary, lost the presidential election?

He and his liberal globalist pals got together; they regrouped, you know, just like I told you they would.

Then they spent the next few weeks holding meetings concerning what to do next because their plans failed; they reorganized, you know, just like I told you they would.

Now they are back to doing their evil deeds; they started all over again, you know, just like I told you they would.

What did Hillary do after she lost the election?

She regrouped, reorganized and tried to have the electoral college results nullified and the election be determined by popular vote. When that failed, she regrouped, reorganized, and started trying to get the election results nullified because "the Ruskies interfered with the election". When that failed, she regrouped, reorganized, and paid Fauxkahantas to start a recount to get her elected (where do you think Fauxkahantas suddenly got those millions of dollars from? Gee, you don't think it was the Clinton Foundation, do you?). When that failed, she regrouped, reorganized, and is now trying to rig the system even more so she can "win" the next election in 2020.

You think not?

Why did she turn down the opportunity to run for New York City mayor?

That would have been her admitting defeat for the presidential election and taking a step backwards that would have destroyed any chances of anyone taking her seriously for president in 2020, especially her corrupt liberal minions who do the actual rigging of elections for her.

What did Billy Boy do after Hillary lost the election?

He regrouped, reorganized, and began grooming Princes Chelsea to run for New York Senator in 2018 and then president in 2020.

Look what liberal Hollywood and the liberal media have done, they regrouped, reorganized, and started again by working to destroy and discredit Trump so they can win the presidency in 2020.

BTW, I just read that Twitter has deleted Trump's Twitter account so he can't use Twitter to bypass the lying liberal media, taking control of information away from the media. This way, Twitter has returned control of the information back to the lying liberal media so the left can deny you the truth.

Has anyone on the left decided, "Well, we got beat and maybe we should just say it was a good try and go home"?

Nope, not one. Everyone of those evil people regrouped, reorganized, and started over again just like I told you they would do. This thing isn't over and won't be over until all of those evil people are dead.

Why do you think God is going to condemn ALL of those evil people to eternal damnation and not just for a while?

Because God knows that, if He were to turn the evil people loose hundreds of trillions times hundreds of trillions times hundreds of trillions of millennia later, they would just regroup, reorganize, and start all over again with their evil. They are people who made a final decision to choose evil forever and are obsessive, compulsive evil people who will never stop their wickedness, ever, ever, ever. The only thing that can stop them is death.

That is one reason why God permits these evil people to get away with their wickedness here on earth for so long, so they won't be able to say they were not given an adequate chance to repent of their wickedness and change. NONE of them will have even the slightest acceptable reason or excuse for their crimes. That way God can hold them accountable to the full extent of the Law. They will have earned eternal damnation.

What you need to learn from this is that history teaches that you can't be nice, civilized, and wonderful and just punish the corrupt criminals by putting them in jail for a while, you know, the way the upper class did with Napoleon, who escaped confinement, regrouped, reorganized, and started all over again. These people have to be executed to permanently stop their evil.

And you ask, "Well, should we just execute the upper class trash or everyone involved in causing this disaster?"

It is true that the upper class trash are the ones who planned everything and are managing it, therefore, they should all pay the steepest price possible. But the middle and lower class thugs, puppets, or minions know they are doing evil and have sold themselves to the Devil for what they consider "good money", more money than they could make legally. These thugs have sold out everyone, including their families and friends for money and not very much of it, knowing what they are doing is wrong. When they lie, they know they are lying.

In the US, the rioters who destroy cities and other people's property are doing so for only $5,000 dollars per week plus expenses. That really isn't much money for selling you out but it is much more than those thugs could legally make in one month. The upper class trash pay their thugs just enough to entice those thugs to commit the crimes the upper class trash want the thugs to commit. In other words, the thugs are pretty cheap.

This is why God is causing evil people's sins to find them out and people to know the ugly truth about people like the Clintons and Soros. When these people make the choice whether to be thugs for those evil upper class trash, it will be an informed choice and they won't be able to lie to God saying, "I didn't know." Therefore, on Judgment Day, God will be able to hold them accountable for their crimes to the fullest extent of the Law.

God has His reasons for everything He permits to happen and always remember that God is only permitting what we humans are doing to each other. God is not causing those evil humans to commit those horrible acts against each other. We are the ones doing those things to each other of our own willful accord, which makes us responsible for our actions. There will be no excuses on Judgment Day and everyone will be held accountable for our crimes and we have to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes here on earth in such a way that it will cause them to stop committing their crimes against us, which requires we kill them to stop them. That is why God told us to use the death penalty. It is the only thing which can stop these evil people.

But, no, we let the evil people talk us into being too nice and civilized to use the death penalty against them when we catch them so they can feel safer in committing their crimes and they can regroup, reorganize, and start over again. Why, after all, they have taught us to believe that they committed their crimes because they are the victims and we should be compassionate and try to help them rehabilitate while they regroup, reorganize, and start over again, you know, to buy them some time and their lives.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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