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Remember that I told you that it was only a matter of time until the conservatives fought back against the upper class trash trying to destroy Germany?

They recently found explosives in a German apartment and said it was linked to "right wing terrorists", you know, conservatives fighting back to regain control of their nation from the corrupt upper class trash.

They also established an "Ultranationalist Party" in Germany to take back their nation via elections. The people are fighting back to regain control of their nation. Pray for them.


Putin just started supporting a Libyan general who is fighting Obama's ISIS terrorists in Libya. Hey, after pulling planes out of Syria, Putin has a few extra planes he can use to stop more of Obama's terrorists in other countries.

One thing I am watching with Putin is that he keeps beating the West and this is causing me to believe he is a true Christian fighting on God's side against the Western pagans who have seized control of our nations. This would explain his consistent winning against the Western pagans. Keep an eye on this.


It is being reported that Trump is planning federal government cuts of about 20%. He will have to go much deeper to really clean this mess up but that is a good start.

What are all of those government employees going to do for a living?

Most of them can't make half as much money legally, that is why they are in government. And, when you consider that many of them are corrupt, you know they will fight back in any way they can to keep their overpaid government jobs very little, if anything.

Many of those government employees have spent years sitting around doing nothing but surfing the Internet and causing trouble for people to justify their existence. It must be pretty terrifying to them to know they will soon have to take big pay cuts and actually get a job and work for a living, probably turning burgers.

And you wonder why these jerks hate Trump so much?

Mega Wealthy

I just saw a list of the "8 richest people in the world" (gee, where were the Rothschilds?) and they are ALL liberal socialists. Not one of them is working to promote conservative capitalism.

All of them became mega wealthy via capitalism but none of them are capitalists?

Yeah, right. It is crony capitalism masquerading as socialism to eliminate competitors so they can make even more money. The idiot liberals don't get it that the wealthiest people on the planet are running their beloved socialism while promising to take the money from the wealthy and just give it to the idiot liberals.

Why don't they just sit down and write checks to all of us? Why do they need to set up a dictatorship to give their own money to the people?

After all, the eight of them have more wealth than the lowest half the people on the planet.

Doesn't that sound just a little suspicious to you?

You don't have to set up a commie dictatorship, just send us a check.

I mean, do you really believe all of these mega wealthy and powerful people want to give away all of their money to you? If they do, why haven't they already done it?

College Professors

Remember that I told you they would purge the liberal commie traitor college professors who caused this mess?

There is now a movement to get rid of those liberal white college professors because "black students can't learn from white professors". Here cum duh bus.

It is like I have told you, liberals have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending. Just when you think liberals can't get any more nuts, they do.

Do you get the feeling that liberals take the question, "Can you be any crazier?" as a challenge?

The purge is on and God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


The EU is considering building a wall between them and Russia. They are justifying this wall by claiming Russia is a threat to the EU.

Since when will a wall keep out nukes and tanks? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Or maybe they want to build a wall because increasing numbers of Europeans are fleeing Europe to Russia because of the upper class trash and immigration? Remember that I told you about this movement some time ago?

Yeah, I think that makes a little more sense, doesn't it?

In other words, the EU wants to rebuild the "Iron Curtain" to keep people from leaving the EU for Russia because the roles of have reversed. The European upper class trash have become the bag guys and the Russians have become the good guys causing Europeans to flee Europe for Russia. The pagans have seized control of the West so God gave control of formerly pagan Russia to the Christians.

What absolute irony.


As their plans continue to fail, more and more the liberals are turning to violence to get what they want. They will obviously stop at nothing. They are extremely dangerous people acting just like spoiled rotten two year olds who didn't get what they want.

You can bet that most, if not all of the "protestors" during the inauguration will be hired mercenary thugs sent in to cause all of the harm and damage they can. These people are trained rioters so expect it to be very violent. They will be paid $2,500 to riot, you know, fight and destroy things. The upper class trash has actually placed adds all over the nation offering liberals $2,500 to riot for the Trump inauguration.

It is like I said, liberals do what they do because they can't make half as much money legally. If any of them could make $2,500 legally in just a few days, they wouldn't be taking that much money to riot.

What will make this even more interesting is that there are thousands of pro Trump bikers heading to the inauguration to "help keep the peace" and "protect Trump". This could be the biggest rumble in US history, well, except for the US Civil War. I want video.


Obama said that Limbaugh and Fox News destroyed his presidency.

Yeah, they exposed the truth about Obama.


Everyone is getting excited because the Clintons are shutting down part of the Clinton Foundation and firing 22 staffers. Please notice that they are not shutting down the entire foundation and laying off everyone.

What should this tell you?

They are just reorganizing the foundation to save money and use a different strategy. They are not going away. It is like I keep telling you, they have just regrouped, reorganized, and will continue with their evil ways as long as they are still alive.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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