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If you have been paying attention, you should already know that four of the worst RINOs and traitors in the Republican Party are McCain, Graham, McConnell, and Ryan. They are terrible people the people need to get rid of as soon as possible. These and other RINOs are already trying to stop Trump from making things better for you because better for you is worse for the RINOs.


Trump continues to show promise.

He said he is going to help persecuted Christians and plans to cut the EPA staff by 50% and then fire more later. He also signed an executive order to rebuild the military after Obama devastated it. He is also talking about overhauling the UN so it actually works for good people. He has a lot of good plans and a lot of good people helping him.

Space Exploration

Now the idiots are talking about terraforming an atmosphere on the moon. Go ahead, try, let me know how that works out.

They have no idea what they are talking about. "Hey, I saw it in a movie, it must work." They believe that all they have to do is grow some plants and they will magically get an atmosphere on any planet or planetoid out of nothing. The next thing you know, the ignoramuses will be talking about terraforming atmospheres on asteroids.

Ignorance is bliss and can get you killed.


You want to see the truth about the people running Germany and Europe?

If you complain about the murders and rapes being committed by Muslims in Germany, you can go to jail but their media are openly talking about murdering Trump and no one says a thing.

The liberal commie traitors are not just rioting in the US but all over Europe. This is the upper class trash staging the violent overthrow of our governments the way Linen and Mao did because their other plans are failing.

It is like I have told you, they won't give up, they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over until they are dead.

Colonizing Planets

The guy in this video does a very rational and scientific analysis of colonizing planets. It is worth watching.

He pretty much tells you what I have been telling you.

One thing he keeps pointing out is that we don't currently have the technology to travel to and colonize other planets.

For example, let's take speed. We can't even travel at 100,000 miles per hour and the nearest star system is four light years away and light travels at 186,000 miles per second, covering more distance per second than we can cover in one hour. If we could travel at 186,000 miles per hour, it would take us 3,600 times 4 years to get there or 14,400 years to get to the nearest star just to find out there might not be a habitable planet there.

Anybody want to start that trip?

Your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandkids won't live long enough to get there to find out that there probably isn't a habitable planet they can colonize. Forget about traveling to some planet that is more than a 1,000 light years away and our galaxy is more than 100,000 light years across with the next nearest galaxy being 2.5 to 3 million light years away. Your spaceship would wear out and breakdown, killing all of you, long before you got to any of those places.

Which is why God showed me that, to colonize other planets, He will have to give us the technology to teleport; one instant we will be here and the next instant, we will be there no matter how many light years away the planet is. That is the only rational way to travel between star systems.

Free Sex

This video is a nurse telling about the rapidly growing STD problems being caused by the pagan goddess, Free Sex, or adultery. Please pay attention to her face and voice because they show she is very terrified with her trying to hold back tears and crying, she is so scared she almost doesn't succeed a few times. She is pretty much telling you what I have been warning you about but much worse and is telling you that, medically, there is NO HOPE, you know, like I have been telling you that God is our only hope.

Free Sex has created the worst disease pandemic in history times hundreds. Get it straight, we are RIGHT NOW in what scientists call a massive biological die off.

God is putting a stop to adultery by killing the adulterers. She called it a "day of reckoning" and God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out", you know, there will be a day of reckoning. Well, your sins are finding you out RIGHT NOW, not next week or next month. There are already millions of people dying every year because of adultery but we humans love our sins so much that we just don't want to deal with our sins so our sins are dealing with us. (Note that this doesn't include the tens of millions of unborn babies we have murdered because of adultery.)

This is even worse than I have been telling you but notice that she doesn't blame adultery for what adultery is causing. We have been brainwashed to do that.

One of the things this nurse tried to explain but was so obviously shook up that she didn't do a great job of it was also talking about the fact that any one disease, even just the common cold, taxes your immune system so it is easier for another disease to infect you and cause even more harm or kill you AND then there are increasingly more and more severe diseases going to the doctors' offices and hospitals so that, if you go to the hospitals and doctors' offices, you are much more likely to get those horrible diseases and die.

I already gave you part of my Christian testimony to share a small part of the indescribable living hell I have been through because of just one STD and, according to this nurse, many of you have two or more STDs. Let me share more of my Christian testimony to give you a better idea of what is RIGHT NOW killing millions of you.

I told you how the hypervolemia force defuses water into all of your cells so they are inflamed and that research has shown that inflamed immune system cells weaken the immune system making you more susceptible to other diseases. You add to that that the HPV is ALSO "taxing" my immune system, as all diseases do, and it makes me even more vulnerable to other diseases including cancer. AIDS is not the only STD which weakens your immune system, they all do at least some but AIDS almost destroys your immune system.

Does that sound fun or what?

Hint: it wasn't.

During this period of time, I have had the following significant diseases that kill people every year (not including the many minor ones), most of them because of my weakened immune system and me going to doctors' offices and the hospital, you know, where all sick people take their illnesses to share them with you, while trying to find out what was causing my medical problems:

Hypervolmic-Hyponatremia (high water blood level, low sodium blood level caused by increased blood water level, both of which will eventually kill you)

Severely Life Threatening Sleep Apnea (better than 90% of the people who die from this ailment, die from cardiac arrest because of the severe hypoxia or low oxygen blood level it causes)

Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (unless you were a couch potato to start with, this will turn you into one)

Severe Epstein Bar Virus (most people get Epstein Bar but not the severe case caused by a weakened immune system, mine was life threatening because of the weakened immune system)

Toxoplasmosis (a parasitic infection you are told you only get from cats but you are actually four times more likely to get it from humans and even more likely to get it from handling raw meat or eating improperly cooked meat)

H Pylori (which, if untreated, causes stomach cancer and death)

Influenza A (H1N1 - Pig Flu, which killed a lot of people in the recent pandemic)

Malignant Basil Cell Carcinoma (which, if it goes internal into your lymph system, it will spread through your body and kill you)

Malignant Prostate Cancer (which kills people every year)

Severe Epididymo-Orchitis (mine was so severe they had to double my medication and if it gets into your lymph system, it will destroy your kidneys and kill you)

Clostridium difficile bacterial infection (C-diff, you know, one of those very deadly super bugs you get from hospitals and I got it when I was going to the hospital for radiation therapy for my prostrate cancer.)

ALL of those ailments kill people every year, I am only alive by the grace of God, and that is the kind of crap you are in for because of this STD pandemic caused by the liberal pagan glorious free sex.

BELIEVE ME, I personally KNOW the hell you are right now heading into at light speed and it ain't fun, not even close. I hope you enjoyed your free sex because now, we are all going to pay for it.

When we finally found out that the HPV was causing my problems and there is nothing the doctors can do for me, I quit going to the doctors and hospital because of the illnesses, like C-diff, I kept getting at the doctors' offices and hospital, which is the message that scared nurse is sending. I jokingly tell people I quit going to the doctors because they kept finding stuff wrong with me but it is really because I kept getting diseases from their other patients, especially with my weakened immune system. Since I quit going to the doctors and hospital, my health has actually improved a little because I quit getting most of those infections.

Because of my weakened immune system caused by just ONE STD, and many of you have two or more STDs, and knowledge about biology, I stay away from other people as much as possible because the diseases they carry can kill me. I communicate with others mostly via the Internet and, when I go to the store to buy food, it isn't unusual for me to get sick with something I got from the other people, especially cashiers.

I am not paranoid, I just know my biology and know how to survive.

One of the things you have to understand about this growing pandemic is that the STDs weaken your immune system so that you more easily get other diseases and those diseases cause more damage and are more likely to kill you before your system can stop the diseases. PLUS, as the nurse points out, many of the diseases we had beat as a Christian society have come back even stronger and more drug resistant with our pagan society and are even more deadly than ever before.

Let me share a little advice you will soon need to survive because of these increasing diseases, even if you don't have an STD, but especially if you do have an STD. The places where you go which will be where you will be most likely to get these deadly diseases are doctors' offices and hospitals because that is where ALL sick people go to share their diseases with you. Now matter how sterile their hospitals and offices are, they are still the most infected places around because of the many sick people there. The floors and everything else may be sterile but the people aren't. That is what the very terrified nurse is talking about and why she tells you to stay away from those places.

The second place where you are most likely to get infected by these diseases are public schools and universities because so many kids and teachers go to school sick, you know, where the government dumbs down and brainwashes your kids with their liberal pagan socialist propaganda. When the kids and teachers in your kids classes start dying from this pandemic of diseases, you will start home schooling your kids and they will actually learn something other than the liberal propaganda they are currently being brainwashed with.

Maybe God doesn't like our public school and university systems brainwashing your children with their Christian hating Satanic crap?

The third worst place is from cashiers at all stores, restaurants, and malls because those poor cashiers have to handle thousands of items each day that were just handled by sick people, transferring the diseases to the cashiers and the cashiers transferring them to you. More of you will do less shopping, stop spending so much money, and start saving money.

You think that might help solve our debt problem caused by what the liberals have taught you, you know, if you don't have the money now, charge it?

Many of you won't learn and will just die, especially the liberal pagans.

I pray that my Christian testimony and all of this information will help you survive but the biggest secret to surviving is to repent of your sins, turn back to God, and pray long, pray hard, pray often. God said, "If you call on my name, I will hear you, I will come, and take care of you." If we all repent of our sins, turn back to God, and call on His name, He will heal us of these deadly diseases and save our lives.

But, hey, if you would rather die in your sins because you love your sins more than God, I sure hope you enjoy your sins because Hell ain't going to be fun.

Christianity created the greatest culture in the history of the world and shared that culture with the rest of the world while curing most of the worst diseases. The pagans have taken back control and just look at the mess they have created in such a short time.

Have you ever wondered why the human population didn't grow much for thousands of years while the pagans were in control and then suddenly shot up to more than 8 billion people quickly after the Christians gained control?

It is because paganism kills people with its human sacrifices and deadly diseases caused by their pagan practices like adultery and Christianity saves lives, improves families, and increases health.

Have you even wondered why God has NOT PERMITTED us to travel to and colonize other star systems before?

Just look at the terrible mess we humans have made of this planet because of our beloved paganism and sins.

Do you really believe God wants us to spread this pagan insanity and evil to other planets and star systems? If people were living in one of your houses and doing damage to it, would you want them to move to other of your houses and destroy them too?

No, He wants us to finally get it right here before He will let us go anywhere else. God wants us to spread good, not evil.

Interestingly, the guy in the video about colonizing other planets is concerned about us being able to begin colonizing other planets before we exceed the carrying capacity of this planet, which they estimate will happen by 2050, especially if we keep mismanaging it the way we are. He doesn't realize that, if we don't turn back to God and God doesn't heal us of this massive disease pandemic we have caused for ourselves, more than half of us will die before then and we won't exceed the carrying capacity of this planet by 2050, you know, like has been going on for thousands of years under paganism.

God has let me know that, if enough of us do turn back to God, God will heal us and permit those of us who do turn back to God to begin colonizing other planets. Simply, God isn't going to permit us to spread all of this disease, hatred, lying, stealing, murdering, and other things pagans love and promote to His other planets. He doesn't want our mess on His other planets.

People, especially pagans, have this mentality that, if we just simply could colonize other planets, all of these problems we have caused here on earth will just magically go away. No, if we don't learn to not cause these problems first, we will cause the same problems on those planets too. Since we humans cause most of our problems, we take our problems where ever we go. You can't run from problems you cause, you have to stop causing them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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