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Flying Cars

Every now and then, I see some really sensational article about wonderful flying cars that just really ticks me off. It is amazing how many people are stupid enough they think they want flying cars.

Just stop, use some common sense, and think about it, do you really want flying cars?

The idiots says, "Oh yes, that would be so cool."

Just look at the idiots driving cars and imagine them driving flying cars over your head, your family, your home, and your work.

Do you really want such bad and irresponsible drivers flying around over your head where any stupid mistake they make or texting can bring them and their fast moving vehicle crashing down on your head? Just look at the people who drive like idiots around you; do you want them driving like idiots above you?

Intelligent people will say, "No, absolutely not!!!" The stupid ones will still want it. No, I don't not want those irresponsible idiots flying around over my head. There wouldn't be any place where you would be safe.

Then you have to realize you are being lied to and deceived because, with today's technology, we could have had flying cars a long time ago. Private airplanes are only one step away from the flying car and we have had private airplanes for more than a century.

Why don't we already have flying cars?

Because everyone who drives a flying car will have to get a pilot's license and that ain't easy, costs a lot of money, and has to be maintained. Plus flying cars will use much more fuel than regular cars. In other words, there is a very limited market for flying cars.

Then what is all of the fuss about flying cars?

It is the rich people who don't want to have to share the road with you, they want to be ABOVE you, even in driving their cars. Fly cars are not about the middle and lower class person. Flying cars are just another way for them to not have to share their world with you; another way they can look down on you.

I don't want flying cars because all it means is that there will be millions of rich people zooming around over your head being above you and too good to share their world with you and many of them are no better drivers than many of you. Many are too irresponsible but have enough money to drive a flying car.

Do you want them flying around over your head?

I don't because they are bad enough drivers down here on the ground. Be careful what you wish for.

The more I see what is going on and what people believe, the more I am convinced that common sense is on the verge of extinction. If it were not for God, I would have no hope.


I just did several essays about street fighting and then found this at Breitbart by Pam Key:

"Tuesday on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe,' Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must 'fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,' against the administration of President Donald Trump."

You better learn to fight because that was an instruction by an upper level liberal commie traitor for liberal thugs to attack good people in the street. That was insurrection and an order for others to commit the crime of insurrection. They are waging open war against you right now.

Then I saw this at Breitbart by Breitbart TV:

"A Donald Trump supporter was knocked out and suffered a concussion after being attacked by a protester at Portland International Airport, says a Daily Mail report.

Thirty-nine-year-old Grant Chisholm, along with with three other members of the Bible Believers Group, held a counter protest supporting President Donald Trump's temporary immigration ban at the same time 600 people were protesting the ban. Chisholm said he was there to preach and one of the demonstrators asked him for a fight.

He claimed he was hit in the head three times with a metallic object by one of the ban protesters. "They almost killed me tonight," he told The Oregonian."

You still think they are not waging open war against you and trying to kill you?

Note that I am a watchman and I am only crying wolf because there are wolves and God is telling me to tell you about those wolves.

Why have I become convinced that liberals are very rapidly turning this planet into an asylum that is flying through space?

Liberal Moles

Remember that I have been telling you that there are tens of thousands of liberal moles who are infiltrated into our government which have to be purged?

I got this at Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak:

"President Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday evening after she refused to defend his executive orders on immigration in court. She could have resigned in protest, but chose defiance and martyrdom.

The problem goes much further than one official. Trump's opponents are burrowed throughout the federal bureaucracy, and at senior as well as junior levels.

Contrary to what some conservatives may suspect, they are not the majority of government employees. Most are loyal to the Constitution and to their duties. But there are enough die-hard Barack Obama appointees, and lifelong leftists, to frustrate the Trump administration - and they may be encouraging each other to do so.

The press is certainly encouraging them to "resist." Some journalists are conflating Yates's firing with the "Saturday Night Massacre," Nixon's firing of key Department of Justice staff to thwart the Watergate investigation. That was a classic abuse of presidential power. The Yates episode is the opposite - an illegitimate abuse of power by bureaucrats to undermine the president"

Gee, who would have figured?

I warned you that the government bureaucracy is so infiltrated by liberal commie traitors that will be almost impossible to quickly get them all out before they can do more damage.

Joe Davidson at the Washington Post ask these questions: "Under what circumstances, if any, do you feel federal employees should disregard an administration's policies? If you are a federal employee, would you ever consider disregarding an administration policy?"

He is encouraging the liberal moles in our government to work with him to sabotage Trump's efforts to turn this nation around and give control back to the people. This is nothing short of sabotage and treason and such criminals need to be held accountable for their actions. Get it straight, the left is waging war against us.

The liberals are waging an all out war against Trump from every direction they can at the same time in an attempt to overwhelm him. They know that he can't answer all of them at the same time. Even the Europeans like Angela Merkel are openly waging war against Trump, which should tell you how desperate the globalists are to stop Trump. Trump, with the help of many other people, is destroying the globalists evil dream of setting up their global dictatorship.

I got this at SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"Donald Tusk, the president of the European Union, released a letter to 27 EU leaders earlier this week indicating that the United States under President Trump is as much a threat to the future of Europe as Russia or China."

They are saying that Trump has joined China, Russia, and ISIS in being a threat to the EU. That is almost like declaring war on the US but is really aimed at declaring war on Trump.

This is Europe making a lame excuse for fighting and trying to topple Trump. They are trying to justify some soon coming actions against Trump, you know, like assassinating him. The very evil and corrupt upper class trash globalists want Trump dead very badly and they have ways to make it happen so keep an eye on this.

Note that the upper class trash want to get rid of Trump so bad they made Obama cut his vacation short to start attacking Trump.

Vacation? The man doesn't even have a job, what is he vacationing from?

Talk about a lazy, spoiled rich brat, he is vacationing from being unemployed.

Are they trying to find a way to replace Trump with Obama, you know, kill Trump and put Obama back in office?

Poser Christians

Remember that I warned you about Islamic Al-taqiyya where Muslims can and even are required to lie to promote the cause of Islam?

I got this at Breitbart by Donna Rachel Edmunds:

"Muslims migrating from Syria have admitted to converting to Christianity in a bid to boost their chances of being given asylum in the West, despite the risks associated with apostasy.

Two Muslim Syrians living in Lebanon have told The Telegraph that they and their families have converted to Christianity because they believe it gives them a better chance of gaining asylum in the West, and because they can better access aid from Christian charities."

They openly admit that they are just pretending to convert to Christianity to gain entry into the US and other Western countries while getting benefits. At heart, they are still Muslims.


I just saw one of the stupidest arguments I have seen and the audience thought it was brilliant. A renowned liberal scientist, Dr. Michio Kaku, said that we need to keep using the H1B visas to bring in well educated people from other countries to do high tech jobs in our country because our education system is so bad that it is not educating our kids well enough to get the college education required to get those high tech jobs, followed by great cheering and applauding in the audience by the dumbed down members of the audience, you know, who got lousy educations from our educational system.

No, what we need is to fix our educational system so our kids can get the educations required to get those jobs and stop bringing in the foreigners to get those jobs. That is common sense but the left doesn't want you to use or know common sense.

We also need for lefty "geniuses" to stop giving stupid people idiot ideas that will just make things worse, you know, like giving our best paying jobs to foreigners because our educational system is broke. That is not a reasonable solution.

Hint: Home school or private school.


A about three days ago, I heard through a not-too-reliable news source that Ukraine staged an offensive in the Donetsk area but didn't see any confirmations in any other media so I have been quietly watching until, finally, this morning I saw a misleading headline at Newsmax saying, "Deaths Mount Daily as Putin Steps Up Fighting in Ukraine" strongly implying Putin started the new fighting.

It turns out that Ukraine started the action with their offensive and Putin returned fire or "stepped up" fighting. Ukraine's first staged offensive failed pretty badly so they stage several more offensives that have also failed pretty badly. Currently all of the Ruskie forces are holding their line but I am watching to see if the Ruskies launch a counter offensive.

It has gotten to where you have to take everything you read at Newsmax with a grain of salt because they have become one of those "not too reliable" sources. They seem to keep getting more liberal by the month. They also have another evil little trick to increase profits by placing false headlines in with the news stories and the links lead to commercial ads. These fake news stories keep increasing.

You may have noticed that I quote less and less from Newsmax because they have less and less worth reading, much less quoting.

You can tell when the liberals take over anything because they always screw it up.

Jeff Sessions

I hope you realize that the main reason the Commiecrats are dragging out the hearings on Jeff Sessions for the position of Attorney General is because, when he is confirmed and begins work, many of them will be under investigation and could go to jail.


For the first time, YPG Kurds are receiving better quality weapons to fight ISIS with, something that never happened under Obama.

Trump is actively supporting the Kurds against ISIS. When you consider how well the Kurds have done with their limited weapons, you can't begin to imagine how well they will now do with much better weapons.

Keep an eye on this.


Trudeau, to make himself look wonderful to stupid people, has stated he will accept all of the Muslim refugees Trump turns away, you know, Western hating terrorists.

You better pray for the people of Canada because their leader is a liberal idiot who is going to get a lot of Canadians killed. They need to get rid of that idiot yesterday.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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