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Please note that the upper class trash is not using Hillary to wage war against Trump, they are using Obama, which should tell you what?

If they get rid of Trump, they don't intend to replace him with Hillary but with Obama.

BTW, Obama has already returned to his vacation from doing nothing to playing with the rest of the upper class trash who play a lot while their minions or hired help do their work for them.

You still think that Obama is not just a very spoiled, overgrown two year old? Want to bet that without Valerie taking care of things, he doesn't quickly blow through his wealth he gained as a corrupt politician?

Easy come, easy go, baby. He is going to have to go back to stealing to support his life style because what little wealth he has will burn through very quickly with that lifestyle. I have seen it happen too many times over the last 50 years because there is a bottom to every well and you can only take so much water out before it goes dry.


Remember that I told you that Mars has too little gravity to maintain enough atmosphere to have surface water?

Well, it seems that scientists have realized another reason why there could never have been surface water on Mars. I got this from Newsmax by Cathy Burke:

"The early atmosphere on Mars did not have enough carbon dioxide to support liquid water, new research shows - deepening the mystery on how the Red Planet could have been once filled with lakes and oceans."

It seems there wasn't enough CO2 to maintain surface water and the God hating pagan evolutionists just have to keep the surface water lie going so they can maintain the lie life may have accidentally and coincidentally started on Mars and somehow magically traveled here because it has already been proved that life could not have miraculously just accidentally and coincidentally happened here on earth and they just have to keep the evolution lie alive so they can keep the lie that God doesn't exist alive.

"Oh no, it isn't possible that, with Mars getting closer to the sun every year and getting warmer that it was once far enough away that the erosion could have been cause by another liquid like liquid methane, it has to be water because life can't exist without water."

Ah, the tangled web lying liberal pagans weave to destroy Christianity and the Bible; all to no avail, of course. They just have to keep weaving the lie more and more tangled to keep from admitting it is a lie because they hate God, the Bible, and Christians so much.


Pelosi is so losing it right now I am beginning to expect the upper class trash to throw her under the bus soon. She is now saying things so stupid even liberals are starting to have trouble with her. Keep an eye on this.


You need to know that there is an international organization of trained liberal thugs called the Antifa (An-TEE-fah), which are the liberal equivalent of Hitler's SS. They are extremely well trained, very violent, very well organized, and increasingly active in liberal riots across the US and in Europe. They have been involved in all of the US riots since before the Brown riots. They are the top liberal bullies and thugs increasingly being used by the upper class trash the same way Hitler used his Brown Shirts, Gestapo, and SS. They are the liberal equivalent of the US Special Forces or Special Operations and, like ISIS, they have cells all over the world. They are professional terrorists.

KNOW that you will see much more of them and eventually have to fight them on the streets. They are professional thugs or a covert army and are openly waging war against us and the cops. They are trained to use the same violent tactics used by Linen to overthrow Russia and are currently being used by the upper class trash to overthrow the West.

You will see them wearing all black, including balaclavas, and carrying "big sticks" or long, round clubs to cause injury to anyone they want, especially cops.

Below is a picture of Antifa at a riot.

Is that real enough for you? Do you believe me now that this is a war being waged against you?

These are your enemy, who are currently waging war against you for the upper class trash and they now have a face and a name. We are not just talking about paid thugs any more, we are talking about a very well trained and organized covert liberal army waging war against you.

I repeat, this is an all out war the liberals are waging against us and they have this secret Special Forces army helping them wage that war. This war is VERY real and you MUST prepare for it because the liberals can bring this to your town any day.

Pray for the cops and learn to fight.


Remember that I told you that Mecca and Medina are the Sunni Muslim's two most holy sites but Babylon is the Shiite Muslim's most holy site AND Iran is working on destroying both Mecca and Medina to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as their most holy site so they will help the Shiite Muslims rebuild Babylon so their messiah can come? Remember I told you I thought that Iran could be trying to take over Yemen so they can destroy Mecca and Medina?

Iran's Houthi proxy army in Yemen just fired a Borkan-1 SCUD missile that just missed Saudi Arabia's capital city of Riyadh, hitting within 40 kilometers or 24 miles of the city. This proves that Riyadh is within easy range of their missiles. They actually accurately hit a Saudi military base on the outskirts of the city.

I am checking to see whether the Borkan-1 SCUD missile is nuke capable or can carry a nuke warhead. If it can, the Houthi can burn the city down very quickly.

Also, Yemen is closer to Mecca than Riyadh and just a little bit further away from Medina than Riyadh putting them both within range of the Borkan-1 SCUD. One little Iranian 10K nuke I told you about will destroy both cities, especially the Mecca shrine.

While proof reading this article, I decided to see if I could find out whether the Borkan-1 SCUD missile is nuke capable and found out that the Houthis launched the same missile at a target near Taif City, just 50 miles from Mecca. For some reason, either the media didn't cover this very well or I missed it. It is clear the Houthis are testing the missile's range and targeting and it is adequate in range and very accurate.

Gee, why would they be testing the missile's range and accuracy towards Mecca?

Note that the Borkan-1 SCUD missile carries a 1,100 pound or more than half a ton warhead and we currently have weapons with up to 400K ton warheads that all weigh less than 800 pounds so it would be logical that Iran, especially with the help of other nations like China, Pakistan, North Korea, and Russia, should be able to put a little 10K nuke on that missile.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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