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Recently, ISIS sent Turkish forces around Al-Bab packing in a counter attack and other terrorist forces pushed back against Syrian forces but didn't gain ground. Suddenly and for several days now, ISIS is pushing Turkey back taking ground from Turkey in the Al-Bab area.

Where are all of these terrorists getting their weapons from to not only keep fighting for so long but to stage counter offensives?

We're being lied to by quite a few people and things are being covered up. Something is smelling more and more fishy as time goes by and the terrorists, especially ISIS, are not running out of weapons, munitions, and fighters and that fish keeps smelling worse and worse by the day.

Sooner or later something will break and the truth will be made known because God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." I am keeping an eye out for that break.


I got this at Breitbart by Liam Deacon: "A strong majority of Germans do not think Angela Merkel should extend her 12 years in power and wish to see a new chancellor after this year's federal elections.

The most recent poll by YouGov, published on Monday, showed that 64 per cent of German voters are in favour of having a new chancellor.

A significant 42 per cent said that it is 'definitely' time someone else took on the most important job in German politics, and a further 22 per cent said it was 'probably' time for a fresh face.

Just 19 per cent, meanwhile, said it was 'probably best' for Mrs. Merkel to stay on. Only eight per cent thought she should definitely keep the job."

I think Merkel's sins are finding her out and she is just a wee bit washed up...well, unless the election is seriously rigged. That is good news for the German people.


Things have gotten so out of control in France with the Muslim rioting that the government has written new laws permitting the police to use firearms with deadly force, you know, shoot to kill, under certain circumstances. They can open fire after giving the rioters two warnings, on fleeing vehicles, on rampaging vehicles, and to stop mass killings.

This is following more than a week of continuous rioting where the police have almost completely lost control and, in certain instances, did lose control. It is an effort to help the police regain control because, basically, the police are losing the Muslim feudal war against France. Things have gotten pretty desperate in France like I warned you they would.


To survive, the EU is being forced to admit they went too far in grabbing for power and are at least pretending to back down.

I got this at Breitbart by Nice Hallett: "European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has admitted the European Union has tried to take too much power from national governments, contributing to the rise in populist movements.

In an interview with Time magazine, Mr. Juncker acknowledged some decisions were better taken by national governments, and that people were reacting against this.

When asked why populists were making gains in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, he responded: "I think this is largely due to our faults."

Gee, you think?

They are being forced to back down to save their butts but it may be too late. They have realized that, if they don't back down for at least now, the EU is dead. You know the lying liberals are very desperate to actually admit they screwed up instead of blaming someone or something else. I see this as a tactical withdrawal in hopes of saving the EU and expect them to try a different tactic to grab the same or more power, providing the EU survives. Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that there was an FBI investigation of Lance Armstrong that was put on hold after Lance went golfing with Billy Boy Clinton?

I just read that the investigation has resumed and is cleared for court, it's going to trial.

Gee, you don't think this means that the Clintons are all washed up, do you?

It seems that all Billy Boy did was delay the inevitable.

You think that maybe Lance wishes he had his money back to pay his attorneys?

I have been patiently waiting for this.

I wonder how many more cases will suddenly go to trial that Billy Boy and Hillary got postponed?

This will be interesting.

Capital Punishment

This is why you have to execute evil people who commit terrible crimes, you know, like the liberal commie traitors.

I got this at SOFREP by Alex Hollings: "On June 23rd, 1985, a Boeing 747 took off from the Montréal-Mirabel International Airport in Quebec, Canada en route to New Delhi, India by way of London. It reached Irish airspace before a bomb that had been snuck onto the plane detonated, ripping the commercial airliner from the sky and claiming the lives of 329 people. It remains the largest mass murder Canada has ever seen, and until September 11th, 2001, it held the title of deadliest terrorist attack involving an aircraft in history.

Only one person was ever convicted of the crime. Inderjit Singh Reyat, a Sikh that immigrated to Canada from India, was found guilty of making two bombs, one which was stuffed aboard Flight 182, the crash that claimed the lives of 329 people, the other exploded in Japan's Narita airport, killing two more baggage handlers as they were transferring cargo out of a plane.

Reyat was again convicted of lying under oath in 2010, as he testified in the trials of the only two other people implicated in the attack. They were each acquitted, due in no small part to Reyat's deceit while on the stand.

And on Wednesday, the Canadian parole board announced that they have granted Reyat his freedom."

If you don't kill such people the way God said we should kill them for murder, you will always have some idiots turn them loose to kill again years later.

How many times have the "self righteous", who know better than God, turned such animals loose on us to murder again and they have murdered again?

Another great example is the terrorists Obama turned loose on us from Guantanamo and they have returned to their terrorism and murdered again. Then there is Bill Ayers who murdered people in the 1960s with bombs in a campaign to destroy the US and is RIGHT NOW helping his liberal commie traitor pals destroy the US. Or how about the poser Christian preacher and politician, Mike Huckabee, who turned two murderers loose in Arkansas because he was more righteous than God, those murderers went to Washington State and murdered three cops, and the idiot said he would turn them loose again because he is so righteous, magnificent, and wonderful that he knows better than God, whom he professes to worship and follow, even though Huckabee won't obey His Law, you know, execute murderers.

Do you see why God told us to kill these murdering idiots?

It's so the other idiots can't turn them loose to murder again later. This is one major reason why you have to execute the liberal commie traitors destroying your nation, so no one can turn them loose to do it again, you know, they way they turned Bill Ayers loose and he is working AGAIN with Obama and the liberal commie traitors to destroy our nation. Death is the only thing that can stop these evil people and current events prove it.

How long do you think it will be before Reyat tries to murder again?

Think about it. When he does, they should hang the people who turned him loose because they made his next crime possible and are complicit. Anyone who turns such criminals loose and those criminals commit more crimes, should be hung. Maybe then, the idiots will stop turning such criminals loose on us to kill again...well, if the idiots are dead, they will definitely stop turning the criminals loose to murder again.


Why do the liberals still believe in their beloved communism when it has failed every time all over the world?

There are two main reasons; 1) they love the promise of "free stuff' stolen from others so they don't have to work for a living and 2) they choose to believe the lie that all of the other failed Marxist states were not "true communism" and that their "true communism" will succeed, you know, so they can get the free stuff. That is it, that is the liberal commie Kool-Aid they are drinking now so they can continue to believe in and persuade others to believe in their beloved communism in spite of its 100% failure rate.

What happened is that, to get around the obvious truth that all attempts at Marxism have failed, the lying liberal commie traitors just changed their lie to say that those failed Marxist states were not "true communism". Basically, they just changed the color of the commie Kool-Aid.

You see, these idiots never give up. They just regroup, reorganize, change their lies, and keep on trying to set up their beloved commie dictatorship to steal from you so they don't have to work. The ONLY thing that will stop these idiots is death and they keep proving me right every day.

I have a question, "If what Linen, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and the other commie icons did wasn't true communism, why are these commie leaders the heroes, idols, and gods for our liberal commie traitors, you know, the "true commies"?" Don't you think that these leaders not setting up "true communism" and failing under the name of communism would be a betrayal of all "true commies" and who would worship poser commies and traitors? Maybe they should stop wearing the Che T-shirts?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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