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The airlines are cutting flights to Cuba because no one wants to go to Cuba.

What, don't the US liberal commie traitors like to visit their glorious commie icon, Cuba? Don't the liberal commie traitors want to move to and live in their glorious commie nation of Cuba?

I would think there should have been tens of millions of liberals flying to Cuba.

Gee, Obama's plan to increase tourism to Cuba didn't work out too well, did it? Is this another failed Obama program?


The Muslim feudal war has moved to the next level in Sweden with the Muslims militarily capturing land, you know, just like I told you they would expand their territory.

But I have also read that many people are turning conservative and starting to fight back. Pray for them.


China has a modified Russian aircraft carrier as its only active carrier, which can only carry a maximum of 40 aircraft but usually carries about 30 aircraft. She is currently building a second, "more advanced" version of the Russian ramp carrier and just started construction on a third carrier modeled after US carriers with steam catapults but no specifics have been released about it, such as its size. Apparently, they still have not developed a functioning steam catapult.

China plans to eventually build five or six carriers with most of them US style carriers.

China is having so much trouble with the Muslim Uyghurs (Wee-gurs) in the Xinjiang province that they have outlawed just about everything to do with Islam such as head veils, celebrating Ramadan, and everything else. There is a Chinese Army occupational force in the Xinjiang province. China has been infiltrating non Muslims into the area to the point that the non Muslims are now 38% of the Xinjiang province population. The Muslim terrorists are referred to as terrorists and separatists because they want to separate from China.


A Russian military officer recently said of Britain, who has been warning or threatening Russia, that there isn't an animal in the UK zoo than can tell a bear (Russia) what to do. He was basically laughing at Britain's warnings and threats to Russia.

Space Aliens

The lie builds. I got this at SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"NASA held on press conference on Wednesday to announce the discovery of seven "earth like" rocky planets in a single solar system, Trappist-1, located only approximately forty light years away."

I also saw this just about everywhere else.

Hold it, they can't even accurately tell the size of Pluto and think there might be another planet in our solar system but they are not sure and they can find 7 "earth like" planets in a solar system 40 light years away? Does that smell kind of fishy to you? Gee, that wouldn't be another liberal fairy tale about space aliens, would it?

Oh, if you think that is off the wall, wait until you see what else they claimed they could tell about those planets 40 light years away.

"It is also believed that Trappist E as well as a number of the other planets in the system may be tidally locked, meaning one side of the planet exists in perpetual day, while the other faces outward, like our own moon's orbit around the earth."

Who wrote this script, Disney? When is Jasmine going to show up riding her unicorn over the rainbow? Let me get this straight, they couldn't even tell Pluto's size (remember they thought it was half the size it really is until they flew a satellite by it) in our own solar system but can tell planets are "tidally locked" 40 light years away?

"Trappist G, the third planet in the habitable zone, is slightly larger than the Earth (13%)"

So, how many of you are stupid enough to believe they can't tell Pluto's size within our own solar system but can tell the exact size of a planet 40 light years away?

"Of the three planets, scientists believe Trappist F, the fifth closest planet to the star, could potentially be rather wet, with liquid water oceans on its surface and the greatest potential for alien life to develop."

And they can also tell whether it might have water on its surface?

You know that, next, they will be showing us pictures of Ewoks running around playing soccer on planet F. I am waiting for these "scientist" to do less significant miracles, you know, like walk on water and raise the dead.

"With somewhere in the neighborhood of five thousand exoplanets discovered in recent decades, and dozens of them within the habitable zones surrounding their stars, the discovery of so many rocky planets in close proximity to earth around a single star seems highly unusual, but could be just the first planet dense solar system we discover in our celestial neck of the woods. According to one scientist attending the press conference, this discovery indicates that 'Finding a second earth is not just a matter of if, but when.'"

I told you that what they are doing is setting you up for a "visit by space aliens" who will tell you to submit yourselves to the tyrannical rule of our corrupt and evil upper class trash. They will probably be intellectually superior Marxists from the planet Marx and they will learn us stupid humans how to make their glorious communism work. (/sarc)

Listen, this is just scientists who are telling us lies because, if they don't, they won't get the money from the government to pay their salaries, you know, just like the global warming x-spurts. To them it is just job security and they have sold their souls to the devil.

Upper Class Trash Utopia

I am going to show you just how stupid our all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, natural elite, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities, especially our college professors, really are.

I told you about continental drying under essays I titled global warming before the idiot liberals began their false global warming crap. In that I explained and provided proof for how and why our continents are drying up because, contrary to what we are taught, more water is draining and evaporating from our continents than is being returned to our continents via the weather system.

I told you about the hundreds and even thousands of agricultural communities that existed thousands of years ago that are now desert waste lands and the hundreds of ancient ports they have been finding underwater. Since I wrote those articles or essays, I have read they are now finding such submerged port cities as far down as 300 feet under water, which is a massive amount of water to have drained from our continents.

The genius x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities believe those farming communities were turned into deserts by the farmers "using up all of the water" and the ports became submerged by disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis causing them to "slide" into the oceans. There are some problems with these liberal fairy tales.

First, how did the farmers "use up all of the water" causing the area to dry up?

Basically, what the ancient farmers did was divert water from streams and rivers, where it would have just flowed out into the oceans and drying up the continents, and used that water to flood land so the water would soak into the land so they could grow crops. This means that the farmers were actually keeping the water on the continents longer and slowing the rate of our continents drying up because, if those farmers had not diverted the water from the streams and rivers back onto the land, the water would have just flowed into the oceans drying the land up faster.

That is right, the farmers were not drying up our land by "using up all of the water" but were actually slowing down the drying process by conserving or recycling water on our continents. As a matter of fact, if the farmers had not been conserving the water on our continents by recycling it back to the land, the deserts would have formed much sooner and would be much larger by now.

Then we have the problem with those ancient ports having been submerged by massive earthquakes and tsunamis causing them to fall or slide into the oceans. Ta dah!

First, there are so many submerged port cities that it would have required at least hundreds and probably more than a thousand massive earthquakes and tsunamis to cause that many port cities to slide into the ocean. For that many ports to have been sunk by such disasters, they would have been falling into the oceans every few decades.

How many port cities have you seen fall into the ocean because of earthquakes and tsunamis in the last 100 years?

Zero, none, not one, in spite of the fact that we are now having more earthquakes and tsunamis than any time in the past. Just look at the big tsunami that hit Indonesia a few years ago and not one port city fell into the ocean.

Second, have you seen pictures of some of those submerged ports?

Some of them have entire building foundations with partial structures still standing on the foundations.

Have you ever seen videos or pictures of structures sliding down hills because of flooding or earthquakes? Have you seen pictures of the results of tsunamis?

There is absolutely nothing left of the buildings except pure rubble. There are no foundations left from building falling downhill, much less anything left standing on the foundations. The tsunamis wash away everything except the foundations.

What should this tell you?

That those ancient ports didn't slide anywhere, much less into the ocean or there wouldn't even be any foundations left. The only possibility is that the water gradually rose up over those buildings.

And these geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities have not figured this out yet?

I don't have a "right degree from a right university" but figured this out decades ago and none of the geniuses who have the right degrees from the right universities have figured this out yet.

Now, when you look at the time frame for our continents having dried up, something else the pagans don't want you to know becomes obvious.

Did you know that most of those agricultural communities and ports were still around 2,500 years ago?

That is right, Alexander the Great wrote about some of these communities just 2,500 years ago. That means that those communities were turned into completely dry desert ruins and the ports were submerged in less than 2,500 years.

That much water draining off of our continents that fast means that 1) this planet can't be more than a few thousand years old or our continents would all be nothing but deserts by now and 2) there had to be a massive global flood 4,400 years ago to put that much water on our continents for them to not be completely dry deserts by now. At that drying rate, this planet cannot be 10,000 years old or every continent would be completely dry by now. Forget about this planet being millions or billions of years old. If our planet was 10,000 years old, especially without a global flood, it would look like Mars with one great big ocean.

Therefore, the continental drying proves Noah's Flood and Biblical creation but it gets better.

Did you know that most of those agricultural communities were still flourishing just 1,500 years ago?

That is right, after they rediscovered Babylon in the Iraqi desert, they found out that it was still a thriving farm community just 1,500 years ago and have since found out that most of the current desert areas were also thriving farm areas 1,500 years ago.

Did you know that 1,500 years ago, the current North African desert was providing the Roman Empire with most of its food, about two thirds to three fourths of its food? Do you think they could provide half as much food today?

Nope, most of it is now all dried up and they have found the remains of formerly great agricultural cities from the Roman era standing in desert waste lands.

Gee, what happened in the last 1,500 years that caused all of those great agricultural communities to dry up and turn into deserts, some of which won't grow weeds without an occasional rain. Today those great agricultural communities are just sand, rocks, and dirt with no surface water or vegetation left.

Remember that I told you that the farmers have been slowing our continental drying process by recycling the water from the streams and rivers back onto the land?

Don't forget that because that is very important.

Well, 1,400 years ago Muhammad started Islam and the Muslims started conquering all of that land. Gee, what a coincidence.

When the Romans conquered land, they conquered the governments and kept the farming communities in tact to provide Rome with food. They didn't kill off all of the farmers who were keeping that land green by recycling the water from the streams and rivers back to the land to slow continental drying.

When the Muslims conquered the land, they wiped out entire farming communities to enslave or murder the people leaving no one to recycle the water so all of that water just kept running into the oceans instead of staying on the continents so those rich farm lands just dried up and turned into desert waste lands. Most of that destruction was done between 700 AD and 1,000 AD so that most of those lands have been draining uncontrolled now for the last 1,300 years plus.

For example, when the Muslim ruler, Tamerlane, conquered most of that area, he just rounded up entire communities, including the farmers, and butchered them for his own amusement, you know, wiping out the people who managed the land, destroying the land. He is renowned for building huge pyramids with human heads from all of the men, women, and children he butchered or, rather, had his people butcher in front of him for his amusement.

So, what do you think the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, grossly overpaid, natural elite, heavily inbred globalists who got the right degrees from the right universities are going to do to this planet, if they get their way?

History tells us what will happen.

Well, what they want to do is seize control of the entire planet, butcher about 7.5 billion people, you know, most of the farmers who are currently recycling water from our streams and rivers back onto the land, to set up their glorious liberal "utopia" so they don't have to share "their planet with the rest of us", you know, including the farmers.

Obviously, the water will drain off of our continents even faster causing them to turn into deserts sooner and, like everything else they have tried, their utopia fail but this time it will destroy all life on earth.

You think I am wrong?

Did you know that, when the Romans destroyed Israel in 70 AD, because of the Israeli rebellion, the Romans killed off or enslaved most of those Israeli farmers; the Romans wiped out entire farming communities just like the Muslims did and the upper class trash globalist plan to do?

When the Muslims conquered the area, they killed off and enslaved many more of the Israeli and Christian farmers and, by the 1800s, Israel was mostly dried up desert waste land.

When Israel finally became a nation again, they began desalinating ocean water and recycling that water back to the land, just like I told you we should do, turning desert waste land back into thriving farm land. We can do the same with the rest of this planet but, first, we have to get rid of the stupid liberals who want to murder off all of our farmers.

Don't ever forget that it is the farmers who keep and manage our land by recycling water from our streams and rivers back to the land so the land doesn't turn into desert waste land and not the idiot leaders. The farmers are the true guardians of the land. The only thing the leaders guard is their own wealth at everyone else's expense.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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