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The Moon

I am working on an idea to crowd fund an 18 hole golf course on the moon for all of the rich turds who will soon be going there. You know every rich person on the planet will want to play that golf course so they come home and brag about hitting a green at four miles with one whack when one good whack can send a golf ball into orbit around the moon.

This will be the most exclusive golf club in the solar system because you will have to be a rich astro-nut to belong.

We can use electric ATVs for golf carts, the New Boston Dynamics robot, Handle, for the caddies, and paint the ground green for the "greens". Of course, there won't be any water traps but there will be sand traps galore. There will also be a time limit on play because they will have to finish the 18 holes before they run out of oxygen.

You smiled, didn't you?

European Upper Class Trash

They are trying to stop Le Pen from winning the French election by removing her Parliamentary immunity for posting pictures of beheadings so they can prosecute her and send her to jail. This is clearly the European upper class trash trying to stop her from taking France out of the EU and finishing what Britain started, the fall of the EU.

This shows how desperate and determined the upper class trash are. The people of France should riot in the streets to stop this and possibly even stage Bastille II.

I got this at Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"Le Pen's Globalist Rival: Don't Worry About Mass Migration, Newcomers 'Renew Our Society'"

Read: "It will provide us with new slaves to increase our upper class trash wealth." This is the globalist candidate the upper class trash want to win the election.


Democrats have really accelerated their attacks against Sessions, trying to get rid of him. They must be running scared of his investigations. He must be quickly doing some good for the criminals to be attacking him so avidly.

The fake news media are really going after him with lies, lies, and more lies. The left is waging an all out war against us.

Is he quickly getting too close to the evidence for their crimes?

Keep an eye on this and pray for Trump's people.


I got this from Newsmax by Jason Devaney:

"Former President Barack Obama's closest confidant Valerie Jarrett has moved in with the Obamas in their Washington, D.C. home and will reportedly help Obama oppose President Donald Trump.

According to The Daily Mail, Jarrett - who lived with the Obamas in the White House during his eight-year presidency - moved her belongings to the Obamas' new home in the Kalorama section of Washington after he left office in January. The pair reportedly wants to help lead a charge to have Trump impeached or force him to resign."

Gee, you don't think they have been plotting a coup all along, do you?

Obama can't do anything without Valerie, she is the brains of their organization. I have been waiting to hear about this.

Keep an eye on this.


I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Bets on marijuana companies helped an Australian manager soar 145 percent last year to become the world's best-performing hedge fund.

Stock and credit investments in North American marijuana producers contributed to 22 percentage points of last year's gain for the $200 million Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund, said Sydney-based Ben Cleary, who co-manages the pool with Craig Evans. The fund has advanced 4 percent this year through February, Cleary said."

Gee, you don't think the upper class trash were behind the legalizing of pot, do you?

They just made a lot of money off of it and played everyone, especially the users for suckers. Pot is the new tobacco and it will take a while before the health problems catch up to the medical research and reports but, by then, the upper class trash will have made their money and sold out holdings to suckers, who will pay the price for damages.

I have been quietly waiting for this one too. They didn't legalize pot for the people, they legalized pot to screw the people.

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Bush II

I just saw a head line about Bush II bashing Trump. Bush should shut up.

Sure, Bush was left with a mess by Billy Boy who had spent 8 years tearing down our military, intelligence agencies, and other critical government agencies required for our national security. Billy Boy left Bush a military that was less than a one front military but Bush didn't really do such a great job of unscrewing the mess and screwed up plenty.

First, get it straight, Bush lost the War on Terror, with a lot of help from the left.

"What", you say, "Bush lost the war?"

Did he win it?

No, then he lost it and lost it bad. I knew he would probably lose it within the first year but quietly gave him the benefit of the doubt, which he wasted.

Bush had a great opportunity to quickly rebuild the military Billy Boy spent 8 years destroying but blew it by only building it back up to a...wait for it...two front military to...wage war against five nations he declared to be the evil axis. His stupid plan was that he would only need a two front military, if he fought them one nation at a time.

Gee, how did that workout?

It failed miserably; let me explain.

Anyone who has studied any military history knows that you have to ramp your military up to at least a 6 front military, preferably more, to wage war against five nations, even if you only wage war against them one at a time because you are going to need to leave forces behind in a conquered country to secure that country while it rebuilds and you will need to relieve troops on the battle field for rest, rebuilding, and retraining, especially in a prolonged war against five nations.

Also, the idiot didn't realize that fighting five nations one at a time will result in a very prolonged war, which will result in war fatigue within the nation decreasing support for the war and will probably cause you to lose the war, which it did.

Then Bushy Boy only had Congress declare war on one nation at a time, which was unimaginably stupid because the attitude of the nation will change with time. Bushy Boy should have gotten a declaration of war against all five nations at the same time when he had the most possible support from the nation.

Then Bushy Boy went into Afghanistan with his mighty two front army and swept through it quickly buuuuuut, didn't finish the war and left half of one front there to finish the job, which obviously wasn't enough to finish the job because, more than a decade later, it is still going on.

Then Bushy Boy invaded Iraq with his remaining 1.5 front military and quickly swept through it setting a half front aside to secure Iraq while the twit divided his now one front military in half to invade both Syria (not necessary) and Iran (necessary) at the same time.

Just how do you think that would have worked out? And what was he going to invade North Korea with, a zero front military?

But, fortunately for the military, Bush couldn't get Congress to declare war on Iran and Syria because the lying liberal media had changed the mood of the nation (gee, who would have thought?) and Bushy Boy's war ground to a halt with him never invading the last three evil axis countries because he is an idiot who really blew it big time.

And he has the audacity to trash Trump?

Probably because Bushy Boy is so stupid he still has not figured out that he blew a great chance really big time, much less how bad he blew it.

Bushy Boy should just shut up and give Trump a chance to finish the job right that Bushy Boy couldn't finish.

Maybe Trump is making Bushy Boy look and feel bad so Bushy Boy is trying to make himself look and feel better by trashing Trump?

Bush proved himself to be a terrible Commander-in-Chief but not quite as bad as Obama, Clinton, or Carter, but not by much. He is in league with Truman for screwing up the Korean War and Johnson for screwing up Vietnam because we should have won all three of those wars.

I guess that makes Bushy Boy the worst Republican Commander-in-Chief we have had.

And he has the audacity to trash Trump?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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