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Corrupt Legal System

Remember me telling you that the liberals have infiltrated and taken over our legal system? Just look at all of the sudden rulings for homosexual marriages coming like a flood. Why are we suddenly getting all of these liberal decisions at this time? You will see more of this kind of legislation via litigation before it is over because most courts are controlled by the liberals.

Obama Selling Out Feds

Once again Obama sells out the CIA by "accidentally" giving up the name of a top agent in Afghanistan while the CIA is doing Obama's dirty work for him. How many CIA agents will die this time? All of you federal agents, law enforcement, cops, military, Secret Service, and others better learn from this. Just because you are doing Obama's dirty work for him does not mean he is not going to sell you out when he can. Look how Obama treats the US military while using the US military as a club.

Obama even stabs Muslims like King Abdullah in the back. Look at all of the commies who thought they would be protected by Comrade Obama and got screwed. If Obama will screw and sell out his own friends and family, he will more easily and quickly screw you. The only one Obama is faithful to is Obama.

Michael Moore

How about Michael Moore saying, "Guns don't kill Americans, Americans kill Americans". So, you think that over paid simpleton finally gets it?

Of course not, no liberal can understand anything that complex. Why is Comrade Moore only ranting about Americans killing Americans when there are people killing others in every country on this planet including Canada, where Moore came from? Why isn't Moore at home in Canada ranting about Canadians killing each other? Why is Moore not ranting about Muslims killing everyone including other Muslims? Because Michael Moore doesn't make a lot of money ranting about those people killing each other. I don't think Comrade Moore cares about anyone getting killed except him. I think Moore just likes making a lot of money helping spread the liberal commie traitor lies.

Mass Murders

Then we have some expert (we know he is because he has a piece of paper from the right university saying he is) saying that it is not possible to predict who will commit a mass murder. Really?

Looking at the evidence, I bet we can get close. All of the recent mass murders have been liberals, they were seeing shrinks (you know, the "experts" who are supposed to help these crazy people), and were all taking drugs prescribed by the expert shrinks who can't seem to do their jobs right.

By the process of illumination, that cuts it down to only liberals or about 20% of the US population, 60 million people. Then we look at all of the liberals seeing or being brainwashed by these expert shrinks and taking drugs prescribed by the expert shrinks, you know, 60 million people. Yep, we have cut it down to 60 million people.

The liberals and shrinks are the ones we should watch because it is a better than 99% probability that the next mass murder will be committed by another liberal being brainwashed, doped up, and sent off to murder people by an expert liberal shrink in order to get people to accept gun control so the liberal puppet masters can disarm everyone so the liberal puppet masters can set up their dictatorship. Yep, I think we figured out how to predict who will be the next mass murderer. Now, was that hard?

Michelle Obama

I just read that Michelle is "getting ready" to respond to her critics about the lousy lunch diets Michelle has forced on kids by Presidential decree. In other words, she and the rest of her commie team are dreaming up the next lie she will tell.

Do you want to see just how stupid and simple minded liberals really are?

Most kids eat three meals per day plus snacks and don't get much, if any exercise. Because of this, increasing numbers of kids and adults are becoming fat and out of shape. Then along comes genius Michelle. She thinks she can solve that problem and cause kids to stop being fat and out of shape by forcing her choice of foods on the kids in one meal per day? What about the other meals? What about the exercise?

I don't think Michelle cares about your kids. I think she is just putting on a simple minded show only liberals are stupid enough to fall for, the kids figured it out and are rebelling, and Michelle is trying to save her image among the eternally dumb by responding to her critics.

Communist News Network

CNN just said that more Dem's are calling Obama detached and incompetent. Basically, they are saying that increasing numbers of simple minded liberals are following CNN's lead of calling Obama detached and incompetent because we know that no liberals below a certain level will even try to think for themselves because they are dummed down and brainwashed to blindly believe and say whatever the liberal leaders and media tell them to believe and say.

It is more proof that the liberals commies are turning on Obama and blaming him for everything Obama and they are doing. It is time to finish destroying the nation and make sure the incompetent black man takes the fall, you know, like I have been telling you.

Space Aliens

Some scientists are saying that they expect to make first contact with space aliens within the next 20 years. How could they possibly know, if they have not already made contact? We are still finding new species on our own planet and they think they know when we will find a species from another planet? Based on what evidence? They still don't have any evidence that another species exists in space.

This is another one of those liberals moments when "it sounded like a good thing to say."

First, God told us that He created us here on earth and a whole group of different beings we call angels in a place called Heaven. That is it and first contact was at least 3,600 years ago. Sorry, liberal whackos, you missed first contact but you can read about it in the Bible. But those nuts hate God so much they would rather believe in life forms which happened by accident and coincidence, you know, the pagan fairy tale of evolution.

Look, if the Bible were wrong and these God haters were right, what aliens smart enough to travel through space would even want to let us know they exist much less make contact with us? With our crazy, power mad, greedy leaders, it would only be a matter of time before our leaders would be trying to tax, rob, enslave, murder, and wage war against the aliens. Think about it, if you were them, would you be stupid enough to want to make contact with our lunatic leaders?


For almost 25 years I have been quietly watching increasing numbers of men turn into woman haters or misogynists by the male hating liberal feminists. The male hating liberal feminists have been openly hating, bullying, terrorizing, mentally tormenting, oppressing, and waging war with their "Battle of the Sexes" against all men. You cannot treat any group of people this way forever without some of them breaking and going on the war path against you and, believe me, there is a huge amount of anger and hatred out there for women caused by the oppressive and abusive male hating liberal feminists.

I am surprised it took this long for one of them to break and go on the war path against all women trying to kill as many as they could before they got killed. You can bet that the other misogynists out there consider this guy to be a hero and roll model. You can bet that groups of misogynists have found each other, especially with the Internet, and they talk about hating women and what they want to do to women. You can bet these misogynists are talking to each other, right now, about this guy being a hero and are having thoughts about doing something similar to become a hero to their group.

At this time, based on human behavior, it is a very easy prediction to say increasing numbers of misogynists will start murdering women to get back at the women for the abuse of the liberal male hating feminists and many innocent women will die. You women better be afraid, very afraid because the male hating liberal feminists have created a huge population of very angry men who would love to murder women.

In order to stop this, the good women must stand up to the male hating liberal feminists and tell them to stop their hate crimes against men or these men will stop it themselves. Do not be surprised to see some of these misogynists target top feminists in order to be even more famous among their groups. History teaches this is very probable.

This is a huge red flag that women need to pay attention to and they must stop the hate crimes of male hating liberal feminists, quickly. The hate filled "Battle of the Sexes" must stop quickly or more women will die, especially innocent women.

The Spoiled Rich

Today's spoiled rich have become accustomed to being above the law and being able to get away with very serious crimes, especially against the middle and lower classes. They believe their money protects them because they can always buy off judges and others. They believe their great wealth trumps even weapons.

I have warned for years that day is quickly coming to an end. It is here. Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, a billionaire in Iran was just hanged for fraud. He showed up in court, thinking it was to resolve something only to find he was there to be hanged.

His billions did not protect him for a very important reason. When the people with the guns realize that all they have to do is shoot the rich people and the guys with the guns will be able to take ALL of that rich person's wealth. That is when the money stops protecting the rich people and makes them all targets.

Iran has summoned FB founder CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to court in Iran. In other words, there is a contract on the rich kiddy's head. The rich American and European kiddies are about to learn their money can not always trump guns because the guys with the guns can kill you with their guns and take your money. Zuckerberg better be afraid, very afraid. These rich people have pushed the people too far and the people are striking back.

If Iran puts a reward on Zuckerberg's head, he is going to spend a lot of his money trying to stay alive and, with so many Muslims, especially terrorists in this country and Europe, all any Muslim has to do is put out a warrant on any rich person and that rich person is a dead man walking, especially if the reward goes to the killer's family. The upper class trash have created their own nightmare and they are about to find out they are not immune to death just because they are rich. Keep an eye on this because what has gone around from the rich, is coming back around to the rich.

Another point here is that these rich fat cats have used socialism to destroy our nations' economies so the rich fat cats can put even more money in their pockets. They have gone so far as to destroy our militaries, which were protecting them, because they think their money will protect them so who needs a military? Now those militaries are no longer there to protect those spoiled rich fat cats and all the bad guys have to do is kill the spoiled rich fat cats and take their money. Oops!

It is time for everyone to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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