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I'm Back

Ahha, thought you were going to get rid of me, did you?

It didn't work, the old man is back.

On Thursday, April 4th at 5:30 pm I began barfing or vomiting violently and continued until just before midnight.

Hint: if you reach a point to where you are having dry heaves because there is nothing left in your stomach, drink water to put something in your stomach because 1) dry heaves are harder on your stomach, 2) the water will absorb some of the toxins causing the vomiting making it easier on your stomach, and 3) it will help remove more of the toxins faster.

The next two days were gradually decreasing pain and fever with what seemed like final recovery on Sunday. I figured it was probably food poisoning and even checked it out via the Mayo Clinic site.

Monday morning was a pretty serious relapse telling me it wasn't food poisoning, so I had my daughter take me to the hospital where the pain quickly became intense. Tests showed it was my gallbladder so they admitted me to the hospital and started me on pain and anti-inflammation medication to shrink my gallbladder for easy removal because it had become very swollen. After almost two days of shrinking my gallbladder, they started to remove my bladder but it was still at least 2 to 3 times the normal size so they had to just cut me open and take it out. The doctor said it was the largest gallbladder he had seen in months in spite of it having been shrunk in size for removal.

Then there were a few days of recovery and coming home. I am back to work now.

Something very interesting and good came out of this. When I was sick before and seeing doctors, my resting heart rate had been at 88 bpm. I kept telling everyone that was very high for me but no one would listen because it is considered normal for most people. I just didn't know what I was talking about and I have told you before that almost all doctors are not trained in exercise physiology and sports medicine and really don't know how to deal with marathon and former marathon athletes.

This time, my health had recovered enough that my resting heart rate was in the 40s and 50s so they HAD to listen. So it is now in my medical records that my resting heart rate should be in the 40s.

When they first saw my current resting heart rate in the 50s, they were concerned because it was so low compared to what they are trained to deal with but I told them that actually was still a little high and they actually listened to me. It actually got as low as 47, they didn't seem to like it, and were very apprehensive about it because they are not trained to deal with it but worked with me on it for a change. As it kept going lower as I continued to recover, they became more apprehensive. I just hear them thinking, "Shouldn't we start sticking needles in this guy's heart and electrocuting him with paddles or something?"

This was God letting me know that He had improved my health enough for my resting heart rate to finally return closer to my normal, though I am still very ill, just not as ill as I was, which should tell you how ill I was. My resting heart rate being at 88 was like most people's resting heart rates being at 160 or almost dead and my resting heart rate being at 50 is like most people's resting heart rates being at 100 or very ill.

Being a marathong athlete or former marathon athlete turns you into a freak because it makes permanent changes in your body which are not normal and almost all doctors are not trained to deal with those changes.

BTW, nothing has changed in the world while I was gone. The insanity of the left rages on like a horrid inferno and they are beyond just being evil.

Did you notice that Trump is being bogged down by the "Deep State" more and more every day?

Trump is wearing down and losing momentum. I warned you about the infiltrated corrupt members of a large socialist government and how impossible it is to get rid of them all in just a few years. I do not envy Trump his job.

Le Pen

I found out that Le Pen had been defeated in the French election dashing the hopes for many still wanting their freedoms. When your elections are so rigged the bad guys will win regardless of how the people feel, then democracy has failed and there are only slavery and death or revolution. Those are the only two choices the corrupt upper class trash leave you when they have seized control of your nation.

Note that part of the reason being given for Le Pen losing the election, true or not, is that she is a big government socialist and the French people are tired of socialism. I am sure some are tired of socialism but I will keep an eye on this because, after all, almost all of their politicians are socialists, as are almost all of the people, making it just a wee bit hard to believe.

If the people don't stand up and fight soon, France is lost and this is true for almost all of Europe right now. They either fight soon or lose everything including their lives. At this time, the only hope they have left is war and that war must be fought first against the upper class trash and then against the Muslims. The upper class trash is the problem and they are using the Muslims to distract the people from them.


I hope you realize that them passing a law forbidding anyone telling the truth about Jenner and Jenner threatening to sue anyone who tells the truth about him is 1) censorship and 2) the left ramming their morals, values, and ethics down our throats, you know, those tolerant lefties who only want you to be tolerant of their crimes and not them be tolerant of your morals, values, and ethics.

This is what happens when the "tolerant" lefties take over; the tolerance disappears and pagan fascist control takes over.

Note that Jenner is a very active part of this movement trying to censor you. He is not on your side just because he is a registered Republican any more than Paul Ryan is on your side. Jenner is a part of the lefty infiltration of the Republican Part to take it over and destroy it.

So, how is that tolerance thingy working out with the left?

Renewable Energy

Have you noticed that the renewable energy thingy is failing with increasing numbers of wind farms being abandoned instead of being repaired and maintained?

The lefties and their owners have milked that beast dry leaving investors high and dry with dead wind farms increasing everywhere because, even with government subsidizing, they are not achieving ROI or return on investment so the investors are being soaked. It is all a racket being used to quickly steal lots of money from investors and tax payers.

Figure out yet why renewable energy didn't make it in the free market?

Without the government wasting tax dollars on it, there is no real profit and it is a loser's game. As usual, you are not being told the truth.


The left has taken control of Fox News and, surprise, surprise, the Fox News ratings and profits are falling. If you make any medium lefty or dishonest, people will stop watching it, it will lose profits, and people will move onto other conservative media, which is why the left is trying to sensor all conservative or truth telling media, you know, no one will have any place else to go and will have to listen to their lies.

The conservative Sinclair Group has 173 television stations and is now trying to buy 42 more with the ultra lefty New York Times trying to stop them.

What is happening is that the lefties take over media, drive their viewership down, which drives their stocks down and makes it easier for the conservatives to buy into those media at below potential market value. Conservatives are buying up these potentially great deals with the lefties losing money on their media, decreasing the lefties financial power. It is a quickly losing game for the lefties but they are trying to gain enough control to force censorship of all the media before the lefties completely lose their butts.


I know that I mentioned a dream in which I talked about our new government taking over most of the US and large parts of other countries in the Americas but I don't know where I mentioned it and, with almost 1,200 essays written so far, it would be a little tough to find it.

In it I mentioned that we will get most of the current continental US, all of Polynesia, and have land as far south as the southern tip of Chili. I also told you that I don't know whether that means we will get any or all of everything else in the North, Central, and Southern Americas or even in the Caribbean. Therefore, I have been watching the different nations and areas which are being destabilized by the corruption of the upper class trash to try and get a better idea of just what our nation will be like. I figure that part of this will probably be determined by which countries such as Mexico will try to invade the US and take land during our civil war.

Almost everything from Mexico (now the second most violent nation on the planet to live in just behind Syria) south is a mess and Trudeau is destabilizing Canada, which all pose a threat to US national security. I recently read over the CIA report to Congress about destabilized nations which are a threat to the US and it is a long and growing list. Even little countries like Guatemala are being turned upside-down by the upper class trash corruption but, for the most part, you are not hearing about these things in the news.

The upper class trash has created a massive global mess and they want us to believe they should be running our planet. To some extent, they already are running our planet and the results are terrible.

Anymore, it is anyone's guess which nations will be combined into our new nation because they are all a mess. It is not that the upper class trash are causing World War Three but they have caused a planet full of many wars and should all be held accountable for their actions.

BTW, the Venezuelan government has started to torture military officers in Venezuela. The government has become a serious threat to the military so this is when it is most likely the military will finally stage a coup. Keep an eye on this.

Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that I told you that Israel will take everything from at least the Euphrates and possibly the Black Sea south to the Indian Ocean on both sides of the Red Sea, east of the Nile River, and about 1/3 to 1/2 of the Arabian Peninsula east of the Red Sea?

For a long time, I have been wondering what will happen to the Christians in this area when Israel takes the land.

I got this at Newsmax By Wanda Carruthers:

"Christians Leaving Mideast in Record Numbers"


"Christians are leaving the Middle East in record numbers, driven out by terrorism by the Islamic State and laws in countries the U.S. considers allies. By 2025, Christians are expected to comprise a mere 3 percent of the population in the Middle East, whereas they represented 13.6 percent a century ago."

That is the ones who are not being murdered by the Muslims are leaving.

There are not many Christians left in that area and there will be even fewer by then so it probably won't matter. When the dust settles, it will just be the Jews and a hand full of Christians left in the new and larger Israel. Most of the Christians have already been driven out by the Muslims and the Bible tells us the Muslims will panic and run, leaving only the Hebrews or Jews. The stage has been set for this to happen.

Life Lesson

You came into this life with nothing, God gives you much to use and enjoy in this life but you will leave this life with nothing because God will eventually take everything back from you.

When you stand before God facing your eternity, you will have nothing but God but, if you rejected God in life, then you will have absolutely nothing.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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