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I have been watching carefully about Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. I have been seeing signals that Trump is not moving the embassy to Jerusalem because Netanyahu doesn't want the US embassy in Jerusalem yet.

I am watching and trying to figure out why Netanyahu doesn't want the US embassy in Jerusalem yet. My first guess is that it has something to do with the upper class trash running the EU but it could be a Palestinian thing.

Also, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Trump is continuing some of the anti-Assad things Obama started in Syria. By international law, Obama and now Trump, have illegally been trying to depose Assad and probably for at least some of the same reasons.

Keep an eye on the questionable things Trump is doing.

I just read a bunch of tweets by scientifically ignorant celebrities, who probably couldn't pass any college hard science 101 courses, much less the prerequisites for the hard science courses I took in college, about Trump not going along with the climate change insanity. It is amazing how many other ignorant people follow these stupid people over the cliff without question. Their insanity is mind boggling. If the lefty gods say it, it must be gospel. Talk about a fanatical religion.

As a side note, I really hate it when I see rich and powerful people "visit" the Jerusalem Wall and pretend to pray, you know, putting on a show of being religious and pious, which Jesus taught us not to do because it really ticks off God.

Personally, I stay at home and do all of my praying at home because it is between me and God and I really don't care if any of you see it. I don't pray to impress you, I pray to talk to my Heavenly father, God. To me, it is called taking care of business, the same way I would want to talk to my biological father in private and not out in public concerning things between him and me. Most of the time, what God and I talk about, is none of your business and I will let people know when I pray about them, which is their business.

I will sometimes ask others to pray for me or others who clearly need it but, to me, prayer is not for show.


OK, this is funny.

I got this at Arutz Sheva by Chana Roberts:

"NASA to launch mission to Sun in 2018"


"NASA's Solar Probe Plus mission to 'touch the sun' will launch in 2018 from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on a Delta IV Heavy rocket.

The mission is expected to end in 2025 and will be renamed after Eugene Parker, the astrophysicist who conducted pioneering work on the particles flowing out of the sun's atmosphere, which he named the 'solar wind.'"

Hey, all of you scientifically ignorant and stupid lefties out there, here is your chance to colonize a heavenly body! Maybe you could learn us conservatives how to terra farm an atmosphere on the sun and you can learn us how to really use solar energy to run everything because you will have plenty of it. You get free land, all you can farm or develop. Just be sure to take plenty of sunscreen and your asbestos underwear.

Hey, Soros and the other upper class trash, do you want to take over and rule a heavenly body that is much, much, much larger than earth?

So, if you are a stupid lefty who wants to colonize the sun, call 1-800-Iisarebestupidlefty and get your name on the list.

Hmmm, I wonder if we can volunteer our favorite stupid lefties?

I want video of your trip.

(The intelligent ones smiled, didn't you?)

I am convinced that we really need to thin the herd on the left, especially the upper class trash. Their insanity is mind boggling. Every time you begin to think the left can't get any more nuts, they prove you wrong. They really have invented infinite insanity.

North Korea

Did you read that our "first" missile intercept of a mock ICBM was a success?

Do you really think the success of such a high tech test was the first try?

Why was I not surprised it would succeed, you know, like I have been telling you we will do against real ICBMs?

Because we have been developing the technology to shoot down missiles for at least half a century and successfully used the Patriot Missile system to shoot down missiles a quarter of a century ago?

Do you now realize how many people either don't pay attention or have incredibly short memories?

I have also been seeing the US military telling us they are going to start "experimenting on" or building weapons system I know we had almost half a century ago and I am wondering why they are acting like we didn't have these systems in place before now. I am watching this closely.

Special Operations

I just read that the US military is "opening the door for discussion" concerning the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) for special operations because the leaders are over working the soldiers and not permitting them to have adequate recovery time. Therefore, their solution is to dope up the soldiers so they don't have to give the soldiers adequate rest time to recover from all of those missions. It is called bad management, very bad management.

I have been sitting here for decades watching athletes die from performance enhancing drugs the quack doctors and quack exercise physiologists, who make lots of money administering the dope, tell the athletes the dope won't cause any problems, if administered properly, you know, by them for large sums of money.

About 20+ years ago I began noticing increasing numbers of athletes developing a variety of health problems from these "perfectly safe" drugs, especially heart, liver, and kidney problems, and dying at about 50 years of age and then about 40 years of age and then about 30 years of age, just like I predicted several decades ago. Last year a young pro bicycle racer croaked during the 40+ mph final sprint in a race at 22 years of age. Don't worry, he didn't feel a thing when he slammed into the road because he was dead before he hit the ground. Of course the other people he knocked down at 40+ mph hurt a lot but not him.

And the quack doctors making millions administering the dope?

They don't have any adverse side effects from the dope and laugh all of the way to the bank, you know, right past those athletes' funerals.

Bad drugs will no more make up for bad military management of our troops than they make up for bad coaching of athletes. But, hey, it will solve the problem with injured soldiers having problems getting appointments in the VA and will save the US a bundle on retirement because the dope will kill them young.

I got it from a reliable source that a former top pro named Pantani, who committed suicide in a hotel, did it because the dope destroyed both of his kidneys and he was having to undergo dialysis on a daily basis, which ain't no fun and that is a gross understatement. Yeah, he won a lot of big races because of the dope and then killed himself because of the hell the dope caused later.

I have a number of friends in their 40s and 50s who have a variety of problems, especially heart problems, from the dope they used and are undergoing medical treatment, some with daily injections. And those are the ones who are still alive. The rest don't have any problems because they croaked.

If you want to find out the ugly truth about dope, get involved in pro sports, especially pro bicycle racing, but any modern pro sport, so you can get privy to "behind closed doors" info about the problems athletes are having because of the dope, especially after they leave the sports, which the media won't tell you about. The media help cover that insanity up.

The people running the sports know all about this. Every year, before the season starts, the UCI or Union Cycliste Internal hires a team of doctors from Houston, Texas to fly to Europe to test all of their pro racers for the amount of kidney damage (not whether they have kidney damage, but how much) caused by EPO and, when (not if) the athletes' kidneys reach a certain level of damage, they are kicked out of the sport for life so they won't croak soon enough people will realize the entire sport is dirty.

Care about the athletes?

Oh, heck no, only their bank accounts, which is why I believe everyone involved in promoting PEDs should be hung...except the quack doctors making millions giving those PEDs; they should be drawn and quartered.

There is no question about whether PEDs will damage the people using them. We KNOW very well exactly what will happen when using PEDs because we have been using them in pro sports, especially pro bicycle road racing, for almost a quarter of a century and have had to bury too many young people.

For example, when you fry your kidneys with EPO, they won't allow you to have a kidney transplant because the residual EPO in your system will be high enough for years that it will 1) destroy the new kidneys before they can take hold and/or 2) cause your body to reject the kidneys. Therefore, after you fry your kidneys on EPO, you know, to increase your endurance and recovery, you will have to do dialysis every day for the rest of your life and you will almost all commit suicide at some point to stop that insanity.

We also KNOW what steroids and other PEDs do very well. The most common cause for death for those using steroids is cardiac arrest.

You want to know why they are having so much trouble with concussions in pro football today when it was barely a problem 40 years ago?

It is called steroids or growth hormones. The athletes started taking steroids so they could be stronger so they could hit harder and they have gotten to where they can hit much, much hard.

What happens to the human brain when the human body gets hit harder?

We call that a concussion, boys and girls. If you want to decrease the concussions in pro football, stop using steroids.

It is that simple but, hey, too many people in control are making too much money from the steroids so do you really expect them to even want to solve the problem?

Probably not any time soon.

My big question is, "Which lying quack doctors are promoting the use of PEDs by soldiers so those quack doctors can get big government contracts to make millions of dollars destroying and killing US soldiers?"

That is why I believe the lying quack doctors should be drawn and quartered and not just hung.

And the top brass in the military want our best soldiers croaking from using dope so the Pentagon can over work those soldiers instead of them having to develop better mission management?

If you think they have a shortage on SOF soldiers now, wait until the SOF soldiers all start croaking and developing health problems from the dope.

Gee, you think that just maybe doping our best soldiers is a threat to our national security?

From what I have seen behind closed doors, in my opinion, they should hang everyone involved in doping athletes and soldiers to enhance their performance. Every quack doctor involved should be tried and hung for premeditated murder and everything they own should be confiscated and that is being nice. Personally, having them drawn and quartered would be too nice and I have some really interesting ways of torturing such jerks to death that take days and I got from the Mescalero Apaches.

Yeah, I admit that doping people up really ticks me off because I know what it does to their bodies and lives.

Angry? Me?

You betcha. I am sick and tired of seeing young people die because of PEDs and I really hate the quack doctors who lie to make the big bucks giving those PEDs to kill the young people while they laugh all of the way to the bank. They should definitely be drawn and quartered.


This is really huge.

They are now calling the area controlled by Kurds in Iraq Kurdistan, acknowledging the creation of a new nation by the Kurds in Northern Iraq with the US working to help the Kurds in Syria to take land from ISIS and keep it from Syria and are working to protect this land from Turkey. Russia is also working to protect this Kurdish land in Syria from Turkey. It is pretty obvious this land in Syria will be added to Kurdistan in Iraq to increase the size of this new Kurdish nation.

This new nation already has a parliamentary government.

This is absolutely the last thing Turkey wants but it seems to have already happened.

Russia just signed a really big oil deal with Kurdistan that will last at least 20 years where Russia will be allowed to extract oil from the ground and move it by pipe out of Kurdistan.

The Kurds finally have their own nation and Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are a wee bit upset about it.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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