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The commies call people who want to build a border wall to protect themselves from illegal immigrants, especially terrorists and criminals, Nazis, but it wasn't the Nazis who built walls. The Nazis tore down walls and invaded other nations. It was the commies who built walls, you know, like the Iron Curtain.

Also, the commies love to call everyone who disagrees with them Nazis to make those people look bad but I would rather be called a Nazi than a commie, though I would not want to be either.


The Nazis murdered about 12 million people in their death camps (6 million Jews and 5 to 7 million non Jews, mostly Christians) but the commies murdered more than 100 million people in just the 20th Century and are still murdering people by the tens of thousands every year. Nazis are evil but commies are far more evil than Nazis.

Also, Merkel grew up in East Germany under the Soviet Union. She was brainwashed to be a commie by the Soviet Union.

Why is such a commie nut case even in office?

Because most of the German people have also been brainwashed to be commie nut cases. Their nation went from being run by Nazis to being run by commies. German went from bad to worse.

You think not?

Under the Nazis, the Germans murdered about 12 million people. Under the commie globalists, their leaders are PLANNING to murder 8 BILLION people, therefore, they are far worse than the Nazi leaders, who were terrible. Get it straight, the upper class trash ARE NOT Nazis, they are worse, they are commies.

Mean while, Merkel is down in Mexico turning the Mexican government against the US to help her destroy the US. I told you that we will have to invade Mexico again and this time, we should just annex it and clean it up.

It is also beginning to look like we will have to invade Germany...again. If we do, we should also annex it and clean it up too.

Yes, I am tired of this crap.


This better scare the crap out of you. Euthanasia is one of the things Hitler started in Germany that lead to his building death camps.

I got this from Newsmax By Jeffrey Rodack:

"Nearly three out of four Americans support euthanasia, a new Gallup poll revealed.

Here is how the poll breaks down on the issue of whether a doctor should be allowed to end a terminally ill patient's life by painless means if the person requests it:

" A total of 73 percent of adults surveyed are in favor of it.

" 55 percent of weekly churchgoers support euthanasia, while 87 percent of those who rarely, if ever, go to church back it.

" 60 percent of conservatives support it, compared 79 percent of moderates and 89 percent of liberals.

" 67 percent of Republicans or Republican-leaning independents are in favor of it, compared to 81 percent of Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.

"Last month, the Nevada state Senate voted narrowly to advance legislation that would allow terminally ill patients in the state the option to end their lives," Gallup's Jade Wood and Justin McCarthy noted in their report of the poll."

Then all they have to do is claim you were terminally ill, requested euthanasia and they can get away with murdering you, you know, just like the Nazis did.

Gee, do you think the lefties doing this are the real Nazis? Have you noticed that the lefties have absolutely no problem with murdering innocent people but abhor executing criminals, you know, like them?

Super RINO

Could John McCain get more obvious he is a super RINO and traitor?

He stated that the US had better leadership under Obama than under Trump.

That statement hurts my brain to even think about it and that ANYONE could state such an obvious lie. Obama was the worst leader this nation has ever had.


You think Hillary isn't washed up?

They not only made jokes about Trump at the lefty Tony Awards but also about Hillary. Her persistence to gain power as president is even turning her into a joke among the left. That is a good thing...for us.

You think the left is not telling her to shut up and go away?

If she persists, don't be surprised if she ends up dead.


I have been wondering how to write this without turning it into a book and so that at least most of you will understand it because this could have easily turned into a very long essay, if I explained everything involved, but I decided to keep it simple.

A few days ago, God gave me an understanding via something that has been happening here that He is fed up with all of the selfish cruelty and murder currently being caused by the left and Muslims, especially against the children. God is about to say, "Enough!" and put His foot down. When God does that, a lot of bad guys are going to die. It won't be too much longer because God is furious.

God let me know that the good people, those who are capable, will have to fight and kill many bad people in order to protect the weak and young and He stands behind that.

In the near future, this is going to get very ugly and a lot of bad people are going to die.


This morning I was thinking about God's gifts and I thought, "if I could choose a gift from God, I would choose healing so I could heal other people". As I thought about it, I realized I was wrong.

God's greatest gift to mankind is life and existence but we screwed that up with our sins. His next greatest gift is salvation so that we don't have to be held accountable for our sins or crimes against His Laws by burning in the lake of fire for eternity but spend eternity in paradise with Him.

God tells us in the Bible that life is a test and we are tested as to whether we will choose Him or our sins and we are told that most fail that test.

Therefore, the next greatest gift God can give man is not healing or prophesy but teaching and guiding people towards obtaining salvation, you know, like I do on this site.

What good does it do for me to heal your body and not your soul, when your body will eventually die anyway and your soul will spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire to pay for your crimes against God's Laws? Would it not be better for me to teach you how to accept God's healing for your soul and leave your mortal body ill or injured?

The reason God gives a person a gift like healing or prophesy is so the people will know that person is a person of God so more of the people will listen to the person of God about salvation. This is exactly why Jesus did so many miracles. Everyone of those people Jesus healed eventually died anyway and the ones who did not accept His salvation are burning in hell.

Would it not have been better that their souls had been healed than their bodies?

It is because of His many miracles that so many people listened to Jesus and were saved.

Also, knowing what is going to happen tomorrow won't do you any good while burning in hell. It is better to know salvation than to know the future.

Every time I think about it, I thank and praise God for creating me. Then I thank and praise God for my salvation because just the thought of spending eternity burning in the Lake of Fire is mind boggling and horrible. I always follow that prayer with a prayer for salvation for those I care about and then for everyone on this planet, including the wicked, even those who have caused me harm.

Then I thank God for the many blessings He has given me such as teaching others about Him on this site and Him giving me the gift of prophesy so more people will listen to me about God and salvation.

Then I look back at the incredible gifts I blew and lost such as the incredible things I did with coaching bicycle racing. I didn't use those gifts to gain people's respect and then use that respect to lead them to the knowledge of salvation so God took those gifts away from me until I learn better. Those gifts were not about me getting rich and famous so people would think I was better than them but were God doing incredible works through me to get others to listen to me about salvation and the love of God.

I have learned that, if you don't use God's gifts right, you lose God's gifts and that really sucks. It is really fantastic to have unusual gifts from God and really sucks to lose them because you screwed up.

One of the things I did not screw up in is that I have always enjoyed helping good people, especially the weak and the young, and have done so whenever given the chance, even while sick and living in poverty. God has given me a strong desire to help others, especially the children.

Jesus told us that the children, you know, those lumps of flesh lefty mothers murder in their wombs, are special to Him AND anyone who causes them harm is cursed.

Think about that one. If you have an abortion, you are murdering someone who is special to Jesus AND you are cursed. I would not want to be you on Judgment Day. Fortunately for you, there is salvation even for you.

The children are very special to me too. When I see a terrorist hurting children, I really want to kill the terrorist so they cannot hurt any more children.

Also, years ago I realized that God permits us to be sick and injured because He is using that to punish us, test us, and/or teach us to be better people. Without that ailment, some of them would not give serious consideration to salvation and would eventually burn in hell.

Still, in caring about other people like I do, it would be nice to be able to heal people and I know that, if I ever do get that gift from God, if I don't want to lose it, I better use it to lead people to salvation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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