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North Korea

The lefty media are asking why we don't just go to war against North Korea to prevent North Korea from nuking the US. They are actually starting to be aggressive in insisting we go to war with North Korea.

You have to understand that they want the war so they can make a fortune "covering" the war or putting out lies, misinformation, and propaganda to cause the US to lose the war so the people will become even more war weary so the lefties can justify continuing to tear down our military so the lefties can get away with setting up their global commie dictatorship.

In other words, the lefty media are trying to sucker punch the US government.

How many times have we seen that since WWII?

BTW, if it can be proved that North Korea tortured Warmbier to death, then Kimmy Boy violated international law and Trump will be justified to invade North Korea to arrest Kimmy Boy and try him for his crimes.

On Tuesday, Trump flew two B-1 bombers from Guam over South Korea as a warning to Kimmy Boy.

Keep an eye on this.


All of the transportation geniuses in the US and their employers keep working on underground trains, surface rail systems and freeways to alleviate traffic problems. The problem is that all of these systems take huge amounts of cash, huge amounts of time, and huge amounts of land. It will take at least 10 to 20 years or more and billions of dollars to put their bril-lee-yunt ideas into action, which will make them billions of dollars...and the US transportation systems 10 to 20 years obsolete.

For a fraction of the cost, time, and land, they can put an elaborate system of monorails taking people where they need to go. All you have to do is erect monorail pylons down the centers of freeways and major streets so the monorails will run above the ground and traffic and take up very little land. It won't take anywhere near as much time or money to put up those monorail pylons as it will to dig very expensive and time consuming tunnels or buy lots of land and tear down buildings so they can run a train rail system or build a freeway.

The problem is that, if it costs less to build it, the contractors make less money so they will be less willing to bribe...uh...make campaign donations to their favorite corrupt politicians so we just keep right on doing things the stupid and corrupt way.

Believe me yet that government corruption should be a capital crime for everyone involved?

Also, can you believe the automobile companies are working on building self driving or autonomous cars?

Stop and think about just how stupid this is. With you driving and being responsible for the actions of your automobile, when you cause an accident, you are liable for damages. Now, when the automobile company starts driving your car for you with their computers, they become liable for the accidents and damages.

You just know the attorneys are lining up for the chance to sue the deep pocket automobile companies every time one of their "autonomous" cars is in an accident.

How long do you think it will take the automobile companies to recall ALL of their autonomous cars to prevent going bankrupt from the litigations?

Do you believe me yet that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, all it means is you have more money?

Well so much for the heavily inbred upper class trash natural elites getting the right degrees at the right universities meaning dey is are be more smarter dan yuse. It is like the upper class trash are determined to prove how stupid they are and they are doing a very good job of it.


Elon Musk just released a 16 page document on "colonizing Mars", which only talks about making it financially possible for rich people to get to Mars, you know, like those spoiled pampered rich people are going to actually do the work they have been paying other people to do for them all of their lives here on Earth.

There is nothing in that document about just exactly how they are going to achieve colonizing the planet. That is more of an assumption.

He does mention early in the document that they will have to "compress the atmosphere" (I guess 5 millibars of atmospheric pressure is just a wee bit too little?) but there is nothing about how he plans to compress the atmosphere on an entire planet when the gravity is a little more than 1/3 of Earth's gravity and Mars has no magnetic field to protect everything on the planet for solar winds. He also doesn't deal with getting plants to grow on a planet that gets about half as much light per square foot as Earth gets and doesn't have any biomatter in the soil.

Maybe, just maybe, he should want to start solving such problems before he solves the problems on how to get to a planet they won't be able to live on until they can solve all of the problems for living on that planet? I guess he is just going to get you rich suckers there and then, hey, you are on your own, stupid?

Hey, we can figure out how to get to the sun but there is just a wee bit of a problem with staying alive after we get there and Mars will kill you just as dead though it will take a few seconds longer.


Here is something to think about.

Obama started this mess by illegally funding, training, and arming terrorists, while calling them rebels, to illegally topple a sovereign government in Syria, while calling it a civil war. The right was calling Obama's actions illegal but, if it was illegal then, it is illegal now.

A Syrian Su-22 dropped bombs on Kurd forces so the US shot that Syrian plane down, which we should have. We need to continue to support the Kurds because they and Israel are our most reliable allies in the Middle East.

But we need to rethink continuing to support the terrorist units elsewhere.

Putin has threatened retaliation for shooting down the Su-22 but, if I were Putin, I would turn the tables on the US by setting up camps in Mexico, Cuba, and other places to train, arm, and fund Antifa "rebels" who are already waging a "civil war" in the US to help the lefties spread a guerilla war throughout the US, you know, like Vietnam...or Syria. Putin could better justify supporting a an already existing "civil war" in the US by the lefties than the US can justify continuing to support terrorists in Syria. Besides, you know the lefty globalists in the EU will support such an action against our current government.

You can bet there would be plenty of lefty nuts who would volunteer to become trained and armed guerrilla fighters inside the US to topple our existing government.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that our forests have been over forested to the point they are a severe forest fire hazard because of our lefty tree huggers?

Look at what is going on in Portugal with their run away forest fire. They are waiting for international help because they can't handle the fire.

New York Times

The ultra lefty New York Times said that we should deport Americans and invite migrants.

I have a better idea.

Why don't we deport the New York Times and invite no one?

If the New York Times wants to live with the migrants, let them move to where the migrants are instead of moving the migrants here.

Infinite Insanity

The outdoor clothing giant, Patagonia, is making a commitment to lead the resistance against Trump.

So, how long until her business tanks and they fire her stupid butt? And you think rich people are more intelligent than you?

These upper class idiots who got the right degrees from the right universities never learn. They just keep making the same stupid mistakes.

Fighting Back

A very frustrated white man drove a truck into a group of Muslims and everyone is acting surprised.

What did these idiots expect, the Muslims have been murdering people right and left with very little, if any, protection coming from the government and they are surprised when a person decides to fight back? What, they thought they could keep this crap up forever and no one would say enough and eventually fight back?

But you know the lefties will use this one attack by a very frustrated man to further handicap the people and decrease the people's ability to defend themselves against the vile lefties and the Muslims.

This is a sign of things to come and shows just how close we are to an all our war with the lefties and Muslims.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, did you notice just how fast they proclaimed this attack on the people leaving a Muslims mosque, which has ties to previous terrorist attacks, a terrorist attack?

They didn't wait and try to cover it up the way they cover up terrorist attacks by Muslims. They RUSHED to brand this one a terrorist attack.


I dare anyone to name one problem the UN has solved and not made worse. Every time I see them get involved in anything, things always get worse. There are any number of really great examples such as the current migrant crisis in the EU or how about the migrant crisis they "solved" in Kenya, which is still one of the greatest messes the UN has made to date.

They need to either fix the UN or get rid of it and since all governments are now corrupt and will only try to use the UN to increase their wealth or promote their mischief, they need to get rid of the UN.

Holy Terror

You know how so many sites, especially on YouTube plus the MSM love to sensationalize our enemies weapons and how they would probably kick our butts in a war, especially like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran?

I got this at Arutz Sheva by Gary Willig:

"Only one out of the seven missiles which Iran fired at ISIS targets in Syria yesterday reached its target"

So, if Iran fires seven missiles at the US, we will only have to shoot one down.

You know, I could probably build a missile too but that doesn't mean it will get off of the ground or go anywhere I want it to go. Just because our enemies have missiles does not mean they can kick our butts.

Even with the Ruskies shooting at our missiles with their terrifying S-300 and S-400 systems, we still got 29 or more than half of them to target.

Iran only got 14% of their missiles to target with no one shooting at their missiles.

Listen, lying to people to scare them to get more of them to use your medium is not news or providing information; it is really vile and disgusting marketing.


I got this from Breitbart by Edwin Mora:

"Welcome to Breitbart News's running count of worldwide jihadist terrorist attacks during Ramadan 2017. Check back for updates through the end of the Islamic holy month on June 24.

With only days left in this year's holiest month for Muslims, the fatalities at 1,424 have more than tripled the estimated 421 that took place during the entire Ramadan period last year, considered one of the bloodiest in recent memory. The 2,781 total number of casualties (1,424 murders and 1,357 injuries) have more than doubled the estimated 1,150 (421 deaths and 729 injuries that took place in 2016.

There have been more than 135 incidents in more than 20 mainly Muslim nations during Ramadan this year, which began on May 27 and expected to end on June 24."

And all of this murdering has nothing to do with Islam?

Yeah, right, you are going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not buying it.


I got this from Breitbart by Ben Kew:

"CARACAS, Venezuela - Driving through the streets of Caracas, it is impossible not to notice the ubiquitous government propaganda on the sides of buildings and scores of armed police.

Even harder to avoid, however, is the garbage.

On almost every street corner, stacks of waste can be seen piled up, some of it in black bags, but other items in limbo such as water bottles, diapers and occasionally food waste.

Around almost every pile of garbage, a crowd had formed, rifling through it for scraps to eat. From schoolchildren to the elderly, even to those in work uniform, many Venezuelans are resorting to scavaging just to survive. A recent report found that over 15 percent of people scavenge as a means of survival."

That is probably a very conservative estimate and is a very large percentage of the population who have little or nothing left to lose with staging a guerilla war against the government. The Venezuelan population is about 31 to 32 million people so that would mean that about 4.5 million people in Venezuela are scavenging through garbage for scraps to survive. You could easily put together a large army in the hundreds of thousands with that many starving people. All you would have to do is feed them and their families and they would fight for you.

It is only a matter of time before someone takes advantage of this situation to topple the Venezuelan government.

Then I got this from Breitbart by Ben Kew:

"The Brazilian government has suspended sales of tear gas to Venezuela amid increasing police violence, Reuters has reported.

In a move that will further isolate Venezuela's socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, Brazil's Defense Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Relations reached the decision to halt sales after appeals from the country's opposition."

The "government's opposition", you mean like the rioters in the street?

Where is the CIA when the people need them?

The CIA should get a handle on this before the Muslims, you know, ISIS and Al Qaeda move in. Then things will get real nasty. I know that Hezbollah already has people there with camps.

This is how bad it could get here in the US or Europe before enough people get mad enough to get rid of their corrupt leaders.


It looks like things are heating up just a wee bit between Qatar and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula nations. It is looking enough like there might be a war so that Turkey is sending troops to help Qatar defend itself against the other nations and some of those troops have already arrived.

Note that this is Turkey joining in a potential war against US and EU allies on the side of Iran, Syria, Iraq, and other Shiite Muslim run nations.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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