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Remember that I told you that, in this European feudal war, the Muslims would not just wage war against non Muslims but will wage war against each other, especially Shiites and Sunnis?

I got this from Arutz Sheva by Elad Benari:

"London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged British Home Secretary Amber Rudd to fully ban the Hezbollah terrorist group, the British Jewish News reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the London Mayor confirmed to Labour London assembly member Andrew Dismore that he'd write to Rudd after flags of the terror group were openly flown during the Al-Quds parade in the capital last month, with police taking no action.

Figures from across the political spectrum have called for a change in the law to blacklist the political wing of Hezbollah, just as the military wing already is."

Turns out that Khan is a Sunni Muslim, Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim organization, and here is the hypocrisy, he rails against Westerners who ban Muslims and he has and is banning Shiite Muslims. Now that would definitely make him a racist because almost all Shiites are non Arabs.

The old "do as I say and not as I do" thingy.

Watch a full blown war between the Shiites and Sunnis break out in London while I sing, "London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down..." Think Syria and Iraq nasty. The streets of London will run with blood. Personally, I am waiting for the Shiite Muslims to kill Khan, especially now that he has declared war on them.


Why is unemployment increasing while the US is increasing the number of jobs?

It is like I told you, increasing numbers of people are renewing their hope of finding a job and returning to the job market. With them now looking for work, until they find a job, they will now be classified as unemployed.

Lefty Dictatorship

I got this from Newsmax By Cathy Burke:

"A prominent New York hospital is reportedly offering to treat terminally ill Charlie Gard amid an agonizing controversy that has drawn sympathy and support from Pope Francis and President Donald Trump.

In an email to The Washington Post, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Irving Medical Center said they would admit and evaluate Charlie 'provided that arrangements are made to safely transfer him to our facility, legal hurdles are cleared, and we receive emergency approval from the FDA for an experimental treatment as appropriate.'

According to the Post, the hospital said the experimental drug could also, as an option - and if the FDA approves - be shipped to London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, where 11-month-old Charlie is being treated, along with instructions on administering it.

The baby's desperate plight came to the attention of the entire world when his parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, went to court to be able to try an experimental treatment in the United States to save their son."

Remember that the European death panel refused to let the couple spend more than $4 million dollars donated to them by others to treat their own child?

With a US hospital offering to provide experimental treatment for the child, you know, to hopefully improve medicine, it will look extremely bad for the death panel to not permit the couple to get their child treated. We are about to find out how arrogant and stupid the members of that commie death panel are.

Also, you are seeing the difference between socialist medicine and capitalist medicine. Socialist medicine has no problem with murdering a baby while capitalist medicine has no problem with trying to save the same baby. That will open a few eyes.


Remember that I told you there will be a shortage of potential energy on Mars.

I got this from Breitbart by Lucas Nolan:

"As part of their plans to send humans to Mars, NASA plans to test nuclear fission reactors that will provide power to the planet.

Scientific American reports that as part of their plans for a manned expedition to Mars, NASA has begun researching nuclear fission reactors that would provide power to equipment on the planet. For the past three years, NASA's technology development branch has been funding a project called Kilopower which has been developing working nuclear fission reactors that can be transported to Mars. The project is set to be tested for the first time at the Nevada National Security Site near Las Vegas in September of 2018.

The tests being performed on the new Kilopower project in September are designed to validate Kilopower's design and performance before NASA proceeds with the development of a higher-fidelity system to be tested on Mars or elsewhere."

Gee, who would have guessed?

The problem is that they must remain in supply contact with earth to keep getting more fussionable material because it doesn't last forever. Therefore, unless they can find a source of energy on Mars, the Mars colonies will be forever dependent on earth.

Now they have to solve the rest of the problems I have been telling you about, such as only sending rich people to colonize Mars, which really causes me to question the rest of their plans.


They are now saying that Europe and not Africa was the birthplace of man.

I have been watching the evolutionists change their fairy tale every few years for more than half a century. There is absolutely no way they even begin to know what they are talking about.

What, they were wrong about Africa and everything else they told you and you keep believing their next lie?

Just watch and you will see that they keep proving themselves wrong.

A recent KKK rally in Charlottesville, VA turned violent when groups of other fascists, Antifa, showed up yelling, "Crazies, go home!" At which time they should have both left.

Hold it, are we not told that the white supremacy thingy is owned by the Nazis or fascists from the 1930s and 1940s? But, wasn't the white supremacists KKK begun right after the US Civil War almost 100 years earlier in the 1860s? Then how can the Nazis own the white supremacy thingy if white supremacy was around before them and they were only one of a number of groups that taught and believed white supremacy?

Then who really owns the white supremacy thingy?

Evolution owns the white supremacy thingy. Evolution was created thousands of years ago to justify and make it alright to own people of other colors because they were not true humans, were animals, and it was alright to use them as beasts of burden or slaves. We think the ancient Greeks own the white supremacy thingy because we think they invented the concept of evolution.

BTW, did you notice that they have "found evidence" that man (European man) did not evolve in Africa but evolved in Europe and that we of European decent "evolved differently" from the other races (me smells the white supremacy thingy again) and, therefore, if we are humans, the other races can't be true humans, must be animals, and it must be alright to enslave them and kill them off, you know, yee ole globalist butchering 8 billion people thingy.

Gee, you don't think the white European globalists are using the evolution thingy, their bogus science thingy, and are changing their pagan fairy tale of evolution so that they can justify enslaving and murdering off all non Europeans, do you, you know, about 8 billion people?

If I were not of white, European descent, I would be wanting me some white, Euro-American upper class trash globalist heads before they take mine.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that John McCain was one of the leaders to stop the much needed F-22 because "it was too expensive?"

McCain is now leading an effort to decrease the size and fighting ability of US aircraft carriers to the level of our enemies' carriers because our carriers are too expensive.

Sound familiar?

McCain is also leading a move to get rid of much more expensive high tech weapons systems like the F-35 and A-10 to be replaced by much lower tech attack aircraft, which, of course, will naturally turn out to be much more expensive than the weapons systems he is replacing them with.

I guess McCain doesn't think your freedoms are worth the price and he should be allowed to build our military via Walmart?

McCain has consistently shown that he will do and say anything to diminish the fighting ability of the US military and that is treason. He is one of the people who helped Obama almost destroy the US military to "save money" for their greedy little pockets.

McCain and his bunch have and still are selling out the US military, our nation, and our people.

Just how much longer can the US afford to permit upper class trash criminals like McCain get away with treason?


With India and China facing off in the mountains on their border, China has significantly increased her naval presence in the Indian ocean. Remember that this is also at the same time when China just opened a naval base next door to India in Pakistan.

Gee, what a coincidence...or two or three.

China is becoming increasingly aggressive towards India.

Keep an eye on this.

Mean while India is finishing building its second small aircraft carrier or what the US Navy would call an assault carrier and is working with the US to build a large carrier with a catapult.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is energy starved and depends on other countries for 80% of her energy?

She just built the world's largest solar farm that is 1,300 acres of solar panels floating on a lake created when a massive coal mine collapsed and filled up with rain water. Solar energy now provides 11% of the nation's energy needs and China is trying to decrease its dependence on energy from other nations. Their current goal is to use solar energy for 25% of the nation's energy needs by 2020.

BTW, in the pictures showing the floating solar farm, the skies were overcast, probably by pollution.

Just how much of the sun is reaching those solar panels? During their rainy season, will they get enough sunlight to function?

You can't power fighter jets, tanks, and other military vehicles with solar energy. Sure, powering everything they can with solar energy will free up more of other local resources for jets and other military vehicles but you can only go so far with solar energy and, when the sun doesn't shine, everything moves much slower.


The Pope said, "America has a distorted vision of the world."

Please note that he is the one who has had to make several changes in opinion and statements because his vision of the world is not in touch with reality, not me.

Maybe he should check his clearly distorted vision of the world?


Trudeau and Canada have sold out the Canadian people to Islam. A Canadian citizen was fined $12,000 because he offended a Muslim. You know the Muslims will play this just as far as they can get away with it.

This is all proving that the upper class trash natural elite lefties are closet Muslims.

Yep, when this war thingy gets going full bore, we will probably have to take Canada too because the traitorous lefties and Muslims are running it.

Natural Elites

I am so sick and tired of the natural elites, they are incredibly ignorant and stupid idiots.

Mayor de Blasio wants to make panhandling illegal to "solve" his homeless problem. That is his simple minded way of solving a human crisis problem. It is typical natural elite thinking, if you have a problem and you can't solve, just make it illegal.

IT NEVER WORKS! If anything, it always makes things worse.

The first thing we need to do is stop electing these inbred upper class trash idiot natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities. They never solve any problems. They always make things worse. I wouldn't hire any of them to manage an outhouse; they would steal the toilet paper.


If they are born into the heavily inbred upper class trash, got a right degree from a right university, and have done little in life outside of politics, they are too stupid and corrupt to do anything right. They will only screw up everything.

Personally, I am waiting for science to prove that all of these completely whacked out lefty heads have been caused by the dope they insist on using, you know, like all of the drugs they use don't cause permanent damage to their brains?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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