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McCain continues to betray America, even with his cancer.

Remember that I told you that, if McCain continues working to destroy the US, God will kill him to get rid of McCain?

McCain has glioblastoma brain cancer. I got the following information on it from WebMD.

"Glioblastoma is a type of brain cancer. It's the most common type of malignant brain tumor among adults. And it is usually very aggressive, which means it can grow fast and spread quickly.

Although there is no cure, there are treatments to help ease symptoms."

Note that there is no cure and they are only treating him to ease the symptoms. This is a terminal cancer. He is a dead man walking and it is only a matter of when will he die. McCain already pushed God too far and will soon pay the price.


"Glioblastoma tumors make their own blood supply, which helps them grow. It's easy for them to invade normal brain tissue."


"The goal of glioblastoma treatment is to slow and control tumor growth and help you live as comfortably and as well as possible."

In other words, they can't cure it so they make you as comfortable as possible until it kills you.


"These treatments may help with symptoms and possibly put the cancer into remission in some people. In remission, symptoms may let up or disappear for a time.

Glioblastomas often regrow."


"Many things can affect how well someone does when they have cancer, including glioblastomas. Doctors often can't predict what someone's life expectancy will be if they have a glioblastoma. But they do have statistics that track how large groups of people who've had these conditions tend to do over time.

    For glioblastoma, the survival rates are:
  • One year: 39.3%
  • Two years: 16.9%
  • Three years: 9.9%
  • Four years: 7.0%
  • Five years: 5.5%
  • Ten years: 2.9%

Younger people tend to fare the best."

Please note the "Younger people tend to fare the best" thingy. This means McCain won't do as well because he is 81, therefore, his potential for survival is much lower than what is shown.

I think McCain already went way too far with God. He probably won't live two more years. That is a pretty safe estimate.

If we won't get rid of him by voting him out, God will permanently get rid of him. This should be a warning to other evil people but they will just deny that God has anything to do with punishing McCain and holding him accountable for his many crimes.

Man plans, God laughs.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

US Navy

We just had another US Navy ship "collide" with a civilian cargo ship. This is just too much of a coincidence.

I want to know who owns the civilians ships to see if it is the same people using civilian ships to attack our Navy ships. It is critical that we find this out as quickly as possible. If this is intentional, they are murdering our sailors. If you have any valid information on this, please let me know.


Remember that I told you that the left is re-branding itself again to deceive people again into thinking the lefties are the good guys?

One of the brands the left is stealing is the glorious, wonderful, angelic, knightly saints, and saviors confronting the Nazis and KKK, the "Counter Protestors", Ta-da, you know, after the left invited these same people to the protest. Gee, what a coincidence.

So, these are the brave warriors standing up to the Nazis? Really? How many of those Nazis had guns, tanks, planes, and ships to kill our glorious saviors with? What, none, you say?

Wow, they are just so brave, NOT!

I have an uncle buried in Europe because he was in the US Army and fought the real Nazis who did have guns, tanks, planes, and ships to kill him with. HE stood up to the real Nazis and not a handful of street punks calling themselves Nazis. I am not impressed by Antifa staging a fake savior act to protect us after they invited these people to the protest.

Now the lefties are also stealing the title "Anti-Confederacy Protestors" with a protest against anything Confederate in Texas.

Hold it, weren't the real anti-Confederate protestors the men who fought the Confederacy on the US battle fields with guns and cannons? Just how many of these statues they are bravely taking a stand against can shoot the lefties?

I also have family buried in those cemeteries. The left is insulting our ancestors with this lie.

Nothing like taking a stand against meaningless threats to make themselves look brave and noble to re-brand themselves from the commie traitors they really are to great saviors and distract everyone from the truth about the lefty thugs being violent traitors. You're going to have to sell that bridge to someone else because I am not buying it.

This latest lefty con has just gotten started and I am already sick of it.

Get it straight, they are still Antifa, you know, lefty commie traitor thugs trying to stage the violent overthrow of the US government to set up their lefty commie dictatorship and force you into slavery. Don't let them change the subject to something meaningless.

Just remember that the Democrats should know where all of these "racist" statues they are bravely facing are because it was Democrats who put them there. The statues they are tearing down are all statues of Democrats from more than 150 years ago. We are now celebrating 200 years of the Democratic Party being racist because they are now hating white males.

Gee, wow, they sure are noble and brave, aren't they?

Yes, they are out chasing ghosts of the past to show how brave and noble they are...while continuing their violence. But, hey, they are trying to justify their violence as righteous and holy anger against...ghosts, yes, ghosts, against enemies who were defeated long ago. They are ghost busters chasing ghosts of the past to prove the lie the lefties are not evil. Yes, they are great and noble warriors on a crusade against ghosts to prove another lie and re-brand themselves again.

You should also understand that the left chasing ghosts is them trying to change the subject and distract everyone from the fact that the lefty thugs are commie traitors trying to overthrow our nation. You know, the old commie trickery and deception thingy.

BTW, the Confederacy ghosts they are chasing were all Democrats.

BTW, did you notice that the left was losing on the stories about Russia and North Korea and suddenly the front page is covered with the violent left being noble warriors fighting our ghosts for us?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Upper Class Trash

I am so furious because so many people are falling for the current re-branding of the left as our glorious, wonderful, saintly, knights in shining armor, the holy Counter Protestors. They are trying to undo decades of exposing who they really are simply by changing their name and their image.

"No, no, that isn't us, we are your holy protectors taking a stand against the racists who are fighting to stop us."

Did you notice that, except for changing their name and strategy, they have not changed one bit?

If you disagree with them, they still call you racist, they are still trying to destroy history so they can rewrite history to work for them, they are still working to take over your government, they are still trying to take your guns away from you, and they are using their dirty tricks to stop your free speech. Gee, sounds just like the same commie traitors we have been fighting for more than half a century.

Monday, at a protest in Boston, they even staged a fake "confrontation" with a tiny group of Antifa members to make it look like they are against Antifa when they really are Antifa, just re-branded. The lefties really know how to re-brand themselves and fool most people. They are very good at it.

Gee, what a coincidence and many people are falling for it. It is a con and sucker punch and many people are willfully playing the sucker because they don't want to be called racist.

Just like I have been telling you, we almost had them beat so they just regrouped, reorganized, adopted a new strategy, and started over again as our glorious "counter protestors" working to save you from the evil they made up, you know, the Nazis and KKK, who are not a real threat to us because our ancestors dealt with those threats, the left is just chasing ghosts.

Did you know that, when the Confederacy lost the US Civil War, the slave masters didn't quit slavery, they just regrouped, reorganized and took slavery underground onto the black market and we now call it "human trafficking" because that sounds better than slavery. That is all human trafficking is, it is modern day slavery being run by...the Democrats. Gee, what a coincidence.

It sounds nicer, doesn't it?

That is the way the pagan left always does things, they make their wickedness sound nicer so we will accept it. If they called it slavery, more people would fight harder against it. That is right, the Democrats are still doing slavery more than 150 years after they lost the US Civil War. It is just a lie that we got rid of slavery, they just changed how they manage slavery and what they call it, you know, they re-branded slavery as human trafficking.

Instead of having their slaves working out in the fields where everyone can see them, they have their slaves hidden away in sweat shops making the upper class trash rich by cutting overhead for wages (yes, the left is destroying unions with their slavery.) Many of those slaves are in other nations working to make the upper class trash products cheaper to increase upper class trash profits, which is why the left wants open borders and free trading between nations. Then the upper class trash can use slave labor in other nations to make their products the upper class trash can then sell to you for a greater profit because, just like I told you, they just can't steal enough fast enough.

NAFTA was arranged and put in place by Billy Boy Clinton so the left could use slavery in places like Mexico to increase their wealth. Billy Boy also really got doing business with China going to take advantage of the slave labor in China so our upper class trash can increase their wealth at your expense. That is why the left wants their globalism so they can use slave labor to make their products in foreign countries without any form of restrictions on trade between nations. They just can't steal enough fast enough.

They also use their slaves for sex in either expensive off shore resorts, in their penthouses in the big cities, and in their mansions out in the country. When the upper class trash get tired of their sex slaves, they either kill them or put them on the street as prostitutes, which is why prostitution is everywhere and the upper class trash lefties have been trying to legalize prostitution.

One reason they have been trying to legalize pedophilia is because so many of their sex slaves are children and they want to be able to put those children on the streets as prostitutes to increase their business, which is why Commiefornia just legalized having sex with prostitutes as young as 15. Gee, what a coincidence.

The real reason why the lefty upper class trash want free movement into our nations by illegal aliens is permit the free movement of slaves or human trafficking into our nations. That is also why they are so terribly upset at Trump for slowing the flow of illegal aliens into our country that Obama got really moving, Trump is interfering with the lefty upper class trash slavery business and costing them money.

Gee, could that also be one reason why the left is in bed with the Muslims, because the Muslims are in the slave business and the lefty upper class trash are making a lot of money in the slave trade with the Muslims?

That is part of it. Another reason why the evil lefty pagans love the Muslims so much is because the Muslims are heavily involved in drug trafficking and the upper class trash run our drug trafficking. That is also why we have not been able to win the "War on Drugs". To win the war on drugs, we have to get rid of the upper class trash who run the drug trafficking in the West and run our nations and that isn't going to happen any time soon.

They run the gambling industry, they run the pornography industry, they are stealing oil and gas from nations like Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq and tried to steal it from Egypt but the Egyptian military stopped that, and they run just about everything else that is bad for us. They have caused almost all of the damage that has been done to our nations and are working to make it legal to do even more damage, you know, so they can "do as you will", like their god, Satan, told them to. They want to be able to do whatever they want, you know, infinite wickedness and evil.

And they are undoing all of the information we have been getting out to everyone about how evil they are by simply re-branding themselves as our holy protectors, the glorious Counter Protestors.

I have noticed that increasing numbers on the right are fighting back and exposing the left's con but, by staging that fake counter protest against Nazis and KKK, whom the left invited to the protest to set the right up, they make their claims of you disagreeing with them and opposing them means you are racist seem valid to stupid people.

The upper class trash power struggle continues. You MUST win this fight! You cannot let them win or you will lose everything, including your lives.

And we are supposed to worship this evil slime as our holy saviors because they staged a fake confrontation with ghosts?

BTW, do you know the real reason why we did away with open slavery in the US?

It was because of a massive Christian movement to end slavery that helped cause the US Civil War. It definitely wasn't the pagans or atheists who fought to end slavery.

Do you better understand why the lefty slavers hate Christians?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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