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The Left

The lefty globalist plans are failing, they resorted to trying to stage a violent coup but that failed, they tried to deceptively re-brand themselves and that failed too, so now the left is trying to make nice by denouncing Antifa violence, saying nice things about Trump, and other actions and words to make it look like they "saw the light" and have converted to being human.

I am not buying it. They know they are going to lose seats in Congress next year, meaning many of them are about to lose their over paid jobs, they may even be facing charges, and they are pretending to be nice at least until after the next election.

I have not seen any of them denounce their evil socialist plans, globalism, global warming, immigration, Obamacare, or anything else they forced on us. They are liars and frauds and really great at deceiving the people. They let the elephant out of the box and are trying to stuff it back in.

There is even the possibility that they are doing this to help them stage a surprise coup of the US by getting everyone to believe they will suddenly change and play nice then suddenly stage their coup. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, with even the left trying to distance themselves from Antifa, wait until Antifa members find out that, with infrared technology, we can see through their little masks and determine their identity. You can bet our government knows who they are, which crimes each of them committed and, now that they are being thrown under the bus by the rest of the left, they can easily be prosecuted for their crimes.

After writing this, I read that it was made public that the FBI and CIA have been doing just that so that they now have a list of all members of Antifa and have listed Antifa as terrorists.

I warned you years ago that, when the left no longer needs their minions, they will throw them under the bus. Just like I told you, the same people the lefty minions have been helping lie to us have also been lying to the lefty minions.


Remember that I was wondering whether India backed down China in the standoff with India?

China is using the excuse that they can't build the new military road the standoff was all about because of bad weather.

Yep, China backed down and is clearly trying to save face.

Remember that I told you that India should get a few wings of strategic bombers and use one wing for naval warfare?

India is getting four Russian made Tu-22M3 Back Fire strategic bombers with a range of about 2,200 miles to use just for naval warfare. That is a good start in defending against the Chinese Navy.


Turkey's terrorists have attacked the US backed Kurds several times and Trump is actually backing the Kurds against the Turkish terrorists and telling Turkey to knock it off.

This is a huge change in US behavior in supporting a smaller ally against a longer standing and misbehaving ally, which speaks highly of Trump.

Remember that the Kurds have been working with the US for years to defeat ISIS with Obama providing little support for the Kurds while Obama and Turkey worked with ISIS to steal oil and gas from Iraq and Syria?

I am watching this closely.

Christian Testimony

I want to share something with you to teach you more about how God works.

When I was a young man, God gave me a mission that I blew. He wanted me to race bicycles professionally for road racing to provide a global testimony to 1 to 2 billion cycling fans for at least 9 months out of every year, probably year round with things like Six Day Racing and cyclocross. That was when cycling was still the second most popular sport in the world just a hair behind soccer, you know, before drugs and other corruption ruined cycling.

But I married the wrong woman who did her best to stop me from racing and get a job like a normal person so she wouldn't be inconvenienced by all of the traveling. I made the mistake of putting her and my children before God and God's will in my life so I lost them all AND God took that mission away from me.

When God gives you a mission, you better do and do it fast.

Then God gave me a mission to coach bicycle road racing professionally to be a slightly lesser witness to almost 2 billion people globally, which is why I did so very well but I managed to screw that one up too by marrying the wrong person again so God took that woman and mission away from me.

Then about 30 years ago, I got a virus from the second wife, which has been slowly killing me, has taken almost all of my health from me, and plunged me into poverty, and without a wife, I am witnessing to thousands of people globally with this site. My mission isn't as big as it would have been as an athlete or coach but it is bigger than most Christians will ever have.

So far this year, I have had more than 1,000 unique hits on my site with four months left in the year. Most Christians and many preachers will never witness to more than 1,000 different people in one year, much less every year, and this site is almost 20 years old. People visit my site from all over the planet so my Christian witness goes around the world.

God is determined that I will have a global mission so He let me get so sick I can't exercise or train anymore and can't coach but can write what God tells me to write. That will be a tough one for even me to screw up.

The information is free, I don't get any tithes from anyone or ask for money. I just sit reading the news and writing what God inspires me to write about.

Some people think I should spend every Sunday in their church paying that church a tithe but God doesn't want me to belong to a church so no one can say that what I teach is MY church doctrine as an excuse to not listen to me. What I teach is purely Biblical doctrine or God's doctrine and not that of any church. I belong to God, not a church.

Should most people belong to a church?

Yes, because most people won't study the Bible and need fellowship with other Christians to remain strong instead of just with God but, with the way our churches have become corrupted by lefty or Satanic doctrine, most people would be better off staying at home studying the Bible and fellowshipping with God.

Sitting out here in this high altitude desert on the edge of a small town, I am a small voice crying in the wilderness telling everyone who will listen about Jesus.

BTW, God uses all of those hundreds of predictions that have come true to tell you that I know what I am talking about so more of you will listen. There is a reason for me regularly pointing out that I told you so about different things and my successful prediction rate is far better than anyone else's I have been able to find anywhere else.

Learn from my mistakes so you don't make them.


I hope you realize that when any news medium says they do "balance journalism" that is just lefty code for "we lie most of the time." What they are telling you is that they occasionally tell the truth about something and the rest is all lies.

Life Span

Remember that, following the flood, God changed our DNA to cause us to have a maximum life span of less than 125 years?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Dutch researchers claimed Thursday to have discovered the maximum age 'ceiling' for human lifespan, despite growing life expectancy because of better nutrition, living conditions and medical care.

Mining data from some 75,000 Dutch people whose exact ages were recorded at the time of death, statisticians at Tilburg and Rotterdam's Erasmus universities pinned the maximum ceiling for female lifespan at 115.7 years."

Gee, you think that, just maybe, they should have read the Bible? Who would have believed the Bible was right 3,600 years ago?

That extra decrease in life span was probably caused by a combination of things that damaged our genetic pool like inbreeding, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and other things caused by paganism.


I just saw a video of some people discussing so many individuals getting involved in the rescue efforts for Harvey. What has happened, is that the failures of the government and nonprofit corporations, more specifically FEMA, in Katrina and the hurricanes that blew through Florida a few decades ago has caused people to lose faith in the government to help us and more people are doing what our ancestors did, which was helping those in need themselves. A good example of this is the Cajun Navy helping rescue people.

Gee, you think more people have learned that big government mother socialism just doesn't work?

In the above stated disasters, the government and nonprofit corporations failed miserably and there were signs of rampant corruption by the government. Now that the people have lost faith in big mother government to take care of her young and the nonprofit corporations to help, increasing numbers of people are stepping up to take care of other Americans and this is having a positive effect on the government helping because there are so many witnesses there helping with the disaster who are watching the government so the government has to do its job.


You know why they didn't shoot down the North Korean missile that flew over Japan?

Japan just passed a record high defense budget right after that missile flew over Japan by the strangest of coincidences.

You don't think they let the missile fly over Japan to scare the people enough for the people to want that high defense budget, do you?


Weapons Storage

Remember that I told you that the US military has storage for old weapon systems in case they will be needed in the near future and is regularly replacing them with more current weapons as they retire?

Watch the following video and it confirms what I told you plus there is a "mothball" system and other systems that provide us with a relatively quick and cheap build up of weapons for a quick ramp up for war. The US military has a variety of systems making it possible for our military to quickly better than double our fighting ability in case of war with someone like Russia and China combined.


Remember that I told you that, before this thing is over, the pagans, especially witches, will come out of the closet and you will find out the ugly truth about them and their Black Magic?

I got this at American Thinker By Susan D. Harris:

"Move over LGBTQ activists and Black Lives Matter. The most recent victimized minority to 'come out of the closet' and demand acceptance and attention is your local witches' coven. That's right - witchcraft, Wicca -- call it what you will - these poor persecuted souls are demanding we embrace their occult practices as the fastest-growing 'faith' or 'religion' in the country. The words 'faith' and 'religion' are repeatedly used to describe witchcraft in an investigative piece that recently aired on News 12 Now in Westchester County NY. Our sympathy is piqued for these oppressed faithful as we're told that 'not so long ago, witches were actually hunted!'"


"The report tells us they have no Bible but claim a strict moral code which is similar to Karma. They talk to an antler god and then ask the moon goddess to cast a protective spell; shielding them from those who wish to do harm.' The narrator tells us 'witches, of course, have faced a long history of persecution.' What? All that stuff we learned about innocent women being put to death was a lie? Does that mean all the accusations of paranoia and injustice that history lobbed at the witch trials were a mere ruse for covering what were truly occult practices? Apparently so, as one witch who claims to be descended from British witches shocks the audience by admitting, 'We kept it a secret. We were persecuted. We were actually burned at the stakes.'"

Witches were actually hunted? You mean the witches and the rest of the left have been lying to us about those people tried and convicted for witchcraft and being witches in New England not being witches was a lie? You mean they really were guilty of witchcraft, the Christians told the truth, and the left has been lying to us about that too?

Yep, and as they come bolting out of the closet, they are finally admitting they were lying about it and they are still lying because there is a bible for witches and you can buy it at Amazon along with many other books witches use such as books about black magic and Satan worship. I told you about that years ago.

Their "antlered god" is known by a number of names such as the "horned one", "Kununo", "Baphomet", and "Satan". That is right, the upper class trash "Luciferians" are actually involved in witchcraft as evidenced by their celebration in Switzerland that involved Baphomet and other pagan figures.

The rest of their gods, like the "moon goddess" are actually Satan's demons and they are all often referred to innocently as "the dark forces", you know, like the dark side thingy. Yep, there really is a dark side and Star Wars was all about witchcraft with the "good" witches fighting the "bad" witches and note that all witches worship the same evil forces commonly known as the dark forces. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, I wonder what else they have been lying about concerning witches?

Just about everything which makes them look as evil as they are but, hey, don't take my word for it because they are coming out of the closet and they will only get about so far out when it will become impossible for them to hide the ugly truth. So stick around and they will get around to showing you just how evil they really are and why they were hunted by terrified Christians. You will soon find out that our terrified ancestors had valid reasons for hunting and killing witches.

But there is more.

"Westchester, N.Y. news reporter Tara Rosenblum 'spent four months exploring and gaining access to' a 'thriving underground community of witches.' In her promotion for the piece, Rosenblum promised it would 'take everything you think you know about witches and turn it upside down.'

Most of us know the drill -- we're supposed to buy the witch pitch (again) that they do good and never do any harm. They're nature-loving do-gooders who happen to be more in tune with the earth than the rest of us muggles. (And yes, one witch excitedly admits she has been casting spells ever since getting hooked on the "Harry Potter" series as a child.)"

I hope you understand that "take everything you think you know about witches and turn it upside down", just means it is just more lies and that is right, the "Harry Potter" series was just a sales piece to seduce your children into liking witchcraft just like Christians warned. You watch, most of those people who love Harry Potter will join these witch covens but some will leave after they find out the ugly truth but most won't.

Understand that the witches suddenly coming out of the closet at this time is the left trying to increase their numbers before the next election because too many people found out the ugly truth about the left and turned right. The left is hoping to win those people back with witchcraft to win the election and keep from losing even more seats in Congress.


"Even more laughable, the promo said we'd be meeting, 'some of the most powerful witches in New York,' as if there had been a formal competition and this was a documented fact."

Actually, this shows this writer's ignorance about witchcraft, which is very organized and structured. All witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, and others in the Occult know who the most powerful witches are and it is based on the witches' studies and accomplishments at different levels in witchcraft just like the Masons and other occult organizations. The pagans have had this structure and organization for thousands of years. You are about to find out about it.

There are all types of witches, wizards, warlocks, and other practitioners of black magic. For example, there are earth witches, who get their powers to cause harm to others "from" the earth, wind, and fire (actually specific groups of demons), more powerful solar witches who get their powers to cause harm to others "from the sun" (from even more powerful demons), then even more powerful galaxy witches, who get their powers "from the galaxy" or even more powerful demons, and universe witches, who get their powers "from the entire cosmos" or Satan, himself.

Then they have witches and other sorcerers who have specialties like causing the wind to blow and I have seen video of them doing just that. I think they call them "wind dancers". Yes, their spell casting and black magic really does work because their incantations, usually in Latin so you can't understand what they are saying, are really just them "praying to" or enticing demons and Satan to use their super natural powers to do things for the people who practice black magic and against you.

Welcome to reality 101 or what we call the Bible. Everything you have been taught by the left is just lies to cover for their wickedness. You are about to find out the hard way that what the conservative Christians have been telling you is the truth and what the pagans have been telling you is all lies and the pagans are right now proving it to you.

They don't want you to know the truth about everything until they have finalized absolute control so you can't fight back, you know, hunt them down and kill them to stop them, which is the only way to stop witches because they can call on Satan and his demons to do evil for them in prison. Prison can't stop them, only death can stop them.

Get the picture yet?

If not, then you are about to big time.

BTW, don't be surprised to find out that at least part of what the abortion thingy is about is witches and other practitioners of black magic having "human sacrifices" and human body parts and tissue for their rituals, spells, powders, and potions.

Gee, you think that might be just one reason why the left is fighting so hard for legal abortion?

Also, remember that I told you that our ancestors caused the Black Plague by causing a rodent pandemic by killing free roaming feral cats because our ancestors believed that all cats were demon possessed and, if they didn't kill the cats, the demons would leave the cats and possess them? You know who taught them that?

Witches, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, and other members of the occult taught our ancestors to believe that.

When these witches come out of the closet, you will see them worship cats, use cats as part of their rituals, and "use the cats to protect the witches" from evil spirits trying to harm them because witches really do wage war against other witches because witchcraft and black magic are all about power and power mad people will always want more power, therefore, they will wage open warfare against each other to try to kill each other to get that increased power.

When you see these things happen, you will also see some ignorant people begin to believe AGAIN that all house cats are demon possessed and believe they must kill all house cats. That is basic human behavior and history proves this will happen AGAIN because these evil pagans will teach you this AGAIN but it isn't true.

Remember that I have been telling you that things are going to get much worse?

Things are right now about to get as bad as they could possibly get and this whole thing is about over. This occult paganism will cause things to be at their worst possible. The level of evil you are about to see is the most evil things can get. Believe me, it will be just as evil as it was in the "days of Noah", just before God destroyed the evil pagans with the global flood and you will understand why God killed them with the global flood. This is going to be the last and biggest eye opener and, by the time this has finished EVERY eye will be opened to the ugly truth about the pagans and you will KNOW that the pagans have lied about everything and the Christians are the ones who have been telling you the truth about everything.

Remember that the left have been telling you that God isn't real or He died?

They will very soon admit they have been lying to you about that too because they worship Satan and his demons that the Bible tells us about and they also hate you because they know God is real and they hate God and everyone who has anything to do with God. They are about to prove to you that they have been lying about God and that God is real by their own beliefs and actions.

And God said, "The truth will be made known." That truth is right now being made known by the lying pagan lefties and their actions. And Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

Remember that I have been telling you that, by the time this is all over, you will want to kill these people to stop them from their evil?

By the time this is over, you will realize that you can't stop these evil people with prison or any other punishment because, as long as they are alive, they can call on Satan and his demons to cause you harm. Believe me, by the time they have shown you just how evil and powerful they are, you will hunt them down and kill them, just like our ancestors did and for the same reason, and the worst of them, you will have them drawn and quartered because of the crimes you will learn they have committed and will commit, especially the upper class trash. History proves this to be true.

Every day it is becoming more obvious that this is really war between the pagans and Christians with the pagans trying to destroy Christianity because they hate it. The Christians tried to get along with the pagans but, as soon as the pagans got in control, they began waging war against the Christians so the Christians will be forced to defend themselves.

BTW, how do you protect yourself from the evil spells the witches and other members of the occult will cast against you?

There is only one protection against the occult and their evil and that is Jesus. What you have to do is this: 1) you have to acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws or your sins, 2) you have to repent of those crimes and make a serious effort at not committing those crimes, 3) you have to accept the amnesty or salvation Jesus paid for on the cross for your crimes or sins, and 4) you have to pray long, pray hard, and pray often for Jesus to protect you from the spells and such the occult will cast against you AND you will KNOW that those spells are real and really do work the first time you see someone crippled or killed by one of those evil spells cast by a "good witch".

You need to know that, if you return to your sins, Jesus won't protect you from the occult until you turn back away from you sins and do your best to stay away from those sins. You are about to learn the hard way that the lefty or Satanic "Christian" crap about it being OK to sin because Jesus paid for all of your sins is just another Satanic lie because Jesus won't protect you from the occult as long as you live in your sins or continue to commit crimes against God's Laws.

You are about to get so terrified that you will grow calluses on your knees from praying and get closer to God than you have ever been. This is going to be the last and greatest eye opener of all. By the time this is over, you will KNOW there is no such thing as a good witch because the witches will prove it to you.

ALL HELL is about to break loose on this world and you need to cause all Heaven to break loose on them.

Hey, don't listen to me, the witches will prove it to be true. I am just a small voice crying in the wilderness to warn you about these things and telling you that, no matter how bad it gets, God will still be in control.

After enough of you get scared enough to turn from your sins and pray sincerely enough, God will empower some of his spiritual warriors and send them to fight for you against these evil people in the most awesome war ever fought. It will dwarf anything you have seen in the movies.

But, first, God will destroy most of these evil people in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with you having to finish the job God will have started by you hunting these evil people down and killing them and, believe me, you will, for the same reasons our ancestors did.

This part is almost over and will be over within a few years. KNOW that you ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby. This is going to get really bad but this too will end.

I have been quietly waiting for this because God told me about this years ago in several dreams. It is time.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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