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I am getting tired of only hearing about the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust when half of the people murdered were not Jews, with most of the other people murdered being Christians. The left and opportunistic Christian hating Jews only talk about half the human crime committed by the Nazis and have convinced most people that only Jews were murdered.

This is a deception by the left to hide the fact that Hitler also murdered Christians so the left can claim that Hitler was a Christian when he was actually a pagan, you know, like them. They do not want you to know that Hitler was one of them.

Then there are the opportunistic Christian hating Jews (not all Jews, just the ones who hate Christians) who are using this lie about Hitler being a Christian to justify them continuing to wage war against Christians.

Get it straight, Hitler didn't just murder 6 million Jews in his death camps. He also murdered about 6 to 7 million non Jews, most of them Christians. Hitler was a Luciferian who practiced the Occult and, therefore, hated Jews AND Christians.

Fighting Back

Some hackers seem to be fighting back against the globalists by hacking an offshore legal firm used by the upper class trash to hide their money from being taxed and who knows what else.

If this turns out to be true, it could open a lot of naive eyes and send even more lefties packing to the right.

Keep praying, it seems to be working.


I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Catalonia's vice president says Spanish authorities are giving separatists in the prosperous northeastern region "no other option" but to push ahead with proclaiming a new republic."

Is he bluffing to get a better negotiating deal with Spain or is he serious?

If he is serious, this means a civil war and will almost assuredly mean the Basques will join on the side of Catalonia to fight for their freedom too.

The Purge

Have you noticed that the feminists are winning this power struggle for control of the left by purging the top men in power?

Will all of the most powerful men go quietly or will there soon be a counter attack?

I think the only reason the feminists are winning so easily is because they took the men by surprise. I just can't believe that, as power mad as the men are, they will just go quietly. I would not be surprised to find out they are all negotiating a deal behind closed doors or the men are regrouping, reorganizing, and planning a counter attack.

You can bet that, when a counter attack comes, it will be lethal and quickly devastating. Don't be surprised if at least some of the top women end up dead over this.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, if you want to see what the commie global dictatorship will really be like, just study European history.

The "different European royal families" have actually been one royal family for at least a thousand years now with cousins marrying cousins. There is only one European royal family because all of the "different" families are related.

Yet, for hundreds of years, that royal family sent millions of your ancestors to die in wars that were just cousins trying to murder cousins for more power and wealth. Even though they were one large and heavily inbred family, they incessantly murdered each other and waged war against each other resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of your ancestors because the royals couldn't get enough power and wealth so they always wanted more and the only people they could steal more power and wealth from in Europe was their own family.

So, if the globalist upper class trash get their little global commie dictatorship, first, they will steal everything they can from the non commies and then, when that isn't enough, they will steal everything they can from their little commie activists, and then, when that isn't enough, they will turn on each other building armies of you to wage war against each other to steal from each other.

You can bet that, if the greedy and power mad upper class trash get their global dictatorship, they will very quickly plunge us right back into the Dark Ages with you dying for them in their wars against each other for more power and wealth just like always. But don't worry, they will be sure to give you some great sounding lame excuses to make you feel better about dying for them.

Think I am wrong?

Just look at the current power struggle with the feminists purging powerful lefty white males.

And you think they won't wage war against each other under their beloved global dictatorship when they are already waging war against each other for more power? Get the picture?

Also, the power struggle to get rid of the RINOs in the GOP is taking its toll. Luther Strange, Bob Corker, and Jeff Flake seem to be under the bus already and the conservatives are still picking up steam as eyes continue to open to the RINO corruption.

Keep an eye on this.

God is still opening eyes and cleaning house.


I just found out that the Kurds are preparing to fight Turkey. This may be because Turkey is already starting fights with the Kurds and the Kurds are preparing to defend themselves.

Keep an eye on this.


When I was finishing up my master's degree, I was considering getting a Ph.D. in Biology and/or Physics and thought it would be prudent to ask a number of Ph.D.s who had gotten their Ph.D.s at different universities across the nation what was required to get a Ph.D.

This was especially because of whispered rumors on campuses of some boards or board members requiring sex from the student to get a Ph.D. along with so many college professors getting busted for screwing students, especially in exchange for good grades, and knowing that those unethical college professors were not even the tip of the iceberg.

To my surprise, every college professor out of at least a half dozen told me that "better than 90% of getting a Ph.D. is spending two years walking around with your nose up the butt of the head of your Ph.D. board" and, sense my nose is allergic to fecal matter, I knew that wouldn't end well. Everyone of those Ph.D.s got their degrees from different universities around the nation and they all told me that getting a Ph.D. had very little to do with what you learn or know but whose butt you are kissing and how well you kiss it.

Such a universal profession was very telling and further confirmed the probability of having to sleep with one or more members of a Ph.D. board to get a degree. Since my integrity is not for sale, I decided that a Ph.D. was not worth the risk or eternal shame required to get one. I didn't want to have to spend the rest of my life lying to myself and everyone else.

I am sure there are some Ph.D. boards which have integrity but, when everyone you ask says otherwise, you can bet most don't. This is one of a number of reasons why Ph.D.s can't and don't intimidate me and anyone who tries to win an argument by talking about their degrees and where they got them is telling me they lost the argument and are trying to win it by using a bully club. I am not afraid of bully clubs.


Remember that I told you years ago about China making agreements with the Taliban that, after the US is gone from Afghanistan, China will get to develop Afghanistan's natural resources?

This was, of course, assuming that the Taliban took over control of Afghanistan after the US left.

Now the US is kicking Taliban butt in Afghanistan at the same time the US is at odds with China in a number of places like the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and North Korea while making buds with India, who is giving military aid to the Afghan government and India is at odds with China on her border, in Pakistan, and the Indian Ocean.

I guess China isn't going to get those Afghan resources she needs so badly? Get the picture?

Suggestion: Don't play economic chess with Trump.

North Korea

You keep hearing all of the scare tactics about North Korea staging an EMP attack against the US sending us back to the cave but it isn't as simple or as easy as they make it sound. You don't just shoot a nuke up in the air, detonate it, and, whala, an EMP takes out the planet.

For a nuke to work as an EMP it has to detonate a specific distance from the surface of the earth in relation to the nuke's throw weight, that information is classified, and you can bet Kimmy Boy doesn't know it so the best Kimmy Boy can do is get lucky.

If his nuke doesn't detonate at the right altitude in relation to its throw weight, there will be no devastating EMP. End of story.

BTW, you can also bet Iran doesn't know that either and China probably doesn't know it.

How do I know?

Because none of them have done the atmospheric detonation tests the US did and are required to learn that...unless Billy Boy or Obama sold them that intel, which is possible.

Now do you understand why they should hang or shoot traitors?

BTW, I saw a 'shadow moving in the background", just did a little digging and found out that things are heating up in the Pacific 7th Fleet. You have to dig a little and connect some dots on this.

1. The USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is stationed out of Japan and is currently off of the coast of South Korea along with at least one or two other US Navy units.

2. The USS Nimitz just recently finished her pre-deployment training and tests and arrived at the 7th Fleet a few months ago, did some training with the Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 9 and the 5th Fleet, and just returned to the 7th Fleet on October 25 WITH DESRON 9.

3. The USS Theodore Roosevelt CSG just joined the 7th Fleet on October 24.

4. The USS Carl Vinson CSG was relieved of duty to return state side by the USS Ronald Reagan a few months ago, after doing training with the Ronald Reagan CSG, returned to San Diego, picked up the Navy's first F-35Cs, just finished training with the F-35Cs, and has passed Hawaii heading back to the 7th Fleet.

That will put FOUR carrier strike groups and at least one destroyer squadron in the 7th Fleet, which normally only has one to two carrier strike groups, or about two times the normal carrier fire power of the 7th Fleet.

Keep an eye on this because it looks like something really big is building.

Kimmy Boy might want to start wearing his asbestos jammies to bed.


BTW, all of this fuss about legalizing pot and only about 7.5% of the people in the US use pot? The media sure make it sound like a lot more use pot, don't they?

Gee, why don't they just bust the pot smokers?

Oh yeah, they would have to put most of the politicians, journalists, upper class trash, and others in the Deep State in jail...which would be a good thing.

So why don't they just bust the pot smokers? Probably because the pot smokers are the ones running things?

Black Death II

A little update on the plague in Madagascar.

As of yesterday, October 25, 2017, 124 people have died, they are saying the disease has not yet peaked, better than 70% of the cases are pneumonic, which is much more contagious and deadly, and they are very concerned about it breaking out of Madagascar with nine countries on high alert.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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