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Saudi Arabian Purge

I just got this update from SOFREP by staff:

"Some senior figures detained in last Saturday's purge in Saudi Arabia were beaten and tortured so badly during their arrest or subsequent interrogations that they required hospital treatment, Middle East Eye can reveal.

People inside the royal court also told MEE that the scale of the crackdown, which has brought new arrests each day, is much bigger than Saudi authorities have admitted, with more than 500 people detained and double that number questioned. Members of the royal family, government ministers and business tycoons were caught up in the sudden wave of arrests orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known as MbS, under the banner of an anti-corruption drive."

I hope you understand this isn't anticorruption. It is about getting to all of the members of a certain group of power brokers to take them down. This is clearly a power struggle for power and control and remember that they are killing and torturing opposing members of their family, you know, a typical upper class trash family spat. If the upper class trash will do this to family, just think of what they will do to you.


The public uprising in Catalonia is doing anything but going away. The protests are increasing in size and it is only a matter of time until at least some of the people take matters in their own hands by starting guerilla war against Spain, at which time, I fully expect at least some of the Basques to join with the Catalans in war.


I realized that you don't have to take huge amounts of soil to Mars to grow stuff because you can always use hydroponics farming where you grow stuff with its roots in water instead of in soil. All you will need to take to Mars for farming will be the chemical fertilizers you have to put in the water for food, the hydroponics equipment, and crop seed and you could eventually find at least some of those chemicals on Mars to make your own after a while.

They have found frozen water in the Martian soil so that you will have to devise some way of farming or mining that water out of the soil without the water vaporizing into Mars' very think atmosphere. That will provide you with the water you need for hydroponic farming and all you will have to take will be crop seed, equipment, and fertilizers for the plants, which will be much easier and less expensive than taking millions of tons of fertile soil.

Add to this that, after the first crop of plants produce and die off, the dead plants can be processed to create fertilizers for the new crops (recycled) and/or composted along with any other waste such as feces, plant remains from your food, any plant by products like paper or wood, and other biodegradable garbage into biomatter to be mixed in with Martian soil to turn Mars' soil into rich farming soil. You will have to take small populations of organisms like protists (bacteria and viruses) and earthworms to compost the waste into biomatter. You can start with small populations because they will reproduce as you feed them.

You will have to take chemists and geologists with you to find, mine, and process minerals like iron, zinc, and others into fertilizer for your plants.

There, I just solved your farming soil problem in a nutshell so that, if you are careful and tightly control the process with proper management for minimum loss, you can farm to sustain life on Mars for a prolonged period of time. Once you begin processing Martian soil into fertilizer, you will be able to sustain life on Mars indefinitely but you will always have to live underground or in special air tight shelters.

Eventually, the airtight shelters will begin to stop functioning and you will be forced to live in underground habitats. That will come with time.

For birth control to keep the population small and survivable, you can simply use small sterilized pebbles about the size of a US dime as IUDs the way the Greeks did more than 2,000 years ago. They will be the best birth control possible and more effective than anything anyone is using now except for the IUDs we currently use. The IUD or intrauterine device is really the most effective form of birth control other than abstinence and is best for preventing pregnancy from rape.

Planned Parent Hood doesn't tell women about the IUD because they want young women to get pregnant so the Planned Parent Hood can make money murdering the young women's babies and selling their body parts.

This is important because, if you balance your plant population with your human population, the plants can naturally recycle the air back to where you can breathe the air. That has been going on for planet Earth for thousands of years and, if done properly, will work on Mars.

I just solved a bunch of problems for colonizing Mars. All you have to do now is solve your energy problem, especially for living underground, probably with a combination of renewable energy, geothermal energy, and nuclear energy...or just burning farts.

The Mars Project

Concerning the article about Mars in my last essay, Mark wrote, "I found part of your essay about Mars the be quite humorous." And "Yes, let us load up a bunch of RINOs and Dimocrat(sic) socialists for the Mars expedition. Where do I donate to the cause?"

This caused me to realize something that I have since been thinking about and am wondering why you idiot lefty commie traitors have not thought of this but would provide really great potential for you.

Did you know that, by international law, if enough of you commie traitors colonize Mars, you will OWN the planet and you will get to write its constitution and laws? If you want all drugs to be legal, they will all be legal and who is going to stop you, the rocks?

There isn't anyone on Mars to stop you lefty commie traitors from writing the laws YOU WANT to live by. There are no conservatives, no Christians, no one, just you. If you commies want, you can live by Satan's one law of, "do as you will" and no one, absolutely no one can stop you.

If you want guns outlawed, they are outlawed. If you want cars outlawed, they are outlawed. If you want it to be illegal for conservative Christians to migrate to Mars, it will be illegal for them to migrate to Mars and you can legally send them back to Earth. You can have all of the genders you want, have sex with anyone or anything you want, and can do as you will for everything. It will be your planet.

If you commies colonize Mars with sufficient numbers, you will be the founding parents for the Martian government and society. You commies can setup your beloved commie utopia exactly the way you want it to be with no one to stop you. But you have to be the first ones to colonize Mars in sufficient numbers so you can write the Martian constitution and laws. If Christians are the first to colonize Mars, they get to write the constitution and laws.

So, what are you idiot lefty commie traitors waiting for? And why not, your current plans to setup your beloved commie global dictatorship here are Earth are failing so why not colonize Mars and start fresh with no resistance?

Also, for you idiot commies who don't understand capitalism, if you buy anything in bulk, the price per item goes way down so that the item becomes more affordable...including space ships, space suits, space dwellings, and everything else you would need to colonize Mars.

Listen, Elon Musk owns an automobile company and knows how to mass produce stuff to get the cost down. If you stupid lefty commies were to get hundreds of thousands or millions of you together and beg, borrow and steal (which you commies are very good at) enough money up front, Elon Musk could start factories to mass produce everything you need to colonize Mars, including space ships so they would ALL be much cheaper, especially if they are all reusable, than the way he is currently doing it, you know, just building one at a time, and many more of you could afford to go to and colonize Mars much, much sooner.

You could start a program to where any commie who provides a certain amount of money or more is guaranteed a seat on a space ship to Mars.

Mark caused me to realize that there are tens of millions of conservatives who would gladly donate billions and maybe trillions of dollars to help you commies get to Mars to colonize it just to get rid of you. BELIEVE ME, they would set up trusts to help you commies get to Mars much sooner.

If you can beg, borrow, and steal enough money for Elon Musk to start building factories to mass produce everything you need to colonize Mars as quickly as possible with as many commies as possible so you can setup your beloved commie utopia with no resistance from anyone, Elon Musk could start pumping out thousands of space ships capable of carrying hundreds of commies each to Mars as quickly as possible. It wouldn't take but a few years for you commies to get a few million lefty commie traitors on Mars working together to build your beloved commie utopia, especially with reusable space ships.

A big advantage to starting a mass commie migration is that you will be able to quickly get your smartest people there in mass to help figure out solutions to problems and the more of your most brilliant people, you know, like Zuckerberg, Gates, Hillary, Shumer, Soros, Maxine Waters, lefty teachers and college professors, media, you can get there sooner, the more likely the colony will be to succeed, right?

You are going to need your smartest politicians, attorneys, and Deep State commie bureaucrats to design, start, build, and manager your new commie government with a constitution and laws from the ground up. You will need your brilliant lefty college professors to quickly solve problems. You will need the great geniuses like Zuckerberg and Gates to create new technologies to improve your colony and, hey, you can use technology, machines, robots, and AI for slaves to do most of the work for you. You will need your big money jerks like Soros to fund solutions and they can also help create trillions of dollars to finance the commie migration because they each have billions of dollars and know how to get more. You are going to need your commie media to provide you with the latest commie propaganda...uh...I mean news, yeah, that is the ticket, news...about developments in the Martian colony or your great commie global government on Mars.

Another advantage to such a mass commie migration is that, if the first colonists realize they need something they didn't take, they can just have later ships bring it to them. No problem.

So, what are you stupid lefty commie traitors waiting for, the Christians to colonize Mars and write the constitution and laws?

Think about it. It is a win-win situation. You get your commie utopia on Mars just the way you want and we get our planet Earth back. All you commies have to do is regroup, reorganize, and go for it and Elon Musk would gladly help you get to Mars. And Elon Musk isn't the only one who, for enough money, can mass produce space ships and the other things you need to colonize Mars. Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, and many others would be glad to take your money or even bid to sell you what you need to colonize Mars on a massive scale.

If you don't believe me, just ask any conservative if they will give you commies money to send you to Mars. BELIEVE ME, they will gladly empty their pockets in a heartbeat but they will want proof you are really going to Mars. "Here, take my money and go to Mars!"

And take your idiot rich lefties from Hollywood with you, please. Just think of the billions of dollars they can provide to help the great commie migration to Mars. Tell them it is time to put up or shut up because they have made so much money from you that they owe you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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